April 30th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, everything feels as though it is getting shaken up a bit and you may feel this, don’t allow this to trigger a fear response in you, it is fine, just keep breathing and wait for the dust to settle, then look around you with new eyes.


There is going to be a need in your this week to stay home and sort your house out, whether that is spring cleaning, decorating or just general nesting, you will also feel safest at home and it the need to create a safe and nurturing space will be high on your list.


This is great but there is a need to learn when you are nesting and when you are hiding. There is much to do and rest periods are very important but so is pushing forward and sometimes pushing through hurdles. It is a delicate balance, so it is important that you develop your own self enquiry. To ask yourself those questions am I resting or am I avoiding?


You may also feel the need to lock yourself away, that maybe you have opened a can of worms you wish you hadn’t. Change can be tough but it is necessary and rewarding, it’s just that initial reaction of shit what have I done. Life may have been miserable or unsatisfying before but at least I knew the rules of the game and what to expect. Don’t worry about this it is normal and won’t last forever and then the new will become the familiar. Think of it a bit like moving from junior school to high school. One minute you are the top of the school, you know it all, you have a confidence and a swagger, there’s not much about being a junior student that you don’t know. But you are ready, ready for a greater challenge for more learning, to exert your mark on the world and then you have your first day at high school, this is way outside your comfort zone, you are the baby once more, where has the swagger and the confidence gone? Before you know it though, you are in the  second year and starting to get a handle on it.


There are going to be many changes over the next few months, some destruction and some creation, space is being made and the playing fields levelled. Sometimes this will be brutal and sometimes a blessed relief but change will occur and it needs to. Just remember that nothing is without value and nothing is pointless, there is a reason for everything, these will all help us grow, if that is what we chose. Remember in life we have free will, so as much as we are guided, as often as the opportunities arise, we have the choice whether to leap forward or fall back.


Because of the changes there will be a lot of fear generated, be aware of this and step out of it if you can. Have faith that all that is happening is a good thing and truly believe that you will never be presented with anything that you can’t handle. This life isn’t a cruel and heartless place, it is full of beauty and wonder, a reflection of your true self, once you see that you can embrace it and when enough people do that, the world will literally change…..it already is.


So don’t worry if everything feels a little odd and you want to hide under the duvet, it is all ok but I am here if you need a chat.


Have a great Sunday, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx




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Michele Elizabeth Processing Course Student Reflections after week 4

Michele Elizabeth Processing Course

Michele Elizabeth Processing Course – starts 4th May 2017 Online

Here’s is what the last class had to say after 4 weeks in…..

•No anxiety or fear when I first wake up.

•Trusting in the universe.

•Feeling Calmer and Peaceful.

•Not worrying about what people think of me,

•Not feeling guilty.

•Forgiving others.

•Releasing and letting go more.
•I feel that I am listening with my body and less with my over thinking mind.

•I am trusting my instincts that I will find my inspiration once I properly let go.

•I’m still straddling the old and new like tug of war, but I am really excited about falling into the new my body smiled and I got butterflies as I wrote the last bit xxx

•Yes I’m same trusting my instincts too, listening to my gut feeling and from my heart, yay its wonderful xx

•Processing has really helped me on this journey; the immense feeling of relief x
•Very much the same as what has already been said. Having been in a situation recently as well where there would have normally been lots of triggers and realising how calm and balanced I felt was confirmation of how this process really is so empowering!!

•Trusting more, smiling more and feeling detached from others emotional dramas.

•I have also noticed a difference with the flow of energy when doing Reiki and am receiving more messages and insight.

•Thank you for asking us to write this for you as it’s wonderful to stop and focus for a moment on all that’s happened in just four weeks!!! Xxx


There is still time and I would love for you to join us if you are ready to create the life of your dreams.


lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

April 29th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope that you are well, this morning I feel the energy of acceptance but also appreciation, sometimes once we accept a situation we can appreciate its importance or the lessons that we learned. There is much that we need to accept and then release, we also hold onto things way past their usefulness, or even past their life. Grudges hurt no one but the person holding them and acceptance allows you to just let it go. Even if you can’t see the lesson straight away you can just accept that sometimes these things just happen and let it go.


It is up to you whether you leap baggage free into your future, leaving everything behind or whether you risk missing the train as you are unsuccessfully dragging 3 cases and trunk behind you. The future isn’t about being right, holding on to issues as you think it makes you smart, or putting up the walls to protect yourself from what is out there. The future is open and expansive, trusting and compassionate. We have to take responsibility for our own lives and own actions and therefore rather than blame, where is our responsibility. If we loaned someone money and they didn’t pay it back, that is our responsibility, we made the decision to loan the money, if we didn’t make that choice, then they couldn’t have made their choice. Their choice is their business. When it comes to money there is a saying that live by, only loan what you can afford to give, then when or if they don’t pay you back it doesn’t become an issue in your world. The other thing is to give unconditionally, if you give money to a homeless person for example, if they decide to spend that money on alcohol that is their choice, who are we to judge, once that money leaves my hand it is no longer my money.


It is the same with loving, being, aiding whatever we have to give it unconditionally. It can often get confusing as we think of energy exchange and balance. I was here for you or I helped you and now you need to help me, this leads to many fall outs and anger. Balance doesn’t quite work that way, we live a long life and balance has a way or working itself out, paying it forward is another type of balance in action.


So think about that, about giving freely, without conditions or expectations. I helped out an old friend a few weeks ago, I had not seen her for many years but the universe led me to her as she needed a hand, not help just a hand, so off I trundled and gave her a hand. Human nature in a duality being what it is there was a little suspicion; did I have an ulterior motive? So she asked me straight….love the honesty of my friends. Why? I was stumped….well….ummm I don’t know, I hadn’t thought about it, ummm well you needed it and I could provide it and I just go where the Universe flows.


So for the next few days don’t over think it or over analyse, just go with your gut and your heart, flow where the universe takes you, doing what feels right and that is it.


Do something because you want to, without care for the opinion of others, without and end game, without the need to fulfil a role of helper or saviour….just do it because you can!.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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Processing Course – Create the life of your Dreams

This is an online course and starts 4th May 2017


so how do you create the life of your dreams

This is the most amazing and transformational course, if you are ready to make those changes and commit to your own development your life will change forever…..time to leave behind the old cycles of lack, disappointment and drama and create an extraordinary life!

Over 8 weeks I will teach you the tools to process your baggage, balance your light and dark sides and dissolve the conditioning that keeps you small. The pace at which you apply these tools is up to you and I am available for support.

So why would you take this course?

Would you like to……..

•Be free from fear and anxiety?

•Feel deeply and passionately but in a stable and consistent way, rather than being triggered by external events and being on an emotional rollercoaster?

•Feel balanced and whole so that you can just be rather than searching…for what you don’t know

•Manifest with ease, creating the life of your dreams

•Ending Money Struggles & Hardship, creating a flow of abundance

•Truly love yourself and let go for the need of others approval. Attracting balanced and nurturing love from others

•Be healthy, vibrant & full of energy.
•Flow with the Universe experiencing the miracles all around

•Transform your life and you, like a caterpillar into a butterfly

•Balance the light and dark , good and bad bringing in harmony and unity

•Raise your energetic vibration so that you can work more easily with universal energy, healing premonitions and flowing with ease.

•Learn how to process your issues from the past, your conditioning and triggers that cause you to be locked into the pendulum swing of good times and bad, Drama and conflict.

I have moved my courses online and the first Processing Course starts in 4th May 2017. We will have weekly tutorials via facebook live and you will have plenty of homework and worksheets.

This course is transformative and will change every aspect of your life. You will feel empowered yet blissful, Joyful, relaxed and full of love. Your world will respond positively to the changes within and you will pinch yourself to see if it is real.

The changes are permanent; once you see life from this perspective you can never un-see it.

This course is for you if
•you are ready to make this commitment, to yourself and the universe. Are you ready to walk hand in hand with the universal energies, with faith and trust. Are you ready to live the life of your dreams and are you ready to put in the hard work.

•There will be times of great joy but also times when you have to face your shadow sides, this is not always easy but the rewards are beyond anything you could imagine and you will have me walking alongside you, as well as the support of those in the group.

•So if you are ready to make the change, to live a joyful life of flow and abundance, to drop the struggle and really live, then get in touch today to book your space.


I look forward to seeing you there, if you are serious about changing your life, this course is the one for you!
Love and laughter

Michele xxx

April 28th 2017 Energy Forecast

Every Cloud has a silver lining


Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy continues to feel light and creative and we still have some of that strong and structured energy around, the type that is like the steel girders that go up first when a new high rise is being built. These are necessary as you are creating your dreams and you want them to last but at the same time balance is needed so be aware of planning everything down to the last detail which leaves no room for the magic to happen. Also if we are too rigid and set we focus on the execution and move away from the present.


Life is about enjoying the journey in the moment not at some destination or event in the future, that only leads to frustration and disappointment. Also by being overly attached to the outcome you can actually squeeze the life out of the energy or worse miss your creation when it comes as you were expecting it in another form. So this is a tricky one and means that you have to develop your conscious awareness in each moment. Our days are full of decisions that we make in a split second throughout the day, these decisions affect our journey and to some extent out destiny. It is better to make those consciously! Awareness is key.


It is also important to have clear and established boundaries and this energy will be coming in strong over the weekend, truths need to be told and it will be ok. It is amazing what can happen when everyone is clear about what is going on, what is expected and what is overstepping the mark. It is liberating as you don’t need to worry that someone is misinterpreting what you are saying or getting carried away hitching themselves to your dream. We can share dreams in sorts, we can accompany each other on our journeys but are paths are separate and distinct.


Imagine your path just like a path/road, winding through the countryside and towns, that is actually how I see your path. Sometimes you have someone walking with you and sometimes you are alone but it is always your path.


There are big changes coming and this is going to shake up your dreams, although this may seem a little confusing it is a good thing. When everything gets a little turned upside down we can see what sticks, what is solid and grounded, rather than being distracted by the pretty stuff. This is what I see, it’s like we are planning a new building and rather than focusing on the structure and the foundations we are distracted by how we are going to decorate it, which really is inconsequential at this point and can be changed at any point, in fact the décor of this building can be changed whenever we feel like.


It’s a bit like my future, I see many different destinations geographically but this doesn’t matter where or when as that is the scenery I am choosing or it is where I need to be to meet whomever it is I need to meet, the core of me however is unchanging as the core of me is LoveLightJoy ( a word used by Inelia Benz, which I think awesomely describes this new paradigm energy that we have)


First however there will many changes within you, changes that will bring you to your own lovelightjoy, if you make that choice. The changes will happen and be presented to you but as always free will says you can say no if you want and many people do time and time again. This is why I am so involved with those that take my course, fear of change can make you run back to your old habits even if they were destructive they were familiar. This is why it is a huge energy exchange between us as my job goes beyond teaching you, I am there to bolster and encourage but also to turn your head show you that if you keep walking you will see that this storm overhead is a good thing and there are blue skies ahead. Of course I cannot make you see and I am not invested in that, these are your choices but know that the door is always open.


So the most important thing at the moment is to bring your conscious awareness to each moment and stay in the present. Do what you need to do to have strong firm foundations but be wary of over control and micromanaging, it is the balance between flow and action.


So have a wonderful day Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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April 26th 2017 New Moon Taurus Energy



Good morning I hope you are all well, we have had a shift in energy once more and this feels more grounded and stable than the energy of the last few weeks. You should feel a little more safe and secure as some of the energy recently has felt a little bit like someone threw your board of life up into the air.


Although things have changed significantly for everyone this year it is time for a bit of a break, something more familiar and comforting. Although don’t be fooled that nothing is happening, it is, just at a foundation level, You are more sure of the direction you need to take and the options for you to move forward. Moving forward however can be scary and we have been pushed cajoled and sometimes frightened into taking a look at our issues or making that leap. Sometimes we need a little reassurance and hand holding and this is what this energy feels like.


However this is also a time that your shadow side, that controlling element within you may come to the fore, this is something that you need to be aware of and do something about otherwise before you know it you could be back to the last cycle where you felt the need to control dominate and project outwards your demands.


The new moon that we have this afternoon brings with it great change as I have mentioned but also a reminder of our dreams and what it is that we want to create this cycle. For those taking my course next week, write down what you would like to gain, what your short-term  & long term goals are in every aspect of your life, wish it on the moon, put it away and we can come back to it later. In fact for those not doing the course, do the same. It is a good idea to put these in a box or envelope so you can look back and see for yourself what you have created.


Letting go of control is the most beautiful and peaceful state to be in, although the hardest thing to do. I don’t know if any of you have abseiled but the hardest and scariest part in taking yourself over the first lip, stepping over that point of no return but then once you have done that the experience is amazing. Letting go of control is like that. I create and manifest in my life, I flow and follow the signs and cues but I don’t have control over anything, as that would not only suck the life out of the energy it would also limit my possibilities and choices.


So again we have seemingly opposite energies and this will continue as it is part of transcending duality into unity, we will be uniting these opposites until we experience them as unity, until we experience ourselves in Unity.


These are amazing and extraordinary times, I have the biggest grin on my face all the time as life is just awesome. The creation and creative energy around is totally fabulous and you can create your life like a conductor leading her orchestra.


Consider taking my course as I can show you how to dance with life, how to face your shadow side and bring it into the light with love understanding and compassion, how to live in balance harmony and unity, creating and receiving everything you could possibly desire. If you have issues with the cost, don’t let that stand in your way, get in touch with me and see if we can work something out. I love this course and the impact it has, which is why I am shouting it from the roof tops. As one course attendee remarked, your readings and daily posts have changed my perception of so much I look forward to working with you.


So enjoy this change in energy, feel the calm and steadiness but also the deep change within, the foundation building. Don’t run away or use it as an excuse to do nothing and don’t try and take control and micro manage, this is the little dictator within that is being brought out by this new moon.


Feel free to ask any questions, always happy to answer them and think about taking the processing course, are these tools you can really do without, think how they could transform your life.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx



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I am Looking for Bloggers and Editors

so how do you create the life of your dreams


Hey All


I am just so excited, I have launched my Online Personal and Spiritual Development/Processing Course. Start Date Mary 4th 2017 for 8 weeks and I am looking for Bloggers and Editors to help me.


I have been teaching this in a 1:1 setting and small groups for a few years but decided it is time to go into the online market as I can reach more people and live anywhere in the world.


The online environment is a little strange to me and I need some help getting my course out there.


Now my course is truly awesome and it transforms the lives of everyone who takes it without fail. Of course with most things you get out of it what you put in.


Don’t just believe me go and check out some of the testimonials on my website http://www.micheleelizabeth.co.uk Within weeks clients who have suffered anxiety every day lose this anxiety, those afraid become bold, those who are lost find their purpose, those who are angry become calm and those with a mind that ties them up in knots find clarity and so the transformations go on. Add into this all the energy work I do on them, it is awesome intense and just totally fabulous.


So this is where I need your help. I would like to offer you a spot on my course if you are able to really commit to going through it and then blog about it, or write  an article in your magazine.


I know that you will be changed by this.


So check me out http://www.micheleelizabeth.co.uk and also http://www.theenlightenmentproject.

I write a daily energy forecast on facebook at The Enlightenment Project and have done for around 9 years, my methods and my work, my value and integrity are tried and tested. I do what I say I do, i am who I say I am, so I would love love love it if you could help me and I could help you.

Message me at michele@micheleelizabeth.co.uk and let do some stuff together xxxxxx