August 19th 2017 Energy Forecast – Time to take action



Good morning I hope you are well and feeling a little more refreshed and alert than you were yesterday. Did you feel as though something had pulled a plug and drained all of the energy out of you? I have written a bit more about this further down the wall, take some time to read these as they will help with the symptoms of these energy shifts and I will be doing a live meditation on Monday, if enough people are interested, so please let me know.


Anyway back to the energy, this is shifting again today into more dynamic and active energy. You will feel an upsurge in the need to get out there and express yourself creatively, whilst still being at home. Home is going to be important for you over the next few days, it is your grounding but also feels like it is where you can be most creative.


I feel there are going to be many eureka moments, where you find creative solutions to you issues or blocks. The energy coming in or rather that has been coming in with the new energy shifts is helping you to think outside of the box. Letting go of all that is superfluous and just getting in the way, it feels like the sun is burning away the dross so you can see clearly!


I also feel a strong and grounded energy coming in that you can easily tap into and this will help you stand your ground, although more than that I feel something coming in that is going to help you stand in your own personal power. Ah this is beautiful heart and unity energy, standing in your truth, unwavering as it is the right thing for you no matter what others say or how they try and pull you back, you know this is right, you know this is true! Really go with this. This is unity energy and you may feel like you are pushing forward at a 100 miles an hour whilst at the same time standing still, just go with it, that’s unity!


Also be aware of others, know that they too are going through what you are going through so don’t push them, or try to get them to do anything or you may get bitten, this energy is bringing with it a bite, the need to protect what is ours and our journey, also it is none of your business so concentrate on your own stuff.


There is also a really playful and fun energy coming in too, so don’t be too serious and remember to see the funny side. That is one of the main points about working with spirit and consciously walking your path, it is funny, if it is a serious slog then that is the ego mixing things up a bit. Life is simple and it is funny, an unbalanced ego will make it a serious slog. So tap into this energy and lighten things up a bit, whilst at the same time being conscious in each moment with an eye on the gateway and the preparations needed to fully step into this. ( I will be posting more on this later)


Honest Faith and Truth are as always coming in strong, let these work their magic on you and your life, again this is not about other people, so if you find yourself pointing the finger, point that straight back at you and see what you are really saying. Have you noticed how those that get the angriest about people owing them money are the ones that never pay back their debts, or those that get vocal about cheating are cheaters themselves, well that is the way the unconscious works and is the path to our own enlightenment. That which we get most angry or emotional about is exactly what is unreconciled and unbalanced in our unconscious, this is the way it communicates with our consciousness so take heed and look for this within. It can be hard to face such truths about ourselves as we have created an intricate and elaborate mask or persona that tells us we are great, no need to look beneath but we do ourselves a great disservice which keeps us locked in this duality if we do not. (this is a  lot of what my course is about and helps you reconcile and release)


The material world and material possessions are also going to come under the spot light this weekend, they are very important and a good flowing relationship with money is important, however this world is ultimately transitory so if you identify too strongly with the material at the detriment of your own path then you will find yourself on shaky ground, the same if you deny the material world, you are just creating hardship and lack, the conditions of duality not unity.


That’s it for now, please do ask questions or get in touch, I have lots to share with you about these times and what you can do but often I don’t know what I know until someone asks the question. I also often stop writing articles as there is just so much information it could fill a book, I am just so much better at a verbal Q & A


These are exciting times, transformative but also fun, remember that, this isn’t a cross to bear or something to get through, this is the most amazing experience of your life, whoop whoop!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


If you want to fast track your self development and Ascension then check out my Online Personal & Spiritual Development Course Unlocking the Potential of You


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August 18th 2017 Energy Forecast – Feeling emotional , time for some self care!

Testimonial 11


Good Morning I hope that you are well, we have had a shift on the tone of the energy but not the frequency. We are all still adjusting to the new higher frequencies and we have another shift coming in a few days, so make sure that you look after your physical vessel as it will make these integrations much easier. Eat high vibrational food, avoid alcohol, drink plenty of water, take time in nature to connect ground meditate and just be. These may seem like small things but they will make a big difference in how you feel.


