Paul McCartney understands the rewarding benefit of meditating daily & the peace this can bring to the younger generation.

paul mccartney med dai.png

Paul McCartney knows the value meditation can bring to young people in particular.

“In moments of madness, meditation has helped me find moments of serenity — and I would like to think that it would help provide young people a quiet haven in a not-so-quiet world,” has stated Paul McCartney back in the day.

You are never to young or too old to start meditating and experiencing the great benefit.

M xxx

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October 23rd 2017 Energy Forecast 

our own weakness

Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy this morning feels like anything can happen and anything is possible. It feels as though all of our paths have opened up, widened and to expect the unexpected .

It is a really good time this week to take some risks, do something out of the ordinary and take some chances. Break up your old routine and do something differently. Start small and then see when things lead.

It is time to shake it up and get out of your comfort zone, the feeling you get when you overcome a fear or achieve something you thought out of your reach is so empowering.

It is also a good time to say NO, ignore the coulda woulda shoulda of you mind, stop people pleasing and so what if someone is momentarily miffed with you, that there expectation and their shit to deal with. If you don’t want to do something say NO. No to looking after your friends children, no to the extra shifts at work, NO NO NO. DOn’t apologise for this, don’t explain or justify, No is enough. Don’t grovel to assert right you state that right!

There will be plenty of eureka flashes over the next few days about who you are and where you are going. Patterns from the past, behaviour attitudes and perceptions will leap out at you for you to make the connections, to see your responsibility.

Every experience you have in your life you create, every one, there is always a choice to be made, always and there is always another way. How you choose to interpret something and react to it will have implications throughout your life, so isn’t it time you chose a better more positive way. This is not to say that you should push your emotions down and I will be writing an article once again about he negative effects of trying to be too nice.

So go and have some fun, take chance, jump right in without analysing every consequence and re connect with your life, it is a blast.

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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Russell Brand – Why he meditates

ruseel brand med daily.png


Russel Brand starts each day with a meditation!

Brand states to the Guardian “It changes consciousness, it’s really good if you’ve had addiction issues. It’s highly psychological, and very beautiful, and overwhelming, and real, and trippy.”

Start today and start your daily meditation routine!

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October 22nd 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you  are well, so we have a shift in energy coming in this afternoon and it feels really expansive and empowering. I feel passion, outward expression, connectivity and action. That feeling that you know what to do, how to do it and that the time is now!

It really is a good time to leap, to grab those opportunities, to take a chance on making your dreams come true.

Seize the day, grab life by the collar, jump right in, these are all the phrases going through my head right now.

Time to be part of your life, the centre of your world, in a creator way rather than a drama way!

It is time to be a positive inspiration and participant in life, not a negative one. Regurgitating news about the awful state of the world has no value, it is being a participant in the fear generating machine that keeps us all small. Do you really want to be part of that, perpetuating the negativity!

It is time for you to add value, if you see a problem yes identify it but then find a solution, an alternative perspective, then it has value.

It is time to bring your awareness to everything you do and see yourself beneath the rose coloured spectacles. Who are you really? The person your project does not align with your soul but the duality we live in but that isn’t you. This is why you feel anxious, uncomfortable or depressed, you are not at ease.

You can start small and I am going to be setting some weekly challenges which will get you thinking and hopefully you will see and experience the world from a slightly different viewpoint.

Keep grounded so that your passion motivates and inspires you rather than turning into obsession. Remember we are walking a fine line with these energies at the moment, they are powerful and intense, much more so since August.

Have a wonderful day and see if you can feel the shift around midday, you should feel the energy expand and feel expansive. The more you begin to feel into this energy the easy life will be.

Have a wonderful day, don’t forget to check out all my free stufff, meditations and talks about energy etc on

This is your journey , your choices and it’s up to you whether you are an active participant and creator  or if you stand on the sidelines as a spectator with your sign that says the end is nigh!

It’s all about choices……so make them conscious ones

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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The Moon, Don’t fight her Flow with her.


Oh how I love the moon, she is our constant companion, our greatest nurturer, energiser and guide but also our greatest challenger.

She will find those sensitive spots in us, those dark places where we push down our pain and fear and hide our shameful secrets and she will push and poke prod and squeeze until it all comes to the surface, of us to see. The New Moon will do this quietly, internally but the Full Moon will go full on drama mode usually in public.

If we fight her we are in for a lot of pain and frustration but if we begin to understand her, to flow with her, looking where she guides us to look and taking action when she prompts it, then our lives will become truly enriched.

Firstly we need to look at and tune in with the natural rhythm and cycles of the moon, just like you would experience music. Not only are you getting in tune with the moon but also with the natural flow of life.

The moon follows a consistent cycle, month in month out it follows the same process, so each month we get the same opportunities to join her journey and create great change in our lives.

Each month the cycle has a different tone or theme, yet the structure remains the same.

The cycle waxes and wanes as it moves from New Moon to Full and back again. Wax means to increase and wane to decrease, think of how that relates to the energy of the moon. Around the full moon the energy is at its height and has been increasing in power or intensity since the previous new moon, the energy then begins to slowly lessen until we begin again with the new moon. This does not however mean that the new moon is any less powerful than the full moon, it’s effects are just not so avert.

This is a journey we are taking with the moon, one that starts afresh every 28 days, it will have its highs and its lows but we have to see the journey as a whole rather than just the stops along the way to really appreciate how well we have worked together and how far we have come.

So we begin the cycle of the new moon in our caves, preoccupied with our inner world, what we are feeling and thinking, our souls purpose, what we wish for ourselves and our world. We can reflect on the past and look forward to the future. We are creative and inspired. This is a time when we begin our inner work, facing our shadow selves. The time is right

This continues as the energies around facilitate this for us and slowly we begin to venture outside and bring our inner world into outer world, Doing the work ,making the changes.

By the full moon we are fully out there in the thick of it, partying hard. Everything is coming together one way or another.

Then begins the slow come down where we begin to go back within and reflect on the days that have passed since we last left our cave.

The New Moon is the start of the cycle, Day 1 of the next 28 days.

Think about about what your intentions are for the next 28 days, what would you like to create, to work on, to manifest? How would you like to grow, on all levels, mentally emotionally physically and spiritually. This is a blank page so think carefully how you would like to fill it and end the chapter.

The energy of the New Moon is always super intense, as is the Full Moon, it amplifies the other energies that are around and this is a great thing. It brings great opportunities to Let go of what is no longer useful in your life and to Manifest and Create something new.

A few days prior to the New Moon is a great time to start ensuring that you have let go of all that you need to in this cycle, so that you can create space for the new beginnings of the New Moon. In the full power of the New Moon you can then begin to set your intentions for the coming 28 days.

14 days later we have the Full Moon, this is also very powerful energetically and can have profound affects on us. This is the time that we reap what we have sown, our intentions and actions of the previous 28 days (since the last full moon) comes to fruition.

It is a time to look back and see how far we have come in past month, what we have learned, what we have received, what we are grateful for. It is also important to see the connections between your intentions, your actions and the outcome but also how you worked with the moon and followed her journey.

This is also a time of conclusions, events and situations that are ready to be released over the next 2 weeks in time for the new moon, come to a head. Good job you are heading back to your cave right?

The moon is incredibly important for us on our spiritual and personal development journey as it is strongly linked to our emotions.

It is our emotional baggage, blocks, fears and pain that keeps us trapped. The moon will help us with this and it isn’t always pleasant. As I said before she sticks her fingers straight in your wounds and drags them out for you to see. And see them we must, it really is for our own good and she is doing us a favour here. Because the beauty of it is the time is right! When we flow with life and the moon like this, following their cues we find we have all the support we need and the timing is perfect.

I have found that when the moon is really digging into peoples souls and making them face their dark sides we get a big influx of compassion love acceptance and grace to help with the process.

Thats why timing is so important and once we sync up with her we do this naturally. We all have to learn to stop pushing when we should be pulling. All of our lives would be so much easier if we flowed with the energy available to us.

If you don’t learn the lessons that were revealed to you gently in the energy of the new moon then they will come up in your face in the energy of the full moon.

The New Moon energy is a quiet time when your dark or shadow side will be revealed to you. This is not pleasant as we get to see our often hidden motives and agenda but the rewards for doing this work are incredible.

Each moon cycle is different and will have different meanings for you dependent upon where you are right now. If you have been doing your inner work and the time is right for you to be focusing on your career then this  will be the tone of your moon cycle. You will be focused inspired and active.

If the time is right for you to do some inner work then this will come up for you, you may feel a little down or demotivated or maybe things just don’t seem to be working out or maybe the moon will be triggering your anger or resentments. However it shows up for you at any particular cycle just flow with it, know that this is what you are supposed to be focusing on right now.

So in a nutshell get to know the moon and her cycle every 28 days, feel the energy ebb and flow, wax and wane and work with that, push forward when the energy supports this and step back when it doesn’t.

See what she wants you to see and do something about it.

Use the power to manifest and create great change in your life.

The New Moon is an ending and a beginning and the Full Moon is wish fulfilment, the climax of the cycle.

Above everything else the moon is about intuition, your intuition, your inner knowing. It is the same energy, she is using your own energy to awaken you, to get you to follow that inner knowing, to guide yourself, to reconnect.

If you sit outside in either the full or the new moon you will find your psychic abilities heightened. So it is a great time to go outside and have a chat, with the moon the stars or whoever pops up.

This is all here for you, and if you take into account these hidden rules of the game then life will be much smoother happier and more rewarding.

So enjoy and go with the flow

Love and laughter Michele xxxx

If you are ready to start your inner work then check out my Personal Development Course, it’s having great results and the time is great !

Or maybe you fancy learning how to meditate

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Let’s Pretend – Is actually a guide to getting what you want!

Build a Bed Boat-2

When was the last time you played? Really played an imagination game like make belief as you did as a child? If you have children or grandchildren this may have been recently but did you really get into it?

It is something we should all do, at least give it a try, it really is wonderful exhilarating and hilarious. To let your self go in the imagining of it all, losing yourself in the impossible, the bizarre and outright ridiculous.

When we throw ourselves into it in this way we experience it as though it is really happening, because it is, that is the power of the imagination.

I had a great game of ambush the other month and it reminded me how fun it is to just play, losing yourself in the moment

We move away from it as we grow up and that is a sadness because with it we lose our belief in the imagination, the power to create something that exists outside our normal structure but we experience just as intensely.

Let’s Pretend, although a childhood game is actually closer to the way the world works than our current perception. Practice playing that and you will be able to manifest your dreams in no time.

So grab that opportunity and play, I challenge you to Build a Bed Boat this week, grab your kids partner or like me your dogs and pretend that you are on a boat at sea, maybe there are pirates or sharks or maybe you spot the most beautiful paradise island ahead and you have to find a way from the bed to the door without touching the floor.

Whatever you do , have fun, you may feel a tit but it will make you laugh at the very least and could open the door to possibilities that right now you rather rigid adult imagination could not imagine.

So stop worrying about how you would be perceived, about the rules of behaviour you think you should follow and give yourself permission to play!

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx

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What do the most successful people in life have in common ? – They Meditate! 

All these people meditate.png

If you think meditation is for hippies monks, vegans and those airy fairy spiritual types then it is time to adjust your perceptions and get into the new millennium.

Singers & Rappers, Movies Stars, Presenters, Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists,  Athletes they are all at it and attribute, in part,  their success to meditation

If you think you can’t or it’s not for you then think again!

The wise, the wealthy, the successful and famous, they all know the key to their success and happiness is MEDITATION!

This is not a fad of the younger generation this spans the generations, gender, ethnicity, career, background, upbringing and religion

We all know that Richard Gere, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sting meditate right ?  But did you know these people meditate daily  and attribute their success and happiness to this simple daily habit?

Will Smith, Jenifer Anniston, Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, Kristen Bell, Eva Mendes

Eleen Degeneres, Oprah George Stephanopoulis,  Jeff Weiner CEO Linkedin, Evan Williams Co Founder of Twitter.

Rappers Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller and Big K.R.I.T and Mogul Russell Simons

Miranda Kerr uses it as part of her beauty regime.

Athletes such as  Lebron James Joe Namath, Barry Zito and Arthur Ashe, meditate daily and use it during time out to get themselves in the zone during games.

All the happiest, peaceful and most successful people in their chosen field MEDITATE. If it didn’t work we all wouldn’t do it!

So shake off those stereotypes, your blocks that say you can’t and join the party today !

I have lots of free meditations over on my site so take a look and get started today.

I also have on offer a meditation course, follow the link for more information

It’s time for us all to lead a more peaceful, purposeful and rewarding life – this is what will change the world!

Love & Laughter Michele xxxxx

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