The Energy of 2019 WTF is Going on?

This is a very different year to 2018 and I am sure that not only can you feel it but you are glad. 2018 was tough right and whoa the first full moon of the year kicked most of us to the floor, sticking its long cold fingers into our deepest wounds. So who can blame you for taking a little breather, however it probably wasn’t the rest that you were hoping for.

Do your doubts, fears, insecurities and general anxiety feel like they are back? Do  you feel that there may  be something bad about to happen but you don’t know what, just a general feeling that there is something that you have forgotten to do? 

Maybe you  started the year with such promise and optimism just to feel it fall flat and now you are left wondering whether you got it all wrong. Don’t worry and take a deep breath, the energy this year has been intense on so many levels and you  are going to be feeling this. 

There is a great deal of change happening, on the global and political stage, within your life and also fundamentally at an energy level. The work I am doing globally with my mystic work has changed a lot this year and this a direct reflection of the paradigm shift.

It is hugely exciting and I would love to come back tomorrow live on Facebook and talk to you in more detail about what is happening energetically right now, so if you have any questions or would like this, please drop me a comment or message.

If you look back over your life, pay attention to cycles beginning in 2008 and 2017 you will begin to see patterns and cycles, your journey so far will become clear, as this year and the decade or so that will follow is the point that the last 11 years have been leading to.

Whether you know it or not, this year is going to be a significant year in our history, it will be turning point in everyones lives one way or another, the shifts and changes will start to be difficult to ignore, so please be conscious and discerning about the story you are telling yourself. 

Nothing is the same as it was and you know this, you can feel it deep down and this may be the cause of your anxiety or fear, as change unsettles us all, however these changes are great, they are necessary and they are unavoidable, there is no going back, our course is set, so its time to enjoy the journey.

2018 brought pain, revelations, shifts, endings and new beginnings and 2019 will bring clarity and courage, collaboration and an accelerated expansion of awareness, if that is what you choose but you have to choose it, you have to make it conscious, you have to take action.

2018 stirred your pain and your passion, in 2019 we have to build on this, to nurture the seeds of our dreams, rather than just wishing our life away, time to nurture our gifts and step into our purpose, time to start building the foundations and structures that will lead the way and support those that follow.

Everything shifted for me personally at the December solstice, a time of death and renewal, when all of my work, my path and my training, came into relief and I realised this moment, right here is the manifestation of the dreams I have been having since a child, this is what I have been preparing for, a place that once seemed so far away so distant is my now! You will be having a similar year, if you can’t see this keep looking because it is there.

You chose to be here at this time in history, you have value, something to give or you  wouldn’t be here, please don’t sleep through it, or turn away in disbelief or justification. Look around you, connect, reflect and take action.

This is a year all about honesty integrity and alignment and I have a whole Unity Tool kit to help you get there, this is an important year and how you  end 2019 will be important for the transformations coming in 2020 and beyond.

Please ask any questions, share your journey and become part of the Reaching Unity Community, I am building this for you, so let me know what you want and I will create it.

The Reaching Unity membership site fabulous and I am going back to my old pricing structure, which I will create another post about shortly but in a nutshell, you will pay an amount based on the value the site has for you and I am creating a video tomorrow which  explains how you get into alignment with your price point! 

We will leave no person behind, if they  are willing to help themselves, no matter what it takes but the days of a free lunch and riding on the shirt tails of someone else are over.

Let me know how I can help because the New Paradigm of Unity is a wonder in deed, far surpassing your wildest dreams and if I can point you in the right direction, supply you with your Universal Took Kit and keep you company for a while…..then I am fulfilling my purpose in this life.

Have a fabulous day

Love and Laughter Michele xx


This Super Moon is Packing a Punch

The Super Moon Blood Moon and the final moon in the eclipse season that started in 2017 is here 20/21st January. I am sure you are already feeling its powerful and potent affects.

This moon is also in Leo and we all know how forceful and dynamic this can be. You  may be poked prodded and pushed until you see what you need to see. What is it that you need to let go of? What do you need to change or transform in your life? When is enough enough?

This moon is pulling the fear up from deep within you and shoving it in your face, now is the time to face those fears, to realise that they no longer have power over you, that they are just a construct of your mind.

Feel into the deep courageous energy, the energy that says I would rather stand alone with integrity, knowing and acting on what you believe to be right within your soul rather than going along with the safety of the crowd.

This energy may have made you feel as though you were going a little insane, up and down emotionally, so sure and determined followed by a swift kick to the floor, take some time out with this and see what you are being shown.

I have too have struggled with this energy this month, feeling so clear on the direction of my business only to have my plans shattered as I realised in a sudden eureka moment that was not what I wanted and that maybe my life had been leading to a slightly different path. Now it is good to have things explode in this way and my advice to you is allow the moon phase to pass, allow the energies to settle before you make any rash decisions or changes.

I have a feeling we are all going to awaken mid week with feeling like we have been shipwrecked on a foreign shore but this is a good thing. This is a huge cycle ending and for some this may mean everything you once thought you knew.

I have to admit right here right now in this moment I have absolutely no idea what I want to do when I grow up lol. I have no idea the direction I am taking my services  and my whole life is flashing before my eyes. One thing I do know is that nothing was wrong or wasted, there is a reason for everything and if I don’t know what that is right now and don’t know my direction forward right now, that is because I don’t quite have all the pieces and time will bring that revelation.

It is like we flip our game board up and the air and all we can do is wait to see where the pieces land. There is no point trying to force it or to try and understand and create order, we have to be in this vulnerable state so that we can trust.

Look back to the start of 2017, what was going on for you then, what has been your journey over the last 2 years because whatever that has been it is now coming to culmination, either projects and plans are coming to fruition or wounds have been healed, cycles have ended and it is time to move on.

So up your self care, keep in mind what is going on. If you have taken Unlock the Potential of You process process process, use the forgiveness and gratitude meditation, also the letting go of cycles and any other resource that will help you at this time, there are plenty. If you are struggling you  can always give me a shout or send me a message, sometimes just a quick 5 minute chat with me can help put things into perspective.

So now is the time to get rid of the old once and for all, now is the time you can stand against unreasonable demands made by others, whether personally locally or globally, now is the time we stand up and roar!

Join me at Reaching Unity Group on Facebook, if you can for a Guided Meditation for you to meet whoever is supporting you in spirit and believe me most people have an entourage.

Have a fabulous day

Love and Laughter Michele

Having a Hot Bath in the Afternoon Could Help Reduce Your Depression!

How awesome would it be if just having a hot afternoon bath twice a week could lift your depression and mood significantly?

Definitely worth giving it a go, right?
A recent study has shown “Afternoon baths just twice a week produce a moderate but persistent lift to mood”
This is great news, especially as the results are persistent, which means they don’t just last for a few hours after the bath but for a few days.
Why not give it a go? Try it for a month, two would be better and see how you feel, journal your experiences before and after so you can clearly see any changes and improvements.
It is important that you take these hot baths mid-afternoon and they last at least half an hour if you can then lay in warm towels quietly for another 20 minutes even better.

So Why Would This work?

One of the proposed causes for depression is the disruption of a person’s circadian rhythm, this is the physical and biochemical changes that occur within us throughout the day. Which can be clearly seen in our temperature which is at its lowest at night slowly rising to its peak mid-afternoon, as a curve with around a 1-degree temperature differential.
If a person’s circadian rhythm is off they may not be reaching their peak temperature in mid-afternoon and by having a hot bath and raising your body temperature, it is thought this, resets the rhythm, improving your mood and sleep patterns.

Naumann’s Study

In Johannes Naumann’s study at the University of Freiburg, after 8 weeks of having a hot afternoon bath, twice a week, candidates reduced symptoms by around 6 points on a commonly used depression scale, from a starting point of around 21. Those who had been on a comparative exercise treatment lowered their symptoms by around 3 points.
Those are great figures, If you are struggling with depression what would you give to be 25% happier right now?
Nick Stafford, a psychiatrist at the Black Country Partnership NHS Trust, talking about Naumann’s study says;
“This approach makes sense given the what happens to the circadian rhythms in depressions. I’m not surprised they found a benefit I’m just surprised no one has tried doing this before”(New Scientist)
The study was small but the findings encouraging and make common sense, so try it, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.
You could make it into a great spa experience and the perfect time to meditate and reflect, some quality you time, all of these things will aid you in your path out of depression.
Enjoy and I wish you all the happiness for 2019

Reaching Unity Cards have an awesome new feature!



I am so excited to share with you the latest development in Reaching Unity Cards.

You will soon be able to buy the card set and game and once you do you will be able to play around with this fabulous new feature.

Each card comes with a short description, written on the card, you can then scan the card with your phone which will link you to a longer description with a section for you to record your thoughts and notes, for your own personal use.

This is super handy if you take your cards out and about with you, no cumbersome books to carry with detailed info at your fingertips.

The picture shows what you would see once you scanned the card with your phone.


I am just so excited about this and know you are going to love it.

Reaching Unity Game and Card set will be available to buy in January 2019  and Pre-order sales will be available soon.

Have a fabulous day 

Michele 🙂

Equality as a Unity Energy

Excerpt from Reaching Unity Card Equality, part of the Unity Tool Kit Range

“It is important to treat everyone equally and to see everyone as an equal regardless of their circumstance or their own ideology, underneath our conditioning, socialisation and upbringing we are all pure souls, struggling with the same core issues, all of us are trying to find our place in world, to feel accepted and worthy with a sense of belonging.

We wish to be seen as equal and that has to start with us seeing everyone else as equal, we are all one, and everyone including ourselves deserves to be treated with integrity and compassion.”

The featured painting was created using the Unity Energy of Unity, look at the picture with relaxed eyes and allow the energy of equality to wash over you

Start Your Days Off Strong

February Reminder to Start 2019 off Strong and turn your negatives into Positives.

How many days in 2018 did wake up with no energy or enthusiasm, feeling down and sluggish all day with no real explanation?

Just by adding a few simple techniques into your daily routine yo​​u can banish those down days for good!

3 Hacks to get you​​ started – Click the learn more button for the full descriptions and to download your free Top Ten Tips For Positive Thinking.

1. Start Off Your Day Strong

Your day’s effectiveness is normally determined in the first few morning hours. If you start checking the Facebook newsfeed and email when you get out of bed, you will start to drift down to the unknown.

 Front load your morning with an activity that will give you a positive mental focus. A brief brainstorming or workout session will help in keeping you right on track.

2. Take Control of What Goes In Your Head  

It is important to be super vigilant​ about what you are reading, watching and listening to, you may be surprised at how negative most of it is and the effect it has on your mood and mindset. Ensure that you are putting positive things into your mind, or at the very least start and end the day on a positive note.

If you fall asleep to a programme such as criminal minds this will affect your sleep which will impact how you feel the following day.

3. Practice Gratitude

Recall what you are grateful for time and time again. Focus on the positive things that life has to offer as opposed to its negatives.

Now this is not always easy but  keep trying, after a few weeks it will be easier and almost automatic.

You have choices, you are not at the mercy of your own life and other people, you have the power to say how your day is going to play out and that starts with you reflecting, taking responsibility for your own happiness, believing you have the power to do this and then making small and sustainable steps.

You’ve got this, 2019 is your year!

You know the truth within you and now is the time to start acting on this.

Good Morning and I hope that everyone is well. The energy around at the moment is very empowering and rather uncompromising. It is energy that helps us cut through all the bull to see clearly, to see the bigger picture, to become aware of the repeating patterns and to stop them in their tracks. This also applies to others, often we get caught in the loop of others drama, it can be time consuming and draining, however the energy around at the moment helps you to get off that merry-go-round. The realisation that is their loop not yours and you can chose to walk away, breaking that cycle for you.

These really are awe inspiring times, to watch people seeing their lives with clarity rather than hiding behind their own projected justifications is beautiful, seeing this truth has been building for the last 10 years or so, increasing significantly over the last 3-4 but it would often lead to frustration, disappointment and sometimes despondency. We could see the truth behind the smoke and mirrors, we would see ourselves clearly for the first time but then not know what to do about it, or to feel powerless or stuck. 

We have also been through moments where we have felt inspired or empowered but we have not really known what to do with it, we have felt rather directionless, we would feel like we needed to stand up and be counted but for what? 

The energy we have around us at the moment brings those two into harmony. We can see clearly and we have the motivation and empowerment to do something about it, to make those changes, to grab your life with both hands and make the changes you need to live a blissful life.

Have you noticed how things are falling into place as if by fate, life is becoming easier and more flowing. This is a time for reaping your rewards, if you are struggling then look within it is the only place you will find answers, what are you blocking, what are you resisting that needs to come to the light, how does this negativity or restriction suit or serve you.

If you have persistent issues in your life then YOU are keeping them there and there must be a reason for this, it must be serving your needs, so work out what those are, accept balance and release. These things don’t just happen TO you, you are not unlucky, you are actually incredibly powerful and YOU are creating this!

If you are waiting for something to happen you will be waiting your whole life.

The energy around does not support any kind of deceit, even if the lies are to yourself.

This is your moment, this is a time when all your hard work pays off, everything is coming together for you, so accept and embrace that, yes it may bring about big changes and this may scare you but everything is falling into place for you so trust that everything is exactly where it should be.

I cannot convey adequately how empowering this energy is at the moment and it is clean, pure and vibrant and it is all around us, we can easily pull this in whenever we need it. So if you feel you need an extra boost, visualise that energy as a coloured smoke and draw it into you.

You can all sense energy and you can all play with it and use it, with all this clarity around use this to see how fundamentally the world has changed, we are not in Kansas anymore and once you integrate that fact within then you can embrace the changes and understand how easy it is and how supported we are in creating our own blissful reality

We are all creating and we are also sharing and unifying our creations, so the world despite surface appearances is an awesome and miraculous place. Our infinite capacity for love is what will unite us all and move us firmly into the new paradigm. Happy Days, have as wonderful weekend 

Love and Laughter Michele xxxxxx

We can all manifest easier than we think!

I came across this article written a few years ago and I felt it was relevant for today so worth a repost, M

I hope that everyone is well as we come out of the full moon energy, wow that was intense energy. Brought about lots of changes within and brought old and deep issues up to the surface. You may have found yourself being triggered to act in ways that were long ago discarded or forgotten. There were some deep and fundamental shifts that occurred within and many revelations about our true selves. How much you got out of this will be based on how much you processed these triggers, whatever form your processing may take. 

The goal is to release this negative energy from your system, this makes you a clearer vessel which enables you to feel and interact with the energy around, the energy that connects us all with everything, the energy that we are, the energy that is our reality.

At the moment manifestation is quite quick and easy, so firstly attend to what you are focusing on, check that you are not all about the negatives. You may be a lovely kind decent and honest person but if you are always talking about the negatives in your life or you moan a lot then you are attracting negative energy, even if you really want the positives. Moaning and grumbling is habitual and we are not aware that we are doing it most of the time, so become more conscious of yourself. Become aware of the affect your energy has on others, do you lift them and leave them happy and smiling, or are they drained and yawning. If you find yourself about to share something that has gone wrong, stop and see if you can replace it with something that went well or is good.

So focus on the positives and process, be aware that you are manifesting your life daily, in every moment. We laugh about this at work, as they all see it happen daily, they are all believers now. Believers in the power of intention, believers in themselves.

I think that is the thing when you have witnessed it a few times, you begin to believe and once you believe you can make it happen.

At work I will come out of my office and say I need a certain delivery of stock, when is it coming in? Within half an hour it would come in, this happens daily . A few days ago we were due a delivery and they said it wouldn’t be in till the following day, there was nothing they could do. When I was told the news I stated that is not acceptable I need the delivery today, it will be here as planned. An hour later it turned up. The haulage company were a bit confused.

 I will mention a customer I hadn’t spoken to in a while and I wanted to call them, that day they will ring or pop in.

When I got my car, they told me it would take 12 weeks to come in I told them I wanted it in 5 weeks for my birthday, they told me that was impossible, the car was still at the factory. I said OK but I think I will get it in 5 weeks as nothing is impossible and I am going away that weekend so having the car would be fab. I got the car the day after my birthday.

These are just a few examples of concrete manifestations that happen so regularly that it isn’t chance or luck and I am sure that you all have lots of these examples too. We can all do this and we are all doing this, the only thing that may makes me seem a little different to some of you is that I am aware I am doing it as I believe it. That is all it takes just become aware of what you are doing.

The key I find to manifestation is staying neutral and balanced. I am not angry or in a state of panic when I am let down on deliveries, I am not desperate for that car, I know that I can create this situation to go however I want. I create my reality, I am part of everything in my reality, so I create how this plays out.

If an event occurs that cannot be changed one way then shift your perspective, for example, at work if a delivery doesn’t come in and I am unable to change that, say I am out and don’t find out till later all is not lost, as I turn my focus then to the customers, creating my intention that they are ok with the shortages and happily take a replacement or that another solution may present itself in the morning. 

Bring your attention to what you want to create, state it, visualise it, believe it! Don’t attach any ifs or buts to it. Don’t concern yourself with how or when. Keep it very simple! Then be consciously aware of what is going on in your life, see what you are manifesting because you are whether you believe that or not. Remember we manifest the negative and the positive, so whatever is your main focus that is what you will create.

Play around with it, see what you can create because once you do, you can’t help but believe and then it just gets stronger and easier. So stay positive and be aware and have some fun, love and laughter Michele xxx

Your Psychic Connection is stronger than you think

Your psychic connection is high so now is a great time to channel this and develop it further.

We all have this psychic connection and you know this on some level but we are not encouraged to explore it, believe or trust in it. We feel embarrassed to talk about it or even suggest that we may have this “special” ability. 

What we see as psychic abilities are just another sense, it is an awareness of our connection to all things and it is this awareness that we develop.
When you focus on your spiritual/psychic connection you are seeing hearing smelling tasting knowing and experiencing things that go beyond our 3D Senses.

Because of the superconnection, we all have at this time I am offering the Learn to Read Tarot Course at the Super Price of £9.99.

For more info and to buy your Learn to Read Tarot Course Click the Link Below

I hope you give it a go because developing your psychic knowing and connection is an amazing resource to have in your life
M x

What does being successful mean to you?

What does winning and being successful mean to you?

Think about it?

Our mind can leap to being successful in business, rich or famous, winning at the more materialistic side of life, is this where your mind went?

But that is only one small perspective, one mans dream perhaps but we often too quickly push away wanting success because of these reasons as we think it is brash and materialistic.

Yet the point of life is to do it successfully right, whatever that may mean for us, One persons success may be another persons nightmare but that is irrelevant all that matters is what being successful at our own life means for us.

Spend some time with an elderly person, find out from their perspective what they see as the successes and triumphs in their life. What is so important to us in our 20’s feels like mere folly in our 90’s and find out what they would have focused on more, where would they have spent more of their time if they could it all again.

Wanting to be successful in your life is not shallow, selfish or conceited, it shows courage integrity and alignment within ones self. Discovering what will make you and your family happy regardless of whether anyone else understands or approves is transformational.

But first you have to work out what you deem as a success, not what society tells you or the gossip crew on the corner spit, or your parents push but what is important to you, what makes your heart sing?

If you think wanting to be successful is not being humble then you need to look at your definition of success and see if it fits in the first category, then rework that.

There is nothing wrong with being rich and successful if that is your thing, it is important for us all to have an abundance of money love and energy, what you deem is your amount is up to you. 

What you have to discover is this: When you look back on your life in your final weeks, what do you want to be able to look at and say, I lived a good life, I did well, this time round it was a roaring success?

So find out what being successful means to you and then makes some plans and smash those goals, you can do this! You deserve complete success in all you do, you just need to believe it and stop unconsciously pushing it away.

Time to stop the chemical addiction

Every day in every way we are having a deluge of nasty chemicals going into our bodies and this is having varied and catastrophic effect on us. Our mental emotional physical and spiritual health is seriously negatively impacted by these toxic chemicals, there is plenty of scientific studies and data that make these links between the chemicals and poisons we are exposed to daily and disease.

This can be pretty overwhelming to think about and makes you want to give up before you even begin trying to do anything about it. I mean whats the point right, if harmful chemicals are everywhere then we are fighting a losing battle so why put yourself through the stress and just accept it..right? No, we do not have to just accept it, we can do something about it and the efforts we make will have a great impact on all areas of our health, mental emotional physical and spiritual.

The key with anything we are trying to achieve with longevity is to start small and slow and to educate yourself, find out why you are doing something. Make a conscious connection between what you are trying to achieve and why, make it real and a goal worth pursuing. The chemicals that are bad for us are generally also bad for the environment so we score a double whammy when we start to eliminate the use of these in our daily life, not only does our health improve but so does nature, our environment, our world.

So although I don’t want to overwhelm you, it is important that the enormity of the situation hits home, so that you can make those connections.

After all if I asked you to feed your child poison you would be horrified and defend your child at all costs, yet you are unwittingly doing this with some of the products that allow your children to eat. We have been led to believe that we are protected, that there are laws or legislation or someone somewhere looking out for us, making sure poisons are not readily for sale but we have seen ever more increasingly since 2008 that this is just not the case. We can no longer assume that we are protected or even being told the truth, we have to find that truth out for ourselves and then act accordingly. 

These major corporations may be supplying the poisonous food and goods but they only continue do that because we buy it, it’s all about the money and although they have it in vast quantities they only get that by us being good little consumers and giving them our hard earned pennies. Once people fully connect the dots and understand that we are consuming food and products that are killing us, creating disease in our bodies and minds and robbing us of the richness of life, then this cycle can end and we can unplug. 

Do your own research, look at the law suits that go on with the big corporations, the fines they pay for shady practices, read about research linking household and food chemicals and disease, mental health issues and so on. The best testimony or research is talking to someone who has gone vegan, or given up sugar or wheat, or only uses natural cleaners and hear how much better they feel. Once people convert to this perspective they rarely go back because once you begin to truly detox life changes completely. Its like going from black and white into HD technicolour.

If food is not organic then it has been sprayed and grown using harmful pesticides, that is just a common fact. But look you have been exposed to it all your life so you don’t need to cut out everything immediately, if you make it a slow process you can start planning to grow your own or source a good and reasonably priced organic grower. If you are limited with space get together with friends, one of you can grow courgettes, the other onions and so on. We can never be totally chemical free if we live in this modern world but the more we can eliminate the better we feel and the more awesome our experience of life will be.

The tricky bit is that you will never truly understand how much this food and house hold products have been effecting you emotionally mentally and physically until you stop, and stopping is hard because these toxic chemicals are addictive, which of course they would have to be because otherwise how else would you get reasonable men and women to repeatedly consume them.

So here we go, let’s dive in , this may be a bit of a long read but stick in there, I have some tips on where you can start, so hopefully you will finish this article motivated to make some changes and with some direction on what to do first.

The Worst Offenders

Air fresheners – plug ins sprays and many scented candles

Cleaning Products


Shampoo and hair products


Body sprays and moisturisers

Make up

Food – Processed and Convenience foods, Processed meats

Drinks, diet and energy drinks, any fizzy pop especially with HFCS

A Day in Poison

Depending on where you live in the world will affect the severity of harmful chemicals you are exposed to, The UK has less chemical and carcinogens in products than USA but we still have a ridiculous amount.

Get up

Walk downstairs with a liberal dose of plug in air freshener going on your skin and in your lungs

Jump in the shower and cover your body liberally with poison, wash your hair in poison, leaving poison residue in your hair to keep working

Clean your teeth with fluoride, just to ensure the poison is going straight to your brain.

Moisturise – liberally spread that poison over your skin

Makeup contains many nasty or cruel ingredients and practices

Make breakfast – bread cereals and so on contain nasty chemicals so we want to make sure we get those chemicals in our bodies

A quick clean before you go out, lets really breathe in those nasty chemicals and ensure all work surfaces have a decent layer of chemicals.

Before we have even left the house we have a great baseline of chemical on our skin and hair, in our lungs, stomach and bloodstream.

That is before we even consider the toxicity of microwaves, cell phone, 5g, smart meters and so on.

Then its lunch time a light snack of more toxic and chemical laden “food”

Maybe a few chemical drinks laden with aspartame, HFCS or sugar, toxicity overload

We spend the day working in offices or shops pumping out more dangerous and toxic radio waves. Surrounded by the ever increasing negativity and toxic energy of others.

On our journey to and from work we are breathing in environmental toxins and pollutants

We get home and after a stressful day we treat ourselves to a bottle of wine and a takeaway, nicely rounding off our day of chemical overload and ensuring that we sleep badly and wake up in no way ready for a fun and productive day, rather our state of mind and physical state is depressed and so the cycle continues.

The more toxins we expose ourselves to the harder it is to break this cycle. When our bodies are depressed in this way, everything feels overwhelming and confusing, we just don’t have the physical mental or emotional resources to cope with change let alone instigate it.

But break the cycle we must, until we stop putting so many chemicals in our bodies, we are never going to be able to live a full and rewarding life.

Life isn’t meant to be just getting through the day, with work sucking the time and life out of you, so an evening chilling in front of Netflix is a dream come true, that is not living, that is chemical suppression.

Your whole system is depressed with drugs, your body is fighting to restore balance, to keep your head above water but it is fighting a losing battle. This is why you feel so tired and emotional all the time, irritable and dissatisfied. It’s why you just want to be left alone or to run away and hide. It’s why everything feels such a struggle and you just don’t seem to have any energy or motivation.

I was watching a film the other evening, I don’t remember what it was called or even that much about it but one thing really stood out for me and it was this, the film was set in the future, we had finally destroyed earth and future civilisation were living in these “eutopias” where there was no conflict destruction etc but to achieve this the people had to have a injection each morning which seemed to switch off their emotions, so they were compliant and law abiding but they didn’t really feel anything.

We watch things like this and we may think oh I could see that happening but that is the thing it is already happening, we may not have a daily injection but we are liberally dosing ourselves every day. Think about it, the effects are the same, are they not?

The more chemicals you put in your body, the more suppressed your natural system becomes and the more susceptible you are to EVERYTHING, viruses and disease, depression and mental health issues, manipulation and incitement, fear and anxiety. When your natural system is depressed, you become disconnected from your inner power and that leaves you open to being controlled and manipulated by others.

So this is where I suggest you start, firstly get a grip! I mean this nicely but I know you may be panicking a little bit right now and you’ve had an information or revelation overload and it may have triggered a fight or flight reaction in you, so take a moment and breathe.

The important thing is longevity, making a life style change rather than a knee jerk reaction. So you need to make a plan and take it slowly.

Right so there are two areas that you need to focus on education and action.

Take some time to do your own research, check facts, form your own opinions. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, you can resonate with some things and not others and that is fine, you are forming your own theories and view points, as these will change the more you learn and experience. A word of caution here though, don’t fall down the google hole and focus just on research. Have a plan, what is it do you want to learn about in this session, have some questions, go in find the answers, from a variety of sources and then get out, otherwise you will end up getting distracted with questions like is the world flat or is the moon an alien space station and right here right now that stuff doesn’t matter, right now your focus is cutting back on your toxins and being informed as to the reasons why you are doing this.

Next you have to have an action plan, start small and build up slowly, this ensures that you are creating habits and strong foundations, so longevity is assured.

Start with air fresheners – bin them all, maybe you could research vegan environmental friendly or homemade alternatives. Go old school and use flowers.

Next change your toothpaste, there are lots of fluoride free toothpastes on the market but you won’t find them in your local supermarket but there are lots of environmentally friendly stores popping up all over, these are usually family run, so win win.

Once you have found a good source for your toothpaste you will see other products in their range for household cleaning, laundry and personal hygiene. Start trying some out. Now you will have to get over your prejudices and conditioning here, you will feel reticent and doubt whether it will be any good. Remember you have had a life time of being fed the lie that these brand names are the best and most desirable. We believe they are the best why, oh because they told us, every day for the last 20, 30 40 years. 

I know viewing habits have changed now but when I was growing up the tv was a big part of our lives and because we only had 4 channels and no mobile phones we sat and watched those adverts. How many tooth paste ads did I watch during my childhood that told me to liberally squeeze my toothpaste, covering the whole bristle head? Yet the instructions tell you no more than a pea size amount and to seek medical attention if you swallow it, How F’d up is that? They were sending two clear messages here, one to manipulate our behaviour and the other to cover their arses.

Be firm but fair with yourself push yourself past your conditioning and slowly start to swap the toxins in your house for vegan environmentally friendly products. Take your time finding the right fit for you and don’t give up at the first disappointment.

Start to look at your diet and cut out all fizzy drinks, if you drink more than a couple of these a day or you drink energy drinks, cut down slowly, caffeine and sugar withdrawal is not fun so do it gradually.

Look at the things that you can change quickly and easily, it may be having one meal a week that is vegetarian and home cooked, this is a great way to start experimenting with vegetarian recipes without it being a huge lifestyle change. Let your interest and passion lead the way, once you start getting into it, 1 night will grow to 2 and before you know you are rarely eating meat or processed foods because your own home cooked food is the most delicious. 

Once you stop consuming so many chemicals in your food your tastebuds will return and the moment you eat that processed food you once loved you will instantly taste those nasty chemicals and be revolted by it. Trust me! Every now and then I try and eat processed food, whether that is a ketchup, a ready meal or a dessert, any food really that is not whole, that has been processed in one way or another and I cannot make it past two mouthfuls, the chemical taste over powers everything, aspartame is the worst, my body can instantly recognise this chemical and rejects it mentally emotionally and physically. It really is that disgusting but because you have been exposed to it for so long you can no longer taste it.

I watched a documentary once about a group of African refugees coming to America, it was a great documentary, sorry but I can’t remember the name of it, all that toothpaste I consumed as a kid probably. Anyway they were tribal lads and when they first tasted American food, they were disgusted puzzled surprised and so on, they could taste the poison and they didn’t like it. But soon the fat salt and sugar got them and HFCS finished them off, they became junkies like everyone else. 

The power these products have is astounding, with the power of their marketing and the addictive qualities of their products we are like lambs to the slaughter but that is only when we are unaware, when we are sheeple, following the crowd to our mutual destruction. Once we become aware, we can make a change, we can say no and we can definitely say how this is going to play out.

We are not taking on the corporations here, we are saying we see what you are doing and we are no longer willing to be part of that, we no longer accept your BS and allow your poisons willingly and readily into our homes and our bodies. We are not here to get them to stop doing what they are doing but we are stopping them from doing it to us. If we don’t use their products then at least we are protecting ourselves in our own homes, protecting our families. When more people begin to unplug, to stop buying their products then the compound affect is we have more awakened, chemical free, heart centred people who in turn help and inspire those around them and this in turn takes down the corporation, their life force is cut off, they are dependent on more and more people buying their products, when people stop, they lose their power and die.

So if we all focus on getting ourselves chemical free, we are empowering the world to break free.

Anyway I digressed somewhat, where were we, oh yes try going home made vegetarian one night a week, make a commitment and stick to it, you can manage one night a week and then take it from there.

So 1) Bin Air fresheners, 2) Fluoride Free Toothpaste  3)Look at other household and every day items you can swap  4) 1 veggie meal per week 5) Do some research into what you are getting rid of and why.

Look at cutting out or cutting down on all processed foods, fizzy drinks, alcohol, caffeine, cakes pastry and bread, meat and dairy. Takeaway foods, and snacks. I know that might seem like everything so just pick one thing to start cutting back on. Also there are some amazing foods and recipes out there that you just don’t have space for in your life because of all the “other stuff” you eat, once you start cutting back, giving yourself some space to try out new things and also to give your tastebuds a break so they can recover and you can enjoy the beauty of simple vegetables and salad as though you are eating the most amazing feast you could imagine right now.

When I was still on my chemical cocktail a bowl of salad leaves to me was pretty dull and needed dressing, it just seemed so limp and boring and tasteless. Now, I prefer my leaves without dressing, although I still like to spice it up now and then with a homemade dressing I would never in a million years destroy such a feast with shop bought, that would hurt my soul. A big bowl of mixed salad leaves oh my days nom nom nom nom nom, a bloody taste sensation. I mean,  I am in the moment now, it just has so many different tastes and also sensations, so you get the crunchy stalk, peppery, yet cool or a little bitter and then soft buttery leaves that feel warm and the zingy lemon or sweet basil, I have a bit of a love hate with the more bitter leaves, I love that they give me a kick up the bum if I haven’t been paying attention, I hate that sometimes it can taste like ear wax but then I love that it makes the next mouthful taste all the more sweet and refreshing. 

My physical body is shouting Yes because it is getting the clean nutrients it needs  and because I have de-programmed the marketing propaganda my mind shouts yes. I have processed my emotional imbalances so my emotional body shouts yes as it knows I am worthy of the best, as I eat food like this my whole being shouts yes, helping me eat with gratitude and appreciation for every single bite and benefit.

This is being in unity, your whole being is unified in this moment, your mind emotions and physical body are all in agreement that this is a great thing. Your whole being is then unified with the food you are preparing, as you prepare to become one and work together. Something amazing happens when we eat, something magical. The transformation process, the exchange of energy, the mutual satisfaction of need or goal, all of it is huge, so we should take more time to honour and experience this process. 

Seriously I know I sound like an idiot but once you get rid of the chemical cocktail within you, you will get what I mean and you will find yourself raving to a friend about some amazingly delicious yet simple meal you ate and they will give you that look, that lets you know you lost them at artichoke.

I adopt a conscious eating lifestyle, eating whatever and whenever my body desires it. This is how I experience my relationship with food. I will know what my body needs by being attuned to its cravings, we can all do this however when you are in chemical overload your desires are over ridden by your chemical addiction so you crave, bread sugar in particular HFCS  and so on rather than your bodies own natural language. 

So once I know what my body desires and when it is hungry I cook, I go with my intuition as I cook on ingredients and portion size. I love the whole process, knowing that I am going to taste something amazing, give my body some awesome nutrition and feel satisfied. Working with the vegetables I appreciate their awesome colours and textures, the sounds and smells when I cut or break them, the smell of freshly chopped herbs  yum, it is all so fabulous And that awesome realisation that this is all for you, this plant grew from a seed, with the help of the earth, moon and the sun, the rain, the worms and me. It carried its awesomeness all that time for me so I could not only enjoy and be nourished in this moment but to take that energy and move with it into the future. Isn’t that just fabulous? I love to take a moment and just celebrate how awesome the vegetables and I really are.

When you grow your own vegetables you enter into an agreement with each seed that makes your food all the sweeter.

When we plant a seed we give it the conditions for life, we and the seed have a purpose, for the seed to grow into a healthy and abundant plant producing great and nutrient rich food for our consumption. In order for this to happen we have to care for and honour the plant, providing it with not only what it needs for nutrition and growth but also energetically, we have love and appreciation for what it is and will be, we have thanks and gratitude for the whole process and everything that brings. We provide the best conditions and allow the plant to flourish, in its own way, this is how we honour them once we are ready to eat them, to appreciate them in reaching their full potential, expressing who they are perfectly. It is then our duty to cook them in the most appreciative way possible and that is most often the simplest way, using techniques and ingredients that let their unique tastes shine through, whilst also retaining their nutritional properties.

Why would you want to take something that has grown so perfectly, cook all the nutrients out of it and cover it in a chemical sauce, you wouldn’t if you knew that was what you were doing. The chemical fog in our brain stops us from making these connections and realisations, after all if it was that bad the people on the TV would tell us right? I mean look how they warned us about fluoride lol, without the chemical overload we would never fall for or put up with this.

Start a journal, writing down how you feel, mentally emotionally and physically then cut a food out, say fizzy drinks and then journal how you feel. Do the same with household cleaners, air fresheners and such. This will really help you to see how beneficial the changes are. Just remember to do it slowly and know that sometimes the detoxing will feel a bit rubbish but it is just a stage in the process and you will get passed it and the other side is amazingly vibrant.

Education is power and with action brings success, so educate yourself and then start doing something about it – with baby steps.