April 29th 2018 Energy Forecast  – Follow the signposts, don’t paint over them!

April 29th 2018 Energy Forecast  – Follow the signposts, don’t paint over them!

Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy is super intense right now and I am sure your sleep patterns may have been affected, this energy should have you leaping out of bed earlier than usual raring to go, if it isn’t then in your morning meditation ask why you may be hiding from something. Let the full moon shine a light on this for you, process it and let it go, the full moon will just suck it all out of you if you offer it up.

So what has been coming in for you lately, what did you put out there in the new moon and how is it making its way back to you? This is why it is a good idea to journal so that you can keep track of these things we think we will remember but we have busy lives and it is easy to forget and even easier not to reflect, always pushing forward.

This is going to be an illuminating time where we can really take on board how we manifest and create everything that happens in our lives and we will be shown this clearly in the light of the full moon, this brings up the topic of responsibility, which some see as a burden or accusation and others see as integrity empowerment and freedom. See what comes up for you and take it from there, don’t push these feelings down or judge them as not worthy or the not the ones you want to have, we have to work with what we are shown, that is the way true growth happens. 

Signposts are to be followed not painted over. If you were on your way to Tipperary and came across a signpost that said you were actually on your way to London, you wouldn’t paint Tipperary over the London sign and keep going.

You have to see and accept your emotional reactions, they are your feelings and they are valid, they may not be the feelings you would like and you probably shouldn’t express them but you are having them for a reason, you need to work out what that is and release it, which you do by processing. Ignoring your feelings and telling yourself you are being silly just pushes these feelings down, adding to the core wounds and triggers that got you here in the first place.

Processing helps you heal the wound and release the emotional trigger so that it is gone for good, really, truly gone, this is what always surprises those taking my course, it isn’t that they get better at controlling their reactions but they no longer react.

Whatever you feel today relate it back to my last few energy forecasts and see how it is all playing out for you, step back and see the bigger picture, what do you need to see what do you need to learn.

When good things happen to us we tend to think in terms of karma and when bad things happen to us we think in terms of luck, but everything that happens is a result of what we either have been putting out there or is a lesson for us, the trick is learning which is which, the best thing is to start by looking at each in turn as with everything in life though it all plays out on many different levels, so there will be plenty for you to start working with.

Have a fabulous day and I would love for you to join me in meditation tomorrow for the full moon, working with the cycles of the moon will certainly fast track your development.


This full moon is likely to bring up a lot of areas for you that need processing so it might be time to learn a simple yet highly effective processing technique – Sign up today to Unlock the Potential of You and join the empowerment revolution.


Have a fabulous day

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx


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