20th September 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, so this new moon occultation is have some pretty intense effects on us. Has your mind been drawn back to 2007/8? Are you beginning to question everything or have you fallen into victim martyr or saviour mode? Has your journey gone inward or are you focusing even more on out there?


There are some pretty high energy streams coming in and these can make you feel really tired and discombobulated, just go with it, sleep when you can , eat and drink well and just accept that you are not going to be at your sharpest mentally. I looked at my walls yesterday and made a mental note to buy some mayonnaise, being a vegan I don’t eat mayonnaise and I meant paint.


So hopefully you will be consciously letting go of so much this week, old habits, mind-set and behaviours that really have no relevance or positive contribution in your life.


How have your daydreams been coming along, can you believe see and feel a life of harmony joy and abundance? Are you ready to address the issues in your life starting with how you feel physically?


On Friday we have the Equinox and this is a day of balance, cycles ending and beginning, it is about change and transformation. It is a time to honour and have gratitude for the miracle of nature and life. It is one of my favourite days!


So what are you going to do? Take some time to reflect on the last nine months. This was the year of transformation, the year of you! What have you done and achieved, how have you grown. Take some time before the equinox to look at your mind-set, emotions, your physicality and your world, how has this changed over the last 9 months. Look back at your dreams in January, how have they come true or the foundations are being laid.


We have 3 months till the end of the year and the solstice, so take some time to see what this year has meant for you.


We would love to hear!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

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19th September 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, although the energy we have around at the moment may have been giving you a few aches and pains! We are all being asked to be more consciously aware of our physical body, what it is saying to us and what it needs. We often overlook our physicality when our minds are drawn to the esoteric.


We have a time of great balance and unity coming up in Friday with the equinox. It will be a time of new beginnings and new ways of doing things, to allow your mind body and soul to expand out of the box duality.


As usual this year, this is not an isolated event, it occurs at the same time as the new moon which in itself is also very powerful for new beginnings but also what is going on in relation with the other planets. Everything is getting super-boosted and supercharged, sound familiar?


This year has been one of supercharging everything. Have you noticed that when you made a change how quickly everything else has slotted into place or how you have been shown that this is the right or maybe the wrong decision, almost instantly?


This has been a year of awakening like never before, not necessarily awakening in the traditional spiritual sense but an awakening to our self, to who we really are and what we truly want to make ourselves happy and fulfilled.


Have you felt the power rising in your all year? When you have acted on this stable heart power all has gone well right? People have responded in ways you only hoped for and drama was averted. When you are making heart centred decisions and choices, it has been quick efficient and direct.


Do you feel that you are beginning to question so much that you once took for granted, even your own feelings? That you feel compelled to do something differently, to put behind you what has always been and created something new?


The other thing that is changing and you will definitely feel this after Friday if not before is your idea of and attachment to romantic love. Have you been dreaming of ex-lovers or maybe looking at your current partner in a slightly different light. Maybe you want to step back from relationships for a while and concentrate on you or maybe you feel the opposite and it is time to be open once more. Conditional and unconditional love are coming under the spot light for us all at the moment and many realisations are being made that unconditional love is rare in deed and it is healthy at this time to strip back our projections and see our relationships in a truer light.  To see someone as a friend,companion and just another soul making their way through life, with their own lessons, concerns, desires and needs, rather than your saviour or your soul mate is liberating.


It is also respectful and compassionate, we all want to be seen right? How often do we feel that to some people we are not seen for who we are we are only seen in light of what we can do for them, well see how you may treat people this way too.


We are firmly in the energy of the new moon which comes in fully tomorrow, so spend today reflecting on the new beginnings that you would like to see. Keep in mind the equinox at the end of the week and think and feel how you would like to bring your life into more balance, go deep with this.


Also think about unity energy, paradigm and consciousness. It is there waiting for you to experience it so just sit and daydream about what a unity life may mean and feel like. Ask questions here as there are many who visit this page who are experiencing unity, ask me I am always happy to share.


I will be doing a live meditation on Friday for the equinox so I hope you will join me.


Don’t forget to look at the Development Course too, it gives you a map, the tools and all the support you will need to walk from duality into unity. However I think the best thing about the course is the Development Support Group, it is just the most beautiful heart centred space, which in itself feels like coming home.


Have a fabulous day

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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September 17th 2017 Energy – Healing, Balance, Endings and New Beginnings



Good Morning I hope you are well and enjoying this wonderful energy. We have a huge amount of healing energy coming in at the moment and this is going to continue for at least the next week. Be open and accepting of this. Remember we are in control of the energy that we allow in our system and if you are too attached to any illness wound or scar then you may not allow any healing to take place. You may not think you are blocking this as it is happening in your unconscious but it is worth being open to that thought and checking yourself.


This is once again a time of big cycles ending but also coming to fruition. Life isn’t all doom and gloom and not every ending is painful. I have found that projects I created or focused on a decade or so ago that came to nothing are coming into their own now. So many jigsaw pieces are flying in making sense of so much of our journey. Why we had to be where we were, the people we had to meet, the skills we had to learn.


As a business woman I have written a lot of business plans, many would come to nothing at that time but still I would spend the time, when asked why by reasoning was this. This idea may be ahead of its time and the market is not ready for it yet but when it is, when all the ducks are in a row I will be ready to jump. That is what this life feels like, especially at the moment. We do what we do in the moment because we love it, for the sake of doing it, for the process. We may not know at the time why and whether this is just a learning exercise or whether we are prepping for something down the road. What we do know is that time is never wasted.


This is one of the things about moving away from duality, having faith in the outcome even if you don’t know what when or why that is.


Some of the cycles you may be ending may leave you feeling a little lost or raw but the energy is supporting healing but also dreaming, what do you dream of, let yourself go with this. Sit and daydream, people just don’t do that anymore, let you imagination run wild, let your heart speak to you then believe that you are worth it and capable of achieving. Stop denying yourself because you feel silly or unworthy.


So look around you over the next day and see what is ending for you? Then turn and look forward and ask yourself what are you going to create? How is your life opening up and where is this beautiful unity energy taking you?


Allow healing to take place on all levels because as we move into next week and the equinox energy it is all about balance!


Have a wonderful day


Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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September 15th 2017 Energy Forecast – What choices are you going to make?



Good Morning I hope you are all well, so can you feel something building once more? Can you feel shifts and energy rising within you?


Well this is going to be a really exciting week, energetically we have a lot going on and it is all beneficial to you and hugely exciting.


So we have a new moon coming up in 4 days and then swiftly followed by the equinox. Oh my word the opportunities for balancing, healing, releasing and stepping into your power is incredible.


You will feel that so much is being released for you in dreams at the moment so keep a dream journal if you wish but don’t hold on too much to the content of the dreams, there isn’t really much for you to do than let it all go.


Over the last months you have released so much, looked at what you no longer want in your life and starting to realise what you do want. Desires from the heart not the mind!


So are you ready to be healed? Emotionally and physically? Are you ready to let go of something that has been with you for so long that it has become part of you. It hasn’t but that is what it feels like? Are you ready to be free?


Are you ready to let go?


Everything has changed over the last few months, can you feel it?


This next week it is all going to be locked down as a consistent state for now. What I mean is this, we have had such a strong boost of unity energy, it is changing the fabric of our world in palpable ways, you can see it and feel it. Over the years we have boosts of unity energy but often only the most sensitive or advanced energy workers felt it. These boosts would come and go, now however it is here. I see it has strong pillars of light going deep into the earth. This is here to stay!


So what are you going to be, be bold and courageous, step into your power and explore this new energy or desperately cling to the old as it is familiar?  Go on be bold you know you can lol


What makes our lives so special is our free will, these are the choices we make, so think about the choices you make, life doesn’t happen to us we create, we allow and accept, so think about where you could make some changes.


This is a time of balance, nurture, healing and letting go. It is about breaking down the walls that keep us divided and then chilling in the hammock of life.


So have some time to reflect on this today as the next week brings with it some amazing and awesome opportunities.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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September 13th 2017 Energy Forecast – Speak from your heart



Good Morning I hope you are well. If you want to do it, do it and do it with a smile on your face. If you don’t want to do it then don’t do it, say it calmly and do it with love in your heart. Whatever you do , mean it, you are entitled to do what makes you happy, regardless of whether or not that fits into someone else’s plans or not.


Today we have a fabulous crystal clear communication energy, I felt it come in yesterday and it is very sparkly like the clearest of water with sunlight making diamonds on the surface. Now is the time to state whatever it is that you need to and trust me you may be surprised. So much of what we do and say is filtered by how we think people will react or what we expect are their needs. I can’t do this as my wife wouldn’t like it or I didn’t do that as I thought it may upset you and on and on yet we never verbalise any of this. These are conversations with have with ourselves and on most occasions it is a dialogue with our ego. If we actually voiced what we wanted and did it in an open and calm way without expectation then the outcome would be very different, much more harmonious and fulfilling. How many times have you dreaded saying something only for it to be fine and nothing like you thought?


When you stand in your power and speak your truth it is like the energy is neutralised and there is less to react to, this is unity energy and in a duality it feel ultimately balanced and grounded. You need to stand in your truth and you need to pull out that inner power, you have a right to be blissfully happy, you have a right to be fulfilled and rewarded and you have a right to be live a balanced calm exciting and pleasurable life and it is only you that is stopping that. So stop worrying about what others make think, what they want or need and whether they will get upset, that is not your responsibility but also you are doing them a great disservice as it robs them of opportunities for growth.


Imagine a child that never has to walk anywhere, their mother carries them, they are never told no or have to deal with their own negative emotions, they would not grow up to be rounded and whole individuals, they would be at a distinct disadvantage as an adult. So the next time you swallow down what you want, you put your needs last and your dreams get thrown on the stock pile, ask you are doing this for, why are you doing and what purpose would it serve. This is not your road to unity this is being a doormat on someone else’s path and you choose this. If you are thinking right now but I enjoy it, it’s because I love them or it just makes life easier, then sit with that for a while and ask what is it about your own path and walking it with purpose that scares you.


Oh the lively party energy is still around and I love this, I can hear the glasses chinking, the chatter and buzz. It’s time to spread your wings and become social butterflies, widen your circle talk to someone outside of your group, reach out and connect, find someone with different views or lifestyle to you and listen, there is nothing to be frightened of and everything to gain.


Enjoy this sparkly energy which will continue for a day or so although tomorrow I feel a more grounded and homely energy coming in after that, which will be just as wonderful just a little less excitable and chatty.


Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to check out my course, giving you the tools to move from duality into unity, it’s time to came and joined the party!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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September 12th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, even though nothing has really been the same since the august gateways, this is a good thing and how this is making you feel is a sign of what you need to look at or focus on. This is just the beginning and the Equinox coming up in 10 days is another amazing opportunity for you to bring yourself and your life into balance. I will be doing a guided meditation on here at 12 noon DST on the 22nd and would love for you to join me.


The energy today is lively and excitable but with a little more grounding that we have experienced lately with the full moon and with the hurricanes. This energy is more bubbly and chatty. You may have a 101 ideas and things you want to do but you also have the energy to do them, to achieve something or get the ball rolling on a project you have been putting off for some time.


The time is never going to be right if that is what you are waiting for, as time doesn’t really exist, you have to go with the call of your heart, it will not steer you wrong.


Are you feeling compelled to do things, to clear out cupboards, spring clean and declutter your life, to make space, for what you may not know but you need to feel that freedom, that openness. You are not alone we all feel that need to make the space to allow new things to come in for us, a new path is being cleared. Although to be fair it is really an old path, well it’s your soul path but the pull is great right?


We have the energy of communication coming in and it is clear and bright, this is going to help us all say what needs to be said, whether it is to others or to ourselves. So many of you will find yourself calling someone on their manipulative or shady ways as that is no longer acceptable in your life and you are no longer willing to play that game. (This is great but just make sure that you keep it to issues related to you) This isn’t about proving someone wrong it is about not accepting shitty behaviour and energy in your life. Hand that responsibility back to them, so for example if you have someone that lies to you constantly, then that is their choice however it is not acceptable in your life so they have a choice, leave the lies at the door or they can’t come in. This firmly puts the responsibility back on them where it belongs. It is not for you to judge them get angry or try and get them to see the light. Imagine if someone came into your house with dog poo all over their shoes, you wouldn’t hesitate in asking them to remove their shoes, you certainly wouldn’t let them run all round the house.


I am feeling Christmas energy now but more the party season, so it is time to get out and mingle, to be light hearted and witty, to let your sparkle and sass out!


Ooooo I also feel the adventurer energy, the investigator, you want to know more, your interest in peaked , it may be time for you to start joining the dots or maybe it is time to let your heart lead the way, whatever is going on for you, with this energy you will do it with a smile on your face and an eagerness to get some answers.


Enjoy this lively energy and see that life can be fun and exciting and try not to take everything so seriously.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

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September 10th 2017 Energy Forecast, Choose Love over Fear



Good Morning I hope you are well , the energy this morning is much more stable and grounded so please spend 10 minutes sitting with this and grounding your energy. It is important in the months ahead to get into the routine of grounding and cleansing your energy. It is important that you get to know yourself and your own energy system, so that you can distinguish it from others. I remember when I first became aware of my empath senses being in crowds of people was difficult even painful but once I learned to develop it, it became a wonderful resource, it’s time you did the same as there is going to be much fear energy around the planet and the world needs you to stay strong calm and grounded.


The most important thing that any of us can do right now is to be a strong consistent and grounded pillar of light, this we can do, this you can do. So start today, sit breath and let your energy from your heart expand outwards, it will connect with the pure heart energy of others and it is like a crust forms over the earth, a lovelight energy grid but we need it to be consistent, constant and stable. 10 minutes every day would make the world of difference, more if you can do it. If you would like more information or would like me to record a meditation to do this then please just comment.


As I said before the duality is becoming more apparent with each day, with each moment you have a choice to make, hook into the dense and negative energy or step out of that and choose the unity way. Will you choose fear or love?  Think balance, compassion love but also responsibility, what inner demons do you need to face, how are you going to bring about balance within.


Today the predominant energy is pleasure, sensual pleasure, indulge your senses, feel alive, feel connected, create joy and pleasure. Be present, say do or be something thoughtful & loving. It is the little things, our time taken that says we love you not the grand gestures. To stop look someone in the eyes and say tell me your story and to then listen, to accept to understand. Not with half a mind on what you are going to say next or how you are going to fix, just being present and giving someone the space to talk and hearing them creates the most amazing energy. Everyone wants to be seen and most people feel invisible and ineffectual, even the loudest most out there people feel the same.


Most people are desperate to be seen so someone can tell them who they are it’s a condition of the crazy world we live in, make that journey yourself and you will find out and more.


Today is the perfect day to let yourself go, to run free just so that you can enjoy the feeling of the wind on your skin, to run down a hill so fast you fall and roll the rest of the way, laughing and shrieking, today take a deep breath hold your hands high above your head and shout a big Yes to life to living, to loving and yes to learning, to finding that balance that unity within and then shining your light so brightly the whole world can see the path that needs to be taken. Together we can do this, together we are ready.


So have a wonderful day, go and tell someone you love, from deep within your heart, that space of unconditional love! I love you I love you I love You!!


Choose love over fear!


(if you are struggling with global events or feeling fearful then please do get in touch, you are not alone and if you are willing to do the work unity awaits)


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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