2017 The Year of Unity

2017 The Year of Unity


We are entering 2017 with more light in the planet than ever before and more awakened people. Everyone is vibrating at a higher frequency and this may feel odd or you may even begin the year with illness but know this is just the last cleanse of 2016 still affecting you.


The first 3 months of the year is kind of like the corridor or the ante room, giving us all another opportunity to reflect assess and let go. More importantly though it is about standing in your power consciously, everyone has been pushed one way or another in 2016 to claim their own sovereignty and the first 3 months is about setting that in.


This of course is not going to always feel comfortable and some of you may feel a little disappointed after the hype and you may feel like it is just more of 2016. This is not the case so be aware of that. We are all going to be tested until the end of march, our fears and insecurities will be pushed in our faces but it is not real it is all an illusion.


The energy of patience will continue this year and this will be a lesson for many; you cannot push things before they are ready or it will just blow up in your face. April is when the new cycle comes in with a bang and gets moving, this will then be a really exciting and rewarding time, between April and June it will be as if you have the Midas touch and will seem a big contrast between the first quarter and the second quarter.


These new energies are going to take a little time for you to get your head round hence the first 3 months of the year, it is preparation are you ready and are you willing to jump into the unknown and have some fun. You cannot enjoy 2017 with the mind-set of previous years; otherwise you will just miss half of the picture.


The deaths will continue for the next 3 months and nearly everyone will have been affected and lost someone. So there will be a wave of grief and mourning across the planet in the first 4 months, validate your feelings on this but know it is all part of the plan. You must feel this but then let it go.


Once we get over the bridge that is June, life changes dramatically and the lovelight energy is going to be epic and you will feel it. I feel it like a wave of love, this is Unity and it is the most amazing energy. For all of you that are struggling on your journey that feel isolated and alone, you will never feel alone again. If you sit and listen you will feel that connection!

I seek solitude a lot because I feel the awesome connection to all living things and sometimes I don’t want that connection to be of the human kind, as sometimes in-balanced egos can be hard work and that is my job, so when I have time out it’s with nature and animals.


I see so many exciting things happening next year and the Love is amazing, this is creator energy, love passion excitement, belief faith it’s all there!


So if the next few months feel a little off and not what you were expecting take this opportunity to do some more inner work, take notice of the signs around you and let the universe guide you to where you need to be and what you need to see, then soothe the ego and do something about it.


When something happens to you that you see is negative if your first thought is to blame someone else then that is the sign of an imbalanced ego and you are likely to be bringing the old 3d energy and the old cycle back in. If your first thought is ok what is the lesson for me here, then you are on your ascension path, conscious living is what will make the difference.


I have been watching a lot of people who are firmly in ego become angrier and angrier, more controlling, more desperate to be right & better than, if this is you take some time and adjust your attitude, try and see what you may be being shown about yourself or you will be forced to over the next few months.


Don’t forget we have the karmic whip coming in later today, are you going to grab this opportunity no matter how harsh the truths or are you going to stick your head in the sand.


For me if you are willing to stand still and say ok, I am willing to take responsibility for everything I have created in my life so far, I am willing to look at those less than pleasant sides to me…..well you are a hero in my eyes. I don’t care what you have or have not done, the fact that you are willing to be open to this is a miracle in itself, so go you!


So face those fears, look into your shadow side and learn some patience. Live consciously and manifest with ease the life of your dreams…that’s 2017 in a nutshell.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


December 28th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 28th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning so we have a gently drop in the intensity of the energy, the calm before the storm so to speak. Use this day to have some quiet reflective time, what are you letting go and what do you want to create in 2017.


This will bring up all sorts of emotions in you and this is ok. Look at them feel them thank them and then let them go, if forgiveness is required sit with it until you can forgive from the heart.


Words although energetically imbued symbols are not as powerful as feelings, it is never enough tio just say something, you need to feel it in your heart. The you know you have made the connection that this is real, otherwise you are wasting your breath.


As you continue growing and ascending you will find that you pay less and less attention to what people and saying and more to their energy. It is strange as my hearing has definitely taken a lesser role over the last few years unless I am in nature and then I can hear everything. At home if the radio is on low I cannot hear anyone speaking to me. Down the beach I can hear gulls, a distant boat, rocks falling from the cliffs, all over the roar of the sea, sometimes I feel like I have tuned out of what doesn’t matter.


It’s time to feel again, not as a reaction to someone else but just within you, to really feel the moment. My emotions do not control me and some people perceive this as unfeeling, as they are not able to push my buttons and trigger me however I feel at a depth and width that leaves me stunned. Take today to really feel your way in your life.

Spend as much time as you can alone and in nature today and just feel everything. What does it feel like in this moment, to be alive, what does it feel like when you watch your children or your dogs playing, what does it feel like breathing in the cold crisp air in the sunshine, what does every moment feel like?


Get to know your feelings and how deep some of these run, how stable consistent and truly joyful they are. Capture that feeling and when you set your intentions for 2017 create your life built on these emotions.


Take this time today as it will be the last day of still energy this year, then it’s time to get working. Tomorrow we have a new moon , then two more pillars of light, the karmic whip and then the new year.


It is time to look under the carpet under the bed and behind the wardrobe, quite literally. I often find that if I need to do some internal housekeeping then some actual physical cleaning really helps, mirror action amplifies.


So spend today reflecting and feeling for tomorrow it is time to assess all the amazing things you are thankful, letting go to clear the space for 2017 Intentions. Give thanks for the beauty of your life past, now and in times to come, it all exists in this single moment.


Honesty Truth and Integrity are going to be your sidekicks for the next week, use them wisely .


Have a wonderfully calm and beautiful day.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

Be Aware of your intentions.

Be Aware of your intentions.

Before postinga comment ask.png

When living consciously checking your intentions is part of your daily routine. Understanding your own intentions can save you a lot of confusion and upset, as when our true intentions are hidden from us we get results and reactions we do not understand. The energy of the unconscious intention is creating the outcome.


It just takes a moment to pause and ask yourself that question, why am I saying or doing this, posting or commenting on this. Amazingly you will find that much of the time our unconscious intention is to be right or to be in control, to be better than or to live up to an idealised version of ourself or just to prove a point.


You may at this point think, no that isn’t me but before you deny it just ask the question and wait for the answer.


If you feel this is your intention, you don’t need to beat yourself up about it, it is a good thing that you have brought it into your conscious awareness and now you can choose whether to act on it or not.


Having those feelings of being right or needing control are conditions of living in a duality, a paradigm we are moving out of, so it is natural for us all to have them, however we no longer need to have them and that is why conscious living is so important as it allows us to bring these cycles and habits into our awareness and break them.


Being right is a matter of perspective, your perspective and truths may be different to mine but neither are less valid, both can exist, so what does being right even mean? It just creates conflict and opposing sides.


When you come to any interaction with the need to be right or any of the above, then you will get a reaction also steeped in the need to be right energy and kaboom.


When you come with supportive or compassionate energy this is what you are creating. So even if their initial reaction to you is harsh, their eventual response isn’t as they feel your intent. Also when you are coming from your heart their reaction doesn’t trigger one in you.




Ask your heart and be prepared to accept the answer, then forgive yourself and let it go, it doesn’t matter.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

December 27th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 27th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning and I hope you are well, although the intense energy that we have coming in with the two light pillars, yesterday and on 30/31st, can affect you on all levels.


So if you imagine a glass tube encrusted with dirt, as a sound frequency passes through the tub, the vibrations of the sound makes the encrusted mud shatter and fall off.


This is what happens when high frequency light passes through us, so the memories that are coming up for you right now are just fragments of dirt making their way to the surface.


Don’t hook into the drama of it, which is a distraction of the ego, just observe and let it go.


