April 20th Energy Forecast  – Your Home, Your Castle

Good morning I hope you are well, so today we feel a shift in the energy and your focus once more as you turn your attention to the home. The energy is grounded and solid but with a soft emotional feel to it.You may feel the desire to stay home and nurture those close to you, although taken too far and you may begin to smother or become anxious about their well-being if this happens just take some time out to breathe and ground.

This could be a great time for you to face your own anxieties and fears as they may come bubbling to the surface so rather than squash them down, take a look, they are not real and it’s time that you saw this. Freedom awaits.

This energy feels like the emotional energy that we had the week before the new moon but this time it is more directed to those around you. Your empathic senses will be heightened, so just be aware that you will be picking up on the energy of those around you. For those that have taken my Unlock the Potential of You or Meditation 101 do the meditations related to this and make sure you cleanse your energy daily.

We still have the energy of clarity that has been with us for a few days and this is going to help you with any fears that may come up, particularly in relation to family safety and security, it isn’t the same as in the past, now you have a clearer way ahead. Make any changes necessary to create the home you desire, you know what you need to do and you know that you can do this.

It is really important in these shifting times to ground and cleanse daily, it will help you not to get caught up in the fear and anger, the lies and deceit that are all around. Turn on the news and every which way we look we are being bombarded with threats and wrongdoing but that is not the whole picture, neither is it the true picture but the energy of it all will have detrimental effects on you. Cleansing morning and night and as often as you feel like it during the day will make a huge difference, make it part of your routine.

If you are serious about making some permanent changes in your life, of finally bringing all those puzzle pieces together, then I highly recommend signing up for Unlock The Potential of You. It will give you a simple framework to start building your dream life, whatever that may be, financial security, travel, love, it is up to you the world really is your oyster!


Have a fabulous day 

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx


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April 19th Energy Forecast  – A great time for communication

Good Morning and what a wonderful morning it is too, very lively and spirited, I want to backflip across the sky, today feels like it is going to be a fun day.

This is the most sociable we have probably felt for a while, enjoy today as the energy coming in tomorrow is going to have us wanting to stay close to home, in a good way.

Today the clarity continues but it is moving forward from the big truth focus,  it’s like, right, you have seen what you needed to see now let’s do this. 

If we look back last week we were all about our emotions, our self-love and dreams, then we moved into releasing and setting intentions for what we wanted to change and create, we then let that settle in, shifting our mindset and belief systems and now we have a mental clarity that is aiding our communication in all things. 

From our mental clarity, we are going to move into our physical environment, our home and security and that is the theme of the energy coming in tomorrow.

There is such a beautiful pattern to the energy, working with it, seeing your life with this added perspective makes life less confusing yet at the same time incredulous. The moon and the cycles of the moon are always going to affect us, whether we are aware of this or not so better to work with it.

Join me each month in a full moon meditation and Josh each new moon and really work with the energy and cycles of the moon, sign up here it’s free quick and easy and you will be sent your invitations to each meditation via email 


It is a great day to go out and see friends and family or to take some me time, whatever you feel like doing just do it, it is a day for you to sparkle and have some fun. The world, your world is an awesome place so today spend some time just appreciating that in the simplest of ways.

It is also a great day for work, making those contacts, getting those contracts drafted, putting some plans into place, just be wary of being in too much of a rush, stay present and grounded in the moment.

This is a great time for speaking your truth, not only will the words flow naturally they are also more likely to be heard. So speak from the heart and all will be good, in fact, you may be surprised at how receptive those in your life are.

Have a fabulous day.

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx


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April 18th Energy Forecast  – Truth – The Ultimate Bass Drop

Good morning I hope you are well, the energy today has stepped up a gear slightly today and you may feel a little more active.

We have the energy of clarity and truth coming in strong, Truth has been a key energy this year and the global work I have been doing over the last week has all been about this fabulous energy. Truth is awesome, it is so strong clear and vibrant, it feels like standing under a clear cold waterfall.

Our hearts and souls sing in this energy, whether you know it consciously or not you always know the truth, it’s why lies and deceit are so tough to deal with. It’s not the event that holds the power it is the lies that follow, those are the big trigger points.

Once you know the truth you can let it go, there is nothing niggling away at you, it is done, let go and move on.

The worst lies though are the one we tell ourselves, this causes so much energetic disturbance within us, that ripples out throughout our lives. When we lie to ourselves we have to bury the truth and then guard it, if anyone comes near we attack (denial) this is our first clue that we are lying to ourselves about something.

Behind the lies we tell ourselves is always a solution, so be open to this today, you may find the final puzzle piece which puts so much of your struggles into perspective.

With truth comes clarity and from clarity comes action, a clear path forward and the energy to leap down that path. The new moon brought new opportunities and growth for you, especially if you worked consciously with the moon, the energy and the cycles, and that is being shown to you now.

You spent the last couple of days letting everything settle in, getting your head around changes, new focus, desires etc and now you are clearer about what all that means. Now you are ready to vocalise it, to share it with others, if that’s what you choose.

If you have had some discoveries within the new moon with regard to the deception of others this may be a good time to talk to them but only do it from a balanced perspective, if you are not ready for that then you are not ready and that is cool just leave it.

You may also feel something bubbling up inside, a feeling of excitement for the future, don’t forget that excitement and anxiety can feel very similar, so if you are feeling a little anxious just stop and ask am anxious or am I actually excited? We have all had the opportunity to leave behind old mindsets, so be aware of this and don’t fall back into old assumptions.

There is a lot to be excited about and I know events on the Global Stage can seem alarming and may trigger you in fear-based ways but it will be ok,  process any fear that comes up and focus on your inner journey of balance and growth, that is how the unity paradigm is being brought in, one heart at a time

I can’t go into too much detail here but if you would like me to talk about it in greater detail then just let me know, maybe I can do a live video. Just don’t worry!

Have a fabulous day

April 17th Energy Forecast  – A great day to chill 

Good Morning, I hope you got up to lots yesterday and this is the first step on your new path to fulfilling your dreams, you can do this, just keep the faith.

Now is not the time to pick away at your dreams, don’t listen to your mind undermining you, ride on the wave of this awesome grounded yet transformational energy, you are not deluding yourself you are actually believing in yourself!

People think I am crazy misguided or deluded all the time, I just smile as I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, I know and it always comes to be just as I believed and that is all that matters to me. Don’t let anyone put your dreams down, tell you that you can’t or belittle you, these are your dreams and this your life and you know what is the right path for you, what other people think of your dreams is nothing to do with you.

The next week is going to be chilled but a lot is going to happen, you will take it all in your stride if you flow with the energy. I love love love this energy it is quiet and strong yet it is moving mountains.

I see little lights being ignited within everyone’s heart space, a great time for feeling passionate and engaged with your life. It feels a time that great connections can be made between you and all your bodies, the earth, your family and friends, you may not feel like going out and socialising but having friends round for a relaxed evening of food and laughter would be great. 

For those who have taken my Unlock the Potential of You or Meditation 101 Courses, this is a great time to do the physical emotional mental and spiritual connection meditations, the grounding and the open-hearted energy is a fab time to bring all of you into alignment.

You can sign up for Meditation 101 Here 


Or you can try a Guided Heart Meditation Here 


As we head through the week the energy is slowly going to pick up and you will feel more like getting out there and making your mark but for now allow everything to settle, allow your initial thoughts and dreams, like new seedlings, to bed in. You have made your commitments and intentions in the new moon, have faith in this and let everything go, your expectations and doubts and just work on trusting in you and the universe.

As you give yourself a little time and space, more revelations and directions on your path will come to you and with no hassle and no stress, you will know what you need to do next.

Just remember if you are feeling the opposite to the energies as I describe them then that is a sign for you too, look at what they are showing in you, where are you out of balance, where are you not listening to yourself? If you get feelings of anger or sadness, ask what it is that you are angry about, this will be related to your dreams, where are you stifling yourself?

If you feel confused, then take some time out, get a fresh perspective then take things back to basics, we always have so much to do and this often overwhelms us so we end up doing nothing, so just focus on one thing and trust yourself enough to believe that one thing is the right place to start. It may turn out that is not an option you want any longer and that is a good thing as it one thing checked off your list and one less thing to be confused about.

Have a wonderful day, enjoy this energy it really is fabulous, like a big warm hug.

Love and laughter Michele xxx


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April 16th Energy Forecast  – New Moon

Good Morning, I hope you are well, the new moon is with us and it is a wonderfully grounded compassionate and transformational energy. It is that awesome quiet strength that is just so delicious, you know you can move mountains but you have no need to shout about it. This is no drama no fuss energy, so enjoy it!

New moons are always about new beginnings, opportunities to sow your seeds for the coming cycle and this new moon more than any this year you are in the best position to take advantage of this, you know now more than ever what you really want and you are ready.

Remember this, Just because something has always been a certain way does not mean that is the way it has to stay, everything can change, everything, you just have to want it enough and to take action. This next cycle is going to be a very active and constructive time and you will start to see your dreams taking shape or moving to the next level but you have to want it and you have to act, so what are you waiting for? If you don’t know where to start just focus on one area and jump in and see where you go from there. 

You have the power and the focus to achieve what you desire and this energy is helping you with that, this strong and transformational energy is grounded and nurturing, so it isn’t that heady energy that can make you feel a bit out of control but it is just as powerful.

This moon also brings a heightening of your “spiritual senses, your intuition will be high, so a great time to validate your trust and faith in your inner knowing, which is something that has been coming up for a few of you recently. Your empathic senses will also be heightened so bear this in mind and take some time out if you feel overwhelmed by others emotions, don’t let them whisk you away down your own rabbit hole.

This energy, however, may also make you feel lost or confused, you may fall into doubt about what are dreams and what are illusions, are you heading in the right direction or are you off on a wild goose chase. If you feel like this just take some time out, breathe, ground yourself and just ask what do I need to see, the answers will come to you if you are open and accepting of the answers. 

They are not always what we want to hear but we they are what we have always known and most definitely what we need to hear. It’s better that we see the truth, as hard as that may be rather than living a lie, at least then we can move on, making a clearer path for ourselves. 

This energy will definitely shine a spotlight on any deceit or dishonesty in your life and this is a good thing, it will help you bring yourself and your life into alignment, this is not, however, the time to go out and do anything about it, just get your head around it first.

Josh is holding an online New Moon guided meditation today and it would be great if you could join him,  Josh took Unlock the Potential of You Course and part of any student/clients continued support from me is giving them a platform to share their skills, services and passions.

You can sign up below to get free access to the Live Guided Meditation and I will repost his Invitation to you all.

Have a wonderful New Moon and I hope you set some fabulous intentions for the month ahead.

Love and laughter Michele xxx

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Now is a great time for a Psychic Reading!

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April 15th Energy Forecast – What are you ready to Transform?

Good Morning I hope you are well, we are fully in the new moon energy and it reaches its peak tomorrow, it is a wonderful energy very strong and transformational, are you ready?

This is going to be the strongest new moon of the year so far in the changes that it can bring about if you work with it and set your intentions for the month ahead you will have a very rewarding and surprising full moon.

Think back over the last four months once again and see the changes that you have made, the wisdom and clarity you have gained.  Think back over the last week, about your relationship with yourself, the areas that you are no longer willing to compromise over, the dreams that you are now willing to pursue and see that this is all to get you ready to make those changes NOW.

Let go of your negative mindset and limiting belief systems, it’s time to stop telling yourself no and this moon is just perfect for this.

I also feel an energy that helps with the opening of your heart centre and if there is love on the scene then go for it, the energy today is all about being open and embracing life and your passions. Don’t wait to be invited and be aware that you may feel the need to dig your heels in, just check this isn’t an ego fear thing, if not then stand by what you feel, there is a difference between being stubborn and being determined.

This is a time that you can feel light and expansive, free to do and be whatever you choose, you can cast off the old and tired feelings of duty and obligation, hardship and the mundane, it’s time to re-write how your story plays out.

As with all energy it can affect you in different ways, it can trigger feelings of fear or confusion or it can make you act out recklessly or aggressively, just be aware of this and if you do get those feelings, take some time out, go somewhere quiet, outside if possible, close your eyes and just sit and breathe, centre and ground yourself, see how you could use this energy in a different way, or what your reaction to it may be telling you.

Tomorrow we have a brand new beginning, a chance to change and start again afresh, this can be related to anything, emotions, mindset, physicality, money, work, family, whatever you want to re-write, the choice and the opportunity is there for you.

Learn to work with energy on a deeper level and more transformational level with my Unlock the Potential of You Course, it is a great time to start something new, especially something so transformational


Have a wonderful day

Love and laughter Michele xx


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