Work with the energy and cycles of the moon and find your life begin to really flow, join me this Monday 30th April 9am BST for a free online guided meditation, to use these energies for your maximum benefit and growth.

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April 29th 2018 Energy Forecast  – Follow the signposts, don’t paint over them!

April 29th 2018 Energy Forecast  – Follow the signposts, don’t paint over them!

Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy is super intense right now and I am sure your sleep patterns may have been affected, this energy should have you leaping out of bed earlier than usual raring to go, if it isn’t then in your morning meditation ask why you may be hiding from something. Let the full moon shine a light on this for you, process it and let it go, the full moon will just suck it all out of you if you offer it up.

So what has been coming in for you lately, what did you put out there in the new moon and how is it making its way back to you? This is why it is a good idea to journal so that you can keep track of these things we think we will remember but we have busy lives and it is easy to forget and even easier not to reflect, always pushing forward.

This is going to be an illuminating time where we can really take on board how we manifest and create everything that happens in our lives and we will be shown this clearly in the light of the full moon, this brings up the topic of responsibility, which some see as a burden or accusation and others see as integrity empowerment and freedom. See what comes up for you and take it from there, don’t push these feelings down or judge them as not worthy or the not the ones you want to have, we have to work with what we are shown, that is the way true growth happens. 

Signposts are to be followed not painted over. If you were on your way to Tipperary and came across a signpost that said you were actually on your way to London, you wouldn’t paint Tipperary over the London sign and keep going.

You have to see and accept your emotional reactions, they are your feelings and they are valid, they may not be the feelings you would like and you probably shouldn’t express them but you are having them for a reason, you need to work out what that is and release it, which you do by processing. Ignoring your feelings and telling yourself you are being silly just pushes these feelings down, adding to the core wounds and triggers that got you here in the first place.

Processing helps you heal the wound and release the emotional trigger so that it is gone for good, really, truly gone, this is what always surprises those taking my course, it isn’t that they get better at controlling their reactions but they no longer react.

Whatever you feel today relate it back to my last few energy forecasts and see how it is all playing out for you, step back and see the bigger picture, what do you need to see what do you need to learn.

When good things happen to us we tend to think in terms of karma and when bad things happen to us we think in terms of luck, but everything that happens is a result of what we either have been putting out there or is a lesson for us, the trick is learning which is which, the best thing is to start by looking at each in turn as with everything in life though it all plays out on many different levels, so there will be plenty for you to start working with.

Have a fabulous day and I would love for you to join me in meditation tomorrow for the full moon, working with the cycles of the moon will certainly fast track your development.

This full moon is likely to bring up a lot of areas for you that need processing so it might be time to learn a simple yet highly effective processing technique – Sign up today to Unlock the Potential of You and join the empowerment revolution.

Have a fabulous day

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx

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Work with the energy and cycles of the moon and find your life begin to really flow, join me this Monday 30th April 9am BST for a free online guided meditation, to use these energies for your maximum benefit and growth.

FULL MOON MEDITATIONS – You only need to do this once and you will receive your direct link to the meditation each month.


I would be lovely to have you as part of the group so I hope to see you there !

Love & Laughter Michele xxx

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Meditation will help with whatever troubles you, Mentally, Emotionally Physically and Spiritually and that is only the beginning, there is so much more to meditation than most people think.

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April 28th 2018 Energy Forecast  – LOVE IS ALL AROUND

Good Morning I hope that you are well, you will certainly be feeling the effects of the upcoming full moon and this can affect people in different ways, it will even affect you in a multitude of different and often seemingly contradictory ways. Remember this as you go through the next few days, bring it into your awareness and see what your reactions are telling you, where do you need to look a little closer. This full moon is bringing in the opportunity for great inner growth if you allow it.

Full moons are a time where we reap what we have sown, positive or negative so look at what is going on in your life in this context, how did you sow the seeds for this to happen. If it is not what you want then this is a great opportunity for you to see how you created so how not to.

The energy is strong stable and compassionate but there is a strong unyielding strand through the middle of it, although it is a time that compromises can be made, there are some that are non-negotiable for you and this energy will help you stand firm in a heart centred way.

The energy of the full moon is going to bring to light issues that you have been hiding from yourself, it is important that you stop and see them or the signs will get bigger and bigger peaking in the energy of the full moon and you don’t want that, so start now, there is nothing to be afraid of and you may find any puzzle piece.

The past month has also had the energy tone of love, love of self and love of another in the romantic sense and that seems to be ramping up now too, shifts are occurring within relationships and the possibility of new loving partnerships is high. You may feel the need to really put your love out there and that is fabulous, however if you are single these energies could trigger your feelings of loneliness, which isn’t real, that is just your fear of never finding someone to share your life with, it isn’t a fact nor a premonition it is just fear. This energy is telling you that you can bring that special person into your life, they are around, waiting in the wings so to speak, so if it does trigger your fear and you feel unloved or lonely, see it for what it is and use that energy and the work you have done this year and in particular this last month to put out loving energy to attract your perfect partner.

Can you see how the energy post I wrote a month ago about learning to love yourself, taking your time to connect with who you are, is connected to what is going on with the energy now? To find someone else to love us for all that we are, first, we have to love ourselves and then we are generating that energy frequency that will attract other.

I love how if you flow with the energy you will always be in the perfect position to grab the opportunities when they arise, it is a wonderful life indeed.

Have a fabulous day, remember to keep everything in balance, the full moon is powerful indeed and it is just getting stronger so it may make you react in extreme ways, but once you are aware of this you can take a moment to breathe and ground so that you don’t spiral away and do something you regret.

If you would like to work with the energy of this full moon then please join me for a free full moon guided meditation, sigh up here to get your invitation.

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx


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Our Dreams, Goals and Ambitions

Hey, I am always banging on about fulfilling your dreams so I thought I would write a little bit more about our dreams.

I am going to use the example of where we dream of living but it can apply to anything that we dream of or would love to do.

So often we see a picture of a beautiful house and say oh I would love to live there, or we dream of having a smallholding and being more self-sufficient, maybe our dreams are to live abroad. 

Start to pay a little more attention to how often you say “I would Love to..” And what it is related to and then you can start working on your dreams for real, so that they are no longer akin to the dreams you have whilst sleeping, something intangible and unreal.

To begin with, you have to ask yourself, would I really love to live there, realistically? Smallholdings are hard work, are you really the sort of person that would be up for that day in day out? Do you really want to live in a hot country all year round or is it just something you yearn for in the winter, maybe you really like the changes in the seasons and would miss that?

Dreams come in many varieties, some are just there for us to daydream and fantasise about, it’s like our own internal tv show, it’s not real, you know it’s not but it feels good. 

Others are distractions and stop us from achieving anything, we fixate on a dream that is either totally out of alignment with us or something we don’t believe we could ever achieve, so we never will. They distract us from seeing what we really want and going for it.

There are also ego dreams which are linked to distraction dreams, these dreams are usually related to how you will be perceived by the outer world, you desire a big house because it will show the world you have made it, or your brother or tv stars have one. Sometimes these dreams can be out of alignment with you but sometimes they can be in alignment and your underlying motives go beyond the superficial and the ego.

Some dreams are messages or knowing about your soul path, something you may feel pulled to, that you feel is your destiny, maybe it is something that comes up time and time again for you. These are the dreams that happen easily once you start taking action, once you can see the path ahead clearly.

By asking yourself those questions, Would I really love to move there, would I love to move there now, you can begin to pick apart which dreams are which and then once you are left with your true dreams then you can act and start taking the path to dream fulfilment.

Once you are clear on the dreams you really want then there is nothing that can stop you, nothing that can stand in your way. People up sticks and move their whole family away all the time and have amazing adventures, people who are living their dreams always say they wish they had done it sooner. It was only them holding it back, with daily worries that really don’t matter.

We put obstacles in our own way and say we are being practical or realistic but really it is just fear, fear of the unknown and change.

If it is what you want then there is always a way and the beauty is once you are clear on your goals and dreams and are ready to take action, things just kind of happen, everything begins to fall into place and that shift in gears is based solely on trust.

Trusting yourself, that your dreams are true, that you have the strength courage and power to do this and trusting the bigger picture, the universe, that this is all going to play out perfectly.

Making a commitment to you and your dreams, is vital, I always do this down at the beach each morning, I focus on the area of growth or change that I wish to achieve and declare to the sea that I am ready, I will see what I need to see and do what I need to do.

So if you really want to see your dreams come true, first check that they really are your dreams and then realise that there is nothing stopping you from achieving them, you just need to commit and act, take that first step and the second will be revealed to you, as you take the second step the third will be revealed and so on and before you know it you are reading my articles in your dream home.

If you are ready to make your dreams come true then the tools and techniques I teach in Unlock the Potential of You will take you there. They will help you recognise when your ego is distracting you and how your fear based actions may be blocking you from achieving your goals but more than anything they teach you how to believe in yourself.

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