May 31st 2017 Energy Forecast



Good  Morning I hope you are well, the energy this morning feels like a gritty road in the burning sun, it is hot bumpy and dusty. I feel friction and irritation and this is not going to be comfortable for some. It is going to be relatively short-lived but is here to get us to really look at what we are hiding or running away from. It feels like this energy can really get deep within and bring out what it is that is troubling you and believe me even though you may not want to face it and you are pushing it deep down and facing the other way it is affecting you, it is troubling you and although you don’t want to look it is best thing for you. Once you see it you can let it go!


Now this is not something ominous, this is not danger or evil coming to you, you are your own source of discomfort and irritation, so follow the cues, what is irritating you, making you mad? What is it that you can’t quite see? Where is the friction in your life? These are all questions that it is worth asking as it is the quickest way to get rid of the anxiety or unsettled feelings you have right now.


Not everyone is going to be feeling this, you may just get a mild feeling that something is off and this could just be the energy of everyone around you. Just check yourself, sit in meditation and ask if there is anything that you need to see or know.


If you are feeling anxious, ground and get into nature, talk with the universe, ask for its help, it is there with you, supporting you. This isn’t really a world of deceit and deception, although it may feel like that right now, this world isn’t here to trip us up or put us down, everything is here to lift us up but sometimes you need to see the bigger picture to realise that. So until you do, have faith that there is a reason for this, if you feel uncomfortable look for the reason why and do something about it. Talk to me if you would like, sometimes just voicing our deepest fears releases them or at least brings the light to them so you can really see.


Think about all the things you are worried about and been fearful of, often spending a lot of time and energy avoiding, maybe you have lost friendships or thrown away opportunities as you were hiding from these but how did they turn out in the end? Were they as bad as you thought or did you feel a great relief when you were forced to face them? How many times have you thought oh wow that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, wish I had done it sooner?


The problem is whilst you are deceiving yourself you will struggle to raise your vibrational rate, which in turn with restrict your awareness and connectivity, it can also tether you to your path so you become stationary or go round in circles.


You may also want to look at why you judge yourself so harshly? Why you have to project the image of the perfect person, when you are already perfect just being truly you, warts and all?


By this evening this energy is going to shift once again, it will be back so don’t think you can hide forever and maybe today is the day you take a good look at what it is that you have been avoiding. You won’t fall into a black hole but you will be liberated.


I also see violets and this is a colour that has been showing up more and more energetically, just wisps and strands but it is becoming ever present. Great transformations are on everyone’s doorstep, the possibilities are close enough to touch but you all have free will so you have to make that choice don’t  let fear make that choice for you.


The energetic structure has changed fundamentally over the last month, I have had some amazing developments of my experience , gifts and wisdom, can you feel it? This is happening to you too if you allow it and look for it. Awareness is key to all things, so start looking at your life.


We are moving into unity and whereas last year I could see this happening slowly and much was based on inner knowing and faith, now I can literally see it, I can see new structures forming.


Have any of you noticed the energetic changes in the last few weeks? They can be like heat shimmers you may have noticed them out of the corner of your eye. Have you noticed how the air doesn’t feel as dense or that you seem to know things even if it is after the fact? Are you becoming more aware? Think about it and reflect on the changes, subtle as they may be because when you recognise this is encourages more of the same, let your awareness expand……into unity.


Have a wonderful day, here if you need to talk.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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May 28th 2017 Energy Forecast

live it.jpg


Good morning I hope you are well, so the energy has changed gears once again and you may have felt it like a drop, although it still feels chatty and sociable and about connecting, being and loving your friends and family, I also feel a melancholy or sadness running through it, a temptation to run home and hide under the duvet, without really knowing why.


I feel that this energy is as always about truths within and that the sadness has to do with revelations about our own behaviour. The moon brought a great deal up about our own inner truth and speaking that but now it seems that we are to have eureka moments about our own behaviour and motivations and it may not be all that rosy.


REMEMBER not to hold on to this, not to let it define you; don’t fall into victim or martyr mode. WE ALL have those revelations, those moments when our heart sinks and we think oh no I did that, I was responsible for that but the reason we have those moments of clarity is so that we can bring it to the light and balance it.


Over this week we are all going to see the roles we play, victim, hero, villain, these are choices we make and we adopt these roles out of fear mainly, it is better to play the game and distract ourselves from the truth and what we need to do about that than rock the boat and do something.


However when we play one of those roles we have to cast our friends and family in the other roles and that completely skews our perception and experience.


By Thursday we have some cowboy energy coming in, not too sure what that is but I get the sense of rounding things up, time to push forward once again, by next weekend the energy is going to be very different from this weekend, it is all go go go and if you are not ready you will get left behind. Not completely but maybe until the next cycle, which is never far away. The energy has been very different since the upgrade and what people can do is amazing, everyone’s gifts and senses are increasing daily especially if you pay attention to them.


Self-deception is high and the energy out there is full of fear, for so many reasons, ensure that you are fully grounded and have protected yourself energetically, there are some visualisations on my website to help with this. Then you must check yourself, Am I deluding myself, am I looking the other way, where am I creating this, am I invested in a particular role.


I get this all the time, which is why the first thing I do is reflect back on my actions, where is my responsibility, have I acted from my heart, with truth? When we speak our truth we can upset the apple cart so to speak and people can react badly to this. One of the first thing that often happens in this scenario is the person who is reacting to this truth goes into victim hero or villain. They will either become self- pitying and assume the position that you are mean or hurtful, that you are the big bad wolf , often getting others around to also believe that you are the villain, or they make become aggressive, overtly or passively and again try and get you to weaken your position, or they may cast you as the victim, you are a little confused or stressed and they will tell you exactly what you need to do, ignore all of this  and step out of , this has nothing to do with you, like a primary school Christmas play.


Bring your awareness to this when it happens and just step out of it, it is easy to also fall into the assumed/projected role or to try and justify or fight against it, just step out of it. Try not to judge the other person either as they are most likely unaware this is what they are doing and it is all part of the conditioning we are dissolving and your awareness is what will do this.


Enjoy this time being with friends and family, observe quietly the interactions and dynamics, feel that grounding as next week we are all going to be leaping tall buildings lol


Have a lovely day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx

May 26th 2017 Energy Forecast

May 26th 2017 Energy Forecast

your life

Good Morning I hope you are well, we are still in the energy of this beautiful new moon so expect the energy to be excitable and chatty going in to the weekend. You may find that you have moments where you mouth runs away with you and you say things that you didn’t expect to you however you may find that these things needed to be said.


The energy of truth is around by the bucket load as usual and when you stand in your own power you will find the truth tumbling from your mouth as if by itself but you will be amazed at the transformations it can bring. Often we are afraid of speaking our mind, expressing ourselves or asking for what we want but when spoken from the heart, from that place of inner power and truth nothing bad happens, in fact it often liberates you.


When you speak your truth from your heart it has a special energy that the person you are communicating with can feel, consciously or sub consciously depending upon their sensitivity, however they feel it and it affects them, it can stop their usual trigger response in its tracks, the key is it being your truth and coming from your heart. You are not speaking to be right, to gain the upper hand, to put someone in their place, to punish them, you are speaking your truth as an expression of your own inner guidance and power. This is right for you, this is true for you.


We are all taught to “play the game”  there is a great deal of expectation and role playing in social interactions, communications and relationships. We have to play our part whether we want to or not, whether we agree with it or not it is what is expected.  It may be time stand up and say no I don’t want to do this anymore, I want something real. When the energy of communication is with us like it is at the moment it makes it easier to express yourself before you are pushed to exploding point and then it comes out in anger or frustration, making a huge mess.


When we say things when we are pushed to our limits we often have to apologise, for the delivery but not the content but this gets lost and so does our message. So if you feel compelled to speak, to make your point or feelings hurt then go with it. Take a deep breath and let it flow, this is not the time to rehearse and plan as that too will come across as fake and weak. Just imagine that you are stepping into your power and stating calmly yet assuredly what is important to you.


This is definitely not about being angry with the person you are speaking to, there is no blame here, you gave away your power, they didn’t steal it. Now you are taking it back.


This weekend is a time to sort out disagreements and misunderstandings, by clear and calm communication, not by giving in, going back to the old and carrying on the charade.  If something is really important to you, if you are taking a new path for growth then stand firm and keep calm, ensure that you are coming from your heart and not your head and all will be well.


It’s not all hard work though this is going to be a weekend of fun and laughter, hilarity in fact. Gemini is the funniest and liveliest of party hosts and great raconteurs so put on your dancing shoes and have some fun.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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May 24th 2017 Energy: Harness the energy of Mays Super New Moon in Gemini

May 24th 2017 Energy:  Harness the energy of Mays Super New Moon in Gemini


Good Morning, How are you? Sleeping heavy and long, upset stomachs and an overactive mind? Welcome to Mays Super New Moon.


The new moon is going to be bringing in a new cycle but this week we are flushing out the old, literally. This is an opportunity to let go of habits and old ways of being and in particular thinking, this new moon is in Gemini so it is all about mind-set and communication. These are biggies for most people; habitual negative mind-sets can be hard to break. We have been conditioned to think the worst then you don’t get disappointed or feel foolish, better to be hardened and restricted than optimistic and vulnerable.


If you have lots of thoughts swirling about your mind take some time out, sit with them and write them down, see which are messages or signs for growth and which are just fear based distractions of an imbalanced ego.


You may be feeling some anxiety but that is because you know you have something to say and that is taking you outside of your comfort zone but you also know you have to say it.


You will also be experiencing this on a physical level; super moons affect every level of us, so expect a physical flushing too.


New beginnings are like buses, they will come around again but do you really want to spend so much time waiting at the bus stop.


We have done so much clearing this year but as always we have the option to bring those cycles back in and many people through fear do just that, “better the devil you know” or they believe that this time it will be different….the definition of insanity “doing the same things over and over but expecting a different result” Einstein. The ego in fear however will convince you to stick to the old, will justify how it is ok.


There is an opportunity here for you to find clarity of thought, to see your mind-set for what it is and do something about it. Are you negative? Most people would say No or of they agreed that it was being a realist but ask yourself that question over the next day or so, look back over your Facebook posts or recall conversations with other, ask the universe, show me my mind-set. A negative mind-set is hidden from most people, they have no idea they are negative so it continues to affect their lives.


We have an amazing opportunity tomorrow to really manifest a bright new future, you can achieve whatever it is that want, however you need to be clear in mind and though, you need to recognise the cycle you are releasing and consciously create a new one but you need to be honest with yourself first. This is what the last few weeks of honesty integrity and faith have been about, getting to see where you really stand.


What are you sacrificing or compromising about yourself through fear? Sit back and observe what you mind is saying, even if it seems a little scary and jam packed with stuff. Before you can clear you mind you have to see what is in there and right now there are some messages there.


It may not be what you want but it will be what you need, don’t waste all the progress you have made by falling into fear at the last hurdle.


Drink plenty of water as your physical body is releasing and detoxing too, rest when you can as it can be exhausting , don’ t run from your chattering mind, step back and observe, allow it communicate then let it go.


It’s time my friends to let it all go, that cycle has ended and a fresh new one is ready to be created under the awesome power of  this Gemini super new moon.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

Why is the food I cook so delicious?

Why is the food I cook so delicious?


Most people who eat the food I cook comment on how delicious it is, they enjoy each mouthful. One friend said it is like a taste explosion in your mouth, you can savour each individual and unique flavour.


So what is it? Yes I have some techniques taught to me by my mother and brother but my food at heart is very simple.


So why does it taste so damn good?


Love appreciation and gratitude!


I enjoy the experience from start to finish, from selecting the vegetables from the market to washing up the plates. I am conscious of the whole event.


I get excited as I know it is going to be amazing, I don’t hope it is going to be delicious I know it is.


I love the colours of the vegetables, the smell and sound as I cut them up, a friend said that she loves to watch me chop vegetables as I do it with so much love and attention.  I am just filled with gratitude that they even exist.


I indulge my sense right from the first step, I know when my food is ready or needs more seasoning by smell and I am aware how the food transforms in appearance, smell and taste.


I have gratitude for the vitamins and minerals that I am about to consume, that are vital for the healthy balance of my body and I make sure I preserve these.

Unconditional love just pours from me into the food at every step, I love the process, the sound the smell, the look, the health benefits, the whole experience.


I allow the food to express itself at its highest potential and am humbled and grateful for that.

My food serves me well, so the least I can do is give it my full attention and love, I eat consciously!


I learnt this many years ago through my son, I cooked angry one day and he refused to eat his pasta, he kept asking mum what have you done to the food it tastes really weird.


I used to eat to live, now I honour the moment and the health benefits are extraordinary. If you cook angry or in a rush, if you resent taking the time to eat or just don’t care, grabbing a takeaway so that you don’t pass out, then you are not allowing the food to express itself and serve you and you won’t experience the benefits.


Most of what I cook, I just add a little seasoning and lemon juice, it brings out the natural flavours, I let the food do the rest.


So make your meal times conscious and experience a taste sensation as well as added health benefits.


I know from the outside it may seem I can do all these amazing things but it is all so simple and it’s all about living consciously and every single one of you can do it too!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

My Chat with a seal pup

seal pup


Today I decided to confront my stalker! No not really, for the past week each time I came out of my beach meditation I would see a seal watching me from the sea. As I walked back down the beach it would follow me half of the way, it was a lovely connection and start to the day.


This morning, when I opened my eyes there it was bobbing away just looking at me, so I decided to really connect and have a chat. Much of what I experience in these connections I can’t really put into words, no words can truly capture it, often it is about seeing the world through their eyes.


Firstly it was a pup and he told me that he sees mainly in green and blue, I wasn’t too sure why he was telling me that but I have learned to just go with these things my understanding will come later. I asked why he was there, why he was coming to see me and he told me he came to hear the sound/music.


It seems that when I/We meditate we make music and the animals love it! How fabulous is that!


It was an awesome morning indeed!


When I got home I googled seals and the colours they could see, it seems that we thought they couldn’t see colour but there has been much research into whether they can see blues and greens and it seems they can.


I love that whenever we have these rather intangible experiences we are also given something we can verify factually. Validation that we are connected not delusional; when we choose to believe, the universe is always there with a helping hand.


I Love my Life


M xxxxx

May 23rd 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, so another day in the land of fairy dust, what is this bringing up in you?  Do you feel happy or sad, angry or joyful, loving and accepting or fearful and in denial?


This is the question to ask yourself, developing an expanded consciousness and wider awareness is one our goals on our path of discovery and development. So we start by being more aware of how we feel and I mean really feel, not with our brains but with our whole body.


You may be having some issues, disappointments and frustrations but how do you feel? The issues are mental, they are not real, so let those go and ask how do I feel. Then you will get a great awareness and understanding of you.


Yesterday I got so many messages from clients, students, friends, family and readers of my post to tell me about amazing things that are happening in their lives, some prompted by my post yesterday but in all honesty most not, they contacted me to share what they thought was awesome, what they had suddenly realised they could do or just to share their excitement. I had a grin from ear to ear all day, in addition to having my own awesomeness validated. I thought to myself how every day  I think this is just the best day ever.


It is important to keep hooked into this energy, to really feel it within, make this your truthm your reality as there is also a lot of the opposite energy around. We are still living in a duality (albeit leaving/transcending) and therefore where there is one state there is always the other.


Some are invested in the positive energies and some in the negative, as always it is a choice which energy you hook into. Even if you don’t do this consciously it is still a choice. If you are feeling angry and unsettled it is no-ones fault. Ok so you may get triggered by someone but they are not to blame, they are just the vehicle bringing your own imbalances to your attention. If you point the finger, try and punish them or lash out then you are firmly hooking into the duality and that is a choice. You are choosing to remain within the structure of the duality, whether you like it or not, can admit it or not this is a choice you are making and you need to be aware of this and take responsibility for it.


Seriously no one cares if your life is unfair and no one wants to hear the moaning. No one can do anything about your life but you and that starts with raising your vibration, adjusting your view point, taking responsibility and opening your eyes to what you are really doing, not only about who you are.


Yes you are awesome and amazing and capable of the most extraordinary things but not when you are lying to yourself, sticking your head in the sand or distracting yourself with gossip of others or by throwing yourself into saving others.


It’s time to get real with yourself, why are you looking the other way, distracting yourself, what is it that you are afraid of? Because trust me it really isn’t worth the sacrifices you are making, nothing is as fearful as we fear it may be. Ask yourself how much of me am I willing to swallow down, compromise and sacrifice just so that some of my fears are quelled? Look at this because the fear hasn’t gone it is just hushed for a while. Are you willing to live a half- life waiting  for the other shoe to drop.


So come on, whilst this magical energy is around us, whilst your loved ones who have passed are standing behind you cheering you on, whilst the universe is just waiting for you to open your eyes and make that commitment, it is time for you!


So what do you believe?

That you deserve a wonderful life, or that you don’t?

That you are strong and empowered or weak and unsure?

The world is a beautiful place or the world is dark and frightening?

That you are unlucky or that you create your own luck?

What are you running away from or hiding from? Be honest with yourself because the moment you are the universe will pick you up and show you the path to your dreams.


And I am here too, I am very wise lol and am happy to walk with you a while, it’s why I do what I do. My first suggestion though would always be to do my course; once you have those tools in your rucksack we can discover the world. If you want more details check out my website This is not a sales pitch I just know how it changes lives J


Have a wonderful day, here if you need to chat or help.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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