For many of you big cycles ended on the 21st yet a new one has yet to begin, you are in an ante room, waiting and it is during this time that you can ensure that all of the past cycle has been well and truly released. You have until 31st, when the new cycle comes in for you.


Take this time to bring the last cycle fully into your conscious awareness, release it consciously and set your intentions for the next cycle. If you have any questions or concerns about this then please get in touch.


It is time to get real though, we have a big karmic cycle breaking over the next few days and it is increasing in intensity. So open your eyes and look, what are you being shown? Are so many things going wrong for you and has 2016 been awful?  Then it appears you may not have been learning the lessons. Did you adopt the attitude that it has been unlucky or you have been surrounded by the wrong people, when really you were being asked to look at yourself and to look within?


You are not going through a rough spell, you are learning, so don’t waste the opportunity nor turn the other way as you are just ensuring that more struggles are coming your way until you stop look and apply the lesson to yourself.


You have to be tough with yourself as the ego will say nothing to see here I am fabulous it’s everyone else and I am such an angel to put up with it all.


The fact is if your life isn’t flowing, abundant and expanding, then you have work to do. If you awareness and understanding of the world has not dramatically increased this year then you have work to do.


If you are not ending the year in a very different place to the start, filled with more peace joy love and compassion the you have work to do.


Year on year, month on month my awareness and wisdom expands, I understand the world in ways that would have been way beyond my comprehension at the beginning of the year and some of the things I have learned had me in stunned shock for days until it slowly integrated becoming part of me. All my mystic skills have been super-boosted and I can heal and see in ways that I could never have hoped for.


Has the same happened to you? If not why not?  This is a journey but are you standing still?


I often get people tell me that I am special, I have pondered this a lot as my response and my belief is that there is nothing special about me however there is one thing that maybe makes me a little different and that is my commitment determination and the hard-work I put into processing and clearing my inner channel. That was my focus, not my psychic abilities or my outfits, not the lingo or the kudos, I rolled up my sleeves and started and did not stop until my light was shining brightly and I continue today, cleaning my lighthouse so I can send out the light.


So maybe you should give yourself that gift for 2017 to work on you, not the esoteric but you! It may mean a year of solid enquiry and it will be tough but by the end of the year you will be well on your way and you will have created the life you dream of.


Or you can do what you have always done, surround yourself with those who look the part, send love and light to all without really meaning it….you have the capacity to shine your light like a lighthouse yet you turn the other way, get someone to cleanse your aura and shine your light with the luminosity of a match.


I am sorry to say but this is total BS So it is time to look at what is keeping you small, why you have not grown and changed your word…..the answer is simple because you didn’t want to!

Either you don’t know how, it is confusing or you are not prepared to do the work or you don’t want to invest in yourself. Even if that investment would change your life and bring you abundance.


So stop and evaluate yourself and your life ready for the new year, what are you going to change what are you keeping the same and how different would you like to feel at the end of 2017 or do you really want to bring back the old cycle and keep doing what you have always done and keep getting the results you have always got.


The choice is yours…..remember that when you are struggling or opportunities pass you by, you always have a choice.


So make it a conscious one….what are you going to change for 2017


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

December 26th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 26th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday, today we are experiencing a high influx of light which could affect you in different ways. Some of you may feel achy, stiff joints and mild flu like symptoms or you may be feeling a bit giddy as though you have drunk too much coffee.


It is also going to bring up memories and issues from the past, maybe they are ones that you don’t want to look at, as you feel shameful of your actions or maybe it feels too painful. Yet they are coming up so that you can forgive and release. It is important to consciously let go and break the cycle. You no longer need to be punished or suffer it is time to forgive and let it all go.


Feelings of revenge and retribution may come up for you too however once again this is just so that you can see you have not forgiven or released those issue so time to consciously let them go.


This light is of a high frequency and it will shake up the energy of you, allow it to do this, as it will let you see so much more of what you hide from yourself. We need to look, with compassion and forgiveness but we need to look!


