January 21st 2018 Energy Forecast – Choices!


Good morning I hope you are well, the soft gentle intuitive energy continues, allow this energy in and work with it. Feel deep inside and seek what is important, it is often a little different to what the mind seeks.

It is time to go below the surface as that is all duality conditioning, you may think it’s what you want, what you dream of, what will make your life better easier happier but that is mainly the illusion of the mind. So sit dig deep and find what it is that you really yearn for, not with your mind but with your heart and intuition.

Tomorrow the energy changes and it is going to be a force to be reckoned with , this is strong powerful and assertive energy, the opposite of today. I can feel it rushing in like a march wind but it is not here to knock you over it is here to help you make the right decisions, to push forward with the change that you wish to create but first you need to work out what that is.

Enough with settling, of making do, sacrificing yourself for the perceived happiness of others, enough with putting yourself to the back of the pile or waiting for someone to notice you and do something for you, enough with the waiting.

Unity has no place for martyrs or drama queens, so if that is your bag, you might want to start looking at that and processing it. No matter how worthy you may think putting yourself last is, it isn’t that is duality conditioning that you really want to be looking at processing.

The duality mindset is what keeps you trapped in either or, just enough, , unity is about having it all and lots of of it. Duality is all about suffering , denial, conflict and the repeating loop of being ok and then the shit hitting the fan. Duality is a rollercoaster, that for generations our ancestors had little awareness of, it was only enlightened beings that saw beyond the veil of conditioning and saw life how it was and the extraordinary possibilities once you looked beneath duality. Da’VInci, Einstein, Tesla, to name a few they knew.

However life has changed dramatically since those times, that awareness is available to all of us, the information needed to awaken and unplug is all around, these are the end times of the duality and that information is there for us all, it is a world that those visionaries like Einstein dreamed of, a world where we could all awaken and move into Unity.

That would be great but I see now that that is not the case, Why? Because for one person to start that move into unity they need to be prepared to do the work, to look within, to face their shadow sides, to unite the polarities within and release duality once and for all. This is not something outside anybodies capabilities, we can all do it, we all have the same opportunity,

Yet we won’t all do it, why? Because the majority of people are frozen, they don’t want to act, they don’t want to out the effort in, they don’t want to face their darker sides. It is all just a little bit too much effort and it’s a little bit messy, so we will watch Netflix instead and anaesthetise ourselves further so we stop asking ourselves the question.

Some people believe that we are part of a massive inter galactic experiment and we are all being tested to see what we do, they believe that it our Free will that interests other species . Being given the option of choice and action and faced with the choice between unity and duality what will we choose, whether you believe that or not doesn’t really matter but one point remains strong a true it is all about choice, that is the beauty of freewill and we are all being given the biggest decision of our life!

You may choose that journey from duality to unity, you may choose the devil you know or you may choose to ignore it all, but that is still a choice and one that means stay.

The energy over the next couple of days Is part of this awakening, the energy today allows you to really sink into your soul and find what is important and tomorrow it helps you take those revelations into action, which is the first step on your path into Unity. You can flow with this, take the help where offered and do it or you can ignore it, the choice as always is yours.

It is not my job to awaken anybody, there are lots of people around the planet that do this, sharing information that takes the blinkers from the eyes, One I would hugely recommend you checking out is David Wilcock, he has some great info backed up with diligent proof. My job is to help you move forward on your path once you take that first step, I will walk with you a while until you get to grips with it all, to show you the way to paradise.

It’s not easy but then neither is the alternative but the rewards are beyond anything you could ever imagine from where you are stood now.

Let the energy speak to you and then start making those decisions, the power is within you and only within you, nobody no matter how they love you can do this for you.

Love and laughter Michele xxxx

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January 20th 2018 Energy Forecast – Rest Relax and just be


Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy shifted yesterday morning and brought with it a subtle calm and nurturing energy, can you feel it?

So much was released during the new moon we are all including the planet a little lighter, which is a very good place for us all to be.

See if you can notice these differences and what it means for you in terms of how you are feeling, are you feeling more positive? Or maybe you have more trust or belief that some fabulous is going to happen this year, maybe you feel more determined just sit with it for a while, begin to notice these changes within you and also within those around you, allow this change by recognising it.

Intuition is still very strong in all of you, are embracing it or ignoring it, again make this real for you, make it more than just reading a few words on your screen, ask yourself when reading this forecasts and all the other great posts on social media, how does this apply to me, is this me, am I ready to do something about it?

You can resonate and tingle from here to kingdom come and it means nothing if you don’t do something about it. It is the reason that self help books and seminars are so popular yet mostly the person remains unchanged. The connection and the agreement begins in the mind and often that is where it stops, it does not get converted into action, it may elevate mood but ultimately it does not create change. We were taught to think this way in school and this pretty much still goes on. Take in information, agree without thought , store without connection, retrieve without thought.

I recently banned someone from using the words coincidence, strange lucky and odd, as it is time that we all stopped using those words and really connected with our lives, how many times do we have to predict or sense what is about to happen before we stop saying how odd and accept that we are using our psychic senses.

Do we say oh my god it was really freaky I saw this green stuff and my mind told me it was grass and then when I got closer you will never guess it was grass…..now how weird is that?

This energy really is very nurturing so enjoy it, there is a great del of feminine energy around, the divine feminine and it is here to help many move onto the next stage of our journey. Everything has felt very busy constructive creative and maybe hard work over the last month or so and now is the time for us all to have a bit of a soothing break.

I too am hoping for a break next week if only for a day, work has been non stop since the solstice, which is a great sign that people are truly starting to wake up, not in mind but in the next step in action.

It is time to galvanise the world, stage two for many is here, well once we have a rest, recharge and take a moment in the arms of the universal mother

There is a great deal of change coming this year and this is a great thing, to make this easier it is time to loosen your grip a little as to create awesomeness first we have to let go!!

This is a great month to start the Development Course as you will be supported Universally to make those changes, I will talk about this a little more on Thursday at my free seminar all about the reality of this world and what we don’t see, that you are all invited to, I will post more details later.

Enjoy this nurturing energy, just allow it soothe,

Please don’t forget to share and like as we are dropping out of everyones timelines once again.

Have a wonderful weekend

Love and laughter Michele xxx

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Unlock the Potential of You Course Review






Sophies Review

Hello, just thought I would leave a review about my journey with Michele so that if you’re still wanting to make up your mind you can hear a true testimony!

I met Michele about 2 years ago and weirdly enough I knew that I would be working with her before I even really knew! At that moment in my life I was low. Real low. I was suffering with depression, I was in poor health and my weight and anxiety was huge. I needed help. Michele was there.

Now, if you are not ready to evolve. Leave. Not wanting to put the work in – GO!!

You need to be ready to hear the truth. That will almost start immediately!!!
That you will need to look at yourself in the clearest light – imagine yourself in front of your mirror looking hard at yourself – and be ready to embrace that. Your darkest moments are the ones that will fill you with light.

My background was a troubled one : unsuccessful relationships – one even abusive, big issues with friends, money troubles, my self esteem, my body, guilt – the list went on.

And the thing that was holding me back was me. I was scared. I had created my safety net where if I stayed in the pit I was in I would be “ok” – I wasn’t.

I was lucky enough to spend one to one time with Michele to use her processing techniques to unravel these issues to my core.

Now, hindsight is a wonderful thing and I look back and if anyone who knew me then would not of recognised me, I wasn’t my true self. Michele helped me relocate me once more – I never left, just went on hiatus for a while!!

Today, I feel balanced. Today I embrace the world! I have successfully been consistently losing weight, I am healthier than I have ever been, I manifest my world!!! Things that would of got me upset – just don’t even register. Drama??? It can just do one! Depressed? Not even in my vocabulary anymore.

People keep saying about investing in yourself and giving self care/love – well this is it. It’s here!! Here is your care package.

It really can happen. It has happened for me and it can for you too.



Sign up today from as little as £10 per week


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January 18th 2018 Energy – Time to prepare your garden for planting 

Untitled design-23

Good Morning I hope you are well, the new moon energy is fabulous and will stay with us for another couple of days however the intensity has definitely dropped, the energy is calm grounded strong and piercing.

It is beginning to feel more like a new moon, issues that are important to you, have been weighing on your mind or need to be addressed will keep coming up for you and now is a really good time to look at this as the energy is less emotional and more analytical, intellectual and that is what you need right now.

It’s time to make a plan, think of it as though you are a gardener preparing your garden ready for planting at the end of next month. Now is the time to prep, to check you have everything that you need, that you are in the right head space and then you will know when to push forward.

You may or may not feel lighter after the new moon, you may have a clear path forward or you may feel as though nothing has changed. It is important that you take some time out just to be and reflect, you know more that you think you do and you are guided by invisible hands all the time, start to feel into this and allow the help.

There is also a really adventures playful and experimental energy that is bring out the rebel in us, the inner soul that wants to try things just to experience it, that wants to push those boundaries just to see how far they will bend. None of this is rash it is all down with a meaning or purpose it is down as a test, to see what are the rules of this world, what are the limits.

Whether this is conscious to you or not, you know there is more to this world than your traditional 5 senses let on and as we move into February this is going to be your focus.

You are like children exploring their world for the first time, testing boundaries limits and beliefs, this isn’t something to be denied nor be frightened of.

I love this energy and I love the intricate interplay between us and it. After the push towards release and new beginnings over the last few months, we are now moving into creating something new different high vibrational and purposeful but first we need re-examine our world and how we believe it works, because once we do , we realise that just like our own brains we only see about 10% of what this world and us is really all about.

So enjoy you day.

Love a Laughter Michele xxxx


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January 17th 2018 Energy Forecast – open your eyes and keep them open

START MAKING CONSCIOUS DECISIONSBEFORE IT'S TOO LATEGood Morning I hope that you are well, can you believe we are 17 days into the new year , we have already had our first full moon and now our new moon, soon this cycle will be complete.

So today is a very powerful new moon, sandwiched between two super moons and in the middle of this rather spectacular do -over month.

Are you ready to let go? Are you ready to say goodbye once and for all to everything that is done, of no value, negative and just run its course? If you are , if you are ready to be lighter brighter more intuitive more in the flow then work with the energy of the moon.

For more details on what do to, sign up for my Moon meditation email list and get tips and hints straight to your mail box https://micheleelizabeth.simplero.com/page/84068-full-moon-guided-meditations

This is a very grounded and practical energy but oh boy does it pack a punch, it is able to cut through all of the BS that we are surrounded with , helping you to see clearly your own life and path forward.

At the same time there is an empowering yet calm and stable feel to it, that assuredness that you know what you want and you know how to get it so you are in no rush.

I feel love and relationships are supersensitive and those that are single are yearning to express themselves, you are tapping into this amazing waves of love, a big thick band of unconditional love. Sit with this for a while, feel how expansive it is. Notice the difference between love and unconditional love, as much as you may believe otherwise, few people have experienced true unconditional love, so sit with this for a while and let it do its magic

This is also a bold and adventurous energy, nothing is going to hold us back right, the world is there for us to discover, expand and have fun. It feels like the type of energy that you won’t give up, you know this is right and you will keep going because this is important to you, haha temerity, we haven’t had the for a while, hello my old friend, to be honest it is about time, everybody gives up way to quickly, which is why nobody gets anywhere and then loses faith that nothing will ever happen.

Often I feel that we are seeing totally different worlds I see and experience the extraordinary change expansion and growth, I mean the truth revelations over the past decade have been mind-blowing yet many read it in the news have a little reaction to it and then forget about it, never really making it real, never joining the dots and asking what does this mean for me.

The last decade has been for me the exhilarating, seeing my predictions play out on the global stage, seeing all the pieces coming together, to see the tipping point of the mass awakening and it gaining momentum, to witness people returning to their hearts and extending their hands homes and love to all around .

I have been blow away by the courage of whistle blowers and those in the alternative media who put their lives on the line for truth, to show all of us the lie we are living, to help us join the dots.

So one thing I ask you to reflect on in this beautiful energy, one thing that you should let go is this. Say goodbye to living the lie, buying the BS and sticking your head in the sand. You choose this, it is easier I know, what is the point of knowing if you feel too powerless to do anything about it. That is duality mindset, move into your heart and you will always seek the truth because as the cliche goes the truth will set you free.

There is nothing to fear but the fear you create in your own mind and the actions you take that cuts your life off at the knees!

This is your opportunity, your chance to open your eyes and keep them open. Many people can show you the path, we can walk with you for a while and we can guide and support but you have to open your eyes, you have to be responsible for putting one foot in front of the other.

So what are you going to do today ?

The choice is yours and it has never been so real!

Do something and do something today…give me a shout if you are ready!

For those willing to move forward I am with you and so is the Unlock the Potential of you Group , the most amazing group of heart centred non judgemental people, words cannot describe the love and admiration I have for these people and how they are so supportive of each others journey. We can do these things alone, which is why we have each other!


Love and laughter Michele xxxx

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January 15th 2018, Time rise from the ashes!

2018 your path awaits.....

Good Morning Good Morning and what a fabulous day it is, we are fully in the new moon energy an it is wonderful and totally in keeping with the awesome energy of the year so far!

The moon is here 16th/17th highly recommend meditating in this awesome energy and taking full advantage of this reset button.

It is time to be born anew, to leave behind, those last dying embers of the old you, let the fire burn it all away. You have done a lot of work in particular since the summer of last year. Just think back for a moment at all the revelations and shifts in perspective, wants and needs. The blinkers came off and you were able to see things more clearly, the changes you were making in your life served to further inspire you.

There is a very solid and stable feel to the energy, totally grounded in the earth and this is going to allow you to stretch even further, you won’t fall, you are being supported in everything you do, can you feel that? Sometimes the little knocks we have in life Is just our higher selves keeping us on our paths. There are so many ego distractions in this duality world, that although ok in themselves, when focused on exclusively will lead you down a blind alley, which is why living consciously in the moment and the development of your neutral observer is so important, you need to be aware of you, your actions and your motives, you would be surprised how many people aren’t.

Oh this energy is so fresh and strong and malleable, you really can create whatever you want with this. It is pouring down with rain here and blowing a bit of a storm, which is perfect for my beach meditation, work with the moon the sun and all the elements and wow.

I feel passion, desire but also grit and determination, now used in balance this can super boost you forward with what you are planning, if this is a business idea or the like then go you. You are creating something from your heart and the timing is perfect, all of the key elements are there to push you forward, you can do this!

However this combo of energy can also take any obsessions you have to another level, especially in the romantic arena. Be very careful with this, look at it a little closer , is this really love? Look at the facts, If someone wants to be with you they will be with you, full stop! Anything else is just BS!

You have had lots of time to get your house in order, to reach down into your depths and find your inner purpose, passion and direction. You don’t’ need to be there yet but at least ask yourself the questions, life is a partnership, a collaboration but there are no passengers just along for the ride. The train runs too light for that!

That is the key, lightness of being, treading lightly in life, like a butterfly your landing is almost unnoticeable yet the chain of events that are put into place the moment you touch that flower are profound and deep reaching.

So today ask yourself who are you? Beneath all the roles and societies expectations who are you?

Are you ready to take off the costume of life and step through this gateway as Just you? No bells no whistles, so drama and back story just you?

It can be scary and make you feel terribly vulnerable but it is empowering and liberating, to shed the weight of inauthenticity, to walk hand in hand with the real you.

Once you begin to achieve this lightness, this auntenticity you will see your path ahead much more clearly

I will hopefully be writing more about this later or maybe posting a video, the energy is extraordinary and the power of the moon doubly so and I want you all to take full advantage of it.

Up until today I have not been able to feel into the energy of February which is rather usual, February has no full moon at all, which is significant in itself but now I can see and feel in and it is going to be just as amazing as January.

I Hope that this energy pushes some of you to take that first step and sign up for my Unlock the Potential of you Course because those who have are in a great lighter position now to take full advantage of this amazing energy and gateways.

Have a wonderful day and really feel into these energies today and think about getting out into nature and meditating , we are all in together so don’t ignore the energy and resources of nature!

Love and laughter Michele xxxx



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January 14th 2018 Energy Forecast Wish upon a Moon


Good Morning I hope that you are well, this rather happy and contented energy seems to be with us for the weekend, however this is going to shift once more tomorrow and you are in for a productive an somewhat transformative week, if you choose.

I just keep getting a record collection neat and alphabetised, orderly but it goes beyond that this week this feels like constructive energy. You have drawn up the plans and now the builders are coming to start digging the foundations, the first floor, wherever you are on your journey, this is moving things up a level. Or maybe that should be down a level as, many of these changes are occurring on the 3d reality level, this is about your physical world and you taking action in it.

It is time to come back down to earth for some and the new moon energy will help you achieve that, idea’s thoughts and knowledge are great precursors for something fabulous but they evaporate into the ether, just an amusement for the ego if you don’t do anything with it. If you don’t take these ideas or dreams and create them in your physical 3d world.

No more is your spiritual world separate from your real physical world, it is time you bring what you know from meditation and inner knowing and apply it to your everyday life. It is time to go within, grab your inner power and start creating , start small but start doing things that confirm to you that you can do this, you can create your world however you choose.

I feel next week there are going to be revelations in the media , maybe mainstream , maybe alternative, that is going to give so many a further glimpse behind the curtain. We are not in Kansas anymore and it’s time we all opened our eyes to that, whilst at the same time not going into fear. Much of what you are going to read and discover in the next 12 months may be true and some will be designed to out in your in fear as this reduces your strength. However everything that I can see happening locally and globally is a good thing and everything is playing out faster and better than imagined.

Just remember this if you still watch and read mainstream media, that their interests are to keep you in fear or to give just enough information to shut you up, it is your job to seek the truth. The energy of truth is coming in strong and this new moon is super boosting it.

This new moon is sandwiched between two super moons and eclipse and much is going to come to light for you and for the world, are you ready to see what you need to see, to learn what you need to learn? We will all be given a new opportunity to do that this week.

Once we are fully in the energy of the new moon then it is the most amazing opportunity for us to start afresh, It will be approx 4 weeks since the solstice, our do-over period will be complete, it is time to present the re-freshed you to the world. However that re-entry will be a slow one culminating in the intense full moon eclipse super moon on the 31st.

This new moon Is also going to be like a wishing moon, what do you wish for this year, think about this and order it in the energy of the new moon but think carefully about what you wish for, nothing is ever as it seems.

The next few weeks are going to be busy and rather intense for us all, it is all about digging deeper into your passions, your souls call, all the revelations you have been having about yourself your life your destiny and bringing it forward into the world.

We are going to be on fire!

2018 is a very different year if you allow this, if you take action but first we need to wake the collective from the shroud of apathy that has turned the world into passive zombies.

I have three quotes to end, I had to look them up as I often attribute the wrong author

“Scientist announced today that they have a cure for apathy, however they claim no one has shown the slightest interest in it” George Caitlin
“the world will not be destroyed by men who do evil but by those who watch them whilst doing nothing” Albert Einstein

“ Hate is not the opposite of Love, Apathy is” Rollo May

Google it, google apathy and then see if this is you! It is time we all woke up , shook off the cobwebs and started doing something !

One of the best things you could do in my mind is invest in yourself and learn how to process, process the conditioning of duality right out of you, emerge from under the confines of duality and shine. My next course is on the 20th, in this fabulous new moon energy, check it out as it will transform you life. It’s time and I think you know this!

So if you are ready for a new beginning to wipe the slate clean and start a new way, the work with this fabulous new moon energy and do something different.

Don’t let apathy mean that you miss the boat.

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx


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