February 28th 2017 Energy Forecast

February 28th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are all well and having a productive and creative week so far. Have you noticed the change in the energy or rather the change in you? How do you feel this week? Are you more clear- minded and focused? Are you finding that you are achieving quite a lot in a small space of time? Do you feel that you have more of an impact on your life? Do you feel that things are starting to happen, even if it is the smallest of changes?


So much is shifting this week, so much that we have been waiting for is happening, now but sometimes it is subtle so you have to be aware and looking for it.


It’s time to check your dialogue with yourself and the phrases you use, are you speaking out of habit and it no longer reflects how you feel inside? Think about this for a while, so you feel you can adequately express how you feel with words and do you even realise how you feel?


Sometimes we can be so caught up seeking one thing, convinced that we will never attain it that we totally miss the fact that have got what we wanted.


Sometimes we can fall back into habit and pity, believing once again that we have no power, that we are waiting for someone else to change or something to happen.


To take full advantage of this amazing energy we really need to see it for what it is, a brand new beginning and cycle and to be consciously aware in each moment of what is happening.


The energy this morning is lilac and yellow and carnelian, it feels like spring but with an extra element to it, this is grounding but also construction. The foundations have been built already, the site is secure and now is the time to build and because of the strength and depth of the foundations you are free to build whatever you want.


Have a wonderfully constructive and creative day, really feel into the energy and the shifts not only in your outer world but also in you.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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Learning to visualise is a key element to all Psychic and Energy work.


Keep practising until your visualisations are strong and clear.


You can get a friend to do this with you or you can practice on my page on Facebook Practice your Psychic & Mediumship Skills.


Look at the tray of 10 random items for 10 seconds…no longer


Then look away and sit and visualise the tray with the 10 objects in your mind.


Make a list of the 10 objects with as much detail as possible, or if you are artistic you could draw this, just use whatever technique works for you. So for example if it was a green candle half burnt down then say that rather than just a candle.


The second step of the exercise is to look at the tray and to see which item you think I am going to remove.


Link into the energy and just sense which one you think will be removed, which one no longer has an energetic presence on the tray. I have already removed the item so you can sense this.


Don’t worry if you can’t get it right, just keep practising, nothing is ever wasted.


To stop accidentally seeing the answer to this, the answer will be posted on my website www.micheleelizabeth.co.uk just follow the link


Practice Practice Practice, the easier you find it to visualise the quicker you are able to develop


Have fun


Love & Laughter Michele Elizabeth xxxxx




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A fab way to start developing your psychic abilities. Psychometry is the art of sensing the energetic imprint of objects.


  • Ask a friend to bring round a piece of jewellery or something small, a metal object is preferable when you begin. I am not sure why but it seems to hold the energy better.


  • Make it small so that you can cup it in the palm of your hands. The more often an object is used/worn or touched by the owner the more energy it will have in it.


  • Before you start make sure that you either have a pen and paper or a recording device/phone/Dictaphone


  • Sit quietly in a chair with your legs uncrossed and feet firmly on the ground.


  • Breathe deeply for a few moments, calming and slowing down your system and begin your connection in with source energy. Once you feel the energy running through you pick up the object and cup it in your hands.


  • You may find your hands begin to tingle and get hot or you may not, don’t worry about this everyone is different, it doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong.


  • Sit quietly breathing deeply and bring your awareness first to the object in your hand, feel it, welcome it, allow it into your system and then ask it to speak to you, show you, talk to you.


  • Then bring your awareness to how you feel, physically, do you feel uncomfortable or at ease. Do you have any strange sensations or pains? Record this.


  • How do you feel emotionally, are you feeling calm or anxious, maybe you suddenly feel tired. Record this, don’t analyse it. At this stage your brain will kick out lots of info that it deems irrelevant, but this is not for the brain to know. Just ignore it and let the feelings knowings and sensings just flow.


  • Are you getting any smells, images, memories, tastes or songs suddenly come into your head? Don’t analyse or try and interpret this just record it all. I will often get memories of being with my grandfather, in time past I would throw that out as not relevant as I thought my grandad my memory but now I see that it is a sign that it is a grandfather energy etc not related directly to my grandfather.


  • Don’t push yourself with any of this, don’t have any expectations and don’t be critical of yourself, you are learning, so all is good.


  • You can have a list of questions ready, I found it better to prepare these in advance as when you are in the connected state or meditative state thinking of a question to ask can be almost impossible as all thought leaves the body.


So you could ask questions such as these.


  • Does this item belong to a man or woman?
  • Do they feel young or old?
  • Does this person feel happy or sad?
  • Does the owner fee Healthy or sick?
  • What did this person love to do?
  • Is this person dead or alive?


The list can go on, play around with this and find what works for you.


Practice this and you are practising sensing energetic imprints.


Have fun


Love & Laughter Michele Elizabeth xxxx


To practice your psychic and mediumship gifts further please join our Facebook Page Practice your Psychic & Mediumship Skills


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February 27th 2017 Energy

February 27th 2017 Energy

dont give up.jpg

Good Morning I hope you are well and had a great weekend. So much changed in a couple of days and the vibrational rate is higher all round, so ensure your ground and eat properly, you may feel a little dizzy at times. When the energy rises like this it can take a day or two for the energy to settle and for us to get accustomed to it.

The energy is feeling very spring like yet that is still to come and that will be towards the end of the month, March or around the spring equinox on the 20th, this is like a loop of energy or maybe a bubble, I see the energy amplified like in a raindrop or a bubble inside a bubble. I can’t quite explain it but it is all good.

So the energy we have around us is high on the manifestation scale, all you need to do is get your mind clear, your emotions in balance and to know what you want from your heart and above all you need to believe and trust. Believe in yourself, that you can do this and you will do this, you have most likely done this all before is one past life or another and you are ready. You are way more powerful, wise, inspirational and connected than the lessons of this life portray, you need to believe in this, believe even if you think you don’t know, you do.

You need to trust that the universe really is there to support and guide you that it isn’t there to trip you up, that it isn’t predominantly negative.

You need to make that commitment to yourself and to the Universe that you really are going to take responsibility for your life, have your eyes wide open for the signs and to follow them consciously. That you are ready to face the darker sides to your own self with courage love wisdom compassion forgiveness and gratitude.

When you do those things you really are creating a conscious partnership and that is what the paradigm of Unity is all about Co-creation. We are one working with the Universe, it is why my life is so balanced, joyful, inspiring, funny, rewarding and abundant. I am rather solitary but never alone or lonely. Every moment of every day I am so grateful to be here right now, right in the middle of it all, connected to the most amazing souls as we all do this awesome dance together.

Don’t you want to be able to just reach up and pluck what you need out of seemingly thin air? Well you can, you just need to believe it to be so.

So take your time and enjoy and explore this spring like energy, what does it mean to you, how does it make you feel, what are you inspired to do?

I am going to shortly be offering you a 30 minute free breakthrough call with me, where we can discuss your next steps, or look at your situation with some clarity and objectivity. These are fabulous times and I would like to work with you where I can. This would also be a good opportunity to see what I am all about and if you would like to work with me further.

So take a day to really feel into this beautiful energy and ensure the denser energy is clear from your system, then start building even the grandest palaces started with one brick.

Have a wonderful day, I am hoping to do a live meditation one day this week to really embrace these new energies and I haven’t forgotten about the intro to processing I promised it has just been a rather odd and busy couple of weeks.

Lots of laughter Michele xxxxxx

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February 26th 2017 Energy Forecast

February 26th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope that you are all well, so we find ourselves in the direct energy of the new moon in Pisces with a solar eclipse to boot. This is powerful and empowering, Emotional yet calming, it will help greatly with your mental clarity, your intuition and spiritual connection will be amplified.


Use  this energy as it will really catapult you along your path and help you manifest your dreams.  The energies are there to support us and help us on our path but most people don’t take advantage of it enough, there may be some casual or interested observations, or the moon may be treated as the crazy uncle who always disrupts or party or maybe some iconic woman to be worshiped and admired but really the moon is more like a coach, it illuminates what you already know, points in the direction of learning and growth, helps draw out your shadow side for recognition acceptance release and balance. The moon helps us recognise and flow with cycles, cycles that are repeated again and again throughout life, the universe, our inner and outer worlds.


When the moon and the sun are in the sky together it’s like having the most kind yet strong parents looking down on you guiding you. I can’t wait to get down the beach today, for a little party…all the greats are there…the sea the sun the moon the wind the earth, the boys and the birds and me….whoop whoop.


As you know I had a scare on Thursday now this was a good thing because it took a big event for me to bring up that fear, otherwise it would have stayed buried deep. Up to the surface it came and beat me soundly but then it allowed me to process it and the other residual pockets of fear ready for this fabulous new moon today. I am stronger clearer and more balanced than Monday, I am vibrating at a high rate and as a result my connection into the universe is super-speedy and clear. I am also matching the energy frequency of the dreams I wish to bring in so manifesting will be easy.


It is time that we all danced with the moon, really got into the universal flow, rising and falling with the energies around as it really is beautiful. It is not to just observe or to know, you have to feel it, to be it. When I am down the beach I am the sea, the birds, the wind. I can read the energy because I am part of it, I am experiencing it, I am flowing with it. You may see me as an individual but I am actually formless all our energies flowing and merging and so are you once those barriers come down, once the labels are removed that put you in a box and says that’s who you are!


You are never who you think you, that is a construct of you mind, you are always so much more and you are someone to be proud of once you see yourself from your heart rather than in comparison with someone else or some arbitrary and materialistic chart of success.


So this is a day of manifesting, get yourself out in nature, greet the moon and the sun, the earth and the trees, the wind and sea, thank them and make a commitment to work with them, to be united.


Bring your dreams forth, feel them not as a goal but as a reality now, be those dreams. Remember there is no linear time so you have already made your dreams real, it has already happened…hook into that energy and then just allow it all to unfold. You have made the space by recognising and releasing your fears now let it happen.


Have a wonderful day, feel free to ask any questions.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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February 25th 2017 Energy Forecast

February 25th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, so this is going to be a big weekend and week for all of us, the tide is turning, energetically.


As I have been saying all year we have been looking at our shadow sides, examining our fears and our dreams, making sure they are ours. We have been looking back evaluating and re-ordering our lives and our viewpoints.


Remember at the beginning of the year I said that we would go through this seemingly difficult time until the energy shifts in March? Well that is now, the new moon solar eclipse tomorrow is that energetic shift.


The eclipse will be seen from Africa and South America but it effects will be felt by us all, this is a huge energetic shift, it’s time to really manifest.


The energy is definitely one of new beginnings of a completely new cycle that all the hard work of the last year has been leading towards. This is a new beginning like never before if that’s what you allow to happen.


As I have said before when looking at what you want to manifest it is better to focus on how you want to feel and be rather than the material, even though it may well be the creation of something in the physical that will make you feel the way you desire. It is more powerful if it is focused on something within you.


To get the most out of these powerful times hook a ride on the energy of the moon and use it to spring board your dreams into reality. Just be aware of what are your fears and what are your desires, this is new moon energy and your dark side will be illuminated for inspection and balance, be aware of this and don’t run from it or you will be manifesting your fear. Go with the flow and follow the moons lead, this is a time of heightened intuition, you know what you need to do for what is right for you.


Remember all the work that you have done over the last year and particularly since September, think of how uncomfortable and emotional this year has been so far, the rollercoaster of emotions and remember that this was all to get you to this point, So that you could step forward into a truly new beginning. Remember what you are leaving behind so that you can ensure that you are leaving it behind. One day I had to go to a funeral so I thought I would leave my phone at home, however as I walked out of the door I automatically and unconsciously grabbed my phone and threw it in my bag, and yep at the minutes silence it began to ring…..don’t allow that to happen to you as you walk into this new cycle. There is so much that you don’t want to take with you, people and situations, mind-set and perceptions, reactions and drama so make that decision consciously.


Look at it as though you are walking through a gateway because life on the other side is going to be very different. However you won’t really notice a difference unless you are consciously living your life, making a commitment to yourself to widen your awareness and take responsibility for your life and your growth. If you stick your head in the sand and justify and excuse your behaviour and or your life, then nothing will change. That is free will, if you confuse going with the flow with doing nothing, then nothing will happen, going with the flow requires faith and a commitment to the universe to be guided, to be aware and seek the signs and the answers, to be ready to leap when needed.


Spend today looking at your dreams and desires, notice your mind set and what memories are issues are making their way to the surface for you to look at. This moon is doing so much, it is illuminating our dark side, that which we keep hidden, it is a manifesting moon and it is also a completely new energetic cycle.


Use this energy, it is powerful and it is your right, this is what we have been waiting for this year. Today we have some mental/intellectual energy around and that is to help you prep the final stages before tomorrow’s new moon eclipse. DO some mental enquiry but then it is all about coming from your heart but first you need to change or adjust that mind-set….then you are good to go.


Have a wonderful day, I am around later this afternoon if you have any questions


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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February 24th 2017 Energy

February 24th 2017 Energy


Good Morning I hope you are well, I won’t be doing an energy report this morning and I didn’t do one yesterday but I am hoping that I will do one tomorrow.


My son has been traveling in Thailand and Cambodia and was due to return home Wednesday afternoon but he wasn’t on his plane.


His phone wasn’t working and I had no way to communicate with him, for 24 hours I had no idea where he was, what had happened. Missing people are common in Thailand so no one wanted or could to help and data protection prevented me or the police it seemed from knowing anything either. Thankfully he turned up 24 hours later and all is well.


Such a fearful event has altered my energy system, it is strange and weird and once I get that back to normal I will be able to dip into the energy once more and tell you about it.


My messages to you each morning are not mine, I am the vessel and right now my vessel still has lots of fear fragments in it, this would distort the message and my integrity and commitment to you won’t allow that.


I am all good so very happy and off to the beach to start my cleansing.


I hope all is well in your world and see you soon xxx