The Children are the world are Suicidal – These are my thoughts and I have a plan!


If you would like to get involved or are a young person struggling then please get in touch.


This is going to be a collaboration with a clear strategy and path forward for those struggling with their own Unity Consciousness in this duality world.


All the signs so far seem to point to California being the first place to get this organised, so if you would like to get involved please get in touch.


Together we can do this!


Love and Laughter Michele xxxxx


September 29th 2017 Energy Forecast Time to look a little closer



Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy today is all about focus and detail, paying attention and getting it right. Whatever it is that is going on in your life today is going to bring that into sharp focus for you today and as we go into the weekend.


This is a great thing as it can help us connect more with our lives, help us act and ensure that a new project is successful. This is not however energy of fret, worry and excruciating detail. It’s all about balance. We have been looking at the bigger picture for a while and letting go with faith that everything will be revealed, now is a time of more detailed planning, although this will still flow. I f you feel like you are forcing or pushing something then step back


I feel the energy that really lights up our soul’s purpose coming in a little later and this is definitely going to be with us intensely for at least the next week. Next month is going to be a month of action, jumping into the trench and building those foundations or maybe you are ready to build the first floor of your dreams.


Take that leap, you can do this, the world is not going to stop spinning, the neighbours won’t come after you with pitch forks and you may just end up happy.


I know change can be scary but that doesn’t last long, we are adaptive creatures and it doