The Power of Music & Dance

Music and Dance have always been important to me, my mental health and my spiritual development.


Most mornings my eyes spring open and a song is there, either in my mind or tumbling from my mouth… theme of the day.


This morning was no exception Aretha Franklin oh Happy Day came out of my mouth at full volume before I had even had a coffee. (my poor neighbours)


So this morning I have spent the last few hours alternating between being Aretha or her backing singers…with some fancy footwork in there too.


There is something so special about letting yourself go, singing at the top of your voice, singing with passion, with no apology, no care, just to do something totally for you.


The beach is the perfect place for this as the sea will carry away a tuneless ditty.


So go on indulge yourself, express yourself with every fibre of your being…..nothing but good can come of it…..I call it energy maintenance.


People ask why I always so consistently happy and joyful…..stuff like this is why.


Energy will never stagnate when you dance sing laugh and star jump every day!


Love laughter and a tambourine shake Michele xxxxxxxx





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