October 31st 2016 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are all well, so today brings in fresh new energy, new beginnings, new ways of being and seeing and new ways of doing. Do something new or differently today, shake it up a bit and get yourself off auto pilot; you miss so much when you are not consciously aware.


The energy feels still and calm although I feel this is going to change come Wednesday and you may need to hold onto your hats as things are going to start moving fast and it may be the weekend again before you get to catch your breath.


For today though it is gentle calm something like wishful, yesterday and today is about dreaming your dreams, if you had a magic wand what would you do with it, what would you want to create? As yourself if you could make your life whatever you wanted by January what would that be? It doesn’t have to be specifics nor must you try to see the route there, that’s not how dreams work.


Compassion is around us always, so be kind, to everyone including yourself, we never know what it is like to be someone else and we have no idea what they are dealing with daily, so if that is our mum, sister, daughter, father, grandfather or son, wouldn’t we want strangers to treat them with respect and kindness. The one thing we can all give is our time; 5 minutes here or there can change someone’s day. I lost my phone on the beach and asked a man if he had seen it, he hadn’t but he said I will help you look, we spent the next 20 minutes or so walking on the beach but also chatting, that made my day, what a lovely selfless gesture and he is now a firm beach buddie, which are growing in numbers. Dog walkers and beach goers are a fabulous and very laid back community.


Do a little bit of something for someone else each day and you will be surprised at how awesome it feels, the wonderful feeling you get when someone smiles a big smile and you know you caused it. This will soon find its way back to you and before you know it your life is just one big pot of sharing, help, generosity, compassion and unity.


My energy used to say approach me if you dare, now it says, join me, walk with me, sit with me, share with me and people do. I love the new and amazing, interesting and insightful people I meet every day, everyone has a story and they just want to be seen and heard.


I see you! I hear you! I feel you!  Now turn and do the same for those you pass in the street or stand in the supermarket queue with. When someone needs your help go without thinking, don’t feel embarrassed or that someone else could do it better, just leap. You are giving them the biggest gift….YOU SEE THEM!


Today is the day you put down your anger, your need to be right, and your roles of victim, saviour, aggressor & martyr and choose another way. You don’t need to know everything or control everything but you do need to experience everything and that is what is missing in most people’s lives, when did life become a check list and a social media post?


Life changes and we move on, flowing, it is the only way; anything else is like shooting yourself in the foot.


Today is the first All hallows eve that I have not had my mum with me in 5 years, she has moved on, been reborn, started again, and how about we all do the same!


Have a wonderful day of love, laughter, compassion and NEW BEGININGS, or you can bring all of the old stuff back in and do the same old same old, the choice as always is yours, just make that decision conscious.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


October 30th 2016 Energy Forecast


img_0472-1October 30th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you slept well, the energy is rather poppy and zingy today and you may be up earlier than usual. It feels like there is no time to waste, it’s time to get moving with those plans.  You know what they are, you have heard the whispering all year, something has been calling you, and there is more to life and more for you to do.


What is coming in for you is like nothing you have experienced before, this is a new world with new rules, so throw all your preconceptions to one side and explore.


Do you feel the slight shape of a plan forming? Allow this, haven’t you had that feeling all year that something big is going to happen, or something is going to change, well now is the time so don’t restrict it, flow with it, you have been getting ready all year for this. Unless you have been sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the calling. So many have due to an imbalanced ego, you will know this as you either have a scatter gun approach to everything, trying many different things and getting nowhere with any of them. Or you are becoming more aggressive and trying to force things to fit, either approach does not come from your heart and will ultimately fail; we are moving away from the mind centred paradigm and into a heart centred one.


This is a world of unity we are moving into, so if you are still trying to master and control the old world of duality then you are clinging to a sinking ship, just let go, scary as that may be, entertain for a second that you don’t know it all, in fact you don’t know much about this new world and then let your heart lead you, you can’t go far wrong.


It is time to look at yourself clearly in the mirror, who is this person in front of you, are you in ego? Are you kidding yourself? Have you put yourself in a Perspex box, do you genuinely and wholeheartedly love others, do you have ultimate faith in yourself and your path that you can jump into the unknown? Out of everything that we can manifest and co-create this should be the first step, get to know who you are and take the blinkers off who you think you are. Remember I talk of the Emperor’s new clothes and you may have seen it all around you, those in ego strutting around declaring they are right or special, talking nonsense and being butt naked, whilst convinced everyone thinks they are awesome, whilst those who are conscious just stare in disbelief. These people are not hypocrites, although their behaviour often implies that, no they are just completely unaware of the tricks their ego is pulling and they have no idea who they are or have any connection to themselves. Just shine your light so if they want to see they can.


I have the energy of fresh spring and new beginnings, wipe the slate clean and start again, if someone wants to bring you back to your past or remind you or who you were then just walk away, or you could say, to change is to grow, if I still believed only what I used to believe, then my life would be wasted.


Recognising when your ego is out of balance and addressing this is the hardest yet most important aspect of your life right now. If you allow your ego remain dominant then it will lead you down a blind alley. One of my jobs is to work with people’s ego’s and they are tricky little critters, so people often react with anger but how they react is a great indicator of their own thought processes. Ego controlled people project their issues, reaction and thoughts onto you and then react to them, that is why ego controlled people do not really need the other person say a word for them to have a fight with them, they are just fighting themselves.


So today sit and reflect on yourself, how much in ego are you, if you answered instantly to that then you are in ego. It is important to get beneath the lie we tell ourselves and really take a look; it is worth it as it is the key to freedom.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx





October 29th 2016 Energy Forecast



IMG_0486 (1).JPG


Good morning I hope you are all well, hope inspiration and gratitude are at high levels this weekend, take some time to feel what in your life you are grateful for and ask for some more of that.


It is also time for plans to be made, what do you want to co-create? How do you want to be and how do you want your life to be, write it down if that helps and really sit with that list, do you want it, do you really?


So many live unconscious lives, they do what they do because they have always done it and so have their parents, without question. So much of our lives are done without question, we obey a sign, why, because it tells us to do something and that’s what we do, we do as we are told. We do not ask who creates and enforces that rule, is it a rule or a law how is it enforceable and why, why is it there, what is it for, we just obey.


We then feel that we have no power or control against the government or big business etc., (anyone tried getting out of a Vodafone contract haha) so to counteract our feelings of subordination and lack of control we dominate our fellow man, our neighbours, friends and family, the people who love us, support us and work with us, our allies and our strength, we turn on them to help assuage the feelings of powerlessness, in effect we turn on ourselves.


So before you tell someone where they are going wrong, judge someone on their life choices or try and get the upper hand just stop and think, why do I feel this way and why am I taking it out the person in front of me, it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me, then do something about it.


Ok so that is the energy of responsibility and it is coming in strong. I also feel another energy it is brittle and rather fragile, it reminds me of a plastic washing basket that has been left out in the sun and starting to crack. We are breaking down all our old beliefs and conditioning, the thoughts that kept us small, recognise this and let go, down cling to the old and dying structures, turn your gaze forward a new way is here.


This life is all about people, connect everywhere you can. As I walk down the beach or the street I smile greet chat or just make eye contact with everyone (slightly trickier when in a city) what is alien to me is when you pass someone in the street as though you can’t see them, I have to acknowledge my fellow person and it always seems to be appreciated and reciprocated. When did we stop doing this, not that long ago, ask yourself why?


So the energy for today is love, compassion, responsibility, awareness and consciousness, unity, new beginnings and gratitude, hope, inspiration, courage.


Live your life consciously; it’s the only way to really participate.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

October 28th 2016 Energy Forecast

October 28th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hoped you slept well, so the energy has lifted once more and it feels faster and clearer, very zippy. It feels a bit like a firefly flitting around, leaving a drop of light and magic on every leaf it lands on. Apply this to your life over the next few days, what in your life would you land on and light up with magic?


What really works for you, what makes you smile with joy and your heart sing? Sit for a while as it can take some time to get past your expectations and judgements, so many people have dreams that are fed to them by the media and peers than are created by what they really desire.


I also feel hope inspiration and passion, which is wonderful and these will be around all over the weekend and are here to help you see what the world of your dreams would look like. Hope will help you put the bad times behind you, yes they may have happened and yes they may have been tough but they are done and you are the awesome person you are because of it, you are more rounded and have greater depth and compassion of others, so take that and leave the rest behind. Your future is bright; it is only you that will bring the past into your bright fresh future.


We all need to be inspired daily, we don’t know it all nor have we done it all, not even a fraction so let inspiration guide you it will take to the secret garden where you can dance sing and discover the true beauty of this world.


Passion is a wonderful thing, it spurs us on when we would fall to the side, it over rides the mind and the ego and pushes us to achieve great things, don’t confuse this with obsession though. I see many people obsessed with a person or a thing as they think this is the solution to their problems, their way out as they feel trapped by their current circumstances, this rarely ends well as this is fear based energy and not based on real feelings.


Hope is the leveller, it helps to dilute the fear based rubbish that you are bombarded with every day by the media and government and by those that suck it up like a sponge, none of this is real and if you take it on board it sedates you or freezes you, without hope we all die as what is the point. Fear drains you and makes you want to crawl back under the covers, it robs you of your passion, so for every doom monger there is out there, there is a big bucket of hope, alternatively come and live in my world for a while and you will never believe that bull again.


So it’s time to make a choice do you want to be Eeyore or Winnie the Pooh, are you bored yet of your own moaning or how many times you can discuss a bit of drama? Do you talk more than you do, that is a big sign, and we should all talk less than we do?


You all have a choice right now , to sit around moaning about what you don’t have, or what someone has done to you or how life just isn’t fair or you are unlucky and seriously if I hear from someone that the reason they are poor is because money doesn’t mean anything to them as they are on their spiritual journey and they are not materialistic and therefore better than those that pursue gold, then I say you are both out of balance, you can’t eat positive affirmations and watching your money grow doesn’t give you the heart feeling of watching a loved one grow.


Take today to really have a look at who you are and where you are as tomorrow you will looking to see where you want to go.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

October 27th 2016 Energy

October 27th 2016 Energy

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Good Morning and I hope you all slept well, sleep has been heavy and there has been many things happening as you sleep, this is a good thing and you are processing and releasing at night, many are also receiving healing, so take it easy during the day, eat and drink well and rest when you can.


I feel the energy of responsibility and this is two- fold, firstly due to the pressures of life we feel burdened by our responsibilities, especially when we compare that with what we perceive those around us have to do. Looking after children is incredibly stressful and the responsibility usually, not always, falls on the mother. Sometimes the pressure becomes too much and childcare is seen as a burden, this can be applied in all areas, work, looking after a parent, being the head of the family or wage earner.

There are so many ways in which we can feel the pressure; however this is just a mind-set, a point of view. If this is you step back as far as you can and look at your life through the eyes of a third person and look for the blessings. Bringing up children is tough, especially on your own but wow is it the greatest blessing too and it is for such a short amount of time, what if you couldn’t have children at all, what if your children were sick? Look at what you are doing, you are creating life, you are supporting and nurturing our future leaders, you are passing a piece of you along. You co-created that person and you have a friend for life. Responsibility is tough at times but wow think of your life without it, full stop.


The second way responsibility is coming is in taking responsibility for yourself your actions and everything that occurs in your life, you created that, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time, you set the ball in  motion somewhere along the line. For example if you always want your own way at work and tittle tattle about other employees or gossip, or maybe you take quite a few Fridays off, (but you have concerts to go to and weekends away) then you will most likely be sacked.


Now there are two ways to deal with this, either you would step back and see that you weren’t the best employee and they weren’t getting value for money and you could have done better. You see why they sacked you and work on improving that. Or you could blame your bosses for personally attacking you and your co-workers for having it out for you and the whole thing being a set up and you never liked the stupid job anyway. This way you are angry at everyone else and you are free to make the same mistakes again and again and again, proving that the world is a tough place and you are really unlucky. Maybe one day you will catch a break hey?


However in this new world we find ourselves in, the first incident or sacking was the tap on the door to say address your behaviour, ignore it and the next incident will be like having your door kicked in, as you may have to face a disciplinary or you may lose your house. Ignore taking responsibility and continue to blame others for your misfortune and the lessons will get harsher and harsher until and bulldozer comes into your life and you are left with nothing but yourself and even then some still won’t face the reality. YOU CREATED THIS……..SO YOU CAN CREATE SOMETHING DIFFERENT!


Responsibility it can set you free and empower you or it can be an unbearable burden, whatever your choice, make it a conscious one.


I also feel the energy of liberation and freedom, yeah I feel so many getting up from oppressive situations and breaking free, this is ramping up for around Christmas and I feel there will be many marriage break ups in the months to come, this however is a good thing and doesn’t need to have the acrimony of the past. Cycles end, no one needs to be blamed, acceptance is the key.


Also learn how to be free to be yourself, so many are frozen under the weight of others perceived scrutiny and judgement, this is all in your head. I laugh loudly and always have much to the dismay and embarrassment of my parents, sssssshhhhh has been the constant cry, what will people think, you are drawing attention to us, it’s rude, just sshhhhhh HOWEVER people may look but they smile, or giggle too, laughter is contagious. If my parents had stopped and seen the reactions, everyone would join together and laugh, there was no need to be embarrassed. A natural and beautiful reaction that spreads is now seen as something special, that I have super confidence to laugh like that in public and not care, or others say I wish I could be more like you……this is a simple and automatic reaction and you don’t need anyone’s permission or acceptance and those around you will benefit greatly and they also won’t be offended that is just another of our stupid assumptions about others that keep us small.


So go and show the world your inner sparkle and LAUGH.


Lot of love laughter and taking responsibility, have a good day Michele xxxx

October 26th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope you are well, although you may a bit odd today, there are many shifts or ripples in the energy today, they started yesterday afternoon and will continue into the evening, so don’t worry if you feel a bit odd, sick or dizzy, it’s a bit like motion sickness and will pass, plus they will just come in little bursts. Just as we are dissolving and restructuring so is the Earth, so we feel some of the side effects. I do however feel that there is going to be a volcano or earth quake before Christmas, end of November/December as the pressure is building.


So like the Earth, what are you not saying or doing? How is the pressure building, is it rising to an explosion or are you suppressing it to an implosion, whichever way, address it now before it addresses you.


This year as I keep saying is going to end with a whip in the tail but we are all being given the opportunity to put our lives in order NOW, don’t let the ego distract you with drama and trivia, this is important stuff and please please please don’t think just because you have been in the spiritual community or reading tarot for last 20 years that you are spiritually advanced, you are not, the spiritual community or learning one distinct skill is the most limiting and damaging place to be. You have put yourself in a Perspex box and are not going anywhere but that’s ok everyone else around you has done the same and you feel fine. Stop and wake up you have amazing gifts and an amazing contribution to make at this amazing time; don’t miss it because you are in your box. So please stop and ask yourself how you have progressed in the last 10-20 years, how dramatically has your life changed, do you live in unity? Are you abundant in all areas including money? Do you live in your heart space and all the miracles that come with that? How have you progressed and how has it improved and totally changed your outer world?


I live in a completely different world to the one from 10 years ago, I understand things that my brain of 10 years ago was not equipped to know and every day brings something new, more powerful and more fabulous, if you are consciously walking your path with a commitment to processing, then you would be experiencing these things, if you are not then the simple fact is you are not consciously walking your path, no matter how many years you are been reading or healing etc.


A quick example of how limiting this way has been, everything is energy, whether you are reading divining or healing, it is all the same energy, which is why if you can work with energy you can do anything and ALL of us have the ability to work with energy, we do it daily unconsciously, imagine what you could do if you made it a conscious act. However when you train within the spiritual community everything is categorised, you are either a healer or reader and these are then divided even further into the types of healing or seeing. One in this box you apply your knowledge to your area only, cutting off or restricting all the other things you can do with energy. The reason I can do so much is I never went down that route I learnt from spirit, where you get to know everything and there are no boxes, division’s labels or categories.


So a slight detour but the energy around this week is about opening your eyes to what is really going on, within your community and within you. You know you are not making the changes or the commitment, as there are so many distractions and reasons not too but you also know that you are missing out on the greatest party on earth.


The energy of truth is strong and as we move into the weekend it is going to be making an impact in all your lives, so for the rest of this week, just begin to open up to the possibility that you may not be living as consciously as you thought. What have you got to lose, better to check than to live a lie.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


October 25th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you slept well although there may have been a few disturbances. This morning the energy is very still, like you could hear a pen drop. It’s time to just stop, stop planning, stop fixing, stop excusing and denying, stop telling yourself it is great and this is what you want when it really isn’t. Stop pushing forward and papering over the cracks just stop.


You don’t need the answers right now, they will come but only when you stop. I feel the energy of clarity coming in , especially over the weekend but for now you need to stop and clear the space so that you can see clearly when the time is right and prepare yourselves as that time is coming. When you have the truth then you be spurred into action and you will do something about it.


For now though just be, know the keys to your cell will be with you shortly and you will know what to do. Sometimes change can be dramatic and happen in an instant just by speaking up, we hold our tongue for an easy life but easy for who? A simple change in attitude and energy can break a negative cycle that you have been hooked into for years.


I feel the energy of silence, this may not seem like an energy but that is what it feels like, no words, no noise, every cell in your body can just relax, no thoughts no actions just be, who does that anymore? Just sit and be, I make sure I do this every day and I couldn’t not. Try it today, just sit and breathe, don’t think about what you have to do or haven’t done, just notice the feeling of the breath going in your nose, the noise of the birds or the creaking of the house, notice how the air feels going into your lungs, how expansive that feels. Notice how as you breathe deeper and deeper that the muscles in your shoulders relax, in fact any tensions begin to melt away, just be in the moment, try this for about 5 or 10 minutes today, make a promise to yourself, it is a beautiful feeling.


I feel the energy of truth always and over the next few days this is going to ramp up, if your house is in order then all is good however if you are not be so truthful this will come out, The Emperor’s new clothes people, step up now as we don’t want to see you strutting your naked butt.


With the energy of truth people go one of two ways, either they are empowered, standing in their truth, saying what they believe and believing what they say, or they lie about everything, lie after lie after lie, walk away from these people, you cannot do anything with a liar, as they lie to themselves . However always leave the door open as people can turn it around in an instant but until they do, there is no value for anyone, only a strong likelihood they will drag you down with them.


Honesty and integrity is where it is at and this year will end with a whip in the tail for those that refuse to take responsibility. The blame culture is a condition of duality which we are moving out of , so chose what you align yourself to carefully and make that decision conscious. A choice is your responsibility regardless of whether choice was conscious or not, so make it conscious my friends or you will always believe that you are unlucky, hard done by, bullied or in the wrong place at the wrong time, No we are always exactly where we need to be, the crucial point is whether you see and learn the lesson and NO the lesson is not to learn that people are arseholes and protect yourself from that, if that is what you feel then the lesson is you are an arsehole and it’s time to accept that so that you can bring in a balanced state.


So we have a strong stable and still energy, draw it in and ground it, just be and let everything settle, feel peace and love for tomorrow new plans are in the making. These quiet times are important for so many reasons.


Love and laughter Michele xxx