August 31st 2017 Energy Forecast – Get ready for the Equinox, what choices are you going make?

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Good Morning Good Morning, I hope you are well, I feel a strong grounding energy and this will be with us for some time and is greatly needed in this time of energetic boosts. The August eclipses were just the beginning, yes it was the most intense energy shift that you have been consciously aware of and this is going to continue. It is up to you whether you fight it, deny it, ignore or flow with it, getting the most out of it and walking hand in hand with these energies, as you were destined to do!

Imagine if we were walking in the wilderness and I said to you that we could get to our destination much quicker if we used the river. There were no boats so we were going to have to swim and float, the river was fast flowing so we should make good progress in no time.

Would you turn up with 3 rucksacks, a push bike and the kitchen sink? No you would come as light as possible knowing the task at hand! So why are so many of you walking up to these amazing gateways without doing the prep? These are fabulous opportunities and of course you have the free will to choose what to do but please be consciously aware that by doing nothing you are just making your path longer and more difficult. You are trying to swim in a stream whilst riding that push bike…..why would you do that?

Isn’t it time that you stood up for what you believed and did something about it? You want to live in a better world, then why don’t you do something about creating a better world? We all know that starts within. Don’t you want to feel like an empowered creator? Don’t you want to feel joy and bliss on levels your mind could never comprehend? Just speak to those that are consciously walking their journey, they are not full of bull you can see it on their faces and feel it in their hearts. Ask yourself why you turn away from the hand held out, why you don’t turn your issues into action. Do you need the drama in your life, the struggle? Do you prefer to moan or be a martyr than do something about it, are you afraid that you can’t? Or are you so medicated and brainwashed by the food you eat the tv you watch that you no longer think for yourself let alone couple that with action?

As yourself these things, ask yourself why? Are you addicted to the duality and all its ups and downs?

I spoke with a lovely soul the other day, who can also sense energy, a great connection yet missing the point. They felt great physical pain during the eclipses and said it was their pain to bear as they were a forerunner of ascension and they were being cleansed. NO NO NO this is the spiritual ego in duality. Consciously and actively do your inner work, see the conditioning of duality within and dissolve it then you can hold these new energies, the pain comes when your vessel is not clear enough to hold the light. This viewpoint obviously was rejected as to suffer this pain was worth it as they was saving the planet. This is duality not unity. We do not suffer in unity, I never suffer and it is the weirdest thing, I do not feel extreme hot or cold and the only time I feel pain or suffer is when there is an imbalance within me that needs processing on the emotional mental and physical. I think I told you about my visit to the chiropractor (if I didn’t and you want to know just comment)

So we have the equinox coming up on the 24th of September and it is going to be something rather special if you consciously decide to be part of it. If not it will pass you by, oh you may feel a little out of sorts, but you can ignore it, just make that a conscious choice on your part!

We have the energy as always of truth and integrity, so it’s time to stop bullshitting yourself. If you don’t want to do the work, if you prefer to stay plugged into duality that is totally fine and your viewpoint will be respected totally. It is not for everyone, which is why so many have chosen to leave the planet and will continue to do so. However if you choose not to do anything and then sit and cry about it, pretending you don’t know what is going on and why, then you are working against Unity and anchoring in duality and those dense energies. So what are you going to do?

Ok so that is not the energy report I initially sensed when I sat down to write this, so I will be back later to talk more about the energies and how to work with them.

In the meantime this message obviously needed to be said. So it’s time to ask yourself the difficult questions, I am choosing duality over unity? This is not a mental question, really dig deep are you turning your beliefs into action, do you come from your heart or your mind? Are you addicted to drama or being a martyr or are you quietly and consistently finding the conditions of duality within and dissolving them so that you can break free the box of duality and run freely towards unity?

One way of another you have a choice to make!

Please, I know a lot of you have been working hard on your path, either with me, with others or on you own, please share your experiences, how life has changed since you began consciously walking your path and in particular since the august gateways.

I know so many of you are experiencing the deep joy of unity, please share! People think I am different or dare I say it special in some way but for those who are experiencing unity they don’t see me that way, they see me as a friend and that is the most beautiful thing but also a sign of unity consciousness. So please share your experiences so that others know they can take that first step too

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx

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August 29th 2017 Energy Forecast Be Tolerant, Accepting and Compassionate



Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy of tolerance is around today, acceptance and compassion, these are unity energies and not only are they fabulous energies to allow into your system it is very encouraging that they are in in such strength.


Sit with these today, they are strong, ask, how do I need these in my life? What can they help me see? There will be messages for you, there are always messages for us all. Moving from duality into unity takes being in the moment and an investigators attitude, it can be fun and rewarding but it will never be handed to you on a plate. It is a journey afterall and one that will take you unimaginable places that will delight and astound you, blow your mind and then reconstruct it.


I feel a loving soothing energy that feels lighter than compassion , like a candy stripe and I am seeing a fair at the seaside, this feels fun, light- hearted and spontaneous. Time to let go of the control and regimented structure of your life, sometimes the fun is squeezed out of life, especially when you are lacking in time, so do something on the spur of the moment, just because you feel like. Do something just for you that makes you laugh and laugh.


Take the pressure off you don’t need to always be doing, just take a few days to kick back and do nothing. Give yourself that gift, two days of doing nothing that you have to, should, ought or must! Seriously the world doesn’t stop spinning, you are not a terrible person and you may just lighten up a bit and the see the world is an awesome place and people are funny! They are also kind compassionate and generous, if they allow themselves to be.


As we move into the latter part of the week I am feeling the energy of vulnerability coming in, now this is a good thing, time to admit your own vulnerabilities and to start to break down that tough shell. This week it is all about human emotions and being real. We connect with reality, with the truth of us we see in others. Our mind and ego may connect with the car the clothes the job etc but our hearts they connect with the joy, sadness, triumph and vulnerability in the eyes of another, we know that emotion we can feel their pain and their joy as if it was our own. Think about that, when we see someone driving an Aston martin for example, we may get a thrill from the aesthetic beauty of the car, we may think how awesome it would be to drive one or own one, the heart racing moments when you put your foot down and feel and hear the engine kick in, we may have feelings about the person driving it, lucky, arsehole, successful, rich , to be admired, respected whatever. Sit with that we have all had those moments, it may not be a car it could be a house, a pair of Louboutin, a horse, whatever, just sit with how that feels. We want it we love it we can imagine owning it, or living the life where we could afford it.


Now sit and think when you have been privy to a private moment of a stranger, when they hear bad news on the phone and crumple to floor, tears falling down their face, or the faces of loved ones at an airport greeting and long and weary traveller, or a mothers face at graduation. Those moments get us right in the heart because we know, we cry as if it is happening to us, because we know in our hearts. We cry because it is happening to us, we are all connected and it is moments like this that we can see that.


It’s like with the transformations I get to see and be part of each week, it makes me cry, because I know, I know how that feels for you, I know what that means for you and your family, I know that you are reuniting with your heart and soul and that is the most beautiful love story and it makes me cry tears of joy and I know that with each step you take we all move closer to unity!


So enjoy today and start feeling into these energies and what they are saying to you!


Have a great day!


I have been making some changes to my website, so please check it out and I will be sending out details of the Mystic Mastermind Programme this week.  I am also thinking of offering a complete mystic mentorship, this will be intense, take a year but I will teach everything I know about energy, unity. Astral travel healing, journeying and fighting the good fight and so much more but I am thinking I will only have space for one and you will need to have a good processing technique in hand and a great daily meditation routine.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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August 28th 2017 Energy Report – Are you walking your path or sitting down?

Ascension isn't something that just happens to you!

Good Morning I hope you are well, so how are you feeling now, a week after the New moon Solar Eclipse and the last gateway in august?

If you experiences changes, shifts and new beginnings these may not be fully registering with you yet, I know I am still getting a handle on the changes and what that is bringing to me and my physical world.

Just allow all of this to flow and follow the lead of new thought patterns, ideas, eureka moments and opportunities. There are a great many changes happening and by Christmas you may find yourself somewhere you never expected to be and this is a good thing!

Allow allow allow! Allow it all to just flow!

There is some pretty intense energy coming in at the moment and that could kick start something passionate in your life, have you been looking in the wrong direction? It’s time to really get out there and start trying something new or maybe giving an old hobby from childhood another visit, whatever there is something out there that is going to fill you with passion and that will set you off on another path. Re-ignite that heart energy and let it lead the way.

I also feel an obsessive energy so if you have these tendencies then you need to make a contingency plan to walk away. No matter how right you think someone or something is if it isn’t working it isn’t working and time to walk away. Being forceful will not make it so and neither will putting your life on hold!

The world is going to continue separating into two extremes. Those who flow and those who hold tightly, those who accept and those who are in denial, those who love and those who fear, those that keep walking and those that sit down. Those who understand this journey is one of learning and those that know it all, those who allow and those who refuse, those who are joyful and those who are bitter, those that forgive and those who want revenge, those who support and those who control and so it goes on and I am sure you get the picture! Just bring into awareness which way you are going.

Really sit with this, as I am sure you can see for yourself that a lot of people who genuinely think they are relaxed, forgiving and positive are blatantly negative and hostile, sit with the possibility that this may be you too!

Friends it is time to be honest with each other, if your friend is really negative or maybe judgemental or just angry then tell them, not in an accusing or judgemental way just bring it into their awareness and then leave it at that, what they then do with that info is up to them. Be open and thankful if someone brings this into our awareness!

Get outside of your comfort zone, step up and speak when you would normally shrink back and just watch, be part of your life, contribute and interact, the world won’t stop spinning, nothing bad will happen but something fabulous might!

Everything has changed energetically, the fabric that I work with daily has changed, we have changed and our interaction with it has changed. You may notice a difference in your meditations or connection almost like it isn’t as strong as before, it is thought, stronger in fact It just feels different, less outside of you a more natural connection.

Start writing a journal as much is going to change and when we move into next year we really will feel the urge to walk our souls path and unite and collaborate with others. It is time to get out there and let our inner light shine out.

This winter is going to be intense to bring out your shadow sides and do the work necessary to move forward into unity. Just remember you cannot fully experience unity whilst being weighed down by the conditioning and structure of duality!

Have a wonderful day, please share any of your experiences of this new energy and what shifts and changes have been happening to you!

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

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Anxiety and Depression – A condition of Duality


In this video I am talking about how anxiety and depression are effects of the conditions of duality.

There are so many simple and free things that you can do about this, so check out my video and send me your email address if you would like to receive more advice and techniques to help you address this and to stop it controlling and defining your life and your experience.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

Series of Live Talks on Facebook

Hey All

I am getting organised so I am going to be doing a series of live talks on a variety of topics on my facebook page The Enlightenment Project

Now I would love to give you scheduled days and times but my life never pans out that way. I am hoping to do one a day.

Live Talks With Michele Elizabethat The Enlightenment Project

If you have any topics you would like me to cover then please do comment or send me a message.

You can find the first video on The Alphamusic of John Levine a little further down.

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Lots of love and laughter Michele xxx

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Alphamusic What is it and why do you need it in your life

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