You know what you need to do, you really know, especially since the 21st you know so much more that you ever realised but with this knowing comes responsibility and maybe that is what you are running from?


I feel a lot of fear and imbalanced egos asking why everything can’t just go back to the way it was, I was happy in my ignorance, it wasn’t so bad. Change and growth are scary but you can handle this. It doesn’t matter if you are no longer the expert, this is the difficulty of so many in the spiritual community, they are not consciously walking their path and therefore not making the progress they think they are so when they do awaken and strip it back, they feel like they have to go back to the start and that is tough, they fear ridicule and judgement from others in the community as it is very hierarchical. So many turn away from their true conscious path and stay stuck in their box.  This is a shame and shouldn’t be that way.


We should celebrate all that awaken and choose to consciously walk their path, no matter their background.


We should cheer every person who sees behind the illusions and projections of the ego, no matter their previous viewpoint or attitude and we must never think we are better than those who have yet to awaken or who are making the same mistakes we did when we were starting.


Anyway it really doesn’t matter who awakens and when, which is why this is all such nonsense and conditions of the duality we are leaving.


Being consciously aware means that you can recognise these things and step away from them, we are unplugging from the old paradigm; it is your choice if you want to plug back in.


Have a wonderful day, get outside and gaze at the sun for a while, be open to the new energy streaming in, it will do wonders for you, but ensure that you ground ground ground today.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

December 23rd 2016 Energy Forecast

December 23rd 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning and Happy New Year to you all, I know it may not feel like it and for some you may be feeling a bit off but trust that your new cycle is beginning, so be conscious in each moment.


There are two dates that are going to be significant over the holiday period, the 26th December and the 30th December, these will be intense portals of light coming into the planet to help raise everyone and everything’s vibrations. Just let it all flow through you, if you resist then it will feel uncomfortable, it is nothing bad and certainly nothing for you to worry about, it is a good thing and will help however when dealing with issues of balance you are always going to be bringing those unconscious polarities out into the light and this is where the resistance can come.


It is really important to ground at the moment as the energies are much faster than you have been used to and this may leave you feeling dizzy and out of sorts, just recognise it for what it is and don’t own the symptoms.


These energies may also make people a little sick but this is just enabling release, a purging, again just let it do its thing.


Although we have just passed through a gateway with the winter solstice, NewYears Eve and day are powerful due to the energetic focus of so many, so this is another good time for you to ensure that you are released those cycles and to set your intent.


I feel an overwhelming concentration of happiness energy, this is so beautiful and inspiring, what makes you happy? This is important, think about it, it is usually the simple things, so take some time today and work it out, then do more of that. There is nothing more important that happiness, my baseline is happy, which is how I have been able to create a fantastically joyful life, don’t you want that for 2017. My baseline used to be sadness, hurt and frustration….nobody wants to live in that house! I changed that and so can you, 2017 is for creation, for you, don’t you want to be part of a world of miracles and magic? Don’t you want to help create that world?


Already your vibrations are higher than they were a few days ago so test it out over the next few days, what you can you see or sense differently. Can you speak to the spirits all around you? Do you feel what is about to happen? Test it play with it believe it.


So this is a very different world energetically to one last week. It feels lighter faster and brighter, although we should experience time slowing down once more.


So before you slip back into the routine of same stuff different day, bring everything into your consciousness and see for yourself how different everything actually is but you need to stop and be and just feel.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

The Winter Solstice – What’s it all about?

The Winter Solstice – What’s it all about?


December 21st 2016 Is an important time for many reasons. It is the winter solstice, The finale of the Year of endings, The Ending of the cycle of Truth and the Karmic whip that comes in with it, The Second Major Gateway in the Unity Paradigm & Mercury is in Retrograde in Capricorn


The Winter Solstice is our shortest day and our longest night, whereas the Summer Solstice is a time when the sun is at its highest expression and we draw on that energy to create, the Winter Solstice is a time to honour the Moon, drawing on that reflective energy to see what was previously unseen, in all areas of your life.


Like the moon you also have a dark side and this is the perfect time to make a commitment to working on your shadow side; all the energies are supporting you in this.


Also at this time we have Mercury in Retrograde in Capricorn, which is about emotional release of cycles from the past. In particular the last cycle which began in 2008.


We also have the continuation of big karmic cycles coming into our life for balance and release. 2016 was a year of endings and this is drawing to a close.


All of these things together are packing a pretty powerful punch and giving us some amazing opportunities for personal growth.


So this Winter Solstice is a gateway on par with the gateways we went through in 2012 and brings that cycle of preparation and transition to an end.


So what does that mean? Imagine the gateway as an actual physical gateway, you are on this side, which is your life up to this point, including past lifetimes.


When we step through this gateway we are moving into a new life, a new vibrational frequency, this is a much lighter faster vibration and we are unable to experience it fully if we are weighed down by dense energy. So before we step through the gateway we are given the opportunity to look back and leave behind anything that no longer serves us, crossing the threshold free from the past.


To get the most out of tomorrow you just need to do a few things, be prepared, you want to make this process as conscious as possible. I have posted exercises to help you over the last few days.


  • Find the Lesson, Forgiveness, Gratitude & Release Look at all the cycles you want to release from your life, find the lesson, forgive and have gratitude for all and then release them, if you have written this on paper you can burn it. I highly suggest you write lists as the physical action of taking something emotional and mental (5D) and intangible and making it 3D and tangible are all part of the alchemic process and packs a punch.
  • Consciously ALLOW & INVITE the new cycles to begin. Now this can trigger fear within you, so be aware of this and process it. Most often we block our own success & happiness due to our own unconscious fear, fear of change, not being good enough, not having trust. So it is important to make this ALLOWING conscious, otherwise we could be unconsciously blocking it. The ego is well up for this as well, as he does like to maintain the status quo.
  • Make a commitment to working on yourself and in particular your shadow side, this is the perfect opportunity and what this gateway is about. Every time you bring the opposite parts of you into the light for balance, your vibrations rise, you become a clearer channel and bring in more light. You cannot do this and deny your dark side and you will not ascend into unity until you do!


The Winter Solstice is a time to honour the dark, to look deep within and follow our intuition and heart. To see behind the shadows and to shine light into the dark recesses of ourselves, bringing everything into plain sight, so we can honour that part of ourselves too, without darkness there is no light. When we truly appreciate that, we can embrace that other half of us bringing both sides into balance and transcend duality.


So in 2008 the big cycle of truth began, the world began to awaken at an extraordinary rate, as faith was rapidly eroded in those who had power, remember the banking collapse, Politician expenses, Media phone tapping? This has picked up momentum to present day 9 years later and now this cycle is coming to an end and now it is time to be accountable, to pay the piper! Nobody up to this moment has really been accountable for any of the big truths that came out and this reached its apex with Donald Trump but that is all about to change.


Remember what applies on the world stage also applies to your world and also to you, these energy shifts and cycles are affecting us all, there are lessons for us all.


2012 we welcomed in the new paradigm of unity, we have been in a transition period since and will continue transitioning for a decade or so to come. However during this period we will go through many gateways, each time we get the opportunity to leave more baggage & conditioning behind, so moving through the gateway into a higher vibrational frequency and each time we experience more of the 5th and 6th dimensions until eventually our vibrational signature matches that of the Unity paradigm and we then experience Unity fully.


SO we are being given the opportunity to consciously release old cycles, to look at our shadow side and do the work and make a commitment to consciously walk our path.


In return we get to feel balanced peaceful and loving, our minds are clear as we live in our hearts and we live a life of joyful abundance. Make that your goal for 2017 because if you make that commitment and you follow it through with action you will succeed, you have the Universe on your side and everything is ready and waiting, all we need is YOU .


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx