November 30th 2017 Energy Forecast – Step up or go home!


Dance to the rhythm of the Moon

November 30th 2017 Energy Forecast

Good Morning I hope that you are well and enjoying this rather intense energy? Wow it really is no nonsense energy and this is going to continue into the Full Moon and beyond.

It really is time to stand up and be counted, it is time to be accountable for your life, it is your life, so time you grabbed it by the scruff and lived the hell out of it. Mmmmm are you getting the message it is time haha ?

Nobody is going to save you and nobody is going to make sure you get a slice of the pie, this life is not to be lived on the sidelines. S0 what are you going to do? When are you gong to stand up and start creating the life of your dreams? It is an option, a potentiality, a choice but you have to make it or your default setting will keep churning out the same old same old and you will continue to cry or moan!

Haven’t you had enough of that? Can’t you feel something stirring deep inside that says there is more than this, there is another way?

I bet you are feeling a little strange too, as though you are not quite here but so much of your past keeps coming up for you, stuff long forgotten but seem to pack a bit of a punch when it comes into your conscious awareness. Don’t push this down, process it.

So much is making its way out of your system and there is a reason for this…..much space needs to be created, to tune into the new uber high frequency vibrational energy that is coming in, in a few weeks, you need to be your highest vibrational selves. So we have some work to do right?

This is not however either or, at this point, but as the worlds continue to split, if you are still firmly hooked into the duality it will become an either or. That choice is yours!

Remember how the energy ramps up on a full moon, watch my working with the moon video’s to remind you and work with this awesome energy, see what you are being guided to see and then do something about it.

Have a wonderful day, Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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November 29th 2017 Energy Forecast Integrity and Honesty is the key !

integrity (1)

Good Morning I hope you re well, the energy is ramping up a little and becoming much more forceful and determined. Are you finding yourself saying NO more? I hope so, it is very empowering and liberating.

This is the energy I feel around at the moment, that will trigger your inner flow that says NO WAY am I doing that anymore.

As human beings we do the same things over and over again always hoping for a different or better outcome. This energy is here to spur you forwards to taking and creating what you want not sitting there like a good little girl waiting for someone to notice you and give it to you.

No more are we going to stuff down our own feelings in the hope that we make me someones life happier or easier so that they like us.

Enough is enough, we are worth so much more than to use ourselves in this way! Yes I know it is others that are using us but it isn’t really, we are putting ourselves out there in that way, we are the ones setting ourselves up. So we can change that. Just say No it is actually amazing how well people react to that. A simple NO, no reasons, excuses or justifications, just a simple NO. Do it however before you feel at breaking point as it loses all its impact then as you are just channelling victim energy.

I also feel as usual truth and integrity and these are really important. How are your integrity levels? What is the disparity between behind closed doors you and your public persona? It’s time you let the truth in, there are things we all need to look at, about yourself, the lies you tell, yourself and others .

We are heading into a full moon in a few days and honesty and integrity are vital because you are going to be called on your less than honest ways. If you have been deceitful or manipulative this year if you have lacked integrity, stolen lied and cheated your way through life, then this full moon is going to shine the spotlight on you!

You cannot pick an element of who you are and ignore the rest. I thought last years karmic whip at the end of the year was extreme however I am wondering if it was this year that I was seeing. It is time to step up with courage and love in your heart and look at yourself firmly in the mirror, what is it that you need to see. I know this is not easy and I would love to be able to tell you that we are all moving into unity and are going to live happily ever after and no one needs to do anything. Unfortunately this is not the case, it is time to pay the piper, remove those masks and really get into the journey of the heart.

Lying cheating stealing manipulating co-ercing going back on your word and being dishonest are all coming into the spotlight….what are you accountable for? You do yourself no favours by lying to yourself but you can bring it all out into the light for forgiveness balance and release.

Integrity Honesty and courage is the tone for the next week or so! It is not going to be easy for many but don’t let that put you off as the rewards are worth it and a life without deception and dishonour is wonderful indeed.

Have an empowering and responsibility taking day

Love and Laughter Michele xxxxx

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November 27th 2017 Energy Forecast – what is your intuition telling you?


Good Morning and I hope you had a great weekend, although maybe a little emotional for some. The weekend was a game of two halves the first being very active and forward moving and then like the flick of a switch it went from the external to the internal.

The energy feels deeply emotionally and a little wounded and scarred, this to me feels like human reaction energy, the world is grieving. Ok so as I went higher or deeper which ever way you wan tot look at it, I see the universal energy that is causing such a reaction is like a plait work of different elements heart energy and this is penetrating deep within us. It feels more focused and directional than the energy that has been sweeping the planet in the last few weeks.

You can run but you can’t hide form this energy it will affect you, what you then do with that is your choice but you cannot run or turn the other way forever, at some point you are going to need to stop, turn around and just face what is scaring you so much. Maybe nothing is scaring you but you are so used to being in denial that your automatic reaction is to look the other way.

This energy is so direct to your core, you cannot avoid it. It however also bring a great deal of empowerment and belief. Belief in yourself and your own inner knowing. Belief that you do have the power to make those changes that will make your heart sing. Belief that your dreams can come true. Remember this is heart energy, the language of your soul. If you are going to believe anything believe this.

Every day in every way we have the opportunity to raise or lower our vibrational rate and this determines our reality and the belief in our power change and create. It’s time to be aware of this and be conscious of the choices that you make.

It really is a great time to develop your psychic sense further, everyone has this sense and everyone can develop it further. Extend your field of awareness outside of your physical body and just feel into this, start paying attention to what goes on in your mind at this stage as it may not all be your own dialogue.

Our loved ones who have passed are around us constantly at the moment, watching , hugging, guiding and just being with us. They are our cheering squad and are always there no matter what we need. You just need to begin feeling into this, learning your own signs and tells.

The emotional world is our inner world and a great place to start your inner journey, what are your emotions telling you, where are they asking you to look ?

Have a wonderful day, connect with those emotions, start opening your eyes your mind and your heart to learning that needs to be done and know you have it in you to do anything.

In all my years of working with people I have never seen anyone not have the strength to make these changes, to not have the courage to face their own demons. Now of course with free they will always have the choice to turn their back on their growth and go back to the shallowness of the 3d world, this doesn’t happen very often but it does happen. That is the beauty of free will, it’s what makes this journey so exciting and it’s what gives us all the power.

These are very exciting times, the only thing to fear is fear itself and if you want to take this journey I am happy to accompany you, so keep sharing liking and commenting so we don’t disappear. Together we can strut our stuff to unity and beyond.

I am also going to be posting some tips and techniques to use in the next 3 weeks as we get ready for another awesome and life changing gateway…….how are you going to use your free will ?

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx
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26 days to Get your shit together!

26 get your shit together.png

Everything has changed this year! The world is not longer the same world you knew or expect and we all have a choice, remain hooked into the old duality or move freely to explore the new.

As with all things this is happening on the macro and the micro. Universally and globally we are in a paradigm shift but this also applies to your outer world and your inner world. So are you embracing this and aligning yourself with this shift or are you running, sticking your head in the sand or holding tightly to the old and familiar? It’s time you faced this about yourself!

Do you prefer the known to the unknown?

Do you think it is better than the devil you know?

Do you move towards change or run from it?

Are you flowing or are you rigid?

How negative are you really? Most negative people do not recognise this in themselves ,we all know someone like this, now reflect this on you, are you aware of your own negativity

Look back at your posts, reflect on conversations….are you pointing out and sharing the negative….without presenting a solution or anything of value.

This is important the internet and Social Media is full of doom mongers spreading their negativity in the name of enlightenment and awakening. Yes we need to be more aware that those in power do not have our best interests at heart and yes nothing is as it seems and we are lied to and deceived all the time by those in power…..however these posts need to have value, they need to have balance, they need a solution or a plan to move forward.

If you notice with my posts I don’t sugar coat things but I do give you a route forward, a solution or an upbeat perspective why this is actually a good thing. For those that know and work with me they will know that one of my most used expressions are…..yeah but this is a good thing because ……

If all you do is post negative stuff then you are adding to the negative and dark energy wave that is sweeping the planet.

Regardless of your intentions you are creating negative energy, overwhelming the newly awakened or unconscious with all these problems that they feel ineffectual or powerless to change.

You may think you are part of the solution but are you sure you are not part of the problem.

We all need to sit with this and ask our heart for the truth, then sit with it some more and then a little bit more. Once we get passed the ego, then the spiritual ego and move from the head to the heart , then we can hear the truth.

This is very important, these are deep structural paradigm changes that we are going through and you need to be aware of what you are putting out there and then do something about it

Truth and integrity that’s what it is all about.

So take your time this and allow the truth to speak to you, if not you may be tethering yourself to the world you think you are leaving.

26 days to get your shit together and I will help you all I can but if you don’t feel you have anything to learn then it will pass you by.

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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25th November 2017 Energy Forecast – It’s squeeze time again !

Ascension isn't something that just happens to you!

Good Morning a little later today as I have spent the morning answering emails. We are entering the squeeze period once more, which I am sure you all remember from earlier in the year and last year. This is not always comfortable for people but it is a way of getting us all into the optimum position for the changes that are occurring.

Of course as always we all have free will and the choice to make is ours but we will make that choice, consciously or not!

Each day I am going to be posting a series of questions and perspectives that it would be great for you to really reflect on how this may apply to you! If you instantly think it doesn’t apply to you then know this your ego talking!

This fabulous energy of go getting, boundary pushing, explorer and adventurer is here to stay to today and we will feel a shift in the night when it goes down a gear and becomes a little more gentle. So take full advantage of this today, so much can be done!

So follow how you are feeling, allow it to express itself to you and keep an open mind. Before you think you are overreacting or being silly, be open to the possibility that actually enough is enough and that fire rising within you isn’t anger, it’s empowerment. Maybe you are being pushed to stand in your power rather than being a bitch.

Only you know what is going on with you! The external world will always tell us to pipe down, to get back in our box and to not rock the boat, especially if you are a woman. Are you still prepared to put up with that, to be spoken to like that? Is that inner flame beginning to burn for you?

Go with it, follow that flame, stand in your own power, say NO, try something new, stop following the crowd and giving your power away. YOU KNOW! YOU REALLY DO !

It’s time you put that faith in yourself!

Think back to all those times you have been annoyed with yourself at how something played out and I bet most of the time you are annoyed is because you didn’t listen to your inner voice, you allowed someone else to take control of your life as you thought they knew better!

I will say again…..just because someone wears a suit or glasses does not make them a professional or intelligent.

Just because someone is psychic or a medium does not mean they are spiritual balanced or without ego and agenda

Just because someone is quite forceful in their opinions does not mean they know better.

You are the expert on you, well the conscious side at least so work on that!

Enjoy this dynamic active and go getting energy as tomorrow it all becomes a bit more emotional again and this is a good thing

Have a wonderful day Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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Click the link below to find out more or get in touch if you would like to know more. It’s time to Unlock the Potential of You!

Love & Laughter Michele, I hope you join us soon xxx

November 24th 2017 energy forecast – Get your house in order

get your shit together-2.png


Good Morning I hope you are all well and your dreams are bringing you messages of clarity or release.

Dreams are very significant for you all right now and a dream journal would be great. You done have to remember all the details of your dreams but knowing the general tone or how it made you feel will help when you determine whether it was a releasing dream or one with a message.

Our connection to spirit is also very strong so take notice of what you feel, especially when it comes in waves but also what you can smell, songs that pop into your mind, body sensations that feel as though something has brushed up against you and so on….these are all signs for you, get to know them.

The energy feels very mind centred and intellectual at the moment which is great but you have to be careful not to go fully into the mind and balance it with your heart wisdom. When you haven’t balanced your ego it resides in the mind and if you are not aware it has taken you down a rabbit hole of despair or confusion.

It is very important to be grounded in the coming weeks as much is going to be happening that could knock you off your feet if you are not. Simple grounding techniques can be used in moments, several times a day!

This active dynamic energy is still round and if feel this will propel us forward to the winter solstice, the end of 2017, so there will be some active reflection too. This is an awesome opportunity for you to release and balance all the cycles of 2017 and beyond and ensure that all the dregs of cycles released so far are gone. This has started already for you all and you may be finding that old memories of painful events are rising once again in you, this is just those dregs releasing from your physicality. So allow them to go, recognise them, allow them to be and then recognise their release. It is gone however you mind can bring it back in so be aware of this.

2018 is not only going to be a year of awesome collaboration but also a year where you are asked to widen your conscious awareness…..continually. My wisdom , skills , life and just all round awesomeness is down to my daily quest to widen my conscious awareness. Day in day out I seek the bigger picture, it is why I am always growing learning and exploring, I also know that this growth is limitless, it’s time you brought your whole life into your own conscious awareness.

Understanding and connection defeats fear…..wouldn’t you love to live a life without fear anxiety and doubt?

So enjoy this amazing energy and use it to your advantage!

Also start daily grounding meditating and reflecting on the year so far….write it down…this is important. We are all being given a choice and doing nothing is a choice, so be careful which world you are aligning with….don’t let that be your choice!

Ah I also feel the energy of rebellion, oh I love this, nothing gets you stand in your power and say No like this energy. Is it time to stand up to unrealistic demands and pressures on you? Is it time to put those boundaries out there for all to see and draw that line in the sand. Maybe this is the year that the gifts you give this year and giving back your loved ones their responsibility for their own lives, that is a burden and responsibility you are no longer willing to bear. Also we do them no favours insulating them from their own lives, we are validating and facilitating their non growth and what are our motives with that!!

Enjoy this punchy, intellectual seize the day energy and then look firmly in the mirror and ask what do I need to see what do I need to do.

Have a wonderful day

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

Learn to let go and drop you burdens with me

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November 23rd Energy Forecast – Little Miss Practical


27905738 – woman with butterfly wings flying on fantasy sea sunset, relaxation meditation concept


Good Morning and I hope you are well, organising achieving and getting your life into order! The energy that came in over the weekend is standing strong and if you flow with it you should be ticking lots off your lists. This is a super productive energy and we could all do with the help at times.

Many are struggling with motivation , clarity, purpose and a way forward, however this is not due to the energy but the fabric of your life. What do you put into your system, what do you focus on, how do you help yourself? Use this energy around you at the moment to help clear the way, so that you can see what you have to do. Just sit and breathe and allow this energy into your system, feel how it can push you forward to make the changes that need to be made.

It is also time to reflect, look back at how you started the year and how you are going to end it, if nothing much has changed then you have slept through the year! Change is inevitable especially in these extraordinary times. We are moving at some speed away from duality, just look at the `global stage to see the changes, to see the dissolution of the duality paradigm and the institutions that are created within.

Global events are not chaotic or random, it is the shift. Now once again as I have been saying for over a decade, what are you choosing to do? Are you going to be a bystander? Maybe a social commentator, either spreading doom and gloom that the end is nigh and the world is a terrible place or maybe the view that spreading love and light will do the trick.

No, this is a time where we really need to walk the walk, not for what anyone else may think of us but to take that difficult road that unifies ourselves. It is not easy, if it was everyone would be doing it right? It is why I have so much love and admiration for those that really throw themselves into my course, they are my hero’s !

In my experience it is easier to stand face to face with an alien than it is to see yourself stripped bare and realise that you are equally sinner and saint, that you are not complete, that you don’t know it all and that you are responsible and you alone for that thing you call life! Some run towards it, some away and others just sit down but when you choose to face this a whole new world is revealed to that is the most liberating empowering and awesomely creative world, that is all you and it is worth every dark night, every revelation about both sides of your nature. Unity is worth every single step!!

So think about these things as you feel the urge to make some practical changes in your life! If you are feeling uncomfortable and discombobulated then look at the life you are trying to fit into. Look at what you are forcing down that is making its way to the surface for you, please don’t push it down again, it does not make it go away, it just means you can’t see it, the effects it has on your behaviour are still real.

As we head to the end of the year be more active with energy around, it is helping you get into position, it is aiding your journey so work with it and that is the crux, going with the flow does not mean being non active, you cannot just blindly say that you are going with the flow so you are exactly where you need to be…that only works when you are consciously living your life and working with the energy, an active interaction. Other wise it is just another excuse for not taking responsibility for your life. It’s not me it’s the universal energies, its not me I’m just flowing, it’s not me my angels told me to do it.

Take some time in this energy to reflect with the intention to make some changes, this is practical no nonsense non fussy energy, if you ask the question you will be told the truth.

Have a wonderful day and make some active change!

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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Walk into Unity with Me !