February 23rd 2018 Energy Forecast – Lighten up!

Cousins are childhood playmateswho become lifetime friends..png

Good Morning I hope that you are well, the energy this morning is very lively and sociable but in a light hearted way, the energy feels very light and clear, like breathing in cool sea air on a sunny spring morning. It feels like you could be lifted out of your mundane life of chores obligation and routine and spirited away. To a land of fun laughter and flow.

This energy feels like fairytale energy, where anything is possible and you are at the centre of it all, dancing weaving creating. Yet this isn’t a fairytale this is a real tale, this is real life if that is what ou choose.

Imagine you are stood at a crossroads, as this is in reality where you stand many many times a day, our lives are made up of a series of choices, turn left and there is everything that you already know, the same people, the same routines, the same expectations and the same outcomes. You may be working towards something or dreaming of something but isn’t it just more of the same, just wrapped up in a sparkly bow. However this path is safe, it is known, you feel in control here as you know the rules, you know pretty much how everything is going to play out, it may not be ideal but at least you know where you are and its better than the alternative ……the unknown, it’s case of better the devil you know hey.

Turn right and who knows what lies ahead, the possibilities and opportunities are expansive and way beyond what your current mind can imagine or dream of. Turn left you life is in black and white turn right and it turn into HD technicolour!

If you are bored, do something about it, if you are frustrated do something about it, if you are unfulfilled, do something about it, if you feel there is more, then go and explore but don’t settle!

Something new or unknown can feel scary but that is just our mind telling us this, it isn’t real and this energy is adventurous but light hearted. It is asking us all to lighten up, yes we need to be committed and dedicated to our journey from duality in to unity but it doesn’t mean that we have to organise it like an expedition to the north pole.

Lightness of foot heart and mind is the key to walking your path, so if you are feeling yourself getting weighed down or being too serious then time to lighten up.

Laughter is just the best medicine and really express that laugh, no silent chuckles allowed this is about booming that laugh out from your belly.

So much of life really doesn’t matter, almost all of it to be fair, when you consciously walk your path and work on expanding your conscious awareness you begin to see the bigger picture and then the bigger picture and so on, the wider your perspective the more you see and understand and the less you sweat the small stuff. The less you get overwhelmed and the less time and energy you spend on the inconsequential the more relaxed and in the flow you become!

Get out of your head because 95% of what is going on up there really doesn’t matter and there is fun to be had!

Party like it’s 1999 people!!

Have a fabulous day, lighten up and have some big belly laughs

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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February 21st 2018 Energy Forecast Let’s get it on !



Good Morning and a very sensual day to you all! Listen to let’s get on by Marvin Gaye and that sums up the energy for today ! Really let yourself go in the music, feel the sexuality and how different that is from lust, rather than getting caught up in bodily reactions this is about creating pleasure, enjoying and immersing yourself in the moment, responding to another or the world like an instrument in an orchestra, the sum is greater than its parts.

Sensual pleasure isn’t just about sex, it is about anything that indulges our senses, that connects us totally in the moment with whatever it is we focusing on, it is about coming alive and having peak experiences. Have you ever had those? I bet you have, those moments when you step outside and it is as if you whole life is in HD, the flowers seems brighter the birds call sharper, everything is much more vibrant.

The experiences with this energy run much deeper are more stable and grounded, this isn’t heady or flighty energy, this is unity energy, tap into it and really experience it!

You may however get little dizzy spells because of this energy as it is quite thick but don’t worry they will only last a second or two, just take a breath and then carry on.

Do not be afraid of this energy, I know it can be difficult for some especially when you block your own emotions. Sensuality can seem wrong, carnal or base emotions or just down right scary as you feel you may get swept away and lose reason or that it is just self indulgent.

However it is none of these things, it is part of this experience and an incredibly important part and it is time for everyone to stop running away from their own emotions, to reconnect to their pleasure centre, there is nothing wrong with creating a pleasurable life for yourself and everyone else!
If you struggle with this then put on some music , close your eyes and move to the music, dance like no one is watching and just do what feels good, don’t question it, get passed feeling self conscious and just let yourself go….truly! This may take some practice but it is worth, let yourself go, you will experience something magical.

So indulge every one of your senses today, it can be as simple as popping bubble wrap, sticking your hands deep into warm sand, maybe a massage from your partner , (remember to return the favour ) on a winters evening I love to get all cosy and drift to sleep listening to the deep and chocolatey voice of Stephen Fry telling me a story about ancient myths and legends, there is something about his voice that is so thick it just adds the effect of the duvet cocoon I have fashioned around me!

So reconnect today with this awesome energy and really indulge your senses, this will reconnect you back to the centre of all things

Love and Laughter Michele


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February 20th 2018 Energy Forecast – Second chances

be your own hero (2017_04_12 08_12_57 UTC)

Good Morning and I hope you are well, the high active energy is still around and pushing us forward to take chances and make that leap. You may feel more brave and spontaneous than you have in a while so don’t push that down, go with it, as it may be the final shove you need to end up exactly where you need to be!

This energy is giving us second chance opportunities, to leap where we previously ran, to get it right this time, to really enjoy the moments, instead of looking always to the future or lamenting the past.

There is also an element of pull your socks up and get on with it, you find yourself in this mess because firstly you created it and secondly you are the only one who can change it, so stop moaning and crying why, it’s done , it’s happened and one day you will actually see this as a good thing or at least see why it had to happen.

It is important to try and see the bigger picture and this is something that you can develop as part of your own journey of self development, it is called expanding your conscious awareness and is the central component for the move from duality into unity, so no matter what you are going through at the moment try and see it in the context of the bigger picture , no matter how confusing it may seem or hurtful, there is a bigger scheme at play.

Today and as we go further into the week the energy is going to support you looking at your own faith and belief, what do you believe in? There is a well known quote but I am not sure by whom, that is says
“If you don’t believe in something you will fall for anything” So what do you believe in? Do you believe in God, Angels, Guides or Aliens? Do you believe that your government is to be trusted and has your best interests at heart? Think about what you believe about all that is outside of yourself.

Then turn that inwards what else do you believe, DO you believe you have the power to change….whatever it is that you want. Do you believe that everything is going to be ok, better than ok? Do you believe in the cycles of nature as a fundamental grounding for your life? Do you believe in your own knowing that goes beyond any rational explanation, DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOU?

You have a greater power over your life than any politician or army, you can make greater changes and growth than any deity, it’s time you started to believe this and this week is going to help you so expect the unexpected, this should be fun.

If you believe in something or someone outside of yourself you are giving your power away, nobody but you knows what is best for you, nobody but you can do what is best for you.

There is also a fabulous rebellious energy around , I love this energy, I was born in a bubble of this energy much to my parents dismay, bless them, time to rebel against the constraints of your life, we were all born to be free. Part of why I am always so joyful is that I have broken free from societal constraints, I challenged and question everything until I was free!

Eeeeek it is all so exciting, it’s time for us all to step up and into our own lives, to be our own guardians, teachers and cheering committee. When we know who we are and when we love that then we no longer need external validation, we do not need to see ourselves reflected back in the eyes of another as worthy, we do not need others to see us for who we are (always a futile task) We do not need anything from anyone and thats liberating and expansive and allows us to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY !

When you act from a place of unconditional love it is awesome, as there is no duty or obligation there to distort it, no expectation or attachment warping it, you are there with that person for no other reason than you want to be there…..simple!

LIFE IS VERY SIMPLE, VERY REWARDING AND UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME! It is only you that makes it hard and drama filled , this is not a judgement but a statement of fact and the beauty is if you created it YOU CAN CHANGE IT!!!

Have a fabulous rebellious and spontaneous day !!

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx


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February 20th 2018 Energy Forecast  – Are you moving into Unity or holding on to Duality?



Good Morning and I hope you had a fabulous weekend, I did, it has been a while since I did an intensive course and it was great, lots of belly laughs and penny drops had.

So the week ahead is going be rather high energy, lots going on and you will love it, changes are happening at lightening speed and everyones ability to manifest is going through the roof, but you have to believe.

We are all going to begin to see our path ahead clearing, many of your puzzle pieces are going to fall into place over the next 6 weeks and you are going to be seeing much more clearly about what you want to do and where you are going.

The energy will also be rather changeable so really learn to go with the flow, sometimes the energy just drops for a moment or two for us to catch our breath so don’t worry that you have lost that good feeling, just loosen up and let go, everything is not the end of the world, stop micro managing or you will go grey with stress.

The world is changing, life is changing, people are changing and all of this is a good thing but it will bring you stress if you are invested in everything staying the same. Nobody can stop this tide of change it is beyond you and me yet at the same time because of you and me. Each one of us helps to create the wave that is transforming everything and everyone.

I am sure you have felt the difference this year, the clarity and knowing, the power rising within, those who are making the journey to the heart are standing firmly in their truth and so much is now non negotiable, as you know even if at times you are not quite sure what it is you know.

Everyone can feel the shift, whether they are aware of this or not and as expected in a duality the reactions are polarised, on the one hand, the shift is empowering, helping us to move forward to our newly revised goals, it is propelling us on our path of self discovery and taking responsibility. It is igniting the courage to jump joyously into the unknown, a fearless and excited adventurer.

And in some people this is creating fear, anger, increased drama and distraction. Their power is being used to rigidly stick to and enforce the divisions and boundaries of duality, attacking you if you dare offer an alternative suggestion. Just be aware that this is fear but there maybe little you can do about it. I have a lot of people come to me with an issue but my suggestions of how they can help themselves falls on deaf ears, many want a quick fix or you to do it for them and many don’t want to help themselves but they do like the attention they get. There is nothing you can do here until they open their own ears.

So be aware of the polarities, the opposite extremes in which people will react to this and if you are moving swiftly down your path please do not get distracted by those that want you to come to their drama party, there is no value there.

We all have to learn this year when to walk away, this isn’t cruel or being without compassion or empathy but are you willing to sacrifice your dreams so that someone else can be the centre of their own mini drama. So take a step back and ask yourself is there any value here.

A good rule of thumb is two goes on the merry go round and then get off! Many people will talk to you for hours about their issues, seeking your advice but they don’t actually want your advice, they don’t want to have to act, or create something awesome, they just want to be distracted from their life by gossip drama and bs, if you allow it you will going round and round and round on their merry go round, never achieving anything, never moving forward but surrounded by flashing lights and swirling colours of others drama!

We all have choices to make and they are ours alone, after nearly 2 decades of working within personal development and counselling, I know that you can show someone their path but you can’t make them walk it, you can show someone solutions but you can’t make them see and you can offer them a shoulder to lean on and they will often jump on your back.

So just stop and think, does your need to people please, to help, to save over-ride your own need for survival? Because we all have choices to make and this is one of them.

Do not however go into panic and worry about your children, these are unity children and they understand this more than you know, they are already making these choices. Yes some maybe going down some dark roads but that is mainly because they are struggling living within duality but all that is changing and to be honest speak to your kids and then listen because they have a knowledge and understanding that will amaze you.

So time for everyone to stop step and look at their life with an objective eye, are you lying to yourself, distracting yourself, sticking your head in the sand?

Are you empowered with heart and soul energy, which is a quiet stable energy or are you fuelled by aggressive fear energy? You know and then you know you need to do something about it, no one is going to save you but you.


So come on let’s be empowered, heart centred beings creating the path to unity!!

Please do check out my course to help you do just that, and take a friend or partner along too in my 2 for 1 offer this week only. It is so important that you do something with regard to your personal development and I have found an awesome alternative to me, and I will introduce you to her later, as for me it is more important that you begin this journey, so if I don’t resonate with you then someone else will. This is not about sales this is about everyone beginning their conscious journey….so if not me then someone!!

Have a wonderful day

Love and laughter Michele xxxx

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February 16th 2018 Energy Forecast – We all need to reconnect with the feminine energy!


Women-3.pngGood morning and I hope you are well, it was a wonderful new moon yesterday with lots of feminine energy coming in and the effects will be felt strongly for the next day or so.

So what does this mean for us? As usual we can react or respond to this is two ways, well a myriad of ways but in essence two ways, this is duality, we can embrace it and bring our awareness to all that this energy is bringing up in us and focus on working with it, or we can reject it, ignore it or go into fear.

When large amounts of feminine energy come into the planet it can bring out fear in some men, as they hold so rigidly to the view that men are strong and warrior like, they are not mushy like women, or so they believe and this energy makes them feel uncomfortable, as it is rather unknown. Their reaction is often to become even more stereotypically manly, which is a normal reaction when trying to restore the norm. In some men it may reignite their heart centre and they will experience a feeling of coming home and life will make more sense.

I want to digress slightly and talk about men and women and our perceived view of them, which is rather off and in my opinion is accountable for much of malaise or feelings of disconnection and shame that most people experience in one degree of another. Men are naturally heart centred beings, they have a simplicity and compassion that is unequalled in women, women on the other hand are the energetic powerhouses, with a strength and resilience unmatched in men. However in the patriarchal duality it was as if the labels had been switched. Women lost sight of and denied their inherent power, men saw and felt this power, so tried to destroy and vilify it, so women became ashamed of their own power, labelled crazy, a bitch or a witch.

Men on the other hand were put into a position that they could not handle as they had neither the power nor the resilience, hence the reliance on machines as carriers of death and domination. A mans strength comes from his heart but sadly was cut off from his own feelings and emotions due to the role he found himself in but once re-united with his heart centre and man is wise and powerful beyond words.

There is a lot more to this but for now it is enough to understand that much of the shame anxiety isolation and feelings of being unworthy come from us, both sexes being cut off from our natural centre.

This feminine energy has been coming in, in varying degrees over the decades to help bring this into balance, for women to be empowered enough to reclaim their power without seeing it as aggressive or crazy, men can reconnect to their heart and other than being overwhelmed by fairly emotions and become weak, become strong compassionate and wise, simplicity being their greatest asset.

We have had a patriarchy we have had a matriarchy so this is not about either or, that is duality this is about both sexes coming together equally and we can only do that once we both reconnect to our core!

The other energies I feel around are all female and moon related, your intuition is high and has Benn increasing steadily this year, you know what you need to do, so stop dithering and go and do but first make a note in your journal so you can refer back to this to validate that your intuition is indeed high and you do really “know”.

It is time that you believed in you, and only you can do this, you may feel that you want external validation but it will only satisfy you for a moment or two and then you will be onto the next thing seeking approval, always searching for that feeling of security and grounding, which only ever comes from within. Nothing that we get or achieve externally will have any lasting affect an your search will continue forever, always with that little something missing but your quest is folly as nothing external will ever work as what you seek is within.

Many people don’t want to begin the inner journey because it is private, no one knows, you don’t really share it and this day and age just like the question if a tree falls in a forest with no one there to hear it does it make a sound, if you can’t post it on social media did it really happen and does it really matter?

Finally I feel, well not finally as there is such an intricate web of energies, but finally for this article I feel compassion and this is important, great change especially when much of it is beyond recognition of the senses brings out fear in people. Fear makes people act in some pretty shocking ways. Bring your awareness and compassion to this, now the beauty of compassion is it doesn’t interfere with your boundaries yet it helps you not to react to the fear in another, understand yet stand strong.

Everybody needs to bring their awareness to their own responsibility in the propagation of conflict anger and hate, become aware of when your actions or energy fuel or escalate an argument.

Compassion will stop this in its tracks!

So as we all take this first step in our new world if infinite possibilities, what are you bringing to the table? What effect will every action you take have, will you step lightly or will you stomp through life blind to earthquakes you create with every step and a I am alright jack attitude?

Have a wonderful day and take some time over the next few days to reflect on this article and see how it is showing up in you.

Change is happening and I hope you will all be part of that.

Love and laughter Michele xxxx

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February 14th 2018 Energy Forecast – Jump into your own life

Good Morning I hope you are well, we are fully in the new moon energy which also brings with it a partial solar eclipse and this will be reflected around the world as women rising.

2018 like no year before is about women coming out of the shadows, revealing their awesome power and claiming their own sacred space.

We have had a huge amount of feminine energy flooding the planet since the solstice and this will continue throughout the year, this is not just a women thing men too need this divine energy. I am so excited about the role women have to play in the world this year and do you know who they have by their side? Heart centred men, those strong men that have embraced their natural centre which is their heart, they are not here to support, guide or even carry our bags, they are here to walk as equals with a common goal.

The world changed fundamentally at the last solstice so keep your eyes peeled and your senses alert and you will it all playing out before your eyes.

But before you sit back and get the popcorn out, you chose to be here, right here, right now to be part of not just witness these extraordinary events, so get up and join the party!!

Women are innately strong kick ass creatures, yet this strength has been labelled crazy or aggressive, even some women have sadly joined this bandwagon, quick to blame another women regardless of the circumstance, 2018 this is going to change.

This New Moon energy is heightening intuition as you have all seen and felt in the last few months but with it this month comes transformation, new beginnings with a deep transformation of you, so that the changes you make will be long lasting.

I also feel the energy of communication clarity and strength, you will continue on your quest of speaking your truth just ensure this comes from the heart and not the mind or you will be speaking just to get a reaction or be awkward.

New moons are new beginnings that first active step on the path of your dreams, so please take advantage of this, be conscious about what you want to bring in, have a ritual or ceremony , do something or this life really is going to pass you by.

In the late 80’s I became a raver and it changed me and I think everyone who experienced raving in the UK back then will agree, it opened our minds and our hearts to something so expansive and loving we were able to be vulnerable with strangers as we all felt so connected, something that has never left us. I was part of that, I didn’t sit and watch it on the news, or hear stories from others I was there, living it and experiencing it, which is why is changed me.

These times are like that but a million times bigger and nothing will change if you are just an observer, so jump into your own life and feel that connection to something much much bigger!

The moon is a great starting point to get you to really connect in with what is happening, to really feel it and to see the transformations you get when you work with the cycles of the moon.

Last but not least we have love!

The energy of unconditional love is the most beautiful expansive transformative creative nurturing inspiring and downright awesome energy ever! Sadly most people experience conditional love and leave it there, this love is restrictive, controlling, limiting, possessive, dependent and so on.

This new moon take some time to really link into the energy of unconditional and you may be very surprised what this will create in your life. Ask the moon to show you, take your time and be open to the fact that you don’t know what it is or you do not have an abundance of unconditional love in your life, admitting this is the first step, so take some time to really feel it you are totally supported in this.

So I hope that you are all walking or should I say striding your path like an Amazon Warrior Goddess and I mean you men too because the energy is there for you to do just that, the shifts have been taking place to enable you to be the most awesome kickass you that you can be!

So what are you waiting for, your time is now, can’t you feel it?

Have a wonderful day and think about doing something in the energy of the new moon tomorrow

Love and laughter Michele xxxx

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February 12th 2018 Energy Forecast – Allow your path to unfold

37063923 – young woman sitting in a glass jar on a beach looking at the ocean view. loneliness outlier person. after storm survivor message to future generation concept


Good Morning I hope you are well and had a great weekend, this is going to be a very practical and grounded week, much can be achieved if you allow it to flow and not hold on too tightly,

I feel a very floaty and slightly flamboyant energy but it is only very slight so enough to give you the pep you need but not too much that you get distracted. It is here to ensure that the energy isn’t too rigid or strict. There are changes going on within you and the world and the last thing we want to do is replace one lots of rigid rules and viewpoints with another.

We are not jumping from the frying pan into the fire we are creating a whole new form of heat!

I feel the energy of responsibility all around and this is going to be an important week for many, revelations are going to set you free or at least expand your world. It is time everyone took full responsibility for their own happiness and lives and the energy we have around this year is going to help us do that. As long as you are listening accepting and allowing, the steps to this will be gentle, we only get run over my a trick when we fail to see.

It is also important to be aware of judgements of others, it is easy when we Stand in our own truth and power to judge those who do not but we need to remember there was a time when we didn’t either, we also need to remember that we don’t know it all yet. As I wrote in a recent article it is not enough that we get through our obstacles or issues but that we clear the path for those coming behind us.

People tend to fall into two camps with this one and everyone is going to be tested on this during the week, so keeps your awareness wide and see if you can spot it happening. One camp feels that if they can share their experience of their journey it may help someone else avoid the pitfalls and move faster on their path.. The other camp believe that they had it hard, no-one helped them so everyone should have it hard, actually there are three camps and then there is the third who will strap the person to their back and walk the path for them, whether the person wants that or not.

I also feel a controlling energy coming in and this is generated on a human level, this is why standing in our power is so important, many people around us are falling into fear, partly because they have limited conscious awareness, can feel the changes but have no idea what is happening. The natural response of a duality based individual to change is to reassert control over their lives. Just be aware of this in yourself and others and stop it in its tracks, understand that controlling situations and people will not make you feel better.

Grounding is very important as well as centring yourself daily, bringing yourself back into the moment and allowing everything around you to just settle, there is a lot of change going on and a lot of people around you are getting very excited or going into fear and this will affect you if you don’t ground.

We all have a responsibility to do all of these things so that we can be the most calm and centred person we can be, do have our eyes open constantly searching our day for clues on what we need to work on next.

We have a responsibility to work on our mind set, understanding the duality conditioning within us and slowly starting to unpick it.

If you find yourself saying oh well that’s just the way I am It is, it’s human nature etc then stop right there and think again, you know better than that, you know more than that.

What you feel see and do is natural for the duality paradigm and by accepting that is the way it is and that is the way it will stay you are choosing duality and that is ok if it is an informed and conscious choice, however there is a whole new world and operating system of unity out there, which will blow your mind if you let but you have to let it, these are the choices you need to make and it gets easier to do this if you are grounded and centred!

Have a wonderful day allowing your path to unfold.

Love and laughter Michele xxx

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