July 31st 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, pay attention to your dreams, they have messages for you, often an indicator of the areas in your life that you need to pay attention to.


We too often drift through our lives on autopilot, not really attending to much and letting our brains fill in the gaps, making assumptions that often have no bearing on reality. If you find yourself sleep walking through life, shake it up a bit, change your routine, even if it is just changing the route home from work, it will help. You can also bring yourself back to the moment and just be mindful for a few moments, focusing on what you can feel hear see smell etc and this should bring you back to the now.


The energy of clarity is still strong and we need this to help us really see our lives, are you joyful or are you happy that you have ticked all the boxes for a successful life? Are you living the life you could or the life you should? Maybe you are in a job that would make your parents happy, maybe looking after others fills your needs, or does it? Is that the ego convincing you, yes caring for others and making them happy can make us happy but it doesn’t make us feel joy, how could we when we don’t apply the same care and concern to ourselves and we don’t live our own lives, we someone else’s.


Clarity also helps us to make a plan, what do you want, what makes you smile and then you can set your intentions, until you know what you want, it can be hard to see what you don’t.


Ah the energy of humility is coming in pretty strongly, which we haven’t had for a while and this is a very powerful energy and we tend to only get it in small doses. Humility keeps us grounded , it is a violet colour and feel so soft, it also has flashes of green. Reach into this energy over the weekend and allow the understanding to come about your place in this world, what is your path and the reason for you being here right now. Pull everything back to your core being and find your connection to the fundamental elements of this world, love and miracles, open your eyes it is everywhere.


Grounding is very important in these shifting times and will help you stay in the moment, focused on what will help you move forward on your path, rather than something that just gives you the illusion you are moving.


Today is a good day to do an inventory of your life, what boxes do you tick and are those the boxes you want to tick anyway? Are you joyful and at peace, if not where are the areas that you need to look at? Ask yourself what is real and matters and what is imposed from outside, you know the things we do because our parents did it or society expects it, ask yourself do you need to do it or maybe there is a new way.


The energy we have this weekend will help with all that and there is a large dose of compassion around too, apply this to yourself and to others, remember if you are confused and a little lost so is everyone else, so give them a break too.


Have a wonderful day and let the revelations flow, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


July 30th Energy 2016

alice rabit hole


Good morning, I hope you are well, there has been a change in the energy today and this is going to carry us through next week. Some may find the energy a little harsh and others will not, it all depends upon your perspective and your willingness to accept you may have issues that need addressing. When we strongly reject a viewpoint or react passionately to a situation we are being triggered, now this is a great signpost that needs to be followed, down, deep down to your core issue, so that is can be accepted embraced forgiven and released. It really is that simple until of course you have to deal with the ego. An unbalanced ego that is running the show will almost violently make you turn the other way…there is nothing to see here folks, all is good, you are good, keep doing what you are doing it is everyone else who is at fault.


Whilst you allow the ego to be in charge you will never find your way back to bliss but you will be kept on your perpetual cycle of ups and downs and general feelings of anger fear and anxiety. Balance the ego and the most consistent and continuous joy awaits.


The energy we have around this weekend is going to be showing you where you are out of balance, challenges will be thrown your way to see how  consistent and true to yourself you are. The next few weeks will be about putting theory into practice, we will all be asked to practice what we preach. Now don’t see this as a bad or scary thing, this is here to help us to see the truth that lies within, to put down the sparkly trappings of the old paradigm of polarity and to walk open handed and hearted into the new.


If you constantly see things that happen in your life as a bad thing, then you are adopting the role of victim rather than seeing them as the learning opportunities and sign posts that they are, these are gifts not a curse.


The energy of truth is going to be around a lot and you can’t hide from this, it can pierce through anything and will keep tapping on your door until you answer. Any truths that you may realise about others is never about them, it is ALWAYS about you, so see what message is for you in this and no please silence the ego when it tells you that this is a message to protect you from the evils of others, that is just not true, there is a message for you, if you find it and embrace it then you will achieve great energetic shifts.


We also have the energy of courage and strength coming in, I love the way the Universe really does provide us with everything we need. Draw on this because you can do it, you can face our dark side, your demons, you can reopen issues from the past without them drowning you. You can do this and it will be no way near as bad as you think but face it you must. This is not something you can go around under or over, you can only go through this and trust me you will be glad that you did.


Take a walk in nature and allow the energy that is available to filter into your system, when times get a little rough then draw on the soothing healing energy, I always see it like Aloe Vera and have used it a lot, I also use it in my healing work.


These are really awesome times and if you are struggling to see that then it is a sign that your ego is resisting, so direct your energy there and get to work.


I am always available for a chat or clarification if anyone is struggling, however as many of you know my answers are direct and will often cut through the fluffiness directly to the core issue. What you do with that information is up to you. Some reject it in the moment only to have it penetrate their wall later, some get rather angry with me and want to attack, others have a eureka moment and it changes their life in an instant. I never take these things personally, it is my job to be a catalyst and none of this is ever about me…EVERYTHING is about you.


So this weekend really flow with the energy, follow where it leads, it may take you down the rabbit hole but that is not a bad thing, go with it and you may find the truth you seek.


Here if you need me, have a wonderful inspiring weekend, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

July 29th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are well, the predominant energy coming in this morning is Hope, mix this with the creativity that has been around all week and this is the stuff that dreams are made from.


Hope creativity and inspiration these create passion, when was the last time you felt truly passionate about something, not someone, something? What makes your heart skip a beat and makes you smile the broadest smile? Find your passion today and over the weekend, we all need something. The energy is around to support this if you let go, allow yourself to be carried away…that is when you know something has clicked, be open to the flow and it may just surprise you what your passion is. Passion comes from the heart not the head so you can’t really predict it.


We have some fun energy coming in for the weekend and it is important to have some time out and just be, relax and put all your worries to one side for a couple of days, Laughter is truly the best medicine for everything, it heals bonds and unites and most importantly it raises our vibrations and the people around us.


After the weekend the energy is going to change, it is still positive but there is work to be done, we cannot keep going around and around in circles and hoping that on this lap things are going to change. Nothing is going to change until you change your mind-set, you are creating the never ending loop, so one of the first energies that is coming in strong is acceptance, now this is such an amazing energy but one often feared by many. Acceptance is freedom but with that comes loss and endings which many resist but the liberation you feel is awesome although again some find that scary, as they would prefer a world that they know the rules and the playing field, no matter how awful, than a world that is tried and untested…..the most restrictive but widely used phrase is “better the devil you know” it keeps people locked in the most awful situations through fear of the unknown.


Over the next few months we are going to be given opportunity after opportunity to release the old cycles, to dig deep into our inner thought structures, conditioning and triggers, releasing the unconscious puppet master who controls our every move. We are being asked to move from our mind to our hearts, balancing the ego and moving it to where it belongs a source of inspiration….the ego was never meant to be in control and once we realise that and do something about it most of your problems if not all will begin to dissipate.


The path to true bliss is very simple, it is the resistance of the ego that makes everything so tough and complicated.


So if you are up for it the next few months will be very exciting and liberating BUT you have to be willing to take full responsibility for your whole life and everything in it, Nobody else is to blame, no one else is at fault, you are not waiting for someone or something to kick start your life, this actually has nothing to do with anyone else but yourself….which is a good thing.


The beauty of this life is, the moment you make that decision, that commitment, your life can change in an instant, after all we live in a world that exists at the level of the mind, so the smallest shift in perspective quickly shows in our outer world.


Gone are the days or the misguided thought that we exert control over our outer world to be a success, that was always just a distraction. Now we change our outer world by uncovering our inner self…without the help of the ego!


So have a wonderful fun filled weekend and make that commitment to yourself as it will be the greatest gift you every give yourself.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


If anyone wants to do some workshops on this in groups or one to one then please let me know.

July 28th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are all well, so the revelations continue, into who you are, your life, your surroundings, your path. Take all of this in your stride knowing that everything is going to be ok, revelations often have a sting to them initially but you soon see they are a gift. If you are not sure what to do with the revelations then do nothing until you do know, we don’t need to force anything, everything will play out in its own time if you allow it and are prepared for the changes this may make.


I feel the energy of compassion and love very strongly , feel connected with this and draw on it whenever you feel irritated or frustrated. Make a conscious note of how often you feel angry or frustrated with the people and situations around you in a day. From the driver who cuts you up, to your husband, see how often you have flash points in a day and then reflect on that, asking the question WHY? Again just let the answers come to you and then remember to use compassion with those that frustrate you but also on yourself. You don’t need to beat yourself up over this you need to find out why.


I feel nostalgia energy here still, firstly the veil with spirit is very thin and it is much easier to communicate with them or receive messages from loved ones. If you do feel or see something, or even if you don’t sit and try and connect, ask questions and see what answers pop into your mind. Know they are close and that they are with you, cheering you on.


I see a very soothing calming energy but I can’t really identify it, draw this in as it is rather lovely.


So we have energy that will take you back to the past bringing forth revelations about who you are and then some calming and compassionate energy to sooth us to allow the revelations to work deep within.


There is also an active and dynamic energy so much can be achieved on a practical physical level too.


This is a good day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

July 27th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, the energy this morning is just slightly less active than yesterday yet lots can still be achieved. Remember this is the second half of the year and it is very different to the first half, time has slowed down once again which mean we can get a lot of stuff done.


It is important for us to clear our physical lives as well as our emotional and mental lives over the next few months. It is time to get organised but in a more flowing and less rigid way than before.


I feel the energy of clarity around but also inspiration, now this can hit us in a variety of unexpected ways. You have to allow this energy to flow and follow where it leads, if you try to contain inspiration it all goes a little bit strange. Soothe your mind and especially your ego as they will try to dampen inspiration and tell you to stop being so stupid or fanciful….do not let them be your jailers, there is an amazing world out there if you just look within.


The energy of nostalgia is strong and this is something to be stepped out of, unless it triggers you, which it will and in that case use it as a processing opportunity. If you still don’t have a processing technique that works for you I highly suggest you get one. There is a great deal of work to be done unravelling the conditioning and perspective of the old paradigm, if you are truly to live in the new paradigm, although it is a choice not an automatic right. Free will allows you to embrace it or turn away from it. Processing is not easy…if it was everyone would be doing it ( I wish they would haha) however it is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself, it removes the blinkers of the ego and allows you to fully experience pure joy and love instead of anger and anxiety that predominates this paradigm.  You may be afraid of the unknown but trust me and the thousands if not millions of others who went before….it is worth every second. But you have to make that choice….it is a conscious choice!


Pure love as always is here in abundance, it is there for you whenever you need, all energy is, learn to use it…that is what it is there for. Sit with this energy for a while and you will see how pure love is all encompassing ….there really is nothing like it, it is completely different from the love we tend to have for each other. The mind controlled by the ego can only experience within a defined set of limits, dressed up as the real thing.


This weekend the energy shifts again for a big clear out, it is time to streamline, get rid of all that no longer serves you, on every level. Look at your diet and exercise, look at your possessions and your home. Your job and your passions, your family and your perceived duties and obligations, your friends and support network, look at your thought processes and your habits, look at the cycles or your life, which ones have come to their natural end but you still hold on to them. Look at everything with fresh and objective eyes and let it go!


If you need any clarification or any further pointers on what to do please get in touch, either on the wall or in private, it is up to you but please DO SOMETHING. We don’t have time anymore to sit in projected cloud of pink fluffiness no matter how lovely it may feel it is not real. We have work to do, to move fully into the paradigm of Unity we cannot have any separation and that means looking at our shadow side embracing forgiving and releasing the polarities and bringing in an ascended state of being. It is possible I and so many others have done this, continue to do this and reap the rewards.

We see you suffering and we hold out our hands……it is up to you whether you hold out yours.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

July 26th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope that you are all well I have had a lovely few days beginning to assimilate the new knowledge I have learned, I will then apply it and then I will teach it, it is all very exciting.


So the energy I feel coming in this morning is a mixed bag, once again the energy generated on the ground level will knock you off your feet the fear is so strong, this in turn creates confusion, panic, anger, anxiety etc. The greater the fear people tend to react in two ways, fight or flight, gain control and superiority over your immediate environment or run away and hide. Check yourself, for these reactions, however the ego may justify it. Often people can control their surroundings in ways that appear caring and thoughtful but it is passive aggressive manipulation to get their goal, now your ego is going to scream that you would never do this, that you genuinely care but just allow the possibility in that your main intention is to get your needs met, or to quieten the fear screaming inside.


There is a lot of fear being generated by the media at the moment, please do not buy into it, don’t buy into any of it, it is not real. When I was 14 I predicted Brexit, I understood two things then, firstly we would never truly integrate into Europe and two it really didn’t matter and that stands true today, it doesn’t matter. It is all part of the route to where we need to be, don’t let the fear of a power that doesn’t exist disempower you, our whole journey is about self discovery and self empowerment, ask yourself have you been doing that lately or have you been giving your power away through fear.


We give our power away unconsciously and almost constantly.  When we defer to our doctor when we feel the sniffles coming, we know so much better than the doctor what is wrong with us and what we need but we do the opposite. When we give power and extra intelligence and wisdom to teachers, solicitors etc because we see them as better than us, absolutely not true, we ALL have access to the same source of wisdom but we know ourselves and our children better.


We give our power away when we fall into the role playing that seems a constant in this world, for example this world is dominated by victim hero and villains, none of this is real and you refuse to the play the part then this scenario will disappear in your world. Only that which we feed will remain.


I feel inspiration and creativity by the bucket loads and I also feel the elemental energy very strongly, get into nature and I feel there will be messages for us all this week. We all have important things to do in this lifetime and your purpose will be revealed if you would just listen.


As I have said many times we reached the tipping point in raising global consciousness, when that happened everything began to speed up, its how we seemed to go from 2012 to 2016 on the blink of an eye, we were on a roll people, look around you, you can see this for yourself. So many more people are aware than ever before, as long as you stay out of the “spiritual Community” who the majority sadly locked themselves in a Perspex box of absolute limitation. The most spiritually connected people these days are the ones that have changed their life with this new perspective and continue to grow towards miracles presented every day.


Take this creative energy and do something with it, understand that you create your own life, your experience so if you still feel like something or someone out there is doing this to you then your perspective is limited. If you feel that just getting that job or partner will kick start your life then your perspective is limited. If you are waiting for anything or anyone then you will have a long and frustrating wait.


We all get signs all the time but do we notice and if we do, do we listen? How many of you notice 11 :11 or 2:2 a lot or similar double digits? How many of you comment on its occurrence but then that is as far as it goes, do you sit and ask what the universe is trying to tell you? Do you then take that message on board? Think of it like this…..if you did listen then the universe wouldn’t keep repeating the same message over and over, it would move on to another message.


This is what is see all the time, people make these amazing connections and then think that is it but there is so much more.


As I keep saying it is not enough to know things you need to apply them and keep applying them so they are automatic.


I feel joyful every moment of every day, I don’t need to try or pretend it is where I live and it is a beautiful place to be…….so why choose otherwise?


Have a wonderful day, be empowered be creative become joyful, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx

July 23rd 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are all well. I will not be writing an energy report for the next couple of days as I have recently been given some information that will take a few days to digest and while I do that my channel for the energy reports is otherwise engaged. This means they do not flow in the same way and the information is not as rich.


This is all good and quite usual for me, like everyone else I too am walking a path of widening conscious awareness. Our awareness and understanding can be described in levels and we progress or don’t through those levels, sometimes when we get more information it takes a while to assimilate it with our previous understanding and sometimes it blows that previous understanding out of the water.


Now this does not mean that what we knew before was wrong it just means we are at a different level of understanding and now at this point we are able to take a deeper or wider level. Other times it completely blows your mind and you have to throw out so much of what you thought you knew, this was necessary too, often we need to have one level of understanding to get you to the point when you can understand the truth. Sometimes the knowledge appears to be contradictory but it isn’t it is just an old framework that we are trying to place over a new concept


Everyone who makes the commitment to consciously walk their path, using processing techniques to  get to their core and release the fear will get these revelations/downloads but some people stop there but the key is integration and application, otherwise it just becomes another abstract concept that floats around.


I am also working on some fun things for you guys to watch but it all takes a bit of time for everything to come into alignment…..however if anyone is any good at editing videos or being a camera man then please get in touch as we would love you to be part of our next project.


Since the Solstice everything has changed and it is time I came back to teaching and it is time for you to make that commitment to learn, whether with me or someone else, there are plenty of really awesome connected teachers out there. We are all teaching the same thing yet our styles may differ so go where your heart leads but please go and find what works for you as there is no longer any time to sit around examining your navel. You have a choice to make ….learn and grow or stay exactly where you are doing exactly what you are doing, this really is an either or situation. And no processing in your sleep is not enough, learning about crystal tarot etc is not enough, saying a few mantras is not enough, knowing but not applying is not enough.


If you find yourself saying I know this but…..then it is time to have a word with yourself. The life of bliss is there at your fingertips just waiting for your commitment but you allow yourself to be distracted with the trappings of this illusory world, either the race to attain glittery stuff or to run and hide from all the anger and fear….this is not our world !


So my beautiful friends have a chat with yourself this weekend and ask yourself what you really want and then make a commitment, you will be glad that you did.


I am still as always free for a chat if anyone has any concerns or worries. Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx