Wow what an intense week energetically!

Wow wow wow what a ride the last week has been! Intense, transformational, clarifying, and direct.

Old cycles were dropped, the bodies surfaced and a spot light was shone on our shady ways!

Denial, justifications, excuses, attack or just running the hell away have been used readily by many this last week but for some this time they stopped, they turned and they faced what they needed to face………

The arsehole within!

This last week has also been an amazing time of shifts in vibration and ways of being and thinking for many. The hard days of processing and facing their shit paid off and they found they saw life with new eyes and a new energy vibration, making the impossible a possibility and miracles a common occurrence.

Watching people stand and face their shadow sides with the tools to deal with it effectively is awe inspiring, to watch as people step into their power and create their dreams moves me to tears. Watching people break free and soar like an eagle inspires me.

I had 3 people come to me in the last week to reflect on all their changes since taking my course, Unlock the Potential of You and each one said the same thing…. (pretty much)

I have tried many things to get where I am today, nothing really worked longterm until I took your course and the moment that changed everything…….

When I embraced the arsehole within!

We all have one, some are hidden and some are on plain view but they are there! Let me show you how to work on this so you can experience the same empowerment and transformation.

I will keep my Unlock the Potential of You at £99 for now.

If I can get a small group locally to sign up then I would like to start a monthly processing group, you come round have a cuppa and we can talk, share and inspire…also you get to ask me anything …which will blow your mind hahaha

I will be back later with a energy round up and what you can expect energetically over the next couple of weeks.

Sign up to Unlock the Potential of You today and you will instantly see the transformations in your life.

Please feel free to message me if you would like a chat or more info. I have plenty of people that have taken the course and would be happy to talk with you and as always I am happy to offer a money back guarantee.

Grab it while you can, with all the amazing changes and new beginnings happening in my life who knows whats around the corner.

Have a fabulous day, let the world hear your song!!

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How intense is this full moon?

How are you all doing? This full moon is intense! Like any good duality how we experience this will vary.

Some of you may be in the middle of an existential crisis – in fact more and more people have had awakenings this year than ever before.

Maybe life has got a little difficult or even unbearable over the last week as you are pushed to make changes within you and your life.

Perhaps life is abundant and fruitful and you are finally seeing all your hard work paying off.

The full moon super charges us, making us little dynamo’s of action. How you direct this energy will determine what you experience. Personally I have channelled this energy into creative projects and work, creating the equivalent of a weeks work in a couple of days.

However if you don’t direct this energy it can make you bad tempered and aggressive, as the energy will have to express itself with or without your conscious awareness.

Bad temper and irritability in a full moon are also signs of imbalances within you and are great triggers to start processing. So if you have my processing techniques use them and dig deep.

If you don’t have my processing techniques, then check out my course Unlock the Potential of You which is currently only £99. These are tools and techniques that once learned you wonder how you ever got through life without them.…/84527-unlock-the-po…

The energy of this moon is also making us think of relationships, it even got me going haha, after 12 years of being single, I entertained the idea, last year, a fleeting thought maybe but still a thought.

This full moon is extraordinary and powerful indeed, it grabbed me this week and said don’t look here, look here, which is why I have been away from facebook for a week and not posting for you, to say life grabbed me by the lapels and boosted me forward is an understatement.

This journey is an absolute blast, the energy is extraordinary and I am here to help, guide, listen and educate, so use that!

A friend commented on the lovely things people say to me, the thanks they have and she commented that I seem a little unmoved by it, which to a degree I am, however the moment that person starts living their dreams, becoming empowered, sharing their beauty with the world I am in floods of tears…..that is why I do what I do! You have a purpose just like mine, that will move you to tears like no words can and when you find it, well that really is the final puzzle piece.

So stand up grab yourself a slice of this awesome energy and do something with it! This is a development moon so process process process

Love laughter and super creation to you all xxxxx

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May Full Moon Guided Meditations – Harness the Power

Meditation I – Clarity

Meditation II – Strength, Courage and Empowerment

The energy of this full moon is powerful and fabulous and if you consciously work with it you will find yourself moving forward at a rapid rate on your path.

Let Michele guide you gently into the energy of the full moon, bringing in the energy of Clarity in the first meditation, which will help you see how far you have come, the blessings in your life and how you are reaping what you have sown. It will help you see what you need to see to help you overcome the blocks that are standing in your way.

In the second meditation Michele will help you bring in the energy of courage and connecting with your own innate and inexhaustible strength, which will allow you to face your fears and those parts of you that you hide deep away.

This is not easy but it is the only way for you to finally move forward into fresh and exciting new beginnings.

These fears, emotions and ways of thinking are holding you back and you have the courage within to let it go!

Theses meditations last approximately 20 minutes, although there are spaces for you to pause the meditation so you can go deeper if necessary.

The meditation will be available for you to download

Get your full Moon Meditations at the links below

Meditation I Clarity

Meditation II Strength


Love and Laughter Michele xx

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We are on a self development roll, so it’s time to realise your full potential

Good Morning and we are on a development roll, we have had 3 people sign up for Unlock the Potential of You in the last 3 days, which is fab and shows the effect this energy is having.

I was discussing this course with a group of people recently and they were under the impression this course was for people who had “Issues” or needed therapy.

So I wanted to explain a bit further, yes this course will help you with depression, anxiety, low self- esteem, anger and so on. The side effects are cumulative and fabulous.

But in essence, it is for everyone, it is a deprogramming tool, teaching you how to release all the conditioning, fear and habitual responses that have accumulated over the years. It helps you to heal your wounds, it shows you how to connect with your heart mind and soul and bring all into alignment.
We are all infinite and awesome beings and this course gives you the tools to unlock that potential in you.

No matter how Ok you think you are, once you start using these tools life exceeds your wildest dreams.

Life isn’t about being ok it is about being freaking awesome!

At the moment this amazing transformative course is only £99 until the Full Moon on Sunday and the energy supports you taking this step!

And if you don’t get anything from it I will happily give you your money back, I am not in the numbers game but the business of deep longlasting transformation!

So do it today and join our fabulous tribe of awakened travellers ….we are a loving, supportive and compassionate bunch!

Pic: Unity Energy of Wisdom
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We had a powerful energy shift last night and it’s just the beginning!

About 2 this morning we had a big inpouring of high vibrational energy that lifted the whole planet.

This had a few effects, it raised your vibrational rate, which would have made you more productive, happier and more energised, everyone experiences this in varying degrees.

It will have shifted loose some old debris or baggage within you and for the lucky ones this would have drifted away from you in your dreams. You may have experienced odd dreams last night or even some anxiety dreams or nightmares.

For some this old energy may have shaken loose but it may still be hanging around in your system so if you feel down and sluggish or maybe have a sense of impending doom, or old memories have come to the surface, then you need to cleanse your energy and release it all.

A meditation in the shower would be perfect, as you visualise and allow all this old energy to flow out of you and down the drain.

We have a full moon coming up and like the last new moon it brings with it the energy of both the new and the full moon. It is all rather wonderful and intense, so get ready, it is certainly going to shake things up a bit and the shift we had last night is helping us get into the best position we can be.

This is a year that we make the shifts and changes necessary to have a firm foot in unity when we enter 2020. We do this by bringing into alignment our heart, mind, soul, body and the life we create and sometimes a little destruction and discomfort is necessary to do this.

We have to face those parts of ourselves that we don’t like or try to hide , we have to let go of the old ways of being and thinking that no longer serve us, we have to forgive others and ourselves and maybe just life in general, we have to realise the power we have within and unlock our true potential and we have to bring all of this out into the world.

You are part of something extraordinary and whether you know it or not you chose this, you chose to be right here at this particular point in history. This time of the paradigm shift where we have the opportunity to move into unity or stay in duality, it is a crossroads that we all face and one we have been seeing for some time.

You can hear you soul calling, pulling you in the direction of unity, it is light and pure and it feels good on a level you can’t put into words, yet the heavy shroud of fear and conditioning pulls you back towards duality. You can break free and the shift this morning is helping you do just that, so ride the energy wave baby and choose unity.  

The period between now and next Wednesday is just awesome for processing, as all your wounds will be out for you to see and the energy supports facing your darker hidden sides and releasing it. 

For those who have been processing since the last full moon you will see the big shifts you have experienced in all their glory. You will reap the rewards of your hard work, so enjoy.

This is a time of reaping what you have sown in all aspects and karma will be playing a big part in your life over the next week, karmic debts will be revisited and repaid. This is fantastic, you may get a hugely rewarding karmic repayment or you may get a bit of knock either way this karmic debt is settled and that is a good thing, It’s like getting a clean slate.

The more integrity impeccability and compassion that you hold, the higher the vibrational frequency you have, therefore you are creating high vibrational karma, also any low vibrational karma from your past that comes back to you will have less of an impact.

There is a lot going on energetically over the next week and it is going to effect everyone differently, how it effects you will point you to what you need to do. 

If you have any questions please do get in touch

Love and laughter Michele xx

pic: Unity Energy of Dharma

Time is passing crazy fast!

Time has sped up considerably this year, have you noticed? You get up have a coffee and suddenly its lunchtime, you reply to a couple of emails and its dinnertime, days and weeks pass in a blur. I mean its May already and I swear Christmas was only a month ago.

Yet at the same time we also have a new capacity to be super productive, although time is passing quickly what we can achieve in that same time period is increasing, a lot!

Working on expanding your conscious awareness will help you greatly in being more productive because unfortunately the less consciously aware you are, the more time will just slip through your fingers without bearing any fruit.

Getting out in nature is perfect, not only does your own personal bubble of time slow down when you are outside amongst the trees, the wildlife and the sea but it also helps you to expand your conscious awareness and increase your experience not only of that moment but life in general.

The other thing that is super important is setting yourself goals, prioritising and scheduling.

In my natural state, if left completely to my own devices I would spend my days singing to cows and random animals I encountered, walking in the woods and by the sea with my boys just loving life. I would share my wisdom and gifts with those I met along the way, assured in the knowledge that those that needed me would cross my path and vice versa.

However although much of my life is like that, I still have deadlines, meetings and paperwork, I have to create articles from the thoughts in my head and the knowing in my heart, I have courses, therapy tools and training that need to be created. I have a 101 things to do and with time speeding up the way it is I could easily become overwhelmed with it all and want to give up and believe me I often did.

What helps me is writing my list each morning of everything I need to achieve that day, this comes from a master list which gets added to daily with ideas, projects and stuff.

I prioritise and I am realistic but at the same time I push myself a little, I get such a rush and a whoop whoop when I smash a list. I don’t beat myself up if I don’t cross everything off the list but I prioritise it for first thing the next day.

I have lots of information over at my site to help you set goals, create list and prioritise as well as hints and tips on keeping your motivation levels up and cut down on procrastinating. Start using a few of these tips and you will find that you are super productive which will have such a great impact on your self esteem and your life in general.

We can all win at life just sometimes we need to do things a little differently, play to your strengths and support your weaknesses. Know who you are and then adapt the skills you have in life to suit you rather than trying to change yourself. 

I have a butterfly mind, which flits from one thing to another pretty rapidly making often bizarre connections. My mind is like a series of rabbit holes, that I can fall down and lose myself completely, so being organised and methodical does not come easily to me, staying focused and on task can be a nightmare but using the techniques I share with you on my site have enabled me to run successful businesses and create the Unity Tool Kit, self development and therapy products. Without these techniques they would all still be ideas whizzing around in my head or maybe half finished gathering dust somewhere.

So check it out and don’t let time pass you by.

Have a fabulous day/evening

Love and Laughter Michele 

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What is coming up for you with all this amazing energy around?

A Psychic Tarot Reading is perfect for this, giving you inspiration and direction

With readings at £10, £20, £40 and £75, there will be something to suit you.

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Have faith in your path!

The energy over the next week or so may test the faith you have in your own path, it is time when lots of things in our life are being shaken loose so that we can streamline ourselves and our life ready to take full advantage of all the awesome opportunities that are coming up, culminating in the solstice next month.

This can lead to feelings of fear uncertainty and possibly even disillusionment with the path that you are taking. This can be tough and can leave you feeling confused and isolated. However it is all part of the process and hopefully this article will help you become sure footed once again.

We are all unique beings with our own path that has meaning, lessons and opportunities that are important to us. Sometimes we are clear on what that is and sometimes it is just a feeling we have that we can’t put into words.

Often we flit between these two states and this can be a little distressing, I am sure you have had those moments when you have felt so sure about everything, that you know where you are going and what you are doing and the universe seems to be responding favourably, all is going well and then it feels as though you have been unplugged and everything seems to come to a stop.

Sometimes this can be because you have fallen out of alignment with your path and you need to take some time out to meditate and bring yourself back into balance with yourself and your life. However a lot of the time you haven’t fallen from your path, it is just a time of rest and reflection. A time to integrate all that has happened, all the growth and changes that have occurred in you and your life. It is like a recap before you are ready to move onto the next stage of your journey.

When you have these periods of feeling unsure my best advice is to meditate, to feel into your own energy and knowing and ask yourself, what is right for me?

Take the time to reflect on all the times that you have felt lost, yet with hindsight you can see it was a necessary step on your journey, it was a just a down time. Note all the seemingly random connections and events that have got you here today, all the little things that had to come together to make your path the journey it has been. Reassure yourself that you could not have predicted or planned most of it and have faith that although your conscious mind may not always understand or see it you are walking your path.

The other piece of advice I have for you that works for me is to check myself, Am I missing anything, is there a lesson that needs to be learned that I have overlooked? 

Finally have faith that your path is your path, what is important to you does not have to be explained or justified to anyone. No-one is walking your path, they do not have the same viewpoint, experience or dreams that you do so they won’t understand. Often those closest to us find it difficult when we begin to change, when you are walking our souls path and they want us to go back to the way we were, to maintain the status quo and this can be tough. We love these people and their reactions can make us doubt ourselves and the path we have chosen, try not to take this personally, this is about their fear of change not you.

If you can meditate daily this will help you have faith in your path and will strengthen your connection to your own inner knowing and courage.

Keep this article in mind over the next week or so and hopefully it will help you keep your fear or disillusionment in check should it crop up. These really are amazing times and we are heading rapidly into unity but sometimes it can cause a little discomfort along the way.

Have a fabulous day

Love and Laughter Michele xx

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