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Hey Beautiful People I am hosting 2 FREE WEBINARS next week for you,

The first (Tuesday) talking about the upcoming Solstice and the end of the year and what you can do to prep for it, so that you too end the year on a high

The second (Thursday)Your Holiday Survival tool bag – showing you how to survive and swerve the burnout and drama of the holiday season

I will post sign up sheets and more deets later, places may be limited so keep your eyes peeled .

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December 16th 2017 Energy Forecast – The last new beginning in a year of new beginnings!


Good Morning, I hope you are well, we have some fabulous energy around right now and most of these are coming with the new moon. As you know new moons signify the end of cycles and moving into fresh new ones, it is the moment of new beginnings and we have the power to state how these are going to play out. New moons are the epitome of free will in action, the energy may be there to help us see what we need to see, to learn, grow and let go but it is our free will that allows us to choose whether we dance with these energies, being guided by the universe or whether we sit in the corner and ignore it all. It is our ego or an imbalanced one that convinces us that we don’t need to do anything or all this is bull but it all boils down to our choices.

So this is the last new beginning in a year of new beginnings, this was the year that we were given opportunity after opportunity to break free from habitual patterns, to begin to see behind the curtain, the lies and the deceit and to bring back within the power we had so blindly been giving out.

This was the year that we began to listen with earnest to our souls song and allow our path to begin to clear. This was the year that we got to do it differently, if we chose. 2016 grabbed us, shook us and slammed us against the wall, it took away those dearest to us, one after the other and it made us wake up to a new way, 2017 gave us that opportunity to do things differently, to step up into our power, not in the duality mind-set of control but with love, the strongest motivating force and catalyst for change. The picture with this report is one I posted this time last year….so who were you this year?

So the new moon is tomorrow and it is a good idea to reflect on the whole year as a cycle rather than just the last 4 weeks ( there is a video in the video section about working with the moon for more info) Ask yourself, what have you learned about you?
How has your life changed? Which cycles have you ended and released? This may be jobs relationships mindset or perception, it may be familial cycles and patterns or you may have found your voice and your passion.

Reflect and release anything that is ready to go, over the past month or so I am sure you have has memories from throughout your life just popping into your mind, some big some small and some long forgotten, some of you have been rather poorly over the last couple of months, this is all about release and restructuring, making the space for 2018.

The 21st is a special night indeed if you are serious about your development, walking your path and uniting your heart mind and soul and I will write more about this later.

The energy that this new moon brings is awesome, it feels so inspiring and courageous, like you could leap tall buildings if you had to, actually you could do it just for fun. It feels spontaneously and fun-loving.

More than anything this energy comes with a pure brilliant streak of discernment, this is a beautiful energy and very empowering and something we should all bring into our energy system. It is time that we broke down our conditioned response of judgement and oh boy is there a lot of that around at the moment. Judgement right now, with everything that is crumbling within this duality is a normal conditioned duality response. The dissolution of duality is throwing those hooked into it into fear, one way to alleviate fear is control and that comes from judgement.

There is so much going on right now and it is very exciting but also means full participation from us. I am going to record a video over the weekend going into this in more detail as there is a lot to say, so if you have any questions please comment below and I will answer them in the video.

It’s time to get ready people, not with presents and stuff but how you end this year is going to set the tone for 2018 and if you have done the work it is going to be the most fabulous thing ever.

We are all in this together so please comment if there is anything that is concerning or confusing you, if you would like to know what to do to prepare or you would like to share your own processes at this time of year please do, lets open this up and all be in the best place possible ready to end this year and create the next cycle that will take us into the heightened unity state of 2018.

If you are not going to join in, and participate in this life that is fine and your choice but don’t expect us to hang around, you can hold our coats whilst we boogy the night away.
Life is no longer about what you say but what you do and how you be!

Love and laughter Michele xxxx

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December 14th 2017 Energy Forecast – 7 days to get your shit together!


2018 Time to break out of the glass jar you have placed yourself in and LIVE !

Good morning I hope you are well, a little crazy maybe, with probably some physical issue right now too, it’s a bit of a crazy time energetically.


Well it seems crazy but there is a reason for it all and it is part of this awesome and intricate path that is our life!


Are you having life flashbacks, people  and events from way back in the recesses of the past filtering up into your mind? Are you mourning for those you have lost, in whatever way and feeling tears constantly fighting their way to the surface? Tears of what you don’t know, everything and nothing.


Pockets of regret shame and guilt maybe popping in your face at the most unexpected times, sitting in traffic or waiting in line at the supermarket queue, you suddenly remember a moment that was not your finest, or you wish you could do differently.


Maybe right now you are going into control overload, getting obsessed with the smallest and inconsequential detail or just becoming obsessed in general. Seriously now is not the time to get all stalkerish , just because the opportunities are there does not mean that you should indulge yourself, it will only lead down a dark path.


On the flip side you may be totally passionate and dedicated to your studies, your purpose and living life and finding life responding to you in the same way.


Whatever is going on for you look at it in light of endings and new beginnings, we have a new moon coming up over the weekend in 7 days we have the winter solstice which is always a big energetic date in the calender and most definitely one in which we look at the progress we have made this year in our internal journey.


I am going to be writing later about the unusual states you may be experiencing as we move more and more into unity energy. It can be bizarre and strange but I can talk you through it, I have been living in unity in increasing degrees since 2013, so I’ve got your backs.


So be aware of all the energies that are around at the moment and what they may be bringing up for you and why, then do something about it….seriously you have to do something. These are great opportunities don’t let them pass you by or will you be ending 2018  in the same way, feeling that this amazing paradigm shift is passing you by and each year is equally hard or confusing you. It doesn’t have to be that way!


I am going to launch the Development Course as a group intake in January 2018 and it is going to be awesome, 2018 is the year of collaboration but also the year of the woman, and this will be reflected across the global stage….just watch as women rise this year….it is time!


If you want to be part of this revolution then it is time you started that journey and the first step is taking my Development Course as it will arm you with the tools and techniques you need to free yourself and then step up and jump into the most incredible and fantastic journey of your life. At the same time you connect with the most awesome heart centred courageous people in our group. The course is worth it for this group alone.  So if this is peaking your interest, if it is stirring something in you then reach out to me, let’s start that conversation, there is nothing to fear and so much to gain.

Let’s do this for 2018, let’s all be kickass


Have a wonderful day oh and you have 7 days to get your shit together .


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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The World is going into a Drama meltdown…don’t be part of it.

hola beach club.png


Drama Drama everywhere and people love it, they are addicted to it and it is a great barrier to having to deal with or take responsibility for anything. Don’t distract yourself with the drama or get addicted to the power.


Being surrounded by drama and reacting to all events in dramatic fashion stops you actually achieving anything.


I have seen people stand by and allow a negative situation to develop as they would rather enjoy the drama it creates than step in and stop it happening in the first place.


Just be aware of the drama around you and step out of it. A simple example was my local radio station yesterday. The weather was cold wet and windy, this is the winter in the uk, so to be expected right. There was a slight possibility of snow later in the day but again we are on the east coast, we only really have it for a day and usually less than a foot.


The Dj however had a different take on it, his attitude was one of epic storm proportions, don’t go out unless you absolutely have to, stay off the roads, stay home.


This may only seem like a little thing but it is happening in every area of life and it is frightening the populous….stay at home don’t go out as one way or another you are going to die or be seriously maimed.


So just bare this in mind when you feel yourself constrict with  fear by something you hear on the news or radio, question your friends and what you see in social media don’t just blindly accept it and buy into the fear and drama. Do your own research because most of the fear mongering and drama is BS


Be more discerning , love and laughter Michele xxxxx

December 11th 2017 Energy Forecast – Get mingling



Good Morning I hope you are well and had a good weekend, the energy has shifted once again in the night and you will be happy to know that we are all in for a few smooth days energetically.


This is a great time to have those slightly awkward conversations, maybe broach the subject that you don’t want to go to the in-laws for Christmas. Conversations like that will be received better over the next couple of days. Or you may prefer just to enjoy the peace and harmony and so you should  it has been a fractious few weeks or should I say months, so a little joy and fun is good for us all.


Just be aware of this drop in intensity in energy and find a new balance for you, for some these drops are seen as a bad thing or it feels like a vibrational drop rather than an intensity drop that some can feel as a sadness or lacking motivation. It isn’t, it is just that the energy has been pushing us forward over the last few weeks in particular, helping us see what we need to see and now it is time to socialise and mingle.


We have all had some revelations about ourselves, our nature, our purpose but also our physical world and now is the time to allow those revelations to filter throughout us and our world and for that to happen we kind of need to be focused elsewhere.


So although it may feel as though you have taken the foot off the gas, you are not wasting time you are just filling up, ready for the next burst of active energy where you can be propelled into the stars, where dreams are made.


We are all getting into position for the 21st, can you see the patterns in your life yet? Can you see what you have shed this year and how your mindset has changed? Do you have an idea or feeling where you may be going?


2018 is going to be the most awesome year, a year of people uniting and finding power and strength in each other. It is going to be a year that divisions are overcome….oh I think this may be another post but suffice it to say we are all going to be asked to put our money where our mouth is  and stand up for what we believe in and this requires action.


2018 will be a year were everyone’s integrity will be questioned, time we all did a bit of internal housekeeping.


December is all the time of the big squeeze and the karmic wave, it is not as intense as last years but it is still here and affecting everyone. It’s time once again for us all to have our heart weighed, how have behaved this year, what did we contribute, what did we learn and how did you we grow. We don’t have to be perfect but we have to be always growing learning and improving, walking that path from the mind to the heart.


When you live in the heart you cannot live any other life than a heart centred one, you cannot belittle put down or destroy you can only accept empower respect and nurture. There can be no other way. Your love for others is not dependent upon their love for you.


I will write more over the next few days about how you can get ready for the 21st and what is in store for us all in 2018, a year of collaboration but also the year of the woman….this does not exclude men oh no as the men are rising up with us as we all find our voices!


Have a wonderful harmonious and love filled few days.


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Enjoy, love and laughter Michele xxxx


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