October 18th 2017 Energy Forecast – Make that Change

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Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy’s shifted in the night and I feel a calm descending, a slight hushed energy that says sit for a while and listen.

This energy reminds me of my mothers energy. You know that feeling when you were little and your mother would go out for the evening, that feeling of comfort and relief when she would come home and say good night to you even though you were struggling with the reeds of sleep and couldn’t quite wake but fell instantly back into slumber with comfort that she was home and all was right with the world once again.

The world feels like it is struggling to wake but at the same time resisting that final awakening for fear of what may be seen. At the same time the energy is balanced and comforting something we haven’t felt for a while, especially with the devastation that has been reported on global news in the last month. Now would be a really great time to stop watching mainstream media. Have faith that the news you need to see will find you!

It is time to shake things up again, tough I know when you are feeling the way you are right now but it is important not to become complacent and it is important to fight apathy. It is also important to grab a bucket load of courage and start making changes, to make new and different choices, to begin new ventures that don’t have a pre-determined outcome but are heart led.

Now is the time to start something new in all areas of your life, a new mindset, a new vision, a new purpose, a new life. One with more balance, more love, more enjoyment just more.

With this new moon this is an incredible fortuitous time to start something new, your self, your ideas and plans are like acorns that will be supercharged and can grow into the mighty oak.

This is a great time of balance and we will see karma in action and it will be quick, like any good harvest time we are all going to reap what we sow. If you find life getting a little unlucky, unfair or harsh then you need to look at the karmic energy you have generated, what are you putting out there.

It is time for us all to grab each other my hand and dance amongst the stars!

Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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October 17th 2017 Energy Forecast – What are you choosing?


Good Morning I hope you are well, we still have a mixed bag of energy around at the moment that may be a little uncomfortable at times but it is not without its value.


Everything that happens in our lives has value and meaning, always look for this, for the lesson. There is a reason for everything and always more than one on more than one level. You are not unlucky, it is not just the way things go, there is something there for you to learn and therefore grow.


We waste these opportunities when we do not learn from them and we then set ourselves up for more misery and disappointment as these lessons will aways come round again, always! And again and again and again, increasing in intensity until you see and learn.


This is a time when we need to be adaptable and fluid, we need to flow with life not try and make it flow around us. So many are being stubborn and awkward, everything in their life is screaming at them to move just slightly to the left, to see life from a different perspective yet they refuse getting angrier with anyone who may suggest an alternative. Is this you? What are you clinging on to?

In the big scheme of things we eventually have to let go of everything, including our ideas, our words, our perceptions and our understanding of the world, how it works and our place in it.

For once in history what has gone before is not the way forward. Yes History is important to see our growth to see our challenges to see what we have overcome or not. It is also an important lesson of what does not work of what is wrong, that restricts our growth, creates hatred fear inequality and imbalance.

Get your head around that as you will need to leave all that you know at the door if you want to move into Unity. Don’t worry this won’t happen overnight but it will happen faster than you think. It has already started some time ago and the last couple of years have seen the process increase tenfold.


I see fear and terror, loneliness and hopeless all around, I see isolation, exclusion and division. I see people alienating others and themselves due to their perceived differences, of colour creed faith gender and history. Rather than moving forward uniting we are taking up arms against each other in many different ways, taking ownership of all that came before.

However this is not all, I see this and I understand it but what I experience is very different. I experience the love and compassion that is all around, I experience the true good in all people, who left to their own devices love one another and their natural instinct is to help, to share, to motivate and inspire.

I experience how funny people are, how simple and genuine.

I understand that every single one you is awesome, truly amazing, this is not some hippy BS, as many of you know I can see your soul and your path. I can see your challenges and your lessons but also your destiny and your purpose. (Disclaimer:dependent upon free will ) I see the future of this planet and it is very different from how it is today.

Right now we are living in the final death throes of the Duality Patriarchy and it is scary, it is confusing and it can make us feel small and helpless in the face of such massive issues. But what you are seeing the crumbling surface, the shimmering glass front of the shopping mall beginning to crack and fall but if you stop and look beneath you will see the the very foundations and structure is changing. Changing into something beautiful, sustainable and unifying.


So ask yourself over the coming weeks, what are you clinging on to about the past? What is it about this world that you want to save?

I live in a world that is beautiful balanced and harmonious, I have no drama or conflict yet I have wonder and excitement. I am FREE!

Think about this and look at the choices you have to make, look at your own behaviour, how invested are you in maintaining the status quo or playing lip-service to change.

It’s time people and if you do nothing to bring yourself into alignment then you are actually choosing to stay hooked into this crumbling paradigm of war conflict division and disrespect!

Have a wonderful day, Love and laughter Michele xxxxx



October 16th 2017 Energy Forecast -Reclaim your Sovereignty

27905738 – woman with butterfly wings flying on fantasy sea sunset, relaxation meditation concept

Good Morning I hope that you are well, although like me I am sure many of you have been struck down with one illness or another over the past week. With everything illness always occurs for a reason and on many levels. There is not just one cause for the effects you may be feeling, there is always a reason and there is usually more than one.

If you are feeling under the weather right now just go with it, rest as much as you can, drink lots and lots of water and eat what you fancy. Continue to do your breathing techniques as you may find meditation difficult and try some self healing, if not to heal then at least to soothe the symptoms and allow you not to feel pain or to suffer.

Take it easy on yourself and as you begin to recover all will become clear, just do not push yourself before you are ready as you will undo all your healing work.

The energy around is all about the physical at the moment, who you are and your place in life, are you where you want to be?

Does who you are and the way you act sit well with you? Are there dark corners within you that are asking to be swept clear? There is nothing to be afraid of here, we all have these corners, well we do until we look at them and clear them, turning it into a beautiful corner where the sun shines in.

If you feel out of alignment, that something is off or missing then just take some time to sit in nature alone and ask to see, what needs your attention, this will be to do with you .

This is a great time to do this as the energy is practical and no nonsense, like  a loving yet firm nanny, so take a deep breath and begin your own exploration it will surprise you. Our mind assumes but our heart knows so jump in an be amazed.

You know deep down in the depths of your heart and the stillness of the night what you need to do or at least the first step you need to take.

You know you have to find your own way. As we look around us at the institutions and offices that we gave away our power to as we thought they were better, knew better and would look after us, we see that we were mistaken, that we blindly ignored our own knowing when instructed otherwise. All of this is changing, we no longer give away our power so easily, we are no longer fooled so easily by the snake oil salesman and it is time that each one of us restate our claim for our own sovereignty.

So whatever you have done, no matter how mean, devious or lacking in integrity, no matter how weak, misguided or fooled you have been, it is ok, I forgive you just as I forgive myself. Will you forgive yourself and your friends  & neighbours, go on do it right now. Sit quietly move from your head into your heart space, grab that gold seed of forgiveness and spread out all around, starting with you!

We were not born all knowing, this is our journey, our adventure and part of that is the realisation acceptance and forgiveness that we have not always been our best selves, but then how could we when we didn’t know what that was, we just followed the crowd of expectation. The blinkers however are gone and now is our test, what are we going to do about that.

You are all extraordinary warriors, each one of you and you have the power to do this, you made it this far right and when you stop and look back a lot didn’t. We have all lost those dear to us in recent years, all of us touched by loss and death. But every time our hearts are broken, it lets the light in, we have been conditioned in a world where it is seen as wise to protect your heart, lock it away and so many of us locked it away broken. Now is the time to let you light burst from your heart, it’s time to come home.

Have a wonderful day, I am back now and will be getting round to answering all your messages etc over the next few days.

Lots of love and laughter always

Michele xxxxxxx

October 7th 2017 Energy Forecast, Choices


fear and growth

Good Morning I hope you are well, this has been a difficult full moon for many. It has been very grounding which is great but it has also escalated conflict significantly. In particular those that are denying any responsibility in their own lives, it is almost like this energy has helped them dig their heels in and stubbornly refuse to do anything put point the finger or attack. It is like this moon energy has peeled people like an onion leaving them raw and sensitive.


Yes this is the moon energy amplifying their issues which have been building all year. Is this you? Are you feeling more and more sensitive, do you find yourself getting angry and riled up and that you are surrounded by A holes, well it is time to look within and to check that you are not the one being an A hole. It is something that we should all do, when any issue arises in our lives before we point the finger or react we should bring it back to us. How did I create this, where is my responsibility and what is the lesson, where is the positive? There is always something there for us, always.


As I watch the global events unravelling and the actions of the people of the world there is a definite division between those that take responsibility and have begun their own inner journey and those who have not. Those that have may still be falling down at times but they have a passion and a determination to keep going, to keep learning and growing as they see how this positivity ripples around them. Then we have those that cling tighter to the old duality, fighting anyone that dares question it, they are filled with fear and anxiety due to the changes they feel but will not recognise and then we have those that believe they are growing and on their path but this growth is just a mental projection or wish, when in reality they are just as trapped and in fear as the last group.


Which group do you fall into? Really Truthfully? The energy of this full moon is going to help you really see what is going on with you beyond your own carefully constructed projection. So what has come up for you over the last week? Where do you need to focus? How do you really feel?


The energy that we have coming into the planet and being generated around the planet has gone up a level in intensity since august, both are more intense and have deeper reaching effects. One is fear based and one is loved based. Every moment in every day is choice for all of us, the positive or the negative. This however does not mean pasting positive over a negative inner core, this is being/becoming positive at your fundamental level and you can only do that when you recognise and balance both states within you. Are you ready to do the work, because it takes work, it takes courage and these are the prerequisites for your journey home. It’s time to put down your Arms and replace it with Alms.


Yes there is probably lots triggering you at the moment but please stop and pause before you direct that at someone else. Your fury can be like a dagger in their heart and will one day find its way back to you.


Time to be responsible for everything in your life, you create it in every moment and with every choice you make. Accept this, when good things are happening, this is your good energy finding its way back, when bad things happen look for the lesson, are you being shown what it is like to be on the receiving end of your own energy projections. Some mean words or judgemental gossip may be forgotten in the blink of an eye by those that say them but they can have longer effects on those it is aimed at. So do the right thing!


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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October 6th 2017 Energy – Attitude of Gratitude

Testimonial 7


Good morning I hope you are well, this full moon energy brings not only fulfilment and understanding but also gratitude and appreciation. Take a moment to really appreciate all the hard work you have achieved internally and externally over the past year. Reflect on the revelations, the letting go, the stepping into your power, the uncovering your purpose, the taking responsibility and embracing change. Appreciate that you did this, you created this and well done you…big round of applause for everyone!


This moon however is also having the opposite effect on many, in fact all of the energy coming into the planet is having rather diverse effects, eliciting positive and negative effects, dependent upon how open or accepting you may be to growth, change, empowerment and taking responsibility for your life and yourself.


Fluidity is very important, can you really make yourself flow with life or are you still sticking to your rigid formulaic response? Really look at this, routine and habit are easy ruts to fall in to, we all do it but it doesn’t help us grow or inspire us it is more likely to switch us to auto pilot.


I feel fresh spring like energy, new buds beginning to poke their heads through the soil and this is all of us, we have new perspectives, plans and ways of being just beginning to make themselves known to us but they have the potential to be rather extraordinary.


Once again we need to ask ourselves do we want to just get through life or do we want to create something amazing? Are we just going to join the queue of the mundane and lifeless or back flip out of there, climb there highest steeple and see life from a different perspective?


It is time to see the bigger picture and as we do our petty concerns and power struggles will fall away. Fighting each other for a scrap of illusory power will be seen for what it is, a distraction to pit man against man and stop us uniting.


As we move into 2018 we are all going to have some difficult choices to make but important ones, are you going to continue doing what you have always done, as that is all you have ever known or are you ready to cut those puppet strings and fulfil your true purpose because as you stand here in the light of the full moon you know what your destiny is, you know the inner power that is stirring within you and you know the right thing to do. So what are you going to do ?


Have a wonderful day filled with gratitude and wisdom.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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October 4th 2017 Energy forecast – It’s a beautiful day !


Good Morning I hope you are well, we are in the beautiful energy of the full moon and this month it is affecting us deeply but maybe not with the same frenzy as in previous months. It feels like gratitude and compassion, knowing and faith, strength and grounding. That feeling that you get when as a child your parent puts their arm around you and tells you everything is going to be ok, more than ok everything is going to be wonderful. You feel safe but also excited!


So many of the shifts revelations and endings of the past 3 months are coming to fruition around this time, there are clearer paths ahead and you have a better understanding of the direction you are going.


I feel the energy also of inspiration and as always integrity and honesty are coming in strong. This is a great time to really appreciate everything that you have in your life, the changes that have been made and the baggage that has been let go. The space and freedom that has been created!


It is time to love those around you but also to walk away from  those that take from you. The world is splitting and it is time to hand back responsibility to others for their own lives. We all have choices to make and these are our own choices, only we can be responsible for them. So when someone treats you badly you do not need to accept that, you don’t need to get angry but you do need to be firm. It is unacceptable for others to lie cheat and bully you, manipulate or coerce you and although you can’t stop their behaviour you can stand firm and no longer accept it. The choice then become theirs, they can either continue with their behaviour but outside of your world or they can become a person of value and continue to share wonderful experiences with you.


The time has come for us all to put down those we are carrying, it is done and you my friend are free to soar to the greatest of heights.


We are not here to save anyone but when we save ourselves we save the world!


Have a beautiful day, love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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October 2nd 2017 Energy Forecast – The Truth is out there !



Good morning I hope you are well, although right now it seems that everyone is involved in either some drama or another or they are busy creating their new life , which are you doing? As we continue to move into unity the divide is going to become even more apparent, the angry are getting angrier and the enlightened more calm as I am sure you are noticing yourself.


I feel the energy of integrity very strongly, now this energy is always with us and is a partner to truth and both are very important in our ascension journey into unity. As we go through the month of October you are going to have your beliefs tested and challenged and we will be pushed to see where we are living out of alignment. It is time we all lived our beliefs became one with our physical and our spiritual, nothing needs to be applied or adopted it just is us, it is who we are are.


I also feel a curiosity energy so for many it is time to explore, there is so much more to this world and this life than you could imagine, so follow your heart and your intuition, if you feel something is off or wrong then trust that. Do not trust what you hear on the tv or read in the newspapers, now is the time to question EVERYTHING. Always ask what is the agenda behind this, how is this a means of control, what is the end game. Do not confuse this with paranoia or becoming obsessed with conspiracies theories but as a means of exploration but also learning. Question everything until it sits right with you, dig beneath the surface and ask why, who benefits here?


I see this as a theme for us to end of the year, the truth is out there, are you ready to see it? Once you see the truth action is required, are you ready for that?


It is time! So what are you going to do?


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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