Learn to Read Tarot with Michele Elizabeth Mystic


2 hour 15 minute video tutorial

2 podcasts of visualisations for connecting with your cards and universal energy

4 Worksheets

Learn to Read Tarot with Michele Elizabeth Mystic ebook

In the tutorial I will teach you:


  • To connect & bond with your cards – The more you love your cards the deeper the messages you will get.
  • To connect into source energy and then the energy of the person or situation you are reading. You will learn the difference between reading someone’s desires and reading the source energy that can see the future possibilities
  • To recognise the patterns and flow of the card spread and what that means.
  • Several card layouts and when you would use them to gain deeper understanding and clarity.
  • How to read the cards and how their meanings can change depending upon the position they fall.
  • How to develop your connection further.
  • How your own filter can change the messages you receive.
  • Understanding how spirits can bring their own messages as you read.
  • The Ethics of Tarot Reading and your responsibilities.


The podcasts are short visualisations that guide you through the connection process


I have designed the worksheets to get you thinking about Tarot as a skill to develop, rather than just for entertainment.


I have also written a Tarot guide for you. It started off with just the card definitions and turned into a 73 page book. With the following sections

Card Meanings

Card Spreads

How to read your cards


Ethics and Responsibilities


To keep it accessible to all I am offering this at £45.00

I have loved creating this course and sharing what I have learned, tarot is a great resource in my life and I hope it will be in yours too.


I have a few more tweaks to do and then it will be launched officially but I am so excited about it I wanted to share it with you now.


Love and laughter Michele xxxx

Monthly Forecast sent to your inbox each month

Hey All

Something new for you all!

I have just recorded a monthly forecast for June 2017

This will be sent out to all those who subscribe to my Monthly Newsletter that will be making its premier shortly.

Each newsletter will have a forecast for the month, an article or two with some handy tips and just some general bits and bobs

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Lots of love and laughter to you all Michele xxx

Michele Elizabeth Processing Course Student Reflections after week 4

Michele Elizabeth Processing Course

Michele Elizabeth Processing Course – starts 4th May 2017 Online

Here’s is what the last class had to say after 4 weeks in…..

•No anxiety or fear when I first wake up.

•Trusting in the universe.

•Feeling Calmer and Peaceful.

•Not worrying about what people think of me,

•Not feeling guilty.

•Forgiving others.

•Releasing and letting go more.
•I feel that I am listening with my body and less with my over thinking mind.

•I am trusting my instincts that I will find my inspiration once I properly let go.

•I’m still straddling the old and new like tug of war, but I am really excited about falling into the new my body smiled and I got butterflies as I wrote the last bit xxx

•Yes I’m same trusting my instincts too, listening to my gut feeling and from my heart, yay its wonderful xx

•Processing has really helped me on this journey; the immense feeling of relief x
•Very much the same as what has already been said. Having been in a situation recently as well where there would have normally been lots of triggers and realising how calm and balanced I felt was confirmation of how this process really is so empowering!!

•Trusting more, smiling more and feeling detached from others emotional dramas.

•I have also noticed a difference with the flow of energy when doing Reiki and am receiving more messages and insight.

•Thank you for asking us to write this for you as it’s wonderful to stop and focus for a moment on all that’s happened in just four weeks!!! Xxx


There is still time and I would love for you to join us if you are ready to create the life of your dreams.


lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

Processing Course – Create the life of your Dreams

This is an online course and starts 4th May 2017


so how do you create the life of your dreams

This is the most amazing and transformational course, if you are ready to make those changes and commit to your own development your life will change forever…..time to leave behind the old cycles of lack, disappointment and drama and create an extraordinary life!

Over 8 weeks I will teach you the tools to process your baggage, balance your light and dark sides and dissolve the conditioning that keeps you small. The pace at which you apply these tools is up to you and I am available for support.

So why would you take this course?

Would you like to……..

•Be free from fear and anxiety?

•Feel deeply and passionately but in a stable and consistent way, rather than being triggered by external events and being on an emotional rollercoaster?

•Feel balanced and whole so that you can just be rather than searching…for what you don’t know

•Manifest with ease, creating the life of your dreams

•Ending Money Struggles & Hardship, creating a flow of abundance

•Truly love yourself and let go for the need of others approval. Attracting balanced and nurturing love from others

•Be healthy, vibrant & full of energy.
•Flow with the Universe experiencing the miracles all around

•Transform your life and you, like a caterpillar into a butterfly

•Balance the light and dark , good and bad bringing in harmony and unity

•Raise your energetic vibration so that you can work more easily with universal energy, healing premonitions and flowing with ease.

•Learn how to process your issues from the past, your conditioning and triggers that cause you to be locked into the pendulum swing of good times and bad, Drama and conflict.

I have moved my courses online and the first Processing Course starts in 4th May 2017. We will have weekly tutorials via facebook live and you will have plenty of homework and worksheets.

This course is transformative and will change every aspect of your life. You will feel empowered yet blissful, Joyful, relaxed and full of love. Your world will respond positively to the changes within and you will pinch yourself to see if it is real.

The changes are permanent; once you see life from this perspective you can never un-see it.

This course is for you if
•you are ready to make this commitment, to yourself and the universe. Are you ready to walk hand in hand with the universal energies, with faith and trust. Are you ready to live the life of your dreams and are you ready to put in the hard work.

•There will be times of great joy but also times when you have to face your shadow sides, this is not always easy but the rewards are beyond anything you could imagine and you will have me walking alongside you, as well as the support of those in the group.

•So if you are ready to make the change, to live a joyful life of flow and abundance, to drop the struggle and really live, then get in touch today to book your space.


I look forward to seeing you there, if you are serious about changing your life, this course is the one for you!
Love and laughter

Michele xxx

I am Looking for Bloggers and Editors

so how do you create the life of your dreams


Hey All


I am just so excited, I have launched my Online Personal and Spiritual Development/Processing Course. Start Date Mary 4th 2017 for 8 weeks and I am looking for Bloggers and Editors to help me.


I have been teaching this in a 1:1 setting and small groups for a few years but decided it is time to go into the online market as I can reach more people and live anywhere in the world.


The online environment is a little strange to me and I need some help getting my course out there.


Now my course is truly awesome and it transforms the lives of everyone who takes it without fail. Of course with most things you get out of it what you put in.


Don’t just believe me go and check out some of the testimonials on my website http://www.micheleelizabeth.co.uk Within weeks clients who have suffered anxiety every day lose this anxiety, those afraid become bold, those who are lost find their purpose, those who are angry become calm and those with a mind that ties them up in knots find clarity and so the transformations go on. Add into this all the energy work I do on them, it is awesome intense and just totally fabulous.


So this is where I need your help. I would like to offer you a spot on my course if you are able to really commit to going through it and then blog about it, or write  an article in your magazine.


I know that you will be changed by this.


So check me out http://www.micheleelizabeth.co.uk and also http://www.theenlightenmentproject.

I write a daily energy forecast on facebook at The Enlightenment Project and have done for around 9 years, my methods and my work, my value and integrity are tried and tested. I do what I say I do, i am who I say I am, so I would love love love it if you could help me and I could help you.

Message me at michele@micheleelizabeth.co.uk and let do some stuff together xxxxxx