August 31st 2016 Energy



Good morning, can you feel things beginning to wrap up? Are you getting a sense of completion or ending? Can you feel certain energies leaving your life or the hint at something new and exciting coming into your life? Can you feel change in the air?


The energies are moving about today and I can feel them coming in and leaving and just generally shaking things up a bit, this is a good thing and the best thing for you to do is to not do and be.


Allow the changes to take place, it will be in our best interests whether we know it or not, stay out of the mind and follow the heart. The heart knows all is good, changes are coming and that is good but the mind will worry and fret and basically tell you the sky is falling in. So if you do go down that road, just take a deep breath and relax.


I also feel a cleansing energy, our slate is being wiped clean and who knows what is coming in but let us just enjoy the space. It’s a bit like when you clear out a room to decorate and how wonderful pristine and spacious it looks once you’ve painted that you don’t really want to bring the furniture and paintings back in. So just enjoy that for today, that feeling of space and newness.


Life can be an amazing experience if you just let go and despite popular belief it is the smartest thing to do. Holding on to situations and people when it has run its course is the road to madness or at least disappointment and frustration.


Today is not the day to push anything, just let it all flow and go where feels right for you. Trust in your own inner guidance system…stay out of the mind and just feel the love, for tomorrow your world changes once again and if you take the time today to just be then tomorrow you will be in a much better position to feel the changes.


Have a wonderful day, remember I am here if you need anything….lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


August 30th 2016 Energy

IMG_0083 (1).JPG


Good Morning, the energy is clear and direct, strong and purposeful, it is clarity. Clarity helps us to take the blinders from our eyes and see the situation as it is rather than what we want it to be. Sometimes this isn’t easy but it is always necessary. It is only from this point that we can see the next steps we need to take.


I also feel the energy of commitment or devotion something like that, it’s about putting your heart and soul into something, following through, continue till the end. Tenacity – don’t give up, even when your ego tells you to or puts so many hurdles in your way that you feel you have no other option. Although we have to be in a position of clarity first so that you are not pushing when you need to be pulling.


Love as always is around in bucket loads, pure, make you cry with joy Love. This is freely available to you all, find it and bring it into your heart. You think you Love now, you think you experience Love but that is nothing to connecting with Pure Love, the ultimate energy and like nothing you have experienced before. This energy cleanses and nurtures soothes and inspires, fills you with hope courage and strength but more than anything Pure Love is Forgiveness, which is the foundation of your evolution or journey home.


I also feel the energy of serenity, be calm and graceful in all that you do and take time out in each day to find your still point and just be. This is an important to maintain daily, there is much going on , on the world stage and this is only going to become more intense as the years pass, so we all need to find our processes that help us rise above the dense energy and not be continually triggered by it.


One of our aims in this life is to be more consciously aware in every moment, to get off auto pilot, to think through the things that we are told and to feel with our intuition whether they are right for us or not. To take back our power that we give away daily, we know better than anyone what is right for us and the direction we need to go, yet we ignore this and let the opinions of others direct us. Bt being conscious in every moment we are able to take a step back and see the bigger picture, we are able to make objective decisions rather than emotional reactions that keep us locked into a cycle of shame and despair.


Feel these energies today and don’t worry if they make you feel a little odd, we have moved away from duality and into unity so you need to get used to feeling seemingly opposite energies at the same time, this will leave you a little discombobulated but as long as you understand this is ok then it shouldn’t be a problem .You just need a little time to get used to it. So today is still yet empowering, reflective and constructive.


We have cycles ending and new ones beginning tomorrow, so spend some time thinking what that means for you.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

August 29th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy this morning is fresh and inspiring, what is it within you that you want to share, what part of you do you want to take out of the darkness and take a look at, to show to the world.


This energy will also empower, encourage you to find your voice and really let that inner sparkle shine. The most truly beautiful people in the world are those that are not afraid to be who they are and celebrate that, to love yourself means that love pours from you and others can’t help but be moved by that.


All we really have in life is ourselves, so that is the journey that we must take, isn’t it better to love and trust your travelling companion than to fight all the way. We spend so long looking out of our eyes and thinking what we see in front of us is what is important, that is what is important but it isn’t that is just scenery and signposts flashing past.


Once you fall in love with yourself and move into your heart, then the world slows right down and you really do have time to stop and smell the roses, maybe it’s the first time you have really seen the flowers let alone stopped. Once you do this , your frantic search for that missing piece of you can stop, you can stop searching outward and realise everything that you ever wanted or needed is right there in you.


The problem is our minds value what is out there, we feel it is better than what we have within but that is just because you haven’t truly connected with your heart because once you do that is all you want and your quest continues, with miracles on the way.


This feels like a day to find your still point, to lower the walls and let your awesomeness shine.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

August 28th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well. The energy feels as though it shifted in the night, much of the despair and fear feels muted and calmness has descended. It feels as though someone has pulled a blanket over the world.


I feel hope and it is shown as a bright star in the night sky, a bit like Polaris, The Northern Star, there to guide us home and we cannot go home without Love and Forgiveness in our hearts.


Ponder today in this quiet time who you need to forgive, you don’t pick and choose, everyone deserves our forgiveness you just have to compile the list. Forgiveness comes before everything and is the most expansive energy, when you forgive your energy pushes up into your heart and then expands up throughout your higher chakra’s, when you forgive all and release all, your consciousness expands into infinity.


Try and talk less and choose your words carefully, don’t fill the silence and try to stop talking just for the sake of talking. Remove yourself from gossip and try and make yourself aware when you are making judgements. Speak words of encouragement and love, you are not doing anyone, including yourself any favours when you tell them what they are doing wrong. Keep a mental check of how many times something negative comes out of your mouth. No justifications just objective data, it doesn’t matter why you are being critical what is important is that you bring your awareness to it.


In this fast paced world that we seem to be living in, we need to consciously step out of the frenzy and reflect on our behaviour and treatment of others, objectively and then forgive ourselves.


I feel the energy of co-creation, I love love love this energy, this is people getting together and creating better, these connections are important and oh do they make your heart sing. Joining with other with a common purpose is so empowering and magic really can happen. Every time we make connections like this the earth heals and we take one step closer to home.


We all have a job to do, we agreed to be here on earth at this time, we are all co-creators and I would love to create something beautiful with you. So open your heart and allow those connections to flow.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

August 27th Energy

blue energy.jpg

Good Morning I hope everyone slept well or at least better than you have all week. The energy that has been around at night and the work that we have all been doing has created much sleep disturbance and therefore tiredness. The weekend is here, so rest and relax and just allow the revelations to come.


At this time it isn’t necessary to seek answers just let them flow, not doing and just being is when we listen and when we see.


The energy around has a strong fear base at the moment, this is generated at a ground level and has despair, pity and anger mixed in with it, don’t allow this to trigger you, or at least don’t react with the trigger, but do take it as a signpost of inner work that needs doing. You have to find a way to deal with this energy as it is not going away for some time but this is not your energy and you don’t need to own it.


Next week we are moving into a new cycle and we are in the process of tying up loose ends, what was the theme of your last month? What lesson were you learning? Make a conscious effort to let this go and everything associated with it.


I feel hope inspiration forgiveness and love, all you really need, choose to feel and see these energies, use them, embrace them. We always have that choice, make it more conscious.


Take some time this weekend to reflect on the cycle that is coming to an end for you, the lesson learned and understand that it is leaving for good, this is over, it is up to you of course whether you hold it tight and take it with you into the next cycle. Also allow any new thought ideas and perspectives to come in, you may see things differently come Monday, allow this. So often we take our new thought processes and throw them away as they are not consistent with our previous thoughts. New is good, it is additional rather than instead of, let your mind, your vision and your world expand, we do not live in a world of boxes and categories even though that is what we have come to expect. You can break free from that as it is only constructed in the mind.


Living in a Duality means everything is either or, we have one opinion or another but you cannot have both. As you move into Unity you can hold both opinions simultaneously and this is not contradictory….start to play around with that. One of the biggest sticks we use to beat each other with is….”well you said”  Say something once, have a point of view once and many people lock that down in you, that has defined you but it hasn’t, it is something you felt and a particular moment in time. Allow yourself and others that freedom.


If you notice Allow is an important word, so often we feel that things are being done to us, taken from us etc but in actual fact the issue is whether we allow ourselves to see feel accept embrace etc, it is us that controls our boundaries, it is us that limits us. Allow yourself to be the most beautiful you, allow your soul to sing!


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

August 25th 2016 Energy

Star-Tetrahedron with person.jpg


Good Morning, I hope you are well although a disturbed night’s sleep once again for many.


Dreams are once again taking on a life of their own and you may find that you are having more surreal dreams, lucid dreaming and you are remembering your dreams more. Sit with your dreams and ask is there a message in there?  It is most likely at the moment that this is your deep inner stuff coming to the surface ready for recognition acceptance and release, if you have been feeling particularly emotional this past week then this is most likely why.


These are all signs for us to look a little closer and they come around again and again so you can soon learn to recognise these signs and what they mean. Emotions are not to be supressed or go t over, they are not to be denied or criticised, they are there to be felt to their fullest in the light of day and then released, bringing in a balanced state.


I feel the energy of Peace and this is needed at the moment with so much trauma and bloodshed, either at the hands of men or nature, draw this peace into your heart and step back. There is no right or wrong, no injustice or sacrifice, there isn’t even fear and when you have peace in your heart you know this too.


Peace of mind is a goal of many, yet rarely achieved, however the road there is pretty simple, yet the dominance of the ego is strong and people turn away from the simple path and engage in drama instead with always a reason excuse or justification as to why they are making life a lot more difficult for themselves.


The first step to peace is forgiveness and this should be your go to energy with everything, no matter what your issue, forgiveness holds the key. This however is an energy that you feel and has to come from your heart not you mind, forgiveness from the mind is just an empty platitude and you won’t find any direct changes as a result.


Most people still live within the mind and the ego, they know the information, they may have acquired a lot of knowledge but it is not applied or integrated below surface level so it is knowledge without wisdom.  It is information without action so it actually means nothing unless you want to get into a debate with someone else equally knowledgeable and then you can have a winner and the ego is satisfied but in reality it all means nothings. Application is the key.

There is a stillness to the energy today , so spend some time just being, just sit and be aware of your surroundings but with no dialogue no judgement or expectation just awareness and breathe, be and breathe, breathe and be.


The ego shuns simplicity and would rather feel special by paying for weird and wonderful therapies, if they worked you wouldn’t still be searching, it is all just a delaying tactic, smoke and mirrors to keep you from your own power and the power of your world around you.


Miracles are all around, magic is at your fingertips and the path to peace and enlightenment is simple yet that is not the reality of most…..maybe it is time to ask yourself why?


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

Processing Lunch 12-5

Processing Lunch 12-5 tomorrow at my house…..we have one free place if anyone would like to join us. We will have lunch and I will teach you the processing techniques that changed my life. I will explain what processing is and why we need it and then i will teach the techniques. It is a small informal group and nobody knows each other so you wouldn’t feel out of place. Contact me here either in the comments or by private message if you are interested and I will pick one person.

I look forward to it, love and laughter Michele xxxx