January 31st Energy Forecast

January 31st Energy Forecast

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Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy report is a little late as I got a bit carried away with my list of stuff to do today. It is keeping me on track focused and I am achieving huge amounts, time seems to be slowing down in order to help me achieve my goals. How is this energy working for you?

Do you feel focused and determined? Do you have a plan and a list? If not don’t worry but do spend some time reflecting on what needs to be done in your life. Be heart led not mind led, this can be a tricky one as this is not about what you should or ought to be doing, this is about firmly walking your path.


After many months of reflecting and waiting the energy is getting active again. It is time to start moving, clearing and constructing your new life. Manifestation is quick.


So this is going to be an active week, if anyone is having trouble working from the heart and not the mind just comment and I am sure we come up with something together.


By Thursday we will have a slightly different energy coming in this is very heart based and lilac in colour. It is here to soothe and heal, the active energy will continue but it feels like this will cause a domino effect in the lives of many. This is not a bad thing but it will start a motion of events that will be ultimately liberating but may feel like a wrench in the short term. There is much soothing energy available for this, as it would be easy to fall back into old yet suffocating energy. Push forward we must with faith love and compassion.


We have almost turned the corner of 2016 and the next two months are going to be exciting with lots of change, allow this to happen, change is a good thing but sometimes it takes time for the dust to settle and to see this.


I feel great excitement at the months to come, these are very new times in deed.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

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January 30th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 30th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning and wow, we are at the end of January already, so how is everyone feeling. This is a very different year from 2016 yet at the same time it may feel as though nothing has changed.


This week is an active week, it is time to take care of business, to make some solid changes in your life. This week you have permission to take a stand when you are being asked to do something you just don’t want to. To push forward your ideas needs and dreams, not to stand patiently in the back of the queue waiting for someone to ask. No one is going to ask you what you want, only you can do that, only you can push yourself forward .


Doers rarely get noticed or appreciated as their very presence is overshadowed by what they bring, they make people feel good and that becomes the focus feeling good, not the person. So this week find out what makes you feel good.


The energy is here to support you in this, it is empowering and powerful without being competitive or greedy but you need to step forward and you need to step up.


It is time to make practical and physical changes, to do something for you so make yourself a list and just start. Change can be scary but that doesn’t mean it is wrong and you all have courage by the bucket load.


We are, as always surrounded by anger and fear, please try and rise above this as much as you can, it is neither personal nor is it something to be condemned in another, all of these negative emotions and actions come from fear so have some compassion even as you walk away. I always think when confronted by an angry or controlling person, wow I would hate to live in their head it must be so uncomfortable draining and miserable, no wonder they react the way they do….and then get out of there.


Follow your heart especially this week, we are supported by the energies, give it a go, the world won’t stop spinning, you won’t be flogged as the worst mother or husband and you may just find that your world opens up to opportunities you didn’t think possible.


We need to break free from convention and conditioning, you are free to do whatever you want and don’t be controlled and constrained by your own mind or fear of “them”….those invisible them and they, the ones that will come and get you if you don’t obey the rules.  Many of the laws we obey are just rules they have no power only the power and compliance we give to them. Take back your power and use your own discernment, you are a good person and you will do the right thing, it’s called integrity.


Have a wonderful week


Lots of love and laughter Michele Blatchford

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January 29th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 29th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, although a little sleepy maybe, something was going on with the energy last night that made sleep a little hard. It was coming in quite strong waves that may have had you suddenly wide awake.


This morning the energy feels active and constructive, time to do something physical, it may seem a little early but it feels like spring cleaning is in order. Time to start sketching out those plans and getting the team together.


Today feels empowering but in a subtle way, it may seem as though you are not achieving a great deal but for many the first step is mind-set, hence I think the cleaning, we often sort out our own minds desires hang-ups  dreams and first steps when we are sorting out cupboards boxes and cleaning our skirting boards.


The energy also feels soft crisp clean and very expansive and this will trigger an openness in you  that it would be good to explore however it may leave you feeling a little vulnerable, don’t take those feelings to heart and keep on being open and making those connections.


So get out there today, sort clean tidy, dig those foundations, makes those plans and just breathe in the expansiveness of the world. It is all there just waiting for you, the world really is your oyster so what are you going to do?


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

January 28th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 28th 2017 Energy Forecast

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Good Morning, I hope you are all well, how are those dreams? Vivid or weird dreams can be lots of things, releasing & processing issues, premonitions and messages from spirit. These are heightened around a new moon.


The energy this morning is light and bright, the anxiety and fearful energy seems to have lifted and today is about manifestation, creation and connection. The energy of the moon is strong so ensure you are fully grounded and amazing things can be created today, grounding is very important when the energies are high but also if you want to do any energy work. It may feel nice floating around but it is essential a waste of energy, tether it!


I feel today as though everyone is getting a break from the heavy processing that has been going on this year, today is a day we get to have a play and maybe some validation that there is more to this than constant work.  For those that are coming to the Learn Tarot Workshop bring something really warm as you can come to the beach with me afterwards for a Moon Manifestation Meditation if you wish.


Your friends and family that have passed are also close today, you may get some random song pop into your head, or find keep seeing something flash by out of the corner of your eye. Keep an eye out for the signs, they can be subtle and often only something you would know. Talk to them today, if you are struggling with anything ask for advice or comfort and then just wait you will get an answer somehow today, it may be in the lyrics of a song or just a sudden thought pop into your head, just know this is spirit helping you along.


So get outside and take a deep breath, notice how light the energy, it feels almost like nothing. There is no weight, it doesn’t feel as though you are dragged down or have pressure on your shoulders. I am not sure exactly what this is as it does feel a little unusual but hey make the most of it I say.


Today you can experience a lightness of being that you have probably not felt since a child and this light energy should help you to discover what it really is you want to manifest, your true desires, rather than wanting something to ease the stresses of your current life, the two dreams are very different.


Have a wonderful day, enjoy these energies and create something magical.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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January 26th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 26th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you slept well, so how did you get on yesterday with the rise in anxiety and fear? Did you manage to step away from it and not own it? Carry this on today but also focus on your dreams and desires once again. You spent some time over the last few weeks thinking about what you would wish for if your dreams could come true and now you are ready to grab those and hike a lift on the new moon tomorrow.


Start your manifestation with the new cycle of the moon and harness that energy, it is super powerful especially when you get into sync with it, it is always a great idea to start your own new cycles at the same time.


This new moon energy enables you to get to the heart of your dreams and truly feel them with your heart, it urges you to put it out there set your intentions and allow it to happen.


As is the condition of a duality the flip side is also true and although can be uncomfortable is also a great gift. The power of the new moon can also bring out your inner fears and anxiety, which is why it is important not to take on the fears of others as your own, as you need to process and balance your own fears and anxieties that come up for you, don’t push them down, the moon energy can illuminate these for you and then help you release them, if you push them down you could end up manifesting them.


Unless we are in physically danger our fears are illusions, worrying and fretting achieves nothing apart from stealing your peace of mind


Listen to yourself carefully over the next few days, so many things are coming to the surface, like sorting dirty washing, the whites are your fears and the colours are your dreams and the delicates just need to be handled carefully, they could be fears or dreams.


If you want to feel more connected then follow the rhythms of natural world, flow and ebb with the energy and use it to supercharge yourself. I would not have a fraction of the power I do if it were not for the sea the wind the rain the sun the trees. My life would not be so easy and fabulous had I not learned to flow with the energy available, sleep with the sleepy energy, create with the creation energy, soul search with the reflective energy…..this then frees me up to sing and dance the rest of the time.


So feel into this energy, feel into your own energy, you can do this, I know you can. You all know a lot more about energy than you think you do. How many of you read these forecasts and you feel it already in your heart, you knew this, now seek it.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

January 25th 2017 Energy Forecast

Hey, Heads up there may be an increase in anxiety in the next 5 days….breathe it out ❤


January 25th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, I hope you are well, so we are firmly in the energy of the new moon today and this moon is going to bring up a lot of fear and anxiety within. This is not an external threat but it is about you. These are your fears about you who are, who you are not, your responsibilities and your courage. It is parts of your unconscious that needs to come into your awareness.


This may be issues and fears that keep you small, chasing a dream that isn’t yours or it may be a revelation about your strength or the dreams you really do want. Allow the moon to pull this from you and look it. It may not be comfortable or it may be liberating, don’t judge or expect anything just observe it all.


There is also a jobsworth type energy coming in strong today and for the next couple of days. The energy of disapproval when the rules aren’t followed to the letter. It is a rigid, judgemental and petty energy, stay out of it but also don’t react emotionally when someone speaks to you this way, it is a trigger for many I know.


So be prepared for people to get into your business and get ready to walk away, arguing with them will be pointless. They are set on their view point right now and nothing will change that and besides do you really care, this has nothing to do with you.


If you are the one that finds themselves holding onto the reins tightly and feeling the need to control everyone, then step back and go and breathe for 5 minutes, see what you are doing and release it.


This also brings with it the grumpy old man energy, no offence, people will be irritated by you just because you exist or maybe your breathing is annoying, or maybe you will be the irritated one, just be aware of this and have a chuckle to yourself.


I would wait until we are out of this energy by Monday to make any big decisions that involve other people, the next week really is all about you.


Be vigilant and see what is being drawn out of you, this is important. Remember we are getting into position for spring, so I am sure you don’t want to waste time looking in the other direction. Uncomfortable and confusing as these times may seem it is a gift, use it.


Always here if you need clarification or pointers.

Have a wonderful day


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

January 24th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 24th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, how are you all this morning? The energy of accomplishment and achievement are high, there is much to be done and productivity is high.


Although how you look at being productive may need to be expanded, it does not just apply to the physical, it maybe mental prep or adjustment that is important for you or it could be that you need to rest your physical body but whatever it is that you are doing it is important for you.


We are all going to go through a big shift around Easter and what we are going through at the moment is going to get us there and help us be ready to grab the new opportunities when they come. So just go with the flow, you may not understand it but you don’t need to right now, what is important is that you follow your heart. If you are having trouble with this go and do the heart centred meditation on my website, that will help you, or maybe the healing pool if you are struggling. Remember these are tools for you to use to help you through these times.


So how has your dreaming been going? Have you learned to dream big yet? Do you know what it is you want? Remember this is more than material stuff this is how do you want to feel and be. Many years ago my goal was peace of mind, of course there was the usual financial security stuff, within the year I had achieved that and never went back, the other stuff took a little longer but that was because the blocks I had to money and my perception of it….those are tough cookies to crack. What I am saying is the things that we most desperately seek are usually related to feelings and emotional and mental states rather than physical stuff, we are also often more ready to make changes in that area than those related to finances, are commitment is stronger. So don’t forget how you want to feel and be when dreaming your dreams.


Next week the energy is going to lift once more and we will have some fun but for now don’t own the dense and fearful energy that may sweep through you, just observe it as another interesting part of this life and then get on with your day.


If your anger irritation or anxiety levels are increasing then there is something coming up for you that you need to process. Sit with it and ask what it needs to show you.


I know it isn’t particular easy and flowing at the moment or fun and laughs but these are important times. Preparation can be boring but you will be glad of it.


Have a wonderful day, dream big Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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