November 24th 2017 energy forecast – Get your house in order

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Good Morning I hope you are all well and your dreams are bringing you messages of clarity or release.

Dreams are very significant for you all right now and a dream journal would be great. You done have to remember all the details of your dreams but knowing the general tone or how it made you feel will help when you determine whether it was a releasing dream or one with a message.

Our connection to spirit is also very strong so take notice of what you feel, especially when it comes in waves but also what you can smell, songs that pop into your mind, body sensations that feel as though something has brushed up against you and so on….these are all signs for you, get to know them.

The energy feels very mind centred and intellectual at the moment which is great but you have to be careful not to go fully into the mind and balance it with your heart wisdom. When you haven’t balanced your ego it resides in the mind and if you are not aware it has taken you down a rabbit hole of despair or confusion.

It is very important to be grounded in the coming weeks as much is going to be happening that could knock you off your feet if you are not. Simple grounding techniques can be used in moments, several times a day!

This active dynamic energy is still round and if feel this will propel us forward to the winter solstice, the end of 2017, so there will be some active reflection too. This is an awesome opportunity for you to release and balance all the cycles of 2017 and beyond and ensure that all the dregs of cycles released so far are gone. This has started already for you all and you may be finding that old memories of painful events are rising once again in you, this is just those dregs releasing from your physicality. So allow them to go, recognise them, allow them to be and then recognise their release. It is gone however you mind can bring it back in so be aware of this.

2018 is not only going to be a year of awesome collaboration but also a year where you are asked to widen your conscious awareness…..continually. My wisdom , skills , life and just all round awesomeness is down to my daily quest to widen my conscious awareness. Day in day out I seek the bigger picture, it is why I am always growing learning and exploring, I also know that this growth is limitless, it’s time you brought your whole life into your own conscious awareness.

Understanding and connection defeats fear…..wouldn’t you love to live a life without fear anxiety and doubt?

So enjoy this amazing energy and use it to your advantage!

Also start daily grounding meditating and reflecting on the year so far….write it down…this is important. We are all being given a choice and doing nothing is a choice, so be careful which world you are aligning with….don’t let that be your choice!

Ah I also feel the energy of rebellion, oh I love this, nothing gets you stand in your power and say No like this energy. Is it time to stand up to unrealistic demands and pressures on you? Is it time to put those boundaries out there for all to see and draw that line in the sand. Maybe this is the year that the gifts you give this year and giving back your loved ones their responsibility for their own lives, that is a burden and responsibility you are no longer willing to bear. Also we do them no favours insulating them from their own lives, we are validating and facilitating their non growth and what are our motives with that!!

Enjoy this punchy, intellectual seize the day energy and then look firmly in the mirror and ask what do I need to see what do I need to do.

Have a wonderful day

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

Learn to let go and drop you burdens with me

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November 23rd Energy Forecast – Little Miss Practical


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Good Morning and I hope you are well, organising achieving and getting your life into order! The energy that came in over the weekend is standing strong and if you flow with it you should be ticking lots off your lists. This is a super productive energy and we could all do with the help at times.

Many are struggling with motivation , clarity, purpose and a way forward, however this is not due to the energy but the fabric of your life. What do you put into your system, what do you focus on, how do you help yourself? Use this energy around you at the moment to help clear the way, so that you can see what you have to do. Just sit and breathe and allow this energy into your system, feel how it can push you forward to make the changes that need to be made.

It is also time to reflect, look back at how you started the year and how you are going to end it, if nothing much has changed then you have slept through the year! Change is inevitable especially in these extraordinary times. We are moving at some speed away from duality, just look at the `global stage to see the changes, to see the dissolution of the duality paradigm and the institutions that are created within.

Global events are not chaotic or random, it is the shift. Now once again as I have been saying for over a decade, what are you choosing to do? Are you going to be a bystander? Maybe a social commentator, either spreading doom and gloom that the end is nigh and the world is a terrible place or maybe the view that spreading love and light will do the trick.

No, this is a time where we really need to walk the walk, not for what anyone else may think of us but to take that difficult road that unifies ourselves. It is not easy, if it was everyone would be doing it right? It is why I have so much love and admiration for those that really throw themselves into my course, they are my hero’s !

In my experience it is easier to stand face to face with an alien than it is to see yourself stripped bare and realise that you are equally sinner and saint, that you are not complete, that you don’t know it all and that you are responsible and you alone for that thing you call life! Some run towards it, some away and others just sit down but when you choose to face this a whole new world is revealed to that is the most liberating empowering and awesomely creative world, that is all you and it is worth every dark night, every revelation about both sides of your nature. Unity is worth every single step!!

So think about these things as you feel the urge to make some practical changes in your life! If you are feeling uncomfortable and discombobulated then look at the life you are trying to fit into. Look at what you are forcing down that is making its way to the surface for you, please don’t push it down again, it does not make it go away, it just means you can’t see it, the effects it has on your behaviour are still real.

As we head to the end of the year be more active with energy around, it is helping you get into position, it is aiding your journey so work with it and that is the crux, going with the flow does not mean being non active, you cannot just blindly say that you are going with the flow so you are exactly where you need to be…that only works when you are consciously living your life and working with the energy, an active interaction. Other wise it is just another excuse for not taking responsibility for your life. It’s not me it’s the universal energies, its not me I’m just flowing, it’s not me my angels told me to do it.

Take some time in this energy to reflect with the intention to make some changes, this is practical no nonsense non fussy energy, if you ask the question you will be told the truth.

Have a wonderful day and make some active change!

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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Walk into Unity with Me !

November 21st Energy Forecast – Let’s get practical


Good Morning I. Hope you are well, we have had a big shift in the energy the night and much of the emotion and releasing has gone or at least become a little more subtle.

It is time to wipe your eyes and focus on practical change in your life, I am already making lists in my head of what I am going to achieve today and that is going to be a lot.

You know those days when you are on fire, the washing is on, dinner is cooking, the assignments or articles are written as you wait for the paint to dry, bills are paid and all those loose ends are tied-up and chores completed, that’s the energy of right now!

It’s time to get a little physical in the physical world. You probably feel as though you have spent the last few months in your head or being an emotional wreck, well because of those days you have had time to reflect and know what you need to do, now is the time to make some physical change.

Now this isn’t like a fire energy pushing you forward, this is a get your shit together time, insofar as your physical environment.

It feels a bit like spring cleaning energy.

I also feel a school ma’am type energy, no nonsense yet kind and understanding, seriously it is time to wipe your eyes take a deep breath and either change something in your life that is causing you great sadness or change your own perspective. My mothers well worn saying popped into my head then….”piss or get off the pot”

We cannot go into 2018 moaning whinging and crying, we cannot take the old stories of victimisation, betrayal and manipulation with us. Now is the time to do something whether you are victim or perpetrator, either way it is your responsibility to end this now!

As always we are entering the squeeze period of the year as we get ready for the winter solstice. This always reminds me of the ancient Egyptian God Anubis, who weighs your heart on the way to the afterlife. If it is as light or lighter than a feather you can pass through.

It is time to make the changes you have been talking about all year! It is time to look back on how you have changed, what you have realised and released or ended.

Another year of growth opportunity and wisdom, how much have you changed? This journey is about change and growth, if you are walking it you are changing daily, are you ?

Also look at how much of a positive effect you have on others, look at the little yet consistent things rather than the grand gestures .

Enjoy this day, achieve lots and really tackle all those things you have been putting off all year.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

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November 18th 2017 Energy Forecast – Death & Rebirth of the New Moon

fear of truth

Good Morning, I hope you are well, so we are firmly in the energy of the new moon and this one is amplifying endings, completion, death, rebirth and new beginnings.

Its like a big cosmic clear out of all that you have been ending this year, with some biggies this month. So think back at what you have ended changed and moved on from this year.

This can be physical deaths, ends of relationships, changes in jobs, shifts in mindset and perspective. Ill health and patterns of behaviour have all been under the spotlight this year and as our soul rose up much had to go!

This has been a year of refusing to live up to the unreasonable demands and expectations of others and saying NO

It has been a year of bringing our own behaviour and motivations into our awareness and doing something about it. This has been the year to own our shit and then make a change.

So we all have a great deal to be grateful for! We have all changed, grown and expanded out into the space we have created for ourselves by letting go of the need to be right or in control.

This new moon is equally powerful in brining in the new, but this time its not new cycles related to money and security but it is related to our passions.

What are you passionate about, what do you love to do, forget other people, their needs and opinions, what do you love ? If you don’t know then you need to get out there and find out. This is not a life lived in service, that is ego bullshit trapping you in duality but valuing the service you can give to others over how you serve yourself plus it entrenches in the roles of martyr and saviour. “My life is tough because it is my souls mission to be in service to the world” No that is a falsehood created to appeal to the ego roles and keep you trapped.

Think about it, we are moving into unity and the route there is becoming unity within, unity implies all right? Duality is either, or. So the concept of being in service means some people have to sacrifice their happiness for the good of others….does that sound like unity or duality to you?

Really feel into this new moon energy, what have you created in 2017, what space have you made and what have you discovered about yourself?

What is it that you want to create for your future? What are you goals and dreams? Think about this long and hard

This new moon is a wonderful opportunity to reflect ready for the new moon of December when we can actively create and bring in the new cycle of 2018.

Everyone is going to want to get their shit together for 2108 it is going to be extraordinary but let me warn you now, it’s time to put away your excuses and justifications. Just like in 2013 this is another opportunity for you to bring all sides of you life into one.

To live with honesty integrity passion and power!

Unity is like a bus,  opportunities to get on will keep coming passed but you have to actually get on if you want to enjoy the ride and only you can do that!

So enjoy this wonderful energy, work it and work with it, this is a fabulous opportunity but the choice is yours!

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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November 15th 2017 Energy Forecast – Time to bring everything into balance


Good morning I hope you are well, due to changes with Facebook please will you share like or comment to keep these energy reports in your timeline and to keep me writing them.

We are firmly in the new moon energy that is here on Saturday, so  there has been a natural slowing down as we come to the end of our monthly cycle. This brings us opportunities for new beginnings and fresh starts, we can finally learn the lessons that have been coming up for us all year.

The main energy I feel around is about balance, fairness and justice! We have to do what is right and the is to come from the heart not the head, when you have no choice but do the right thing in all circumstances due to an inner drive, inner motivation. This inner energy is what everyone needs to cultivate more in themselves. When we act from the mind we make a choice, to act one way or another. We may quickly reason what are right ways and wrongs ways, but we have that gap that pause as we make that choice.

When we act form our heart and soul we just are because there is no other way, rather than making a decision or choice we are expressing who we are.

Think about this too, this distinction between the heart and the mind, so much of what we do is because we think we should, we think it will make us look good or we think it is the right thing. Yet these lose so much richness of experience when analysed and projected by the mind rather than felt and flowed with the heart.

Take the next couple of days to look at everything in your life and how it could be brought more into balance. As above so below!

As we move into the weekend we are also going to be turning a corner energetically, well for a few days anyway. There has been a mass wave of negativity sweeping the planet, as with all things the meaning and reasons for this is manyfold.

Firstly you need to be aware that this is not your energy and act accordingly and secondly you need to be aware of what it is triggering in you and act accordingly.

We are heading into tumultuous times so it will be important for you to keep your head, which is why I have been giving you tips and techniques you need all year. Give me a shout here if you need a refresh.

The energy that we have had for the last week or so that is getting us all to stand up and say no more to unreasonable demands or negative energy will stay with us for some time as we need to do this. The effects of having someone negative and controlling in your life is always so much more destructive than we realise. So time to stand up and say NO.

The energy of integrity honesty and authenticity is also making is return in some rather spectacular glory, although always with this it often takes centre stage and all of next week this is going to be very prominent in your life. There are going to many eureka moments when you realise that maybe you could be a little more vigilant in this.

So as we head towards the new moon , think of this as a closing of a cycle ready to push forward into the new on Saturday, reflect on the past 28 days, look at where you have balance and what needs some work and then dream about what you would like to create and achieve in the next cycle, as this month is going to extraordinary.

But please ensure that you aware of the turbulent energies and you have strategies to deal with this!

Please also comment like and share to keep these energy reports in your time line. If the reach goes back to significant levels then I will look at bringing them back daily.

This for me is about balance, value.

Have a wonderful day and remember I am here to walk with you if you choose, these are extraordinary times and I know what I am doing.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

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I want to talk to you about EGO, an imbalanced Ego more precisely but the problem I have is this. An imbalanced ego is very sensitive and prickly, feels criticised and judged and is quick to be defensive, so the minute I mention the word Ego, the Ego pops up being defensive and stops you from hearing what I am saying.

So I want to address your Ego directly –

Hey there Ego I am not judging or criticising, nor do I want to banish you.
I want you to become balanced in your role so that your amazing creativity and uniqueness can shine through, so you can become whole and true in your identity as an individual and as a soul connected to all things, helping us have a sense of who we are.
Thank you for the role you have played as protector and director but that is no longer required of you, that job passes now to the heart.
So time to let go control, this is not your purpose, you are the source of our creativity, so go and create, the heart has got this show!

Love and Laughter Michele xxxxx


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November 9th 2017 Energy Forecast

Testimonial 3

Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy today feels very fluid and flowing, a gently nurturing but also transformational but on a emotional level.

Are you feeling vulnerable or maybe a little emotionally sensitive, be careful not to overreact to anything as you may blow up a situation for no reason. Also be aware that others may be a little touchy or grumpy.

This came in strong yesterday, the irritability energy, however there is a reason for all of this, it is to help you withdraw and look within.When you feel this irritable energy come in and it will be coming in more and more it is to get you to withdraw and ask yourself, what is going on with me, why am I upset, angry or frustrated? Don’t push these feelings down, they have made their way into your conscious awareness so take the time to really look at them.

They are trying to tell you something, to make you aware that something is not working in your life and time to make changes. This most often means that you may be in a job that you hate, or someone is putting unreasonable demands on you or it is time let go issues in the past.

Look at this today because we also have a soothing nurturing energy around so the balance is perfect.

I also feel a more stubborn and tenacious energy coming in and this can be a little tricky, on the one had it can push you forward and by the weekend you could have achieved a great deal or it could make you dig your heels in.

Neither way is right or wrong it all depends on what is going on in your life right now. The best thing to do with any emotions or actions that come up is to pause and ask yourself where is this coming from. It is a good idea to get into the habit of doing this for all actions and emotions. It is a great way to increase your conscious awareness.

Questioning yourself is going to be very important over the coming months, it is time we all got to know our own intentions and motivations. So for example if someone is trying to pick fight with you and you respond by stating your case or side of the argument, just pause before you do and ask yourself, I am saying this to assert my own dominance, to prove I am right and have the upper hand, for the drama of it or am I just standing up for myself. Be honest, brutally honest with yourself and this will take practice. Then ask is your response of value, will it solve the problem, will it help you move forward or will it just prolong the drama of two people fighting for control ?

Seriously though just a quick ask and you r ego replying nope you are all good to go and perfectly justified in calling her out on all her issues, after all you are only helping  & its time she had a reality check, is not the way forward.

As we move into December and the close of the year, you are going to have the opportunity to check yourself more and more. Do it now when the energy is supportive of this and the signs are subtle, don’t wait until you are about to be run over by a truck.

Integrity and authenticity will be a predominant energy of 2018, so start now.

I also keep getting our home is our castle, this is great and our home is a safe secure and nurturing place but don’t let it become your prison. The world maybe portrayed as a scary place but it is made of people just like you and me, trying to raise themselves up out of the negativity and misery, to be there for friends families neighbourhoods and communities, don’t fear the unknown embrace it.

Haha I was also just reminded of the story of Chicken Lickin, a story from my childhood, which  I feel references some posts I see on Facebook! However that is probably for another post, but in short be aware of what you are putting out there, you may feel you are educating people or making them aware but if all you post is negative agenda stuff then you are contributing to lowering the vibration of the planet.

It is time to take responsibility for everything you put out there!

Have a great day

Love and Laughter Michele xxxxx

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