It really is all going on and this is a rather rare astrological event and it brings with it a fabulous opportunity to bring ourselves into alignment too !


Let’s break it down a bit first, it’s a full moon which is at its closest position to earth, which makes it a Supermoon as it appears bigger and brighter in our skies. This is the THIRD Supermoon in a row and the SECOND Supermoon in a month which makes it a Blue Moon. It is also a supermoon eclipse which due to the positioning of the planets will turn the moon red as it becomes illuminated by the shadow/atmosphere of the earth, making it a Blood Moon. All of these moons happen all the time so nothing unusual there but what is so special is them all coming together at the same time.


On the 31st there is a true and direct alignment from the sun, our heart centre and the earth and then the moon . 3 planetary cycles have come into sync and we can take advantage of this by putting ourself in the middle of it all by mediating. The energy has been ramping up since The first supermoon in December and we have all been given opportunities to get into position, ready to make ourselves part of this alignment, it’s why January has been quite intense in one way or another.

So let’s look at the energy themes of this full moon, as you know full moons are when everything is amplified, taken to it’s highest potential, your energy inspiration and creativity will be high. You will see things as they really are and know exactly what to do about it. You will see task begin to bear fruit and dreams manifesting. On the other hand if you are at a point in your own cycle where there are things you need to see but the penny hasn’t quite dropped yet you could find yourself on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, the full moon will bring everything to a head, to make you see what needs to be addressed in your life. Whatever the moon brings if we learn from it we will grow and that is always a good thing.

The moon is like a loving mother who wants to help us, to see us reach our full potential and sometimes that means some tough love or a bitter medicine.
The energy of the moon is neither good or bad, how we experience it is the clue to where we are on our path right now .If you find it tough or uncomfortable then that is where you need to start looking because there is something you are not seeing about your current situation but it is there to be seen.

Think of this moon like a spotlight shining on your life showing you what you need to see!

This moon brings with it a very active dynamic energy, it is energy of transformation and growth, forward movement and success, if you are ready to step into your leadership role then this is a great time to hook in and set your intentions and then expect some fast movement in February and March.

The main theme however with this alignment is TRUTH, it is time to separate the truth from the ILLUSION, for us to see behind the curtain and pull the plug! When I speak I am referring to all levels of existence, when I say to look behind the curtain I mean that on a Global level, A Societal & Cultural Level at your neighbourhood and community level but also on a personal level, to look behind the curtain of your actions and thoughts and find out what is really happening back there.

Enough is enough with the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we are told, these are not the rules of the game even though they are accepted as such, it is time to open our eyes to everything about ourselves and our world as nothing is at it seems.

We are out of alignment with our world because it is no longer our world and it certainly is not the world of our children which is why they are struggling so much. This is shown to us clearly in the current celestial events, The term blue moon refers to the second full moon in a month, now this only happens because our calendar is not in sync with the cycles of the moon, this is a manmade phenomena but it is important here as it is highlighting that our world is out of sync with nature and that we celebrate this fact, we imbue it with a mysterious importance, ignoring its real significance and message, this is asking us to look at ourselves, how are we doing this in our lives, ignoring our own natural cycles, knowing and intuition to focus on something manmade and without true value or meaning, to find where you may be doing this just follow the drama.

The blue moon will also turn red when it falls in the shadow of the earth, this is significant too, The Riverboat song has been going round in my head over the last few days, with a line The River runs red, I looked into this a little more, asking Are the rivers going to run red and this is my understanding. No the rivers will not run red this is an illusion, we have to anchor in our own truths, our own beliefs, so not to be thrown into fear by an illusion.

This is one of the main purposes for this Supermoon Eclipse to help us align our heart centre with the moon the sun and the earth, from our heart comes our truth and the the truth of the universe. The energy of truth will help you stand firm and power you forward.

This energy coming in really is breathtaking it is so powerful as everything is amplied and the fact it is the 3rd supermoon in a row means it is going to be supersonic, this is what the last couple of months has been building to, so don’t miss the big finale.

Our own truths about ourself, our world, our hopes and dreams have all been coming up for us over the last 6 months and now is the time to make these changes real, to make things happen and this SuperMoon Eclipse is our opportunity.

I hope you take this opportunity to release so many cycles and imbalances and welcome in a new life of clarity and growth empowerment and compassion.

Join me today at 12 noon GMT for a guided meditation to help you do just that, let’s all step into alignment with our heart mind and soul


Love and Laughter Michele xxxxx


Timelines are shifting!



Global understanding meditation 29/1/2018 – the foundational structure is shifting.

I thought I would start sharing my global energy experiences and journal entries, this is a very busy time for us all and great deal of change is occurring, it is important for us all to be more conscious of these changes and to flow with them

There are an infinite number of timelines, each one existing at the crossroads of choice, turn left and you go down one timeline turn right and you create another.

Sometimes time lines loop back on each other, so you can keep turning left and eventually you will find yourself back where you started.

Some timelines are very close to each other in proximity and they have an affect on each other, events in one timeline can impact the second timeline.

You can move across timelines to take a look but you can’t just jump to another timeline and have that as yours but you can steer your timelines towards an alternative timeline via a series of choices. This is why conscious living and working daily on expanding your conscious awareness is so important.

In my beach meditation this morning I opened my eyes and the beach in front of me was separated into bars each one moving in the opposite direction to the ones next to it. I instantly knew they represented timelines but I didn’t know what it meant, I closed my eyes again and this is what I understood.

The timelines were shifting apart, those that were close together and at times entwined were separating, now this is a good thing as these alternate timelines were being used by darker forces to alter this timeline but it also means that the choices that you make in this timeline are extra important.

Paths are being set and time is taking on a slightly different quality, what we do from now on is very important to the creation of our timelines, if we have a restrictive mindset that is exactly what we will create!

The world has changed it is only our minds that keep us from seeing this!

30th January 2018 Energy Forecast- The truth will set you free


Hey Good Morning I hope that you are well, albeit maybe a little sensitive or emotional, this is good so just allow those tears to flow even if you have no idea what it is that you are crying about, just let those emotions flow but don’t hold on to them as you will know when you are done and it may be over as quickly and intensely as it started.

I tried to finish my article yesterday all about the moon but it is so exciting and there was so much to say it got a little bit confusing so I stepped away and hopefully it will flow today. There is just so much to this event that I want to make sure you take full advantage of it if you choose.

I would like to reiterate though how important this time is to your own path growth and purpose, you may think that it won’t make much difference one way or the other but ask those that meditated either with me or on their own on the last full moon and you will see that it made a big difference and they have not experienced many of the ups and downs that this month has brought as they allowed the moon to assist them at the beginning of the month release so much For those that didn’t take full advantage of the cleaning clearing and release for the last full moon have found themselves having to clear out all this month and it hasn’t always been easy.

Think of moons like super booster, they can help you with whatever you need right now but you need to do this consciously to really get the most out of it.

This is a great time for balance and alignment and this particular planetary alignment is going to help with the balance of our masculine and feminine, I am going to write about this in more detail at some point as it is part of our move into unity.

I feel the energy of truth strong and fierce and this is here to stay 2018 will usher in a new era of truth and transparency, for those that want to see the world will become clear, if you are invested in maintaining the status quo then that is what you will see and your fears will e realised, “gotta give the people what they want and expect right”

Truth is bright and strong to has the ability to cut through even the darkest shadows, those shadows within you that you fight so hard to deny even exists, allow the truth in and so much will become clear!

I also feel the energy of patience and wisdom and maybe tomorrow when the energy becomes super boosted this will be needed. The energy will be strong and proactive, the energy of leaders, however as we are still in a duality and most people still embody duality conditioning this energy will not stay pure, it will be split and distorted as it passes through the duality filter within us, meaning leadership can become a dictatorship, passion can become control and so on be aware of this and take yourself to one side if you find yourself acting in this way. It is our responsibility to ensure in each moment that we are not adding to the problem, that we are not voting with our actions to remained trapped within the duality forever swinging from good times to bad, drowning in conflict drama and lack , never feeling truly fulfilled as there always seems to be something missing! Is that really what you want? Maybe you are addicted to the drama, to the constant moaning, to feeling like a “survivor” or a tragic heroine ? Maybe? But if you want to know the answers now is the time!

This is not something to run away from and this is what I love about those that take my development course, they are able to exclaim with glee, oh my I have just seen that I totally manipulated that situation to get my needs met and feel worthy, they are embracing the arsehole within, we all have it and once you do, then you can balance and release it and bring in unity feeling in its place, that is why they feel such joy when they face their shadow sides because they know they can do something about it, it’s like finding the jackpot, for most people who are not actively processing their duality and issues their ego would jump in and defend them and their position, no you weren’t being an arsehole, blah blah blah etc etc preferring instead another loop on the carousel of BS.

So once again we all have a choice, everything is there right in front of you to set you free and it is spectacular but your free will means the choice is yours and in a duality world apathy rules but you can pull yourself out from the mire and create something awesome…….will you?

I would love for you to join me tomorrow at 12 Noon GMT for a Guided Supermoon Eclipse meditation Just follow the link below to sign up.

Love and Laughter Michele

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January 28th 2018 Energy Forecast – It’s getting emotional


Good Morning I hope your well, although probably feeling rather emotional at the moment and maybe you are not even sure why, a song on the radio or a random comment may have you bursting into tears. It is ok just let them flow.

We have a mixed bag of energy around at the moment, coming from a variety of sources but the main one is the moon, this is where all your emotions are being drawn out and it is ok to cry, be thankful that whatever it is, is making it’s way out of your system, feel it and then let it go.

As with most things if you are operating at either end of the spectrum if you own it or reject these emotions then you have missed an opportunity that you will take you one step closer true peace and joy.

The amazing astrological event we have in a few days is rather extraordinary but also totally normal and expected if you look at the bigger picture, it could be no other way but use it people, work with it and this day like no other is going to set your tone for 2018 and it marks a big leap forward on your path and with your plans if you allow it!

All full moons bring with them heightened emotional experiences which is why you are either tearful or irritable and angry right now or if you have been working and flowing you may feel super charged, powerful yet calm and stable, this is a great time for you to reap the rewards of your hard work.

The eclipse and the fact that this is the final full super moon of the season, the second in the month making it a blue moon that will glow red in the eclipse is so check your emotions , stay conscious and grounded as you don’t want the rivers to run red!

There may be a little anxiety coming up in you today, the need to stay home and nest, to keep those around you safe and protected, this is fine, spend some time at home, enjoy it but work on that anxiety.

For some of you, you may feel injustice strongly around this moon as we have a lot of truth energy coming in, you may feel that you want to take action and action in itself is not a bad thing it is necessary to make change however pause before you do and check that you are not out of balance and you have all the facts.

Your emotions are a great indicator of what lies beneath however they can become our greatest distraction and downfall if we pretend they don’t exist and therefore don’t get to know them.

This is a year like no other and if you are still not feeling it then you are looking the opposite way, time to bring it all back in to your centre point and see the truth within.

This is ascension awakening enlightenment whatever you want to call it! Although it has been happening for decades well centuries in fact, this is the first year that such a large proportion of the planet can really feel it!

What you do from here on in will have a greater impact on your life and the world than you ever thought imaginable, it’s time you understood the power within you !

Love and laughter Michele xxxx

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January 28th 2018 Energy Forecast – There is only today 



Good Morning I hope you are all well and had a great week, we are firmly in the full moon energy and it will make its presence felt.January has been a strange month in so many ways but an absolute perfect start to this amazing year.

We were all given the chance to release even more baggage this month, to open our eyes a little wider, to see the truth in ourselves and our world. This has been a month of release and forgiveness, ensuring that we really were letting go, of the pain, injustice and heart break of previous cycles. How can we fly when we are carrying a lifetime of endings?

The Super Full Moon eclipse is going to be a rather spectacular end to this do-over month and will springboard you into 2018 and into your dreams.

Today is a day of high spirits, I feel fun and laughter, high spirits and joy, joy is a unity state so it is very encouraging to see it around in such strength, really feel into this energy and noticed how different it is to happiness, more stable, richer.

You may also feeling slightly irritable but this is your birth working to the surface, either you are fighting it or not seeing it. Don’t try to justify your truth away because it is easier than facing it, facing it is the only thing that wiliest you free but also propel you forward.

This is a journey we have to keep moving and you are going to want to jump into 2018 as it is extraordinary, if you choose you really can begin to experience unity and as a result help the whole planet move towards it.

So what is it that you are creating? What is your leap of faith? What is it that you know to be true? What is your purpose ? These are questions that you may well be asking and it is good to do so the energy around today will help you with the answers.

The time is now, in this moment, there is no other, if your eyes are on the future with hope or expectation of change or fulfilment then you are not living you are counting down the days.

RIght now in this moment how do you feel? Are you peaceful & joyful? Do you have clarity & balance, do you have equanimity, do you live your life with grace and compassion, are you impeccable? It is within you to feel all of these things and more, in every moment, with no worry for the future as today is just perfect and it is only by living today that we can create a true tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope that you will join me for a guided super full moon eclipse meditation, sign up to my full moon meditations for more details

Love and laughter Michele xxxx

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January 23rd 2018 Energy Forecast – Ground this awesome energy deep within you and the earth

Portrait of young woman on the beach near the sea sitting with h
Work with the elements become one with everything and then ground it into the centre of the earth!!

Good Morning I hope that you are well, we have some really strong grounding energy which is fantastic and we should all use this to ground ourselves, this is going to be important for many reasons over the coming months. Everyone is going to be getting more and more physic messages and knowing, as many people are consciously walking their path and many more will follow day after day, the life you knew will begin to dissolve before your eyes into something much more expansive and inclusive, for this you need to fully grounded.

Day by day higher vibrational energy to help with the shift from duality into unity is coming into our planet and us, we help everything and everyone including ourselves if we ground this energy.

Many people forget to ground, as the body and our physical 3d duality world is what many people want to get away from, the spiritual aspect of their lives is the preference, so it is ignored a little or maybe just overlooked. However grounding is vitally important, our journey is not to reach the stars, are journey is to realise we are the stars! So ground ground ground!

We have a fabulous active energy around that has a lighthearted edge to it, which may lead to some “sexy times”, this is said in humour which is the general tone of the energy. Have some fun, be adventurous, take that leap of faith to have a laugh. It is important to lighten up and that’s the point of it all right to work towards having a higher vibration, to being lighter, of heart and of spirit. Fun and laughter is part of that, when you laugh you raise your vibrations and those around you. Note how quickly the mood can lift when a happy person joins the group, think how infectious laughter is and how good it feels. This is ascension moving from one state to another, going from sad to happy, Processing makes these states permanent rather than temporary and based on external factors, when you really get into your processing like those taking my course , these shifts towards inner joy peace and balance become permanent, not rocked or changed by external pressures or situations, they really are keeping their heads when all around are losing theres.

This inner stability is important and using the grounding energy around will help. Just think about that for a while, how would you like to be that emotionally stable? A constant inner feeling of joy wonder and delight, to feel this way despite how people treat or react to you, despite the drama all around. To feel more deeply and feel more connected to everything in your life but be devoid of drama, not being caught up in the waves of other people lives or being stuck on the pendulum swing from good times to bad? Would you like that? It is possible more than possible and it is a requirement for unity!

Use the wonderfully active and grounding energy that we have, I am sure that there are some exciting opportunities coming up in your life so keep your eyes open and be ready to jump, don’t second guess, follow your heart and go for it!

These are the most extraordinary times so don’t sleep through it.

Have a wonderful day

Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx