Releasing Cycles in the Energy of the New Moon


(See previous article for a deeper explanation of what cycles are and how to reflect on them, this is on my teaching site which you can sign up for free today Sign up here)


So once you have sat with this cycle that you want to release, look at it in its entirety.


Who you were and who you have become


The fun and the laughter but also the pain and sadness


The Lessons learned and the growth realised


How it served you and how it no longer does


The people and events


Then sit quietly, close your eyes and take 3 deep breathes in and out, then continue to breathe slowly and deeply.


Imagine that you are looking at this cycle like a circle or pot filled with all of the above. You have done your reflection so no analysis is needed, just observe it.

Then move your awareness to your heart, on every in breath feel and see your heart filling with golden light on every out breathe this expands until you are engulfed within your own heart energy.

Then from your heart pour out Gratitude Forgiveness and Love into the pot.

If you like you can say Thank you for everything, for the joy and the lessons for the growth and support. Thank you.

I forgive everyone and everything for the hurt I felt and I forgive myself for those times I hurt others or acted in ways I am ashamed of.

I have gratitude for myself that I can see all of this.

I am overwhelmed with Love for it all and now this cycle has completed it is time to say goodbye with Love.

You can imagine it floating away like a helium balloon.

It is completed, it is done!

Sit for a moment and feel the lightness in you, the space and extra energy. There may be tears and this is ok.

If you like you can then welcome in the new cycle.

You can do this simply my breathing again, focusing on your heart space and say Universe I am ready, I am ready to take that next step into my new cycle. I don’t know what that is right now but that’s ok, I know it is going to be fresh, exciting and perfect for me.


I also add to it my doing a fire pit. I write everything down and then burn it!


So use this energy available well and get release those cycles that are past due with Love Forgiveness and Gratitude and reclaim your energy.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

fear and growth


Not often does the new moon and full moon have such similar energy. However the energy that is coming into the planet and where we find ourselves is all about the squeeze!
Awakening and expansion of our conscious awareness is the key to moving into and experiencing the new Unity Paradigm and therefore we are being squeezed to begin looking within………for more of this article on the energy right now sign up to my newsletter and gain access to my FREE TEACHING SITE


If you work with the energy around then you can find your conscious awareness expanding and your growth accelerated. You are fully supported in this inner journey of discovery, it is after all our reason for being. So don’t fight it, flow with it, even if that feels uncomfortable.
Firstly Just because your mind says it doesn’t make it so! ….FOR MORE SIGN UP BELOW
I look forward to seeing you there
Love and Laughter Michele xxxx

I get so excited !

Working with a new student this morning and I just get sooooooo Excited!

To see the shifts in perspective and then behaviour happening so quickly and also knowing the growth to come just makes me want to pop with excitement for them!!!

This really is the best job in the world, although to be fair it transcends a job and is just me sharing me…whoop whoop xxxxx

July 20th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are all well. The energy today is lively fun and insightful, I am seeing sunlight sparkling on water, that dappling effect that looks like tiny diamond leaping across the waves like an Irish jig. It reminds me of pixies and sprites, laughing and playing in a good natured but also slightly mischievous way.


This energy feels fun and in a really grounded way, it feels like when you have completed a task or job that has taken a lot of your time but you are pleased with the result and now the pressure is off, it’s time to celebrate.


I can also feel the energy of strength and purpose, you may not know what you want yet but you are beginning to know what you don’t want and this may have surprised you, which is great. We all have an inner strength that we are often unware of until pushed to our limits and it is needed for our own survival, mentally if not physically.


Can you feel this push within you, this desire to make changes by saying this is no longer acceptable?


We have a new moon is a few days so this is a great time of cycles ending and new beginnings for Monday. Make a conscious effort to release those old cycles, yes they come round each month but how many of you consciously work on letting go? This takes conscious awareness and effort, to dig deep and be aware of what you are letting go. If you choose not to, then just be aware of this and in a months’ time see if the same things are coming up for you and then ask yourself, Am I happy to keep repeating this cycles? If you are that is cool but make it a conscious decision.


The new moon energy we have coming in is as intense as the full moon we had this month. The angrier will get angrier, the deluded more delusional, the gossips more judgemental. Reflect on this in you, that is the problem with unconscious living, you don’t see how this applies to you!


I have had some hilarious conversations with people this week, which has shown me how extreme this gap has become and how so many are choosing ignorance of their own self and entrenching themselves deeper within their own lie. Of course this is unavailable to their conscious awareness but it is still a choice. To achieve any kind of growth you need to just stop and reflect on your own behaviour and be open to the possibility that this may be you. This is not judgement as we all were asleep at one point, our own motivations and actions unconscious to us but for some they had the courage and strength to stop and reflect on themselves. We all have the courage, our free will means we have to make a choice.


I have often spoken about the emperor’s new clothes and this was first so apparent on the global stage, politics banking etc., now it is everywhere you look. We all need to check ourselves, is this us. Throughout my journey I have learned that the first thing to do when anything happens in my life is check back to me first, is this me, did I create this, I am blind to my own actions, am I living in integrity? I suggest you do the same.


The conversations I have had first highlight the fact that I don’t even need to be present in any of them, who I am my thoughts of opinions are totally irrelevant and would go unheard as the filter of their perception distorts everything to support their own point of view that validates their own story and view of themselves.


The Polarities are also getting more extreme, like someone getting passionate about animals and the horrific meat trade and how disgusting are those people eating meat, whilst tucking into a burger!  Is this you? Your initial reaction maybe No but think about it for a while.


This weekend may bring great conflict and anger, as people feel challenged, remember the last full moon? It is going to be high active energy so try and channel that into something physical and constructive, great time to lay that patio or spring clean or have an amazing weekend with your lover, not such a great weekend to start a debate.


There are going to be a lot of people laying down the law, asserting their dominance and trying to get you to do as you are told. Someone actually said that to me this week, why can’t you ever do as you are told, luckily I have the ability to laugh inside, just observing it all with interest and seeing the bigger picture and how this all relates to energy and our journey’s. My response was, well I never did as I was told as a child and nothing much has changed now I am a fully grown woman.


Remember this, you don’t need to get into it, you don’t need them to see you, you don’t need to prove you are right or this is who you are, you don’t need to take it personally but what you do need to do, is make sure this isn’t you. We can never grow until we become more self-aware and the chasm between who we think or project we are and how we are really acting is growing, so it is evident for us to see. If you spend this time identifying this in others that is your first sign you have your own inner work to do.


I will be posting more about this on my teaching site, so if you sign up for this if you haven’t already, it’s all free and I am adding to this site all the time. So far I am talking about meditation and conscious living and hopeful today energy.


So have a wonderful day,


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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July 18th 2016 Energy Forecast


not living

Good Morning I hope you are well, cleanse cleanse cleanse cleanse!


It is important that you learn to cleanse your energy and visualise this every day , the energy being created at a population level are dense and sticky and very negative and feel this is going to increase as we move forward. Imagine it like a dark sticky treacle sticking to you, all over you shoes and on your clothes, when you go home you tread it all over your carpets and even on your sofa, your family they end up sitting in it and getting it all over them too.


Some simple energy maintenance can help you get rid of this. I couldn’t do the work I do or live the life I live if I didn’t do this many times a day. Not only can it be negative and confusing and bring your vibrational rate down it hides your own energy from you.


We all need to get to know our own energy as this is where we can see our triggers and follow them to our core pain for healing and releasing. If it’s the energy of others that is dragging us down then we can identify this and step out of it.


The energy of clarity has come in, in bright blue beams, straight and true, clarity can help you jump forward on your path expanding your conscious awareness. It brings with it understanding, wisdom, the bigger picture but it also can trigger fear within. Fear of change, the unknown but also fear of responsibility when the understanding hits that you are responsible for your life, your creations and your experience.

No one is going to come and save you, No one is going to do it for you  and you actually have to put some work and effort in.


Ah Unconditional Love and Compassion are also around by the bucket load but also , oh I don’t know what it is, it’s like a soft and mellow energy almost buttery, an orange/gold. I am not sure what it is but it softens the feelings of pride and shame. So many people have been walking down a dead  end whilst declaring for all the world this is the path, that they know it all. This can be in career, relationships, and spirituality whatever; to stop turn around and say uh oh I was wrong can be impossible for some. Having passed the tipping point of no return in their eyes, whatever the energy is it helps soothe this, to allow them or you to entertain the possibility of turning around.


I am trying at the moment to take my understanding of now and relay it you so that it can help you, although this is not as easy as it seems, How I attain knowledge has changed considerably over the years so now it is like getting information the size of a football pitch in a language that occurs in multiple dimensions outside of time, it’s a holistic language I suppose as it is also understood by my whole system rather than my mind and then condensing this to the size of a thimble. What I then produce doesn’t do it justice.


Just start to bring these things into your awareness, entertain the possibility that you may have work to do, that there may be more beyond what you are experiencing here and now.


