March 21st Energy Forecast – Ground that fabulous energy and expand your conscious awareness

March 21st Energy Forecast - Ground that fabulous energy and expand your conscious awareness.png


March 21st Energy Forecast – Ground that fabulous energy and expand your conscious awareness

Good Morning I hope you are well and had a fabulous solstice, oh this energy today is wonderful, it feels so grounded and clear, insightful yet calm and that is wonderful after some of the intensity of this month.

It is that wonderful feeling of the storm is over for now and you haven’t just survived you have discovered so much about yourself and although you know that there are going to be more changes ahead and that although this may at times make you feel uncomfortable you know not only can you handle all of it but that it is for the best and everything will work out ok, better than ok!

There has been some really powerful energy coming in over the last week and this has affected everyone on a deep level, shifting mindsets and perspectives, bringing issues that are keeping you out of alignment into your awareness. There has been a strong integrity vibe, urging us all to do the right thing, not for anyone but ourselves.

Many of you are going to be finding your moral compass coming in strongly and you will find yourself saying and acting in ways that may scare you a little as you are drawing attention to yourself but your heart is cheering as you stand in your truth.

More and more it is becoming a case of having to stand in your own power and truth and speak out, when we sit idly by watching, we are complicit. This is not an easy thing and it took me years to be able to post something of things I posted without fear of attack, so try little bits here and there, although to be fair I feel some of you will just continue to blurt it out as you have done all year, truth Tourettes haha but do it, be bold, not everyone is going to like you or agree with you and that is cool and it’s not your concern, being true to you is!

This is a great time for getting out into nature and really connecting and grounding, when this energy is around it can make us feel really sure and stable, the eureka moments and clarity empowering you to relook at your own foundations and create something strong and lasting.

This is really important as we move forward and I urge you all to develop a good grounding technique and use it daily.

The world is changing, everything is coming to a head, the shift into Unity is becoming more and more apparent everywhere we look, the global stage is changing and this is going to have direct and real consequences for us. Now this is a great thing and everything is going great however it will involve great change and that is what is going to knock people off balance and bring in the fear, but you don’t need to get caught up in this, this is all expected and predicted, everything is kind of going to plan.

It does however require changes in mindset and belief systems, we are basically removing our duality structures and replacing them with unity, so that is a huge change, it is a good thing but it is being met with fear and resistance but the choices we have is bury our heads in the sand and hold on tight to duality or take a deep breath and start working on the path to unity, that is our free will and what makes these times all the more exhilarating and empowering as each one of us is making this choice, which path are you going to take.

So ground ground ground and then you can find your own truth not the fear propaganda of mainstream media and it will help you keep your head when all around are losing theirs.

If you are feeling fearful of the changes that are happening, don’t stand alone, drop me a line or comment, these are exciting times indeed so tap into that and understand that we are not alone.

Have a fabulous day

Love and laughter Michele xxxx



The Equinox Energy Forecast March 20th 2018

March 10th 2018 Energy Forecast-14.png

Good Morning I hope you are well, Happy Equinox to you all! I meant to post this yesterday but got caught up in all the global energy work I am doing at the moment as the shifts and energy coming in are rather splendid, big changes are coming but for now today is a day of complete balance and I love it !

The Solstices and Equinox really are my favourite times of the year and I always take those days out to just be, in nature and in myself, I reflect, recharge and appreciate everything in my life now what has been and what is coming.

So an equinox is a completely balanced day, 12 hours of day 12 hours of night, the sun rises and sets at around 6, we cannot have one with out the other, neither one is good or bad, they just are and that is the same with us, we have a conscious and an unconscious and most of the time these are not anywhere near in balance, but today and especially with some of the new shifts in energy and the expansion of consciousness that has been flooding the planet this year, we all have the opportunity to see and feel ourselves in balance.

Equinoxes are a great opportunity for you to experience unity energy and that is what we are moving towards and the basis of all the energy work that I do, it can be difficult to understand what unity really means, coming from a duality mindset and conditioning which is why these days are so important, because you can experience it and that helps you understand it beyond the mind and words.

This is a great day to sit and be but also to reflect, see where your life is in balance and where it isn’t, you don’t need to do anything about that today, the important thing is bringing it into your conscious awareness, your route forward will then come to you over the following days.

It is also perfect for allowing the truth to make its presence more clearly known in your life, where are you turning a blind eye or looking the other way, the energy of today will help you see more clearly without the need to do anything, that will come later, today is a day of awareness and balance, which is hugely important in a duality.

The duality paradigm we live in, the only paradigm many of us have ever known including many past lifetimes, is a world of opposites and imbalances, constantly on the pendulum swing of good times to bad, our unconscious alien and mysterious to us or just outside of our conscious awareness, this is a great day for bringing these polarities into balance and with the unity energy that is bring anchored in right as we speak you have the opportunity to release these imbalances within and bring in new balanced unity energy.

Yesterday we brought in Compassion, the day before truth, who knows what this mornings meditation will bring in but whatever it is, it is all there for you, so sit with it feel it be open to it and then just allow.

For those who are taking or have taken my development and processing course, this is a great time for you to release your polarities and bring in unity energy, I will post more later in our group.

So enjoy this magical day, honour the miracles of nature, honour Gaia, yourself, and everyone on this planet and understand that we are moving towards unity, balance love and joy, so actively participate in this, as you will be glad you did!

Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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​March 20th 2018 Energy Forecast – And so we return within

March 10th 2018 Energy Forecast-10.png


Good morning toys energy is just what we would expect around a new moon, a time of grounding, reflecting and going within, the changes that are occurring and there are lot, due to all the amazing high vibrational energy that is being grounded in the earth as we speak, are internal changes, perspective shifts, eureka moments and belief systems shattering.

So many of you are going to have a rapid awakening over the next few days, you may think that this has already happened but often that can be an illusion to keep you from walking your path by thinking that you already are, however once firmly and consciously walking your path there can be no doubt you would know.

There is also going to be a lot of physical restructuring and many of you may experience ascension flu and I have in documents an article all about the symptoms you may get due to your awakening, check it out as this transformation for most of you is going to be speeding up.

The energy for the next couple of days is going to be very comforting and nurturing it always reminds me of mum energy when she tucks you into bed and although you can sense the changes coming you also know everything is going to be ok.

The events that are going on at the moment are really life-changing for so many, the work I am doing on a global level at the moment is going to facilitate great change for the planet and expand your conscious awareness considerably and by the next full moon we will all be getting out there and making big waves!

But for now, it is a time of withdrawing to your cave, not because everything is too much or that you are running away but because there are issues and dreams that are important to you right now and you need to let them bloom. For many the recent shifts and intense energy that is coming in right now needs to be integrated and allowed it ground into your physical.

You may have heard about the big solar storm that we are experiencing at the moment, there is more to this that is reported and it is what I am in part working with, so don’t get caught up in the windows display, use this time wisely, understand that this energy is coming in for you, to help you move firmly forward on your path, it will if you let it expand your awareness and therefore shift your perspective, it will open your heart centre and yesterday we drew in and expanded out the energy of truth.

It is all very exciting at the moment and if I get time later I will tell you more about the energy work that I am doing and how that is going to impact you and what you can expect moving forward.

We also have the equinox tomorrow one of my most favourite times, this is when we are in complete balance and I feel at this time we are going to have some kind of suspension of energy, a moment in time when the bubble freezes and we all go in slow motion, I just a got a picture of plates flying up in the air in that slow-mo way. This feels uber fab so clear some time for yourself on the 21st for chill time outside of this world.

Oh and the other energy or focus that I am feeling is all about nature and the earth, how are you connecting, when are you connecting, why are you not connecting? I really do not know how I would feel if I wasn’t out in nature every single day, if I didn’t experience the sunrises and the changing of the season, I am part of all of that, it is both a reflection and an inspiration and it fills my heart with gratitude awe and promise as well as validating the simplicity and gracefulness of life, I couldn’t live without and are you sure that you are?

Have a fabulous day and truly connect in with what is going on around you, as it is all rather extraordinary!

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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March 10th 2018 Energy Forecast-12.png


As you walk further on your development/soul/spiritual/ascension path you will find more and more that you are unable to tolerate alcohol and this has to do with your own vibrational rate. The higher your vibration and the greater your holistic balance the worse it will affect you but rather than lament your inability to chug back the vino like you used to, see this as a good sign, that you are progressing well.

Interestingly researchers in a recent study have suggested this inability to process alcohol, which is due to an enzyme in our stomach, is growing rapidly amongst the population and they put it down to evolution!


There are two very interesting points to be made here, firstly the provable scientific fact that more and more people are no longer able to break down alcohol or they break it down too quickly which results in extreme sickness is a positive sign of the effects of the mass awakening.

Secondly if you look at it as evolution then our bodies are changing because despite our understanding of the severely negative detrimental and costly effects of us consuming this poison, we continue to do so and in large quantities, Nature is taking our minds out of the equation because as a species on the whole we have been brainwashed to be addicted to poisons….same goes with processed and fast foods etc. How bad is that, we can’t even be trusted not to poison ourselves and to think many people believe we are the most intelligent beings in our universe…yeah ok.

So please give yourself a fighting chance, the world is evolving rapidly and in terms of survival of the fittest , will an organism that does not have the sense to not poison itself really make it through the selection process?

Just look how the media has made prosecco so cool, then gin, I know people that started drinking whisky because of Peak Blinders, in the UK in particular how much vodka someone can drink is a sign of awesomeness.

So maybe you should look at your drinking habits, why you do it and is it really helping you evolve?





March 10th 2018 Energy Forecast-11

Where do you get your news?

When you rely on social media the algorithms used ensures that you get your own views and beliefs validated, this does not facilitate growth or challenge your ideology, which we all need to discover for ourselves what is true to us and what has been conditioned into us.

When you go to mainstream media for your news you are being brainwashed and immersed in fear, all mainstream media outlets are owned by members of the elite which further propagates their own agenda.

You have to seek your own news, question what you see and read, do your research and more than anything listen to yourself, how does this make me feel, does is feel like the truth to me?

It’s time to shatter the duality ideology and mindset and that begins with being your own seeker of knowledge and wisdom.

It’s time to cut those puppet strings, change your spoon-fed diet of fear, accusations racism bigotry and misogyny, division, conflict inequality and fear, you are better than that and you know it!


Love and laughter Michele xxxx

Course offer extended for today!

The Full Moon Made me do it !!-7

Hey So I messed up and the discount I was offering on the Unlock The Potential of you Development and Processing Course was not actually available when people tried to buy, tech really is not my thing.

I have rectified this and extended the offer till 6pm GMT today

I really hope that you decide to join me as the course is transformational and will teach you everything you need to move forward in your ascension and development path, it is the route to Unity!

Check out some of the awesome written and video testimonial in the link, with more details about the course.

This course is having amazing results, so isn’t it time that you invested in yourself and became the empowered, creative and abundant soul you were born to be?


March 19th 2018 Energy Forecast –  It’s time to step up for sit down or as my mother used to say Piss or get off the Pot!

March 10th 2018 Energy Forecast-9.png

Good Morning so the energy this morning is high and bouncy, be ready to backflip through your day, although there is a downside to this and I can feel that this energy could plummet like a stone if you cannot express it freely, excitement could turn to anger quickly. Be aware of this and the frustrations that may come up for you, are you being a little too controlling, are your expectations of others high?

However, if you have used this full moon to come into alignment with your dreams and desires then you should find yourself pushing forward at a considerable rate even if that is yet to manifest in the physical and you are still mentally planning stuff or having eureka moments about where you want to go next. This energy and as we move into next week is going to help you achieve a great deal however that may not be in the direction you were expecting so keep your eyes open.

There is a tendency for us in a duality mindset to be too rigid, to stick to a plan even when so much has changed and often this is what causes arguments with others, we need to give each other more wiggle room or breathing space, we all make mistakes, we all change our mind and shift our perspective, allow this in yourself and others, don’t suffocate them or the energy.

Let it go what does any of it matter, stop controlling everything and just flow, it is the only way you will truly see the opportunities out there and grow in amazing ways. What you know now and how you see the world is going to change considerable and so it should that is walking your path, my understanding and conscious awareness expands daily, yes daily and has done for nearly two decades, yes it does cause some problems when trying to discuss what it that I understand and how I see the world and sometimes using duality language to explain this is like trying to put the ocean into a water bottle but if you are not growing in this way then you are not walking your path despite what you may think, every day should be a day of eureka moments, awe and astonishment and if it isn’t then you need to look a little closer or maybe you need to really start looking.

There is still the energy of passion around and this is going to help spur you on and motivate you but be aware of igniting jealousy in you or in others and please don’t be tempted to play mind games with anyone, this is not nice and could blow up in your face. It is important to act with integrity at all times and strive for impeccability, look at the duality world that we live in and how we have been conditioned to turn against each other and consciously step out of that. This is not a dog eat dog world and if that is your mindset, then you need to work on adjusting it or just go and sit down, you are perpetuating the problem.

Wow this energy is not exactly angry but it is definitely shut up and sit down energy, enough is enough, the manipulation lies and bs that comes from everywhere, the mass of puppets all defending the BS of the elite, turning us against each other needs to stop, if you do not have a solution if you are not working on yourself to be the change that you wish to see, if you point out issues without solutions then you are the problem. It doesn’t matter how much love light and positivity that you push out into the world if in your heart you are still angry and competitive and closed off, if you are not working on breaking down your own duality conditioning and making real changes in your life then you are the problem, if you are spreading fear that is in the newspapers, without conscious awareness and an action plan then you are the problem, you are creating more fear when you think you are enlightening people!

Wow loving this energy and it feels like it is going to be with us for a while, these shifts and the energy that we are still helping to bring in is another big piece of the jigsaw and the leap forward in consciousness are going to be massive but it won’t happen to you, you cannot hitch a free ride, it’s time to step up or sit down!

Have a wonderful day Love and Laughter Michele xxxxxx


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