February 22nd 2017 Energy

February 22nd 2017 Energy


Good morning I hope you are well, the energy around at the moment is wonderful but it may be a little faster than some of you are used to and this can easily make you feel dizzy and things feels slightly surreal. You can get through this quite easily by making sure you ground properly and often. You can do it with simple visualisations and I find food always helps too, let me know if you are stuck with this.


So I am struggling with the energy a little bit this morning, it is sparkly and bright, inspiring and hopeful, loving and compassionate but there is something else. So I saw two thinner strands one green and the other orange but I don’t recognise them, I have the feeling of what energy they are yet I cannot formulate that into words. So for the orange I got marmalade, marmaduke, mameluke…mameluke is an Italian slang word for someone who does something stupid foolish or silly. That is it or as near as I can probably get right now. It is showing me that for some the fear of new beginnings, of having a path burst wide open with infinite possibilities that you have to just trust is too much and unconsciously they run back to their old life. Now that is the key word here, unconsciously. If the fear overwhelms you and you recognise that and make a conscious decision to return to your old life then that is fine, you are aware of the fear and the reason why and when you are stronger you will be able to deal with your fear and then try again. However when we act unconsciously we are denying our true feeling and justifying our actions, and this is not the same thing and we end up causing ourselves more grief in the long run.


The green isn’t quite envy or competition but a mixture of the two, it again is a reaction from us. Realising we are all in this together can make some react as they felt they were special or more advanced than others. Being given the keys to the kingdom can make some rush in to grab what they can so they don’t miss out and for some it can cause them to elbow their way to the front as only those that come first have any relevance.


These are all triggers to your own success and happiness, it is part of the human condition that we seek these things yet we are not ready for the responsibility of them coming true, our focus is on the seeking, the struggle, the martyrdom or what it says about us, how we are better rather on the reality of our dreams coming true. The responsibility of our own success is often what leads to self- sabotage.


Now these two energies are very thin and wispy, so it is just something to be aware of, so that you can recognise it if it happens to you. Just be aware in every moment, set that in your intention because until you do you don’t really have a clue what is going on .


So enjoy the sparkles, the lightness, and the high vibrational energy that brings so many other gifts with it. Enjoy the knowing, the feeling, and the awareness of a loved one’s perfume, favourite song or subtle message from the other side. Embrace the shifts within you, they are there and they are affecting you in a positive way, recognise this and ask for more.


Always here if you need any clarity on any of the topics or energy, have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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