I used to think that once your awareness was expanded, once you were able to self-reflect and become self -aware and take responsibility and become an active creator that you could never go back, I was wrong, the mind is a powerful tool in deed and fear at the moment seems to be the most powerful energy, way more powerful than love, but then a duality love is conditional so doesn’t have the same power as Unconditional Love.


So more than ever we are presented with the cross roads, self-enquiry or self-delusion. Which are you choosing?


I am here if you want to talk about this, never any judgement, I have walked this path too.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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July 17th 2017 Energy Forecast


face in mirror

Good Morning I hope you are well and had a fun weekend, I took some time away from technology and it was wonderful.

The energy for this week and today is purple and yellow and I am getting the sense that there is going to be a lot of fear and stubbornness and just down right bloody mindedness. That state of either digging your heels in or charging forward like a bull in a china shop.


It’s generated amongst the population rather than universal energies coming in although it is all part of the orchestra. There are going to be some real challenges to overcome this week but these are challenges within you and your attitude right now.


What are you clinging to , stubbornly refusing to let go or how are you manically pushing forward in the hope that everything will work out in the end? It is important to see this in yourself, bring it into your awareness as it can stop these thoughts turning into actions. I see a lot of frayed tempers, arguments and the need to put people in their place.


All of these things have a root or baseline in fear, know this and release it, don’t act on it. I have images of people kicking off and feeling so justified or right, “well they needed bringing down a peg or two or needed a reality check” If this is you just stop, walk away from the conflict and take some deep breaths and don’t stop until the anger or rage has subsided.


This anger and fear can also show up in more passive ways, you can turn it inwards and feel depressed or anxious or you could be manipulative, passive aggressive or controlling.


These things are nothing to be worried about just bring it all into your conscious awareness and breathe and don’t react to it. All of you have some great resources and insight that I have shown and provided for you, use them !  We have some turbulent times coming between now and September and this is not something to be frightened of, this is preparing the way for the September gateway and it is about widening your conscious awareness and raising your vibrations and you can’t do that if you are still lugging around a suitcase full of crap.


At this point in our journey it is important not to get distracted by fool’s gold, there is no substitute or free pass from your inner work, no positive affirmation is going to help, it’s time to look yourself squarely in the mirror and ask who am I.


I see so much courage coming in you really don’t need to worry, I know this forecast is very different from the energy of the last week, but this is school after all and it can’t all be field trips and sunshine.


This is time for you to step into your personal sovereignty, take responsibility and face the hard truth. I feel a cross roads this week so bear this in mind. Are you going to take the path of illusion where you believe you can’t or don’t need to or have already done the inner work, where you turn a blind eye to the circumstances of your life screaming at you that you need to change or are you going to look in the mirror, grab your sword of courage and truth, take a deep breath and say bring it on. That first step is the hardest but all it needs is that first chink of light to be let in and then you are on your way.


I am going to writing more about this later as this is a wonderful opportunity to move forward on your path and start perpetrations for the September gateway. Like all the many gateways before this can be transformational and awe inspiring or it can just pass you by.


I have noticed there are many people getting fed up and dissatisfied with nothing seeming to happen, 2012, was a washout and no big event ever seems to come, but it has and it is extraordinary. Each gateway changes the energetic vibration of the planet but it won’t just happen to you not in a big way anyway, you have to make that partnership with the universe, work with it. The higher your vibrational rate the more aware you will be of the shifts of these gateways and the more they can work to your advantage. We all have free will and that requires action, so if you don’t feel anything then know this is a choice you are making.


I have had to take some time out to get used to my new shifts and my latest energetic raise has left me feeling slightly motion sick and most definitely out of this world and the global work I do has resulted in some pretty heavy psychic attacks….nothing I am not trained for and prepared for so it’s all good and not something you will have to deal with. I tell you these things so that you can know that these shifts are real, you can work with them and there is so much going on that most people are unaware of and rightly so.


We are fighting so that you have the right to have that choice, to grow in safety and to walk your path. So how about you think about this gateway coming up and what it means for you. I will answer any questions you have and help you in any way I can. You are safe and protected it’s only your inner demons you need to face but it’s time to face them my friends and you can do this, I promise you!


So come on let’s do this, I will let you know when I have written more on this with some tips on how to prepare.


Remember each moment is a choice, rush into the drama or step out of it, put someone in their place or just observed from a detached viewpoint, the choice is yours so make it a conscious one.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


Don’t forget you can talk to me or ask me anything you are not alone….none of us are xxx


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