Reaching Unity Cards have an awesome new feature!



I am so excited to share with you the latest development in Reaching Unity Cards.

You will soon be able to buy the card set and game and once you do you will be able to play around with this fabulous new feature.

Each card comes with a short description, written on the card, you can then scan the card with your phone which will link you to a longer description with a section for you to record your thoughts and notes, for your own personal use.

This is super handy if you take your cards out and about with you, no cumbersome books to carry with detailed info at your fingertips.

The picture shows what you would see once you scanned the card with your phone.


I am just so excited about this and know you are going to love it.

Reaching Unity Game and Card set will be available to buy in January 2019  and Pre-order sales will be available soon.

Have a fabulous day 

Michele 🙂


Why I used to date emotionally unavailable men.


Romantic relationships have never been my main focus, I dated when I was younger out of a need to show the world that I was normal, desirable and not some freaky weirdo that was unloveable.

The men I dated, on the whole, were fairly emotionally unavailable, which caused a lot of drama angst and confusion until I realised why.

Firstly although I felt that I wore my heart on my sleeve and was emotionally evolved and connected,  in reality, my boyfriends were a reflection of my own emotional unavailability. What I thought the world saw was in fact just my inner world seen and felt only by me.

These men were also opportunities for me to work through my issues with my father a very emotionally unavailable man. As I child I didn’t understand this and interpreted it as a rejection of me which affected my sense of my own worth and self-esteem. I chose these men to make this right, if I could make them show their love for me then I would be worthy, it would make my issues with my father go away.

I felt safe playing the role of victim, the tragic heroine who was treated badly by those she loved the most. I blame Jilly `Cooper for this haha, I read too many of her books as a young teen and it featured a lot of unrequited love and tragic love stories, full of drama and angst. 

I had commitment issues and by being in relationships with people who had their own commitment issues meant I could blame them and not have to face my own problems or even be aware of them.

I love being alone but society taught me that meant being lonely, boring, a social outcast or there was something wrong with you, I was led to believe that a happy ending meant marriage and family but deep down I didn’t believe that so created relationships that wouldn’t end that way, although consciously I thought it was what I wanted. I have been proposed to 3 times which I declined and promptly left the relationship even though throughout the relationship I thought it was what I wanted. There is nothing like getting what you want to realise that you never really wanted it.

All of these reasons were unconscious to me until they weren’t, but the realisation, the expansion of my own self-awareness changed everything in an instant and that is the beauty of reflection everything can change in the blink of an eye and the things that confused us the most and held us in these cycles of despair becomes clear and we have our answers. I spent years asking why and now I knew.

I spent years pointing the finger of blame in relationships only to find out it was all about me. Now from this point of understanding, I have love gratitude and forgiveness for these men, forgiveness not for them but for me because I never truly saw them for who they really were just my projection of what I needed to see.

As for me, I have been happily single for 11 years, I am not closed to the possibility of a relationship but now I no longer need anything from a relationship I am happy to wait for what I want.

Narcissists are people too!

Narcissists are people too!

Narcissists get a really bad press, our SM feeds are full of articles about the horrors of having a narcissist in your life, they are not wrong it is incredibly hard being in a relationship with a narcissist especially if you are related to them but it does seem to dehumanise them or make us forget that they are people too. We are berating them for being who they are, is this fair?

Narcissists brains work differently to the average person, they are literally hardwired to only think of themselves, to not recognise anger fear or distress in another or to be able to empathise in any way. This is automatic, this is not a choice they make, they are not choosing to hurt you, they aren’t even thinking about you, they are only focused on getting their needs met.

They are never going to focus on your needs, it doesn’t even come into the equation for them, the key is not taking it personally because it isn’t and also not expecting them to change because they can’t. Processes our brain goes through when we interact with another are just not available to them. It is like asking a colour blind person to see and understand the world from your full-colour perspective.

It is hard for us to understand their viewpoint and experience of the world just as it is hard for them to understand us but these are very different views and we just becoming more aware of this would benefit everyone.

We need to find more compassion for narcissists, imagine living a life without empathy and the richness of connections that brings.

Narcissists don’t understand why people react so badly to them, they miss subtle cues and hints. They interpret your behaviour through their own filter which means they think your crying is a manipulation, they don’t understand your pain or see that it has anything to do with them, all they know is they don’t like it and you are the source of that discomfort. All they think is why are you doing this to me, they do not have the cognitive ability to ask how did I create this, they are unable to reflect on their own behaviour.

When we are in a relationship with a narcissist and we are trying to make them treat us how we would like them to we are actually being unfair, we are asking them to not be who they are, that who are they are is wrong, they are bad, they are cruel and coldhearted. But who they are is physiological, it is how they are wired and we are asking them to do the impossible.

We are understanding much more about mental health and the way our brains function and are moving away from the preconception that people have a choice in these matters.

If you have a relationship in whatever way with a narcissist it would be helpful to remember that they process the world around them very differently from you. It is incredibly hurtful when someone does something to you that you would never do to them, you cannot understand why they would do this to you knowing the pain that it would cause but if you stop right there and realise that you are interpreting their actions from your own perspective and that is not their process you can take the personal out of it and adopt a new strategy a new dynamic between the two of you. 

If you choose to be in a relationship with a narcissist in the hope that one day they will love and respect you in the way you deserve then you are only creating a future of heartache, confusion and disappointment.

Being in a long-term relationship with a narcissist usually has one of two outcomes, you lose yourself and your strength in the process or you finally look in your own mirror and find your own love self-worth and strength and become your true self. A narcissist can help make or break you but all of this will pass a narcissist by as they are unable to reflect on their own lives in this way.

Narcissists will always do what is right for them and them alone as that is the only perspective they have, it isn’t personal that they don’t think about you or realise that they are hurting you it is a hardware issue. If you put unleaded fuel into a diesel engine you wouldn’t blame the engine when it breaks down.

However, that is not to say that everything they say and do is unconscious or related to their narcissist’s brain just like the average Joe they can react in nasty manipulative or aggressive ways but as a narcissist, they will fight to the bitter end so think twice about getting into a dispute with them.

To have a successful relationship with a narcissist you have to think about what you want from that relationship and whether or not they are hardwired to give that to you and then try and understand what they need from a relationship and whether that is something you can give.

Narcissists have an inflated sense of self-worth and as such see themselves as the hero of their story and as everyone knows every hero needs a victim and a villain it is up to you whether you cast yourself in either of those roles.



There is a war going on, this is not one that will be reported in the mainstream news but it is the greatest battle that humanity has ever faced.

You may not see it but you can feel it and if you look there are signs all around. In a nutshell this is a battle of light and dark, it is the end times of the current paradigm and the opportunity to move into unity, a new paradigm of equality love and peace, the forces of dark however don’t want this, as it serves their purposes for us to remain in the duality paradigm.

So what can you do to help?

The main thing is to not fall into fear, you will only ever have to do what you are capable of doing at this time and everybody has something to give, no matter how small or insignificant you may think it is, believe me it isn’t. We are all in this together and we are all important, so where do we start.

You can look at it like two beacons, or communication towers, each one pumps energy around the world that affects every single being on the planet.

Beacon A is pumping dense negative low vibrational energy around the planet, which makes people feel depressed, irritable and anxious, it can make your thought processes sluggish and negative and physically you feel tired and heavy, life feels like a burden.Beacon B is pumping out positive high vibrational energy, which makes you feel lighter, happier, relaxed, energised and totally connected to life.

Every single person on the planet contributes to the energy of either Beacon A or Beacon B, in every moment of their lives, with every decision, reaction and state of being they embody and transmit. If we all made this process conscious and chose a high vibrational reaction it would not take long for the energy of Beacon B to outweigh Beacon A and Love and Harmony would be the predominant energy and we would have a smooth transition into Unity.

So it is really quite simple how we save the world, we all bring into our conscious awareness our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, we understand that how we see think and react are choices, we choose, albeit in a split second, every reaction we have. When we start to bring these reactions into our conscious awareness we are able to slow down our reaction time, we can pause and consider the alternatives and we can choose a better way, a way that will benefit the whole of mankind and help win the war.

An example of this in action could be losing a car parking space, you may initially react with anger, frustration or irritation but then you would pause and think, does it really matter? No it doesn’t, let them have it, with good grace and move on, there is probably a better parking space waiting for you. It is only a little adjustment but it stops the anger spiralling and rather than hitting the person with an energetic fireball you are sending them a green light.

If you are always late and in a hurry don’t get angry with other drivers for getting in your way, just ensure you leave earlier next time, your time management is your responsibility not everyone else, we all work on different timeframes and life runs much smoother once we take that into account.

So what you do in every moment is really important, more important than it has ever been, and although it is a small adjustment the impact this will have globally is immense.

Please don’t go into fear worry about the finer details of this war, there are millions around the planet from mystics to scientists and military personnel who are fighting this war daily. What would help us all greatly is more energy being directed into Beacon B, High vibrational energy, rather than Beacon A Low vibrational energy.

Just bare this article in mind the next time you are about to get irritated because something hasn’t gone to plan and ask does it really matter? Then choose to feed Beacon B and together we can win this war.

If you would like to contact me please send me an email rather than messenger

Love and laughter Michele xxx



Work with the energy and cycles of the moon and find your life begin to really flow, join me this Monday 30th April 9am BST for a free online guided meditation, to use these energies for your maximum benefit and growth.

FULL MOON MEDITATIONS – You only need to do this once and you will receive your direct link to the meditation each month.


I would be lovely to have you as part of the group so I hope to see you there !

Love & Laughter Michele xxx

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April 29th 2018 Energy Forecast  – Follow the signposts, don’t paint over them!

April 29th 2018 Energy Forecast  – Follow the signposts, don’t paint over them!

Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy is super intense right now and I am sure your sleep patterns may have been affected, this energy should have you leaping out of bed earlier than usual raring to go, if it isn’t then in your morning meditation ask why you may be hiding from something. Let the full moon shine a light on this for you, process it and let it go, the full moon will just suck it all out of you if you offer it up.

So what has been coming in for you lately, what did you put out there in the new moon and how is it making its way back to you? This is why it is a good idea to journal so that you can keep track of these things we think we will remember but we have busy lives and it is easy to forget and even easier not to reflect, always pushing forward.

This is going to be an illuminating time where we can really take on board how we manifest and create everything that happens in our lives and we will be shown this clearly in the light of the full moon, this brings up the topic of responsibility, which some see as a burden or accusation and others see as integrity empowerment and freedom. See what comes up for you and take it from there, don’t push these feelings down or judge them as not worthy or the not the ones you want to have, we have to work with what we are shown, that is the way true growth happens. 

Signposts are to be followed not painted over. If you were on your way to Tipperary and came across a signpost that said you were actually on your way to London, you wouldn’t paint Tipperary over the London sign and keep going.

You have to see and accept your emotional reactions, they are your feelings and they are valid, they may not be the feelings you would like and you probably shouldn’t express them but you are having them for a reason, you need to work out what that is and release it, which you do by processing. Ignoring your feelings and telling yourself you are being silly just pushes these feelings down, adding to the core wounds and triggers that got you here in the first place.

Processing helps you heal the wound and release the emotional trigger so that it is gone for good, really, truly gone, this is what always surprises those taking my course, it isn’t that they get better at controlling their reactions but they no longer react.

Whatever you feel today relate it back to my last few energy forecasts and see how it is all playing out for you, step back and see the bigger picture, what do you need to see what do you need to learn.

When good things happen to us we tend to think in terms of karma and when bad things happen to us we think in terms of luck, but everything that happens is a result of what we either have been putting out there or is a lesson for us, the trick is learning which is which, the best thing is to start by looking at each in turn as with everything in life though it all plays out on many different levels, so there will be plenty for you to start working with.

Have a fabulous day and I would love for you to join me in meditation tomorrow for the full moon, working with the cycles of the moon will certainly fast track your development.

This full moon is likely to bring up a lot of areas for you that need processing so it might be time to learn a simple yet highly effective processing technique – Sign up today to Unlock the Potential of You and join the empowerment revolution.

Have a fabulous day

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx

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