So you may be feeling quite emotional as we move towards the new moon on Monday and have strong desires to stay home. You may feel that you want to reach out and nurture those around you, which is lovely but turn that nurturing to yourself. Over the next few days try and step back and treat yourself the same way you would treat a loved one, take that time and care and be patient with yourself, don’t rush anything this weekend.


There is nothing worthy about putting all of yourself into helping others when you are in pain, not at this time. Now you need to be looking at the life that you want to create for you, what makes your heart sing and your soul dance? What will fulfil you from the moment you open your eyes each morning? How do you want to feel inside and out?


A good exercise would be to sit and daydream for a while just imagine how it would feel if you were whole, no longer searching avoiding and covering up, no longer feeling that you need to atone or make it up to anyone, you don’t owe anyone anything in any way. You are free liberated, at peace!


Then Imagine that each day you awake there are no doubts or fears draining or distracting you, that you start each day from a place of gratitude love and wonder at the possibilities that lie ahead.


Then imagine the impact that you can have on your world from that starting point, freely giving and being. With no agenda, no attachment or control issues, just freely giving out the essence of you, your pure energy, that has no limits and no end.


Then imagine a world where we are all like that!


It is time for us to truly create our new world, You can all feel I know you can, so many have contacted me sharing how you feel since the last two gateways. For many these are felt as subtle shifts but believe me they are not small.


I am going to be writing more about what you can do to really embrace this last gateway of august and I will be recording a meditation for Monday but if you are interested I may do a live meditation for us on Monday, as it would be amazing energy for us to connect in real time. There is so much that I want to share with you but time is short at the moment as work is so busy, which is awesome as it means that so many more of you are ready to take action and consciously start the development work. I really am truly blessed to share this with you!


The energy of truth is as always ever present, allow it to guide you to your heart truths! If you get revelations about others in your life remember this is about how it helps you not about unmasking them, it’s time to take care of you own business!


If you are feeling physically off remember to do my visualisation to help you hold the higher frequency energy, it will help and please do get in touch if you want any further help, have a question or would like to share what you are going through, the more we connect together the easier our journey will be.


I hope to hear from you soon, if you would like a Soul Path Reading before the 21st at the discounted rate please get in touch as possible as I am running out of spaces. It can help you greatly when I am able to validate your path, when I confirm to you what you know in your heart and soul it gives you the confidence to walk confidently on your path, which is a great place to be ready for New Moon Eclipse. When you can lay to rest the doubt and confusion then you can hear loudly your heart truths and step forward from a place of love and unity.


I would also like to welcome the new members to our site, it is a joy to have you here and please get in touch if there is anything you need.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


If you want to fast track your self development and Ascension then check out my Online Personal & Spiritual Development Course Unlocking the Potential of You


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New Moon Solar Eclipse Special Offer

We are living in extraordinary times and the energetic shifts and gateways that we have experienced over the last month have been phenomenal and are helping us embrace our true purpose and soul path.

Soul Path Reading.png

The final one this month is coming up on the 21st August with the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

This is an excerpt from an article I recently wrote on The Enlightenment Project on Facebook

New Moon Solar Eclipse 21st August 2017 – The Next Gateway of Change for Us

Wow we really are in the most extraordinary time of change and new beginnings for us. The greatest push or energetic surge for awakening that I have felt in a while and I love it, I am so excited about the changes that are happening in your lives!

We have just had A New Moon Lunar Eclipse, followed the next day by Lions Gate and on the 21st we have a Full Moon Solar Eclipse, this brings intense powerful energy with the ability to create great change, within in you….To read more

To help you with this I am offering a combined Soul Path and General Reading for the discounted price of £40, usual price £75, until the 20th of August, and the next eclipse gateway is on the 21st August 2017

I will send your reading via audio file email and it makes no difference in the connection whether you are sat in front of me or on the other side of the world.

So take advantage of this limited time special offer today!

A Soul Path and General Reading for £40 discounted from £75


Soul Path & General Reading Special Offer

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx

August 16th 2017 Energy Forecast – Find your Voice



Good Morning I hope you are well although yesterday was a bit of a strange one and very tiring, it was definitely a day of rest rather than action and the universe as it often does facilitates this whether we like it or not!

How are you getting on with preparations for the New Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 21st August? Don’t let this slip you by, as a planet we are rapidly moving towards Unity but unless you do the work you won’t experience it. So what are your dreams for you and your life moving forward? If I could wave a magic wand how would you like to live, what would you be doing, what would be your contribution to the world? Think about it and then start writing it down. What would you like to leave behind for good? Take this time to really think about it, first with your mind and then with your heart.


This should be helped today with the energy that is coming in, it is all about clarity foresight and communication. There are things that need to be said and if you flow with this energy you will find yourself saying them in a calm and measured way, these are statements from the heart, so come from a place of internal power, rather than the ego that reacts and needs to assert dominance or control. It really is time to stand up for what you believe in but first spend some time allowing your heart to tell you!


You are going to feel inspired to make changes around you but I feel this is in a more fun and lively way than previously, for those of you that have experienced great shifts over the last few weeks it is time to have some fun with the new energy you are holding. You will begin to experience different dimensions so play around with this. Can you sense spirit around you? Start talking to them, ask some questions and then look for the answers. Start practising your ability to manifest, start small and then keep your awareness in each moment so that you can see when this works. Start a journal as the changes and “miracles” will be so thick and fast you think you will remember but you won’t. It is also good for you to look back and see the growth and changes that have been made.


I also feel an inquisitive energy around, it is time to start asking questions, to start looking for more meaning in what you are experiencing. The world seems to be in two halves at the moment, those that are still firmly in a duality, interpreting everything through that framework, still talking about spiritual and personal growth in the same terms as last year or 5 years ago. This is no longer our reality, the world has changed at an extraordinary rate since 2008 and even more so since 2012. It is time to unhook from the old paradigm and embrace the new.


The new moon solar eclipse is a great time to dissolve some of the conditioning of the old paradigm and to begin rewiring your mindset.


Do you want to be part of the movement into Unity? It is happening and you will catch up eventually but your route there is up to you and right now it is extraordinary and I love being bang in the middle of it guiding you, walking with you, sharing this with you, whilst at the same time exploring this new paradigm which is super super exciting and fun. I play around with it everyday as well as continuing my global mystic work and the work I do with you, paid and free.


I had a great response to my Soul Path and General Reading offer yesterday and this continues until the 20th and what was mindblowing was how so many people are consciously walking their path, how they are exactly where they need to be and the gifts revelations and purpose that is coming in their life comes as a result of the work they are putting in. I see so many moving to the next level, either beginning their inner journey or moving on to the journey of the heart  and starting to experience the unity paradigm. I love love love it!!


So if you have any doubts, if you are still living firmly in a duality, if your mindset and beliefs are exactly the same as a year ago, if you can’t feel any change then please do get in touch. I am here to help in whatever way is appropriate for you right now, no judgement!


Have a wonderful day, speak your mind, from your heart. Stand up for what you believe in!


Start to get down on paper what you want moving forward and what you want to leave behind. Watch my videos on The duality Paradigm, Moving in to Unity and the Unity paradigm so you can begin to connect with what is happening and talk to me, whatever it is that is confusing you and making you doubt, whatever you need, I want you to experience the blissful joyful and downright amazing life that I do, if I can do it so can you!!


Having me walk with you a while helps a lot and I am here to help!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


If you would like to fast track your development and ascension then check out my online course


I also offer this in groups and 1:1 sessions

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August 15th 2017 Energy Forecast – Time to catch your breath

Ascension isn't something that just happens to you!.png


Good Morning I hope you are well, so the energy for today is a little more grounded and gentle. Giving you time to assimilate and adjust to some of the shifts and changes that have been taken place within you and in the planet.


I have had so many messages from people who have really felt the shifts and the rise in their own energetic vibration, this really was a mass global event and I think it is wonderful so many people felt it. This has been going on for decades and often only the most sensitive or those dedicated to their personal and spiritual development felt it. Even 2012 passed so many people down, which for me was my first step towards and into Unity, I will never forget that year and December in particular. The change I feel that you are all experiencing is very similar to those times and it is just so exiciting that you are feeling it and you are seeing the changes that are happening in your life.


So many of you are ready to move forward and move on, the shifts are subtle and they are big and they are happening on so many different levels, emotional mental physical and spiritual. Look at your life and see what is changing, although you should have felt that inner pull to make some changes!


As I have said in previous posts and recorded a meditation to help you with this, your physical body needs help with the new higher vibrational energy. Although you have been getting ready all year, with dietary changes, releasing of old cycles etc this takes a period of adjustment and can feel really strange and discombobulating. Follow my tips and meditations to help you with this, it will pass. It can feel a bit like motion sickness but it is totally normal.


If you have not felt anything then get out into nature and sit and reflect on this, allow the answers and insight to come to you. This is real and it is happening so if you are not experiencing anything then you are blocking it. This is a great clue in itself and the answers do await but you have to make the time and allow them to come to you. If you need help then please get in touch.


SO we have quite a still day but tomorrow I see that the energy is going up a level once more but this is not for shifts within this is to help you make the changes in your world. Communication is going to be key and I see a clarity coming in with decisiveness and purpose, you will get your point across succinctly , your message will be heard.


Keep grounding yourself as there is a rather impulsive and fiery energy coming in, this is to help spur you into action. Sadly with the food we eat, the tv we watch and the alcohol we drink our systems are rather subdued and moving beyond thought and into action can be a slow and often impossible act for many. Think about this, Are you dynamically embracing your life and your inner journey or are you thinking that you will do it tomorrow and then distract yourself with some mundane chore, future plan, materialistic consumerism or idle gossip? Be honest with yourself, the energy of truth is all around to help you with this and your free will means you always have a choice to embrace the lessons or look the other way.


I feel that the veil is still very thin with the spirit world and will remain that way. I have written for many years about the spirit world and that as we move into unity, the saying as above so below, we refers to many different phenomenon also refers to earth and the spirit plain. To create balance, which is a prerequisite for the unity paradigm, the amount of friends family and support we have in life will be mirrored by those in spirit. These are important as our cheering squad and we can draw great strength and wisdom from our loved ones who have passed. Speak to them, ask them for help and just enjoy being with them.


Enjoy today, ground, meditate, love and laugh, reflect on the changes and rejoice in them!


I would like to offer you all a Soul Path and General reading to help you gain a bit of perspective at this time and also to help you consciously feel your path and your true purpose. It can be hard sometimes to know what is intuition and what is wishful thinking and my readings can be great validation. They also bring great hope and inspiration when you are feeling a little lost. We all have a purpose and a spiritual path, are you walking yours? I will offer both of these together for £40 (25%discount) for the next 6 days until the 21st when we have another gateway and it is the time for you to step through with purpose and action. This could help you with your lists.


So please get in touch to share what you are going through, or if you need a little guidance or anything explained. Look at doing my course which will fast track you on your path. Imagine you are going on a long journey, in one instance you only know the general direction that you need to take, head north and in the other you have a map.


These really are extraordinary times and changes will be rapid, outstanding and amazing. Here is one fab but small shift, my son came home for the weekend and when he left I went into his room to tidy it and it was spotless and the bed was made……first time in 23 years and without a word from me, now that is a shift. So spend this fabulous grounding day to reflect on what has happened for you and your world in last couple of weeks and if you feel nothing has, then it is time to get focused, don’t let these times pass you by.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

If you want to fast track your self development and Ascension then check out my Online Personal & Spiritual Development Course      Unlocking the Potential of You


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August 13th 2017 Energy Forecast – Everything is changing & this can bring out your fear!



Good Morning I hope that you are well. So how do you like the energy at the moment? Pretty up and down huh? One minute you feel inspired and energised you know what you want and what you don’t want and the path ahead appears to be clearing. The next minute knocked to the floor with a memory realisation or fear, that turns everything dark.


Please don’t worry you are not doing anything wrong, you are not alone in this as most people are going through something similar. It is just to shake you up, to help get it all out!


Awakening Enlightenment, Ascension, Personal Growth is not a onetime thing, it is a process and takes work and cunning. The ego and the mind have been in control for so long they are the experts at holding on and tight and the smoke and mirrors of illusion. Also your inner world has some very dark corners where old wounds and conditioning like to hide. To move into the unity paradigm we have to sweep every corner clean, hence the shake ups!


Get used to it as it will continue for some time, but rather than dread it or try to avoid it, embrace it as the lesson and assistance that it is! Don’t allow it to overwhelm you, as it can’t only your mind can convince you of that. Don’t own it, this is neither the totality of you nor is it a permanent state. Some of it is just the sent on the breeze passing through and needs nothing from you but openness.


Everything that is going on right now is to help you ascend and experience the beauty of unity. This is your path, your reason for being here and the biggest challenge of your life times. Can you look deep within, facing your fears and anxieties, uncovering the masked villain? Can you seek out your shadow side, the parts of you that are as natural as your smiling face yet shunned and denied, so that you can reconcile all parts of you to become whole once more? Are you willing to step out of the drama and put to one side the roles you play and are you ready to stop owning every thought emotion and sensation that passes through your body and using that to define who you are?


The energies that are coming in are helping us do all of the above, pushing us to realise that we are not walking our path consciously, that there is more to do, it doesn’t take much, a shift of attitude followed by action and so your journey truly begins.


The energy of truth is with us to stay and at the moment it is pulsing out strongly. Most often I see energy swirling around but this is like a solid beam straight into the earth. Let it guide you, as there is much within you to see!


Keeping a journal will help you mark the changes that are happening, to join the dots in the shifts of your awareness and help make them more consistent. That is the key, and one of the conditions of the unity paradigm, change is solid, stable and consistent.  This is because everything comes from the heart rather than the mind and then plastered over our reality. Take the way people in a duality manifest or achieve peace, by repeating positive affirmations and being positive. This doesn’t work in the long term and you are actually creating more issues as you are denying half of yourself. I just got a picture of someone who was rather smelly, spraying perfume over the stench rather than having a bath….that is what we do when trying to manifest and be spiritual without doing the inner work!


If you are struggling then please do get in touch and I am happy to shine a quick spotlight into your life to show you where to look. It won’t always be soft and fluffy and I am rather direct, however there is never any judgement with lots of understanding and compassion.


Times are changing in deed, a decade ago the majority of people would come to me as they wanted me to tell them they were special and here to save the world, or that they were great and everyone else in their life were the problem. Today so many more are coming to me with revelations about their own responsibility for the life they have created and although vulnerable and sometimes weak they are ready to step up and into their own lives and do the work and that is huge. It’s about 60/40 and that has changed significantly since 2016 where it was about 70/30 !


For those of you that have a hard life and explain that because you are an empath or you are here to save the world and this is your cross to bear, or because you are not of this world or whatever, this is your ego talking. It’s not true! These are the roles created within a duality to keep you small, to attach the role of martyr or saviour to the meaning of your life to stop you truly looking within and truly growing! If you feel that you have been walking your path for years so how can you stop and admit that you have not been moving forward, it’s ok you can do this, that is just your ego talking.  I can help you, The spiritual community is a very judgemental place but not here so get in touch and if you are willing I can help you move forward, better that than stay trapped within in a duality!


So whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, if you want to share, could do with some advice or just need help shifting your perspective, get in touch…..this is my purpose and I have a really big torch to shine a light on your life.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

If you want to fast track your self development and Ascension then check out my Online Personal & Spiritual Development Course      Unlocking the Potential of You

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August 11th 2017 Energy Forecast – Have a big cry, wipe your eyes, move on!

Make time.png


Good Morning I hope you are well and that you are experiencing some wonderful shifts, keep your self -awareness high as these could be subtle yet transformative.


I see water everywhere, now here at least we have had a lot of rain and this is reflecting the emotions of a lot of people, are you feeling super- sensitive and emotional? Just go with it, this is a great release and also a natural act when you have been bringing things to the surface often long forgotten. Or maybe you have been seeing the bigger picture and getting revelations about those in your life and this is can be upsetting. Ending cycles is emotional and nostalgia are memories tinged with regret. Let all of this go and just flow with it, if you feel like sobbing, then sob, you will be surprised that it doesn’t last long. This is not here to overwhelm you, it is here to say goodbye.


Don’t deny your emotions, let them out in their raw form, don’t analyse or judge and then when you are done move on. It’s funny I have been reminded of a voice I use to hear every now and then, particularly when I was having an emotional time. She sounded like a Southern American Woman and she would say “ I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried and when I could cry no more, I wiped my eyes” Let it all out when you are done you are done!


Don’t worry this will settle down and the energy shifts again tomorrow.


You are also going to be sensitive to the needs, pain and experiences of those in your life, now before you rush over to help them stop, this is not about you helping them, this is a time of us all dealing with our own shit. They don’t need you to fix them, they can do that themselves, be supportive by just being there….quietly, sending love. All we ever need at times like this is to know we are not alone. Also do not allow your ego or mind to distract you from your own task by rushing to the aid of others…it’s all smoke and mirrors.


This is all to help us develop ourselves, creating greater compassion will take us far once we bring it into the heart and out of the mind and ego. To understand better the needs and emotions of others is not a curse to bear nor does it make you a superhero fixing the ills of the world. It makes you a more whole person and enables you to act in a loving and compassionate way, doing no harm to others and have a positive impact on your world.


Compassion is a unity state, it does not imply fixing or doing, it is being in the vibration of wisdom and love!


We are going to be experiencing so many more unity states since our shift and so many more to come, this is our ascension into Unity, if you choose it! Remember you have to choose it, this will not just happen to you!


Finally the veil continues to be very thin and it is so much easier for you to communicate and sense your loved ones around you, keep exploring this, keep talking to them, ask them questions and ask for their help. They are your cheering squad, your back up connect with this! You can do it, you really can, it’s just your expectation closes the door!


There are just so many ways that I can help you right now depending upon the route you want to go. Free will is the key, it is up to you what you want to achieve, do you know what that is?


I have spent 2 decades consciously walking my path of self -discovery and spiritual enlightenment, the past decade with the dedication of a monk so that I could be in this position now to put up the signposts for you, to guide you to find your own way. Never before have I felt that this moment right here right now is what the last 20 years was all about. I have known it yes but there is something about this moment that is different and I know I will spend the rest of my life, holding your hand and walking with you  and those like you that are ready, to make that commitment and walk their path into Unity. I love what I do and as you can see from my testimonials so do those that work with me and what I do becomes what they do, so are you ready to take that next step?


Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss anything and seriously consider taking the Development Course it will fast track on your path opening up a new world and new way of being that takes the drama and the pain out of life and empowers you to dream big and create something wonderful, which in turn brings your souls purpose to the fore and allows you to bring something amazing to the world. The world needs you to be you!


Read through my testimonials and you will see why I keep banging on about it!


So for today remember you may feel a little sensitive but go with it cry if you need to and then move on, connect in with spirit the veil is very thin, continue noting the revelations you have about who you are and what you want and the world you want to create and write that list. Feel into the compassion you have for others and how that gives you a bigger picture but resist the urge to jump in and save them.


Have a wonderful day and please I love to hear your stories and I am always here for guidance if you have questions or concerns.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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If you want to fast track your self development and Ascension then check out my Online Personal & Spiritual Development Course      Unlocking the Potential of You