Learning to read Tarot was one of the best things I did.

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So much of my spiritual development came through my cards and the connection I made, it really did open up the door to a new world.

Like many of you I had an interest or curiosity in tarot but didn’t think it was something I could do, I have since found out it is something we can all do, it just takes practice.

We all have those times where we feel stuck not sure which way to go or why things just aren’t working out for us, having the tarot as a tool in your life helps you to see what you may be missing or where you need to direct your energy to find a solution or success.

Now I could do this for you but wouldn’t you rather spend the same money and learn to do it for yourself?

You may even find that you love it so much you decide to earn a living from it and that is fabulous as tarot readings are a great resource for everybody, helping us through life little twists and turns.

I have a great online on demand Tarot Course for only £45. It guides you through the whole process from connecting into the energy, to what each card means and how that relates to the spread in front of you.

Click here for more information and to order your course today.


So grab your cards and take your interest to the next level, you will glad you did

Love and laughter Michele xxx

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Join me in a Full Moon Guided Meditation

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On Friday 2nd March at 12 Noon GMT I will be hosting a Free Guided Full Moon Meditation and I would love for you to join us.

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Have a fabulous Full Moon

Love and laughter Michele xxx



Wednesday 28th February 2018 – Get out of your head and Dance…..like no one is watching!!

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Good Morning and today the energy feels like the last hurrah before we get down to some serious and practical work and here in the Uk we have a ton of snow, whoop whoop, so if your plans have suddenly changed because of the snow storm, embrace it, have fun and forget all your troubles for a while and go back to feeling like a kid. For tomorrow you have some serious adulting to do!

Do whatever floats your boat today go where the desire takes you, get out of your head and into your heart and laugh, dance, create, I mean really put your heart and soul into it, laugh till you cry, dance till you drop, put all of yourself into it. I bet that is something you haven’t done for a while, really let yourself go!!

Today is a day for getting up and meeting life head on, of throwing off rules and instructions, obligation and duty, that rigid structure of you should you must you ought. If everyone would just back off and leave you to it you will do the right thing but constantly being told or burdened with heavy expectation from others is soul destroying , so time to state back off, you are a loving and compassionate soul and you don’t need to be told to what’s right.

It is time that we all gave each other more space and freedom, are you micro managing everyone in your life, from the angle of caring for them, do you think you could back up a little? We have to respect each others paths and lessons and we all need the space to find that for ourselves.

This is one of the things I do for the people I work with, I hold their energetic space so they do not feel burdened by their heavy issues and are able to step back and see their situation from a different perspective a wider lighter perspective and clearly see a way forward. I allow them to have their own eureka moments, sometimes people get frustrated with me and what we just to give them the answers but that would be robbing them of their own discovery, their own light bulb moments which are incredibly empowering. If I just told you it would not have the same impact of longterm affects, in one ear and out the other so to speak. It is self discovery that is the most transformational. This is what we need to allow our loved one to do, so don’t rob them of their adventure by micro managing.

If you do this and like to control every aspect of your families life then you need to look closer at your own issues as this is a distraction dressed up as love. What are you avoiding in yourself?

So be expansive today, come purely from the heart and see what happens and I promise you the world will not stop spinning.

Check out my article about the energy of this fabulous full moon in a couple of days and hopefully join me for a guided meditation too.

Love and Laughter Michele xxx

Join me in a Full Moon Guided Meditation

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On Friday 2nd March at 12 Noon GMT I will be hosting a Free Guided Full Moon Meditation and I would love for you to join us.

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Have a fabulous Full Moon

Love and laughter Michele xxx



FULL MOON MARCH 1/2ND 2018 – Are you ready for a consciousness expansion?

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We have a full moon coming up on the 2nd of March and then another on the 31st, this is the second month of the year that has seen 2 full moons in a month and February was without a full moon at all.

This is a stark reminder of how out of sync that we have become with nature and our own natural rhythms and cycles. 2018 is going to be a year of huge expansion and awareness for everyone and each month we are being given awesome opportunities to get into alignment and balance with ourselves, our world and our universe. If we go with this flow, look where we are prompted to look and go where guided we are going to have an epic 2018 and leave the year with a completely new mind set and understanding of our path.

This full moon is going to be awesome and we are already feeling this magical yet practical energy. Just like the moon cycles that have already passed this year, this full moon does not typically display just full moon energy, it is once again a mixed bag of fruition, fulfilment and new beginnings, it is a full moon new moon combo and that makes sense as we head into unity.

If you have been journalling you can look back and start to see the patterns, the ebb and flow of the energy and how it is perfectly getting us all to exactly where we need to be, do see what we need to see, to act where we need to act and to bring everything into alignment with us right at the centre in our heart space. However, free will and all that, as much as we are guided and supported we need to make it happen.

This year has been a series of gateways and this full moon is no different, we all have the opportunity to radically expand our conscious awareness, seeing our lives with a clarity we have not had before. The whole planet is going to be hit with this energy and many great changes are going to continue to be seen around the world, it is up to you whether you embrace it and use it, ignore it or deny it.

THE FULL MOON ENERGY – March is going to be a magical month

Intuition is going to be at an all time high and you will be receiving messages everywhere, take note of them, act on them, they are real and they are just for you to propel you forward on your path.

You are definitely going to be pulled or pushed in a certain direction in this energy and this is important for you, the energy of clarity is going to be coming in strong and you will be clear about what you need to do next. A blessed relief for many after a rather confusing February but this has all been necessary to get you into position to take full advantage of this full moon and the energies available to you.

Projects that you have been working on whether that is in the external world or part of your own inner work will be super boosted and you are going to see your hard work paying off. This will really spur you on to create some really awesome stuff in March, your creativity is going to be bursting out of you.

Your ability to manifest is also going to supercharged this month, so be very careful what you are putting out there, sentences like oh I doubt I will get the job, or I hope I don’t get ill again that would be just my luck will manifest that in your life.

With the clarity that you will be feeling you can be clearer about what it is that you want to manifest and put that out there, consciously!

This is a moon of great balance, we have the intuitive psychic element and then the practical earthy energy which will help you make things happen, grounding your dreams into your reality.

It is all about taking action, doing something and we are all going to be shown clearly what it is that we need to address, if you are out of balance you are going to experience stomach issues which are related to addressing what you put into your system. The main focus will be food, what is harming you and what is nourishing you and we all have to take responsibility for this and the effects it is having on our body but it also relates to everything that comes into our system from TV, Magazines, Other People and their negativity or drama to our work place and home. It is time to honour ourselves more and ensure that we provide ourselves with everything we need to be an energetic vibrant and creative individual, impacting the collective and the world in tremendous ways that are often unseen but the greater impact is there to be seen by those that wish to see.

Emotional and mental imbalances will also affect our tummies so listen to your body, what is it trying to tell you?

As with all things they play out on many levels, so continuing on the theme of digestion, moving away from the physical body, what are having trouble digesting, are you having mindset changes or are beginning to challenge your own belief system? Have you opened up to a new way of thinking but are finding it hard to integrate this into your real life? This Full Moon will help you with this, it is all about bringing the realm of thought, dreams and intuition firmly into your physical and practical world, showing you they are real.

Have your eyes open this month, join up the dots and start to see the bigger picture as it will open up your world to the seemingly impossible.

I know so many struggle to believe their own physic and intuitive abilities as it is not as tangible or concrete as we would like but this full moon and the whole month of march is going to make this real for you, so it really is time to believe in you!


THE GATEWAY – An expansion of Consciousness and the opportunity for a higher way of thinking and being.

March 2nd Full Moon-2

This gateway is available to all but you need to consciously walk through, to agree to this new path. A gateway has to walked through, think of an arched gateway in a garden, you have to pass through it to get to the orchard beyond, if you didn’t have to do anything it would be shift not a gateway.

It’s also a two way street, we get all the help that we need but we have to make that commitment to our own path, development and life.

Once again we have the opportunity to release or leave behind all the old cycles of thinking feeling and acting. If we don’t want a world of drama anymore or we have had enough of everything being so negative then we have to choose to release that in us.

You may find it hard to see that your life is a reflection of you, the imbalances within you and that is understandable, it took me years to finally grasp it and then see it in action and a few more to change that. So use this full moon, allow it show you this in action.


Sit down with a pad and pen and make a list of all the things that you would like to change in your life. Then say to yourself that you created this, remember this is not about blame or fault, it is about taking responsibility.

Then say to yourself, if I created this, then I can stop creating it and create something different.

Then state firmly that you are no longer willing to accept these cycles in your life, you are ready to let them go and create something positive, uplifting and inspiring instead (or whatever words you wish to use)

State, I am ready and committed to take the next stage in my journey, to see what I need to see and act on this.

I have love and gratitude in my heart for all the help lessons and wisdom that are here to guide me on my path, for all that has been and for all that is yet to come. I have the strength and courage to learn, grow and move forward on my path, making all the changes necessary.

I am ready to move into a new cycle of a higher way of thinking and being, I embrace my expansion of consciousness and all that entails.

Then you step through the gateway!

This is what I will be guiding you to do in The Full Moon Meditation on 2nd March 2018 I really do hope you join me.


Whatever you decide to do, whether you join me or do your own meditation, have a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing you on other side

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxx

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Is your ego keeping you ill or overweight?

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Firstly a quick intro to the ego, we all have one and we all need one but when I talk of being in ego I am talking about the ego being in charge not being egotistical.

Some struggle with the idea of being ego as they confuse the definition and deny it in themselves.

Yet it is being in ego, letting the mind be in control that stops people from seeing what is really going on with them.

This will trigger many peoples defences but being in ego is a natural condition of being in and running the duality system. It is not a criticism it is a fact and once we can bring that into our awareness, accept that it is happening to us, we can begin to balance it and move into our heart, ego barriers down we can then flourish.

When the ego is in control it will always point the finger, find an excuse or justification of why you are stuck. It is like an over eager Police Officer, telling your “there is nothing to see here, back off and go about your business”

The ego isn’t bad either, it is just doing a job it isn’t made for and trying to maintain the status quo, even if that is a pretty rubbish state.

As part of the work I do I am constantly interacting with peoples egos and I have the same conversation over and over. It goes a little something like this, see if you can recognise yourself here.

It can apply to whatever ails you.

“I am always getting ill, I seem to catch every bug/can’t shift this weight, it’s really getting me down and life is such a struggle” At this point the person is usually in victim mode, they feel powerless. They have already been to the doctors so there is no underlying physical issue.

“Ok let’s look at your diet”

“My diet is good” They will then usually give me examples of what they do or do not eat – here the ego is justifying their current state as not their fault ( the heart doesn’t think in terms of blame, the imbalanced ego only does that) Nothing to see here ! Move Along !

As we look closer we then see that there may be foods they are eating too much or too little of, that could be a cause of their illness/weight.

The ego brings up the defences here, the person feels resistance and sometimes animosity. Fight or flight is triggered. Agreeing with me at this point is avoidance as it will rarely make it to action, this is a trick of the ego, pretending to be accepting but it isn’t, it is people pleasing or like when your mum would tell you off as a kid you would just agree to get it over with, you weren’t really taking on board what she was saying.

I will then suggest alternatives, which is often met with resistance again

“I would love to be able to afford to do that”, the ego loves using money as a justification for not taking responsibility, it is almost everyones big trigger, relating to our core fear, so it is often a game over scenario.

Time is usually the next excuse closely followed by family. These are all big deals and trigger fear responses, fight or flight.

The ego feels attacked blamed and at fault for all that is wrong with you but it can’t risk change so it digs in its heels.

That doesn’t stop me though and at this point my ego will have a little word with their ego and get it to settle down and feel into the energy that is coming from me. I am no threat, I have no intentions, expectations or attachments, there is no judgement which is why I am able to be very honest and direct without getting a punch in the face.

Often that pierces the ego barrier and at this point they are able to open to the changes that could be made, the rest is up to them.

So add the ego issues to the conditioned roles of victim hero and villain that we all habitually fall into and you have a stuck person. Someone who is ill or overweight or stuck in their life and cannot see a way out of it. The answer is there right in front of them but the ego is shouting nothing to see here, nothing you can do so just carry on as you were.

Like with everything the first step is being aware of this in you, just be open to possibility that this is the way you react or deal with issues in your life and remember your ego will tell you this has absolutely nothing to do with you but the more you are open to looking the more likely you are to get passed the ego and gain some insight and a pathway to change.

So if you are struggling with a persistent issue in your life and can’t see why or how, just ask yourself is your ego making you resistant to change, are you really doing all that you can or do you just think you are

If you feel ready to look into this further and to learn how to balance your ego and gain the clarity to move forward and make those changes then my Unlock the Potential of You Course is perfect

Sign up today and make life less confusing and more empowering

Love and laughter Michele xxxx


February 26th 2018 Energy Forecast – Open your eyes and make a choice!


Good Morning and I hope you are all well and enjoying this mixed bag of energy, get used to it as life is going to become more and more interesting in this way energetically.

This is unity in action, we are moving towards more unity states and this brings with it often contradictory feelings, although they are only contradictory within the unity paradigm and frame work, the either or paradigm, within unity you can experience both polarities at the same time.

It is also necessary for us to have these seemingly disparate energies as the world is splitting, those that are firmly in duality will experience one side of the energy, those working towards and making the commitment to unity will experience something different.

This is the way the world is moving, if you choose not to open your eyes, if you choose not to do the work, if you choose to stay where you are and not get out of your comfort zone you will become the epitome of duality and all that represents, that is the world that you will experience and that is who you will be.

Look around you, you can see it everywhere, those that choose to be a victim to their circumstance, shrouding themselves in the cloak of drama or pity, unaware that they are guilty of the behaviour that they blame others of, unaware that they created everything that is playing out in their lives, choosing to point the finger and give away their power instead.

Then you will see those that overcome their personal tragedies and issues and move beyond that, not wearing it as a badge of honour but releasing it so that it no longer exists in their world, that is freedom that is love. Look at the people that comment on this wall about their awesome experiences of liberation empowerment and connectedness, how their life has opened up into a thing of beauty, feel into their energy, this is not BS or wishful thinking this is genuine and authentic, this is unity!

The world is changing dramatically and this year is like no other, 10 years ago this warp speed transition began, the energy of truth came in to remove your blinders so you can see the truth. The truth that those in power are not here to help us or protect us but the opposite.

The energy coming in has helped us take this new seeing and empower us so we can be galvanised into action, however the more we do this the more the general population is flooded with fear tactics or distraction, be aware of this, don’t allow yourself to be dumb down and jerked around like a puppet on a string, you are more than that so much more, those in power know this which is why they are so frightened of you becoming aware of it and doing something about it!

However you cannot be forced or dragged into doing something, these are your choices and will be respected. I respect everyones choices but `i do ask that you make them informed choices. You want to feed your kids MacDonalds that is your choice but be fully aware of what it is you are feeding them.

The energy today is very much about the home about the security and emotional wellbeing that is created in this magical space.

So before you lock out the negativity and crazy that seems to be threatening your families wellbeing, as shown by the mass media, just ensure that you are not locking the crazy in. Question everything and don’t assume that big business has your interests at heart!

You are the heart of you family, it is the most important thing to you, so ground that and open your eyes.

If you are already aware of what is going on and have changed your habits then start to share this info, because we are all family and information is power!!

Have wonderful day.

Love and laughter Michele xxxx