Good Morning, I…

Good Morning, I hope everyone is in good spirits. Although so many of you are still experiencing quite strong emotions which are coming up for release, this is not a time to mope or dwell, this second half of 2012 has all been about action, moving forward, putting plans into action, bringing dreams into reality. I am feeling clarity and lucidity coming in, preparation is key at the moment. Slow steady and considered is the way to go, no rushing off at tangents for the moment, you have taken a long time to get where you are today, you know what you need to do and the direction you need to take for your soul path, this comes from your heart and is calm and balanced, rushing into things is usually coming from the ego and the mind and this can often send you down a blind alley. It would probably be quite wise to develop a technique that keeps you calm centred and balanced over the next few months, I posted one yesterday which may help. At the moment we are existing in two different worlds or paradigms, one is still processing and releasing all the conditioning and blocks of our past, dealing with opposites and extremes, the other part of us is living in a paradigm of unity and love, this is where we are building a new future for all of us. Although wonderful it can be confusing and feel very unstable, it can leave you feeling odd and out of sorts as though you are not too sure who or where you are, you feel up and down. Don’t worry about this, good things are happening and you will come out the other side, just try not to take any of it personally. Have a wonderful day! Namaste Michele xxx


August 15th 201…

August 15th 2012 Energy Forecast

Good Morning, today I feel forgiveness release compassion and hope I also see helplessness despair disgust and bitterness being blasted out. These are dense slow moving and thick energies and I can see them being dissipated, they are still about but they are much more diluted. By not focusing or giving these states any of our energy then they will cease to function; only we are powering them now. These energies which have held so much power over us and our world have lost that power, we need to recognise this and withdraw out agreement for their existence. Forgiveness and compassion are amazing transformative energies; they really can change you from the inside out and your world as a result of this. Pull in these energies today and really feel their influence, forgive yourself, have compassion for yourself, love yourself, truly do this, don’t pay it lip service. Feel those emotions rush through you when you genuinely from you heart forgive yourself for all those crimes and failings that you feel you have committed over the years. Forgive yourself for all your perceived faults and errors and then forgive yourself for feeling that way in the first place. What we perceive as faults, are not faults at all, it’s what makes us special and unique but we have all spent too long judging ourselves by others, comparing and contrasting. Comparing ourselves to an illusion, we cannot make such judgements and we shouldn’t they are there only to keep us tied to the unworthy train…..well it’s time we all got off, the train has run out of steam but for some reason instead of running free so many of us have decided to push the train……STOP REFLECT REALISE CHANGE. We really are living in a world of infinite possibilities so don’t jump back in that box, no matter how big it may appear. Love Yourself, Forgive Yourself, Release yourself….love and laughter Michele xxx

Energy forecast 14th August 2012

Good Morning, well I am not all together sure what happened last night but any motivating energy seems to have left this morning and we are being urged once again to look inwards and to just be. This is a time not to be actively doing anything, which is a little at odds with the energy I felt yesterday. Today it is important to just be, with as little mental processes as possible. I feel that much is being brought up for recognition ad release but no more than that is required of us, we do not need to do the digging nor analyse what we have discovered. No today is about being accepting without judgement or reasoning. We have the energy of trust here today and this will help us here to trust the process, it’s happening for a reason, it’s happening for the greater good, we don’t need to know why when or what for, just allow the release to happen and feel lighter for it. We are all learning to fly or remembering how to fly but first we have to get rid of the weights tying us down. You have to fight the urge to hold on, this is just the ego, thank it for it wanting to protect you but that is no longer necessary and just let it all go. All the issues, problems and attachments, just let them go you don’t need them anymore, they are not who you are, they were just learning opportunities and now that you have learnt what you needed to you don’t need to lug around the books. It’s time to release and be free…truly free with no limits and no restraints. Nobody is keeping you locked in a cage, nobody is keeping you within certain parameters only you are doing that and now we are all being helped to firstly see the cage, so often we think we are free but that blue sky we are looking at is actually a false celling and then we are being helped and guided to break through that ceiling and really soar into the unlimited sky of infinite possibility. So although it may be a quiet day energetically know that profound changes are occurring. Namaste Michele xx

August 13th 2012 Energy Forecast

Good Morning, I am feeling a lift in the energy today and become more active once again, although I did feel a bit of a slow start this morning, the energy is increasing and by Wednesday I feel that we should all be little powerhouses. So think today what you need to achieve this week and it shall be done, you have the energy now you need to link it to you intent. I also feel the energy of manifestation around and the time between thought and manifestation is getting shorter and shorter, so it’s a good job we have been doing all the internal processing that we have and getting to know what we really want as this is not the time for negative thoughts. This is a time for us all to be walking firmly on our path, with purpose and intent. Stop looking at other people’s paths or you will trip on your own, do not judge your path against anyone else as that is folly. Hold you head high put a smile on your face and start walking. The energy I am feeling is making me want to say “come on chop chop, get up and get a move on” I don’t know what it is exactly but it’s all about honesty and intent, time to stop the excuses, the lying to ourselves, the justifications, the whining and the moaning, we have no energy for that, we are all here for a purpose and moaning is not it! Gosh I felt very authoritative there, it feels a bit like headmistress energy so I apologise if you feel as though you have been reprimanded a little but it had to come out. We are just being given that little push that to be fair some of us need J So get out there and crack on, being rewarded along the way by manifesting your desire. Love and laughter Michele xxxx

August 11th 2012 Energy Forecast

Good Morning today we have the energy of reflection, a quiet looking within. For some this may be a kind of internal stock take, seeing how far you have come in releasing your old fears and habits, noticing times recently when you haven’t reacted to your usual triggers. For others this is a deeper enquiry, you may be wanting to change things in your life but not sure why things keeps going wrong or how to change them, this weekend is about seeking the answers to your questions from within. We also have the energy of responsibility which will help a great deal with your inner enquiry. This helps us to take responsibility for our lives, our actions, our thoughts and our emotions and once we can do that then we can go about changing it. I would imagine some of you sighed when you saw that responsibility is here again, we have often attached a negative to charge to responsibility as it’s often seen as a chore or a burden but in fact it is incredibly liberating. When you realise that the issues you have and the way that you feel is your responsibility, then you are in a position to do something about it, when we hand our power to someone else, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment, frustration and heart ache. I also feel the energy of illumination, again it is to do with looking within rather than anything external, this is here to help us all see things we had hidden from ourselves, that little piece of information which completes changes your perspective on something. Be gentle with yourself as there are going to moments when it hits you that you may have acted like an idiot or been a bit arrogant or maybe not as kind as you could have been. Don’t worry about this it is not important what you did, what is important is that you can see now where you have issues or blocks and you can process and release them. It can also give you a more humble attitude as we very rarely have the information required to make informed judgements of others so it is folly to try and real arrogance to then stand by and affirm that judgement and as much as our gaze has been outward we are really just looking in a mirror. This sort of stuff makes you want to hold your tongue….may he without sin cast the first stone….people in glass houses and all that. Luckily we also have compassion here today which will help smooth everything over. Have compassion for yourself today as I have a feeling some of you may be quite hard on yourselves and really you shouldn’t. We have all made these mistakes…which are only mistakes if not used as opportunities for growth. We have all been blind yet determined in action, this is all a process and we need to go through all of these stages, we cannot bypass them. SO don’t think oh what an awful person I am or be embarrassed that you made a bit of a fool of yourself asserting your opinion, we have all done, we are all human and it’s all part of why we are here, so congratulate yourselves, for you to be able to “see” now indicates your conscious awareness is rising and that’s what it’s all about. So when you realise that you have been an idiot rejoice and celebrate because it means you are pretty awesome. Have a fantastic day and we hope to see some of you at the group meditation tomorrow. Love and Laughter Michele xxx

August 10th 2012 Energy Forecast

August 10th 2012 Energy Forecast

Good Morning, the general energy feels calm and balanced; however it is working deep within. All morning I have been getting the word impeccability. This energy is quite penetrating and is working at a very deep level. It is asking that you be authentic in all that you do. Often we are not authentic and this puts us out of alignment with our soul, this can often be unconscious as we are acting in ways in which we conform to societal pressures, expectations and conditioning. This energy is helping you blast through all that and find out what makes your heart and soul sing. What is the true you and how can you express this. Many of you will be finding it harder and harder not to speak your truth, you may try and soften the delivery but often the truth will be out of your mouth faster than a speeding bullet, often to yours and the recipient’s surprise. We can no longer utter untruths or white lies just to maintain the status quo, or keep someone else happy, every time we are untrue to ourselves a fairy dies…no sorry only kidding  but a little part of us gets locked away. So the energy I am feeling is authenticity, integrity and truth and these are working deep within today and I would say over the weekend too. So quite a mixed bag as we still have the fun energy here too and the renewal but then on reflection that all makes sense, we are constantly being asked by spirit this year to lighten up, have fun, don’t take life so seriously, which many may think is a tall order especially with all the lessons, processing and general tidal wave of energy which has been knocking us about and not to mention the ascension symptoms but it’s how an authentic life actually plays out. Once you have brought yourself into balance and alignment with your soul/higher self then life is not serious, life is fun and it’s not that you never experience pitfalls or obstacles it’s just that you deal with them in a joyous way. I love an obstacle, it allows me to be creative and resourceful, to draw on my inner strength and I can always see the funny side, life is so full of unexpected twists and turns, why wouldn’t we find it funny and spirit have the greatest humour. So allow your inner truths to shine through for you today, act with authenticity and integrity and everything else will fall into place. Love and laughter Michele xxxx

I realised just…

I realised just today that the feeling I get inside, the swelling of my heart when I see someone growing and blossoming is the same feeling I get when I am in nature, when I stop to look at a flower or a tree or a blade of grass. It is a frequency that resonates with my heart and swells it with pure and unconditional love. It is that feeling of awe at the beauty and splendour of the world and that includes us. We are beings of great beauty, we are infinitely creative and infinitely loving, capable of the most astounding acts way beyond our current understanding. To be surrounded by this every day is truly awesome