New Podcast – A mystic and her mate

My friend Sophie and I decided to create a podcast based on our conversations around the kitchen table. These conversations are wide ranging, random and often hilarious, covering topics such as personal and spiritual development and what it means to be a mystic, Aliens, Mental health, astral travel, talking to dead people

There is no limit to what we will talk about and we are excited to get questions and topics of interest from our listeners.

You can listen to our first two episode, Can I offer you a cheesy Nibble at the link below.

Can I offer you a cheesy Nibble Episode 1

We hope you love it as much as we loved creating it and we look forward to talking about Aliens on Friday.

If you have any questions or would like us to discuss a particular topic then please send us a message and we would love to answer it.

Have a fabulous day

Michele x



Available in 2 weeks – ✨30 Day Email Series To Help Men with Depression, Suicidal Thoughts and General Life Overwhelm✨

An email each day to help you make your way back from the edge!

Each email is crafted to help you emotionally mentally and physically. You don’t need anyone to save you but you do need someone to hold your coat! Let me be that person for you!

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Once you believe it, move on!

Become aware of the reality of the world but then focus on your own development.

Otherwise, it is just another distraction to keep you from self-actualisation ❤️

Our world is not how we have been led to believe it to be and the truth of this has been coming out in a full and steady stream since 2008. Some of it can be pretty hard to handle but face it we must if we want a better life and a better future.

So it is important to research and question, to dig a little deeper on what you are told and what you assume to be true. I am not going to lie this will open a big can of worms but it is the only way the reality will hit you and hit you it must, it is often the only way it really sinks in and becomes part of your new belief structure. A more true and objective belief system.

However once you are aware of the reality or rather the illusion, then you don’t really need to know any more, that is enough for you to realise that the only power and truth is within you. You take that energy drive and possibly outrage and use it to process the hell out of the duality conditioning within you. You work on yourself as that is the way out of this “mess”. You don’t need to change the world out there, that is being taken care of and the very fact you have seen the illusion for what it is means that are beginning to withdraw your power from it. It is only our belief in it that is continuing to power this duality paradigm and the corrupt institutions within it.

Society appears to be breaking down but it is just the duality paradigm and the illusion breaking down, if you step out of fear and unplug from duality you will see the beauty of what lays beyond.

It is easy to fall into the shock of what is really going on and get lost in all the conspiracy theories and before you know it that is all you are doing. The magnitude of reality out there would take a life time of devotion to understand but you don’t need to understand it, you just needed to see the illusion and be spurred on to remove your faith trust and belief in the existing structures and institutions. (Government, Banking, Media etc, Your belief in how the world works)

Once you have withdrawn your power and your consent, you can begin your journey of self development and that is going to take all your spare time, so you don’t have time for any more research or any activities that don’t bring value to you and your life.

Personal development isn’t easy and processing can sometime illicit the same response as doing your taxes, you can relate to this I’m sure, when you suddenly find the overwhelming and urgent need to clean your understairs cupboard just as your tax return is due.

So research enough until you believe, not just with your mind but with your heart, make this new perspective this new understanding part of who you are and then leave it alone, move on, you know what you need to know to be of any value to you and now you are going to focus on you.

As Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world” and it is never more true than now, to move into the unity paradigm you have to rediscover your unity self, mind body and soul and be that.

If you would like to know more about processing and self development, click the links below

Processing Techniques

Self Development

Self Development is for everyone!

Self-development is the desire to grow, to evolve.

It is not a sign of weakness, failing or inadequacy.

You’ve heard that life is a school right?
Unfortunately, most people think that ends at 18. But this school lasts for life, every day you can learn something new, shift your perspective, understand more and bring that wisdom to your world.
When I speak with people about self-development a common response is I am fine, I don’t think I need therapy, life is ok I don’t have any issues right now.

But self-development isn’t just about overcoming issues, it is about becoming everything that you are possible of being.

It is about finding your way home – finding the unity you beneath the duality conditioning.

One thing is for sure the more you resist, the more you look the other way and reject your own growth and development the more you are suffocating under duality conditioning.

Everyone has work to do….Fact! We are all unity beings living within a duality conditioned world and not only do we have to uninstall that programme we also have to heal the damage it created.

Nobody walks through this life unscathed and no one is born ready formed but there is a simple path are you ready to take it?

It’s time and you know it! So push through the apathy and mental justification and take that step, I am here to walk with you.
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Time move away from the Duality Paradigm

For those of you that are familiar with me, you will know I am always banging on about the duality and unity paradigm and this I believe is what Jim Carrey is talking about. The human spirit is our unity selves.

We are all unity beings but we are living in and are programmed by the duality system (paradigm)

A new paradigm beckons, Unity and this is what we can hear calling, this is what is stirring… the unity within us.

It is only when this world becomes unbearable are we shaken from our drug induced apathy (processed food, TV and Social Media) and we begin to see beneath the duality conditioning that tells us we are not worthy and overwhelms us with fear, that isolates and divides us.

The cabal are invested in keeping us all trapped within the duality paradigm but we are rising.

You know it is coming and you can feel it deep within so don’t wait until life becomes unbearable start making changes within you now because that is the route to unity.

The transition from duality to unity comes from within and follows a simple route.

  1. Recognise the duality conditioning within you, begin to notice how it shows up in your day to day life, start to join the dots, so that you start to see the bigger picture and see what is really going on.

2. Learn a processing technique that deals with all of you, your emotional mental physical and spiritual sides. Often you can think you are processing but you are only doing it on a mental level so nothing changes in the longterm.

3. Make a commitment to your own personal growth back into unity

4. ACT

If you are interested in knowing more about processing techniques Click HERE

Transformation and Joy!

I meet a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds with a lot of different issues but the understanding and solution is always simple and always the same – what you are experiencing is a sign of the paradigm shift from duality into unity and the solution is Unlock the Potential of You.

If it wasn’t so truly and consistently transformative it wouldn’t receive so much resistance!

Change is not easy but it is not impossible and I teach you how to break down those barriers, how to recognise when the ego is trying to maintain the status quo and how to sneak below the ego radar.

The world seems a crazy place that is just getting worse but from my perspective I see it as very simple and there is a straight and consistent path out of the chaos but it requires action, motivation, commitment and taking full responsibility and sadly that is a big barrier for many but not for you, you took the action to sign up to my mailing list, you take the time to read these emails or check out my social media posts, you know in your heart this is true and this is for you.

So take a deep breath and step over that last hurdle and come and join us, we are a lovely group of people who understand what you are going through and will support you in your struggles, teach you to overcome and celebrate your wins.

If money is your stumbling block then think about this – I recently bumped into a gorgeous lady who took Unlock the Potential of You a couple of years ago. Her motivation for taking it was mainly money issues, they were always financially struggling and it was a massive drain and case of anxiety, but last week she told me that since taking my course and applying the techniques money had not been an issue, it just kept rolling in, in all sorts of random and surprising ways, from lottery wins to unexpected tax returns.

So if you don’t think this could help you whatever your pressing issue then think again 

Both my Development Course Unlock the Potential of You and My mentoring sessions are heavily discounted right now, so gab this opportunity being presented to you and run with it.

I hope to see you soon

Love and laughter Michele 

Before you go nuclear, just stop and have a little chat.

Let year I began growing my own vegetables and everyone told me you need to get slug and snail killer and repellent or they will eat everything! But I knew differently, there was no need for such a heavy handed approach.

When we were initially prepping the garden ready to the grow the vegetables my garden was a haven for slugs and snails, to my friends disgust and she said “get rid of them or I am not helping you”Collect them in a bucket and pour salt over them a neighbour helpfully called over the wall, that’ll kill em”  A tad harsh I thought and totally unnecessary and also is this not a metaphor or reflection of how we treat most problems or things we don’t like in life…Kill it, destroy it, get rid of it!

So I showed my friend a “miracle” I told her its ok they will be gone tomorrow, she looked at me with that yeah ok crazy lady look. 

I sat in my garden and spoke with the snails and the slugs, just as I do with the spiders in my house before cleaning. I told them of my plans for the garden, I told them I would leave them food at the end of the garden, I told them I appreciated and respected them…..However I also told that this work needed to be done and despite being careful I could not take responsibility for their wellbeing once work began!

That night we went to bed with a carpet of snails and slugs in the garden, the following morning they were all on the walls and by that lunchtime they were gone.

I grew amazing vegetables that year with not a single pesticide or even natural slug and snail deterrent, I didn’t have to do anything else, we had an agreement.

Everything we do can be sorted by taking a moment, sitting down and finding the middle way, something fair and beneficial for all. We don’t need to walk over others, destroy them or disregard them. Nor should we be at the mercy of their wellbeing, we don’t need to sacrifice ourselves or our wellbeing.

We are not more important or more worthy than any other being or thing.

Communication love and respect are key!

Everything in life is a collaboration

What we see happening on the global stage is a reflection of our own lives. Until we stop going nuclear in our own lives, until we respect every living creature, until we are prepared to work with rather than against other beings, nothing will change on the global stage.

We bomb each other, we use nerve gas and chemical agents,  we destroy countries all in the name of national safety …how this any different to what we do with our gardens?

It’s time to “be the change you wish to see in the world” –  Mahatma Gandhi

Have a fabulous day and enjoy this wonderful world of creatures great and small.

M xx