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We love it, we hate it, we chase it, we reject, we see it as the solution to our problems and the cause of our problems. We think about money a lot, a disproportionate amount, does money dominate your life?

We all have a complicated relationship to money and how we perceive and relate with money is deep rooted, the causes of which are not easily available to our conscious awareness. Which is why our lack of money despite our greatest efforts persists.

Most of us are conflicted in our relationship with money, on the one hand ;

We associate money with materialism, shallowness, egotism, consumerism, some of the worst aspects of society today .

We see that the pursuit of wealth, control and domination go hand in hand and are the cause of war & violence in todays world.

We look at the arrogance or entitlement of those with money, these are not qualities we desire so we reject it as shallow.

We see money being used as an anaesthetic, a distraction from our inner journey and the issues that lie within. It can be seen as a choice made between our inner journey = poor, outer journey = rich. Many people feel that money and spirituality conflict and I will write more about that in another article

We are conditioned to see money as a measuring stick for success and self worth, which sets us up to fail, feeling frustrated, unlucky or just not good enough

So we reject it, if this is money we want no part in it, Money is the root of all evil right?

Yet on the other hand;

We can’t live without money, we need it for our basic human requirement at the least, the roof over our head , the food in our belly, so the tortured relationship continues.

We see the wonderful lives of those with money, the freedom and choices it gives them and we want it, we need it, we have to have it and why shouldn’t we. Having money is liberating. I have lived both lives and I know which one I prefer

We see that most of our problems would go away or be easier to deal with if we had more disposable income and they would. Money talks, it opens doors, it makes life easier. Money is indeed the solution to most of our problems

However all of these things, although true, in that most of us experience this, they are not about money itself, just our relationship with it.

Money is just energy, it is there to provide for us, to enable us to get everything we need to live a good and fulfilling life. It is neither good nor bad, it is not about luck or destiny, its about what you believe.

Money is attracted to you by inner energy yet it can only satisfy external needs. This is why you need to be in balanced in your relationship with money to have consistent abundance. If you focus on either your outer world and getting money or your inner journey at the exclusion of the other you will be poorer for it, either in resources or soul.

Having money can make it easier to be happy but it can’t in itself make you happy, that’s always a choice you have to make.

But isn’t it time you let money do what it is destined to do and that is provide you with everything you need so you can go and do what you are destined to do!

Join me on Sunday for a workshop showing you how to address your relationship and mindset towards money bringing you whatever you desire!

Sign up today for my workshop and take advantage of the half price offer of only £20…/70462-FAST-TRACK-YO…

Love and Laughter Michele xxx

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The Worlds have split, what does that mean for you?

Thursday 25th January 2018 3pm GMT FREE ONLINE SEMINAR and Q & A


I will be hosting a free seminar for you all about where we are right now in the big scheme of things. I will talk in detail about moving from the duality paradigm into the unity paradigm, how the worlds have already split, the tipping point was reached some time back, so there is no stopping this….however where you end up is your choice, the duality paradigm or the unity paradigm?

I will answer any questions you have about what this may mean to loved ones, how to make these choices conscious and what is happening at a global level. I am happy to talk about anything with you.

Your choices are your choices to be respected but just make sure they are conscious ones.

How you experience the next decade is up to you. You can cling to a dissolving and destructive paradigm or you can move forward into unity.

As always my advice is grounded practical real and authentic. We don’t talk theory but about how this shows up for you!

I will post more details later but it would be best to book your space, although it is free but spaces are limited

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2018 the year you create financial freedom – are you ready?





Are fed up of only just having enough, with little left at the end of the month to do what you really want to do?

Do you dream of Financial Freedom, where you are not constantly worrying about bills and can go away for the weekend at the drop of a hat and not worry about saving up?

In this workshop I talk about the relationship we have with money and how it affects how much or little we have.

I will teach you some simple exercises to rebalance your relationship with money, so that you can create a wealthier life.

Cost £20 for more details and to book your place

I look forward to seeing you there

Love & Laughter Michele xxx


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In 2018 I would love for you to join me in a live guided meditation during each full moon

It is completely free, all you have to do is sign up so that I can send you the details each month.

The benefits of this will be extraordinary so for more details just click the link below.


If you are already on my mailing list you don’t need to do anything except keep an eye on your mailbox

I do hope you will all join me as it would be wonderful to connect with you but also the bigger the group the greater the energy and power generated

Love and Laughter Michele xxx


Relationships and Energy Contracts


Relationships and Energy Contracts

We often hear talk of Soul Mates and Twin Flames, meeting your other half and sailing off happily into the sunset, well that rarely happens, those that we may call soul mates for want of a better word are those beautiful souls who agree to be our biggest catalyst of change.

They are the ones that leave us broken and desperate so that we have no choice but to dig deep and bring out that eternal spirit within us that will always survive.

They are the ones who reflect back to us our own issues in an intense and up close way.

They are the ones that will push us to our limits so that we can see that we are actually limitless.

Any relationship is tough as you have two individual souls, walking their own paths, fighting their own demons, with their own needs and desires who decide to come together and merge their lives. This rarely happens instead it creates an unconscious battle of who’s life takes priority, of who’s needs are more important.

Often it is the most manipulative or aggressive whose needs take priority. Sadly this is a pattern that soon becomes ingrained and the relationship is doomed.

You can however create a more balanced harmonious and respectful relationship if you just bear some things in mind. Energy, Space & Responsibility

Over the years working with couples I came to see the huge benefits of Couples Signing Energy Contracts with each other. This helps bring into both partners conscious awareness their own responsibilities to the relationship but also the journey they are both on and learning to respect that in each other.

I am giving this to you for free because if you are willing to put in the work, this could transform your relationships

If you are already on my mailing list you don’t need to do anything as I will be sending it to you shortly

If you are not on my list and would like this Energy Contract PDF then please send me your email address via

Love and Laughter Michele xxxxx

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2018 Dates for you Diary – Online Workshops & Full Moon Meditations

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2018 is a great year for Personal Growth & Change.
You are ready for this which is why you are here now!
So whatever you are looking to tackle head on this year I am sure you will find a
Workshop or Course to help
2nd January. Super Full Moon Group Meditation
14th January Online Workshop – Fast Track Your Life to Financial Freedom
18th January New Moon (no events but a good date for your diary)
20th January Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
31st January Super Full Moon Eclipse Group Meditation
10th February Online Workshop – Conscious Living, what it means and how to do it
15th February New Moon (No events )
17th February Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
2nd March Full Moon Group Meditation
17th March New Moon. Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
18th March Online Workshop – How to be happy
20th March Equinox (no events)
31st March Full Moon Group Meditation
14th April Online Workshop – Health, how to self heal & increase vitality
15th April Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
30th April Full Moon Group Meditation
13th May Online Workshop – Conscious Eating, never diet again
15th May. New Moon (No events )
19th May Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
29th May Full Moon Group Meditation
9th June Online Workshop – Love, why we mess up and how to find it
13th June. New Moon (No events )
16th June. Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
20th June My Birthday (no events just FYI lol)
21st June Solstice
28th June. Full Moon Group Meditation
8th July Online Workshop – Develop & Control your Empathic Sense
13th July New Moon (No events )
14th July Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
27th July Micro Full Moon Eclipse Group Meditation
11th August New Moon. Online Workshop – Unity & The Deconstruction of the Duality Self
18th August Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
26th August Full Moon Group Meditation
9th September New Moon. Online Workshop – How to Astral Project
15th September Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
23rd September Equinox (no events)
25th September. Full Moon Group Meditation
9th October New Moon (No events )
14th October Online Workshop – Unity Children, A guide for parents
20th October Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
24th October Full Moon Group Meditation
7th November New Moon (No events )
11th November Online Workshop – Learn how to forgive
17th November. Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
23rd November Full Moon Group Meditation
7th December New Moon (No events )
8th December Online Workshop – Setting intentions & Manifesting
15th December Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
21st December Solstice
22nd December Full Moon (no meditation)
Please send me a message if you would like to book your space on any of these workshops.
I will be adding more information shortly so keep your eyes open. Each workshop will cost between £20 & £35