Shift your perspective, it’s not either or, it just is!

Shift your perception from seeing things as either good or bad and release yourself…….for example weather is neither good or bad, just your perception of it. I dress appropriately for the weather and therefore thoroughly enjoy all weathers, each experience is different and exhilarating, as I am able to truly experience it for what it is, rather than what it is not.

The same goes with experiences in general, there is no such thing as a good or bad experience, just how you perceive it. I see a silver lining or learning opportunity in all experiences, we gain something in everything we experience even if that gain is in a letting go. Consciously experiencing your life for what it is in this moment is where bliss lies.

We no longer live in a world of either/ or, of opposites and extremes….allow that thought to settle in over the weekend and see how your perspective changes, like everything in this world it is choice to be made….your choice.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


30/4/216 Energy for the weekend

Good Morning, two energies have become predominant for this weekend. They are silent yet strong, one expands and creates harmony peace and love the other is restrictive and causes frustration anger and upset.

As this weekend is going to be relatively quiet and reflective, it is a good time for you to have a look at these energies, what they feel like and what they mean for you and your life.


Remember everything we bring in, keep or let go from our life is our choice, things do not happen to us, we are not passive victims. So take some time to consciously look at these energies, they are all around so you can really bring them into your bodies and feel them, this will help you see how these energies are affecting your lives.


The first energy is one that many of us seem to use daily, so much so that it has become part of us and we don’t even realise that it is something we can release….Expectation!


Expectation kills creativity and flow. It restricts the energy of any project idea or thought. It puts unreasonable and rather stunted demands on others and breeds frustration and disappointment.

One of the hardest things that we have to do, in work and our personal lives is managing the expectations of others, however once we deal with our own expectations and the reactions when things to not occur as expected then we release ourselves from the chain of expectation of others.


Many clairvoyants etc have a hard time with expectations, as this is a strong energy it can sometimes be confused with messages or divination. Also depending upon how much clearing or conditioning they have with regard to people pleasing, this can significantly alter a reading. However these are often quite popular, as they give people want they want, they meet their expectations and therefore they leave feeling good.


When you start to look at expectation, yours and others, the energy is palpable, you can recognise it in an instant and step over it or remove yourself from that energy. So contemplate this over the weekend.


The second energy which is particularly beautiful and wonderful is forgiveness, it is however an energy that is often ignored and turned away from.


Forgiveness for ourselves and others is absolutely key in our search for happiness but it is an energy that we often struggle with. It can make us feel weak to forgive when someone has wronged us so badly, or it may imply that we have forgotten or we are saying that another’s actions are ok. This is not the case. Forgiveness is about recognising actions and how we may react to them and then letting it go. Forgiveness allows us to stay firmly in the present rather than living in the past or projecting to the future. Forgiveness allows us to move from a tense state to a relaxed one. Forgiveness allows us to let it go and move on freely.


Forgiveness is love and it is a gift for all. What does is matter if you were right ? If you want to hold on to hurt and pain, then you are condemning yourself to a life half lived and for what, what exactly does it achieve? To forgive is expansive and it is beautiful.


Forgiving yourself is also paramount and when you first begin your processing and taking full responsibility for your life you will need this energy at hand at all time!


At first forgiving yourself is tough and rather alien, an unbalanced ego has a tendency to either deny there is any need for forgiveness, as we just have not done anything we need to take responsibility for or we beat ourselves up so badly about it that we leave ourselves a bloody mess on the floor.


The beauty with bringing in the energy of forgiveness is it shows we are consciously living our lives, we can revel in the delight that we are aware of our behaviour, however unpleasant and we are taking steps to address and release that part of it, forgiving ourselves is key, otherwise it is just our ego holding attention in the court of drama.


And yes we deserve this forgiveness, we all do, as do those in your life. If you look at any incident in your life where you feel wronged there is always a lesson or a positive, always! Things don’t just happen they are ALWAYS an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, not others that is deflection and drama but about ourselves!


So take this rather awesome energetic weekend which is reflective, calm and grounded and look at yourself, your life, your dreams, your expectations and your perceived downfalls and see the journey you on and no matter how far off course you may feel, you are still firmly on your path. But maybe you are looking down at your feet and not moving forward, so this weekend make a conscious decisions to hold your head up high, take a deep breath and walk with purpose on your path.


The energies are changing again next week and this time I feel a call to action, it’s time to GO GO GO, so use this weekend and this energy wisely.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxxx

Energy of the weekend…..Dreaming!

Through dreaming you truly become the architect of your life.
Through dreaming you truly become the architect of your life.

Good Morning as we move into the weekend spring is most definitely in the air and it is time to make plans or more accurately time to dream your dreams.
The first step to any kind of creation is dreaming. Remember your childhood daydreaming, the world you would get lost in on long car journey’s, complete worlds where you could play out being whoever you wanted to be.

Just let your imagination run wild and be free, remove all constraints, expectations and doubts. Leave your feeling of duty or obligation at the door and just dream. Don’t dream with your ego or with your mind but with your heart and just let it flow.

I used to say to clients if I could wave a magic wand and you were living the life of your dreams right now what would it be. Remember that is right now not in 6 months or a year. It isn’t when the kids leave home or you reach retirement, but right now, what it be and what would you do, ponder these questions over the weekend. It is a great way to find out how you really want your life to be, rather than what you think you want.

Remember we are removing layers and layers of conditioning, where we have been corralled into thinking feeling behaving and desiring certain things, these things however are more to with doing as you are told, conforming and being obedient than they do with helping you find your bliss.

It is also not wacky selfish or deluded to follow your bliss over the pursuit of money, it is the smart thing to do, from this balanced place of joy and happiness come miracles.

Day dreaming is very similar to time line projecting which is a very valuable tool when making decisions. As part of your day dreaming this weekend, imagine that you are visiting a world where you made different decisions, where you followed your dreams, visit your alternative self and ask “ Am I happy?” ”What makes me happy?” “ How does it feel to be me? “

For way too long we have all been pressured into just putting one foot in front of the other and getting through the day, we have been taught to ignore our inner world in pursuit and control of our outer world. We have been weighed down with the suffering of duty and obligation, we have been told to be a good person we must always struggle and deny ourselves, well now is the time to throw off those shackles and realise that this is not the life that we should be living, this is not the person we were born to be. Those that supress our beauty, do it because they know the power we all have. The power to be the architects of our lives, this weekend we can reclaim that.

So my beautiful friends go out into this weekend and expand, let yourself fill the world and then dream, dream without limits and conditions. The only person to restrict you now is you, so take your foot off the brake, take a deep breath and leap!

Lots and lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxxx