We are strong! A Psychic reading for the world

We have some big stuff coming up! The world as we knew it is coming to an end, this does not mean the end of the earth so don’t panic. We are starting to wrap up the duality paradigm and we are ready, we have never been so strong, so united and connected.

More people every day are awakening in one form or another , they are awakening to the reality of the world and their place in it, they are awakening to who they really are. 

They are realising that all is not as it seems, we are not told the truth by those in power and there is more going on than it first appears.

They are starting to believe in themselves rather than a faceless authority, they are starting to feel their own power and their ability to achieve change.

They are starting to unite!

We have never been as strong as we are right now! The structures and institutions of the duality paradigm are crumbling and that is us, we are doing that! As we reclaim our own power we stop powering the duality paradigm and those that control it.

Passion and confidence are rising in us all and we are ready to adapt and create after destruction comes creation and we are ready!

This is going to be a hugely empowering time for us all, if that is what you choose, if you cling to the old or yearn for the past you will miss the boat and all you will see is destruction.

This is what we have wanted for our whole lives, this is what our soul has been reaching for, a better life, a better way of living and now we can create that and we know it! 

Nothing will stand in the way of this paradigm shift, all that counts now is how you deal with the transition and you can do this, you know you can, dig deep it’s there within you.

This will be a time of great joy as you begin to feel free enough to see discover the power within you.

Then comes completion, the cycle will end, the duality paradigm is over. This will be an amazing experience as our conscious awareness expands even further and we can see the much bigger picture, this brings peace and liberation. It is the epitome of everything positive and harmonious, there are no more blocks, ups and downs everything is whole and expansive. We can move forward with a dance in our step and a tune in our heart.

I see success everywhere, the main message I am getting throughout is there are no more obstacles, nothing to block this transition from duality into unity and as a result nothing to block you from creating the life of your dreams.

The feeling of expansion and libration is intoxicating, I love it!

This will bring passion and engagement, as more wake from their apathy and start seeing that there is something to live for, another way, a fresh start. Everyone’s passions are rising within them and when we shift away from the duality paradigm things will change very quickly in a positive manner. There will be a whole new world to explore!

This will be a new reality, one of balance and harmony, where we can easily manifest and bring thought into form. As we begin to build new foundations within this higher vibrational energy we are building our new future, one that comes from our hearts, not our minds.

This was all incredibly positive and empowering, the paradigm shift will take place no matter what and this is a great thing. There will be some destruction but that is inevitable but nothing that we can’t handle. We are strong and just getting stronger by the day.

What can you do? Quite simply work on yourself, get deep into personal processing and development. Just as we are unplugging from the duality paradigm we need to uninstall the duality programme within us and you do that by first finding it within yourself on every level, emotional mental and physical, and process it. You can then heal your wounds and become whole once again. When you do this you can hold higher vibrational energy that you are blocked from when running the duality programme. 

What we and the earth itself, are doing right now is trying to raise our vibrational rate as high as possible and no-one can do this for you, personal development is the only way.

If you think you are already processing but are not sure then you are not processing because you would know, it isn’t easy but it is worth every bit of blood sweat and tears!

The future is bright for the world, for us and I for one am super excited!

Love and laughter Michele xx

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The paradigm shift is in full effect

Whoop whoop yea yea whoop whoop yea!

I am super excited today and the reason is this….

The energy recently has put a rocket up a lot of people, it has flipped the switch and compelled people into action!

So many more people are ready to start work on their own personal development, I have had 3 people over the weekend contact me and say they are ready to knuckle down and work on the course and processing – these are people who bought the course 1, 2 , 3 years ago but kept putting off doing it.

I am seeing another mass shift in the consciousness of the planet and this is fabulous

We are hurtling towards the total paradigm shift at an amazing speed and people are feeling it.

In September 2017 I spoke about alternative timelines locking down and that we were unable to shift between alternate timelines anymore and that it was important between 2017 and 2020 to work on our development and vibrational rate as by the end of 2019 we are locking in and aligning our vibrational rate with the rate of either the duality paradigm or the unity paradigm.

This does not mean that our vibrational rates will not grow past that point but it is a bit like the harry potter sorting hat, which paradigm will you be assigned to?

The world is waking up not only to the illusion and the control but also to our own power and awesomeness! Your free will allows you to choose, are you turning right and moving towards unity, your own development and liberation, are you sitting down and ignoring it all or are you turning left and jumping into the world that you have always known – better the devil you know kinda deal?

Look around you the world is changing right? This world is nothing like the world you remember as a child! Nothing is solid anymore and everything is shifting. Your heart knows one thing and your mind and the worlds media tell you something else.

But it is ok, it is fabulous and wonderful and amazing, the path ahead is simple – you just need to work on your own development, you don’t need to fix anything out there, you just need to connect with what is in here!

You are amazing and wonderful, kind and compassionate, you are wise and loving, insightful and creative and more than anything you have a purpose, a reason, something fabulous to bring to the party – no matter what the duality world and conditioning try to tell you about yourself it is all BS.

Look within, do the shadow work unite yourself and unity awaits – it’s all about the vibrations!!

Have a fabulous day and if you have any questions please give me a shout
Love and laughter Michele x

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Express don’t Suppress

This is a great technique to use to really connect with what is upsetting you. Suppressed anger and pain can be difficult to access because we are experts at locking it away unfortunately suppressed emotions can make you feel numb and stop you connecting with any emotions and that makes it very difficult to know who you are or what you want.

So often we are slowly beaten down by a situation or a person, each day we make a little adjustment here and there, putting our own needs wants or desires to the back of the list. We tell ourselves that it is ok, no biggy, we can handle this, it doesn’t matter and we are sure that things will get better. As time goes by things don’t get any better, we just kept giving, adjusting our own dreams and needs until there is nothing left of us.

Every time we make this adjustment we have to swallow our feelings, push them deep down inside, we are telling ourselves that our feelings aren’t justified, they aren’t real or important until eventually we aren’t really feeling anything at all. But we need our feelings, they guide us, either to look at our own self development or to bring the fire in our belly to make necessary changes. 

They will show us when something is out of balance and needs attention, they show us the beauty of life and how the simplest of pleasures make our hearts sing, they also show us when we are being treated badly and need to create some better boundaries or find our voice.

When we have got to the point where we are numb and disconnected from our feelings we may feel that we are ok, nothing seems to be bothering us but the absence of negative feeling is not the same as feeling alive fulfilled and joyful. Think about it, you may not feel sad or angry but do you feel joy?

When I can feel anger in my body but I don’t know where it is coming from I use this technique as I am walking in the mornings. I say this out loud.

I’m angry because……..

I’m angry because…….

I’m angry because………

Repeat this until you are completely spent.

You may find this quite hard at first and think but I am not angry and you may search around for something that has pissed you off recently.Keep going as you will find something, it may start off small but as you get into your stride you will be surprised at what pops up. 

Really get into it, shout your anger out into the wind or the sea! Find somewhere that you can do this and really let yourself go. It is amazing! To really connect with your emotions and give yourself permission to feel them is so empowering. Just by seeing them, recognising them and expressing them will release them.

You will then be exhausted but clear headed, you will know what you will need to do. You will start to see patterns emerging and cycles repeating, there is likely to be a common thread or theme to your anger. It may be that you see where you give your power away or that you seek out unsuitable partnerships, whatever it is you will see what you need to do.

It is important to process what comes up for you because although you have released the suppressed emotion you have not dealt with the core imbalance or wound that created it in the first place.

This technique is simple but hugely liberating and empowering, so give it a go!

You can try it with different emotions – 

I’m feel hurt because……..

I’m feel afraid because……

Whatever you feel is important for you go with it. You know yourself better than anyone and you know what is right for you, remember that.

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Have a fabulous day

Love and laughter Michele 

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Your food and your health

How much is what you eat and drink affecting you? More than you realise most probably as you have become used to the effects. Check out my video and reconnect with your body and the food you are eating.

Little changes can make huge improvements!

Please also check out my website, where there is a wealth of resources for your personal and spiritual development.


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Have a great day!

Tarot Reading

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Can I interest you in a cheesy nibble podcast

Sophie and I chat about my experiences as a mystic, the world in general and both our personal journey’s so far.

It is funny, poignant, insightful and sometimes just downright freaky and weird.

We have recorded 7 episodes so far and are hoping to release a new one each week. We have also recorded a special podcast on Men and Suicide.

I hope you have a listen and enjoy them as much as we do making them and we would love to hear from you, we can talk about any issue that you are interested in and can address any questions in future podcasts.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


Sophie and Michele talk about how it all began, their friendship, Michele’s Mysticism and both their journey’s of personal and spiritual development.


In this episode Sophie and Michele chat about spirits and ghosts. Where do they come from, why are they here and how do you see and communicate with them, as well as lots of other random stuff.


Aliens – Is it reasonable to think that we are the only intelligent life form in the Universe? Michele and Sophie discuss Aliens and share what they have experienced.


Sophies shares her weightloss journey and how she discovered it was about a lot more than her weight. Conscious eating, habit and eating your feelings are discussed in this podcast.


Michele and Sophie delve into the mysteries and battles between the light and the dark.


Michele and Sophie discuss the pressing issue of male suicide and a way forward.

Episodes 6 and 7 will be posted soon!

If you enjoy these podcasts we would love to hear from you and a review would be fabulous.

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New Podcast – A mystic and her mate

My friend Sophie and I decided to create a podcast based on our conversations around the kitchen table. These conversations are wide ranging, random and often hilarious, covering topics such as personal and spiritual development and what it means to be a mystic, Aliens, Mental health, astral travel, talking to dead people

There is no limit to what we will talk about and we are excited to get questions and topics of interest from our listeners.

You can listen to our first two episode, Can I offer you a cheesy Nibble at the link below.

Can I offer you a cheesy Nibble Episode 1

We hope you love it as much as we loved creating it and we look forward to talking about Aliens on Friday.

If you have any questions or would like us to discuss a particular topic then please send us a message and we would love to answer it.

Have a fabulous day

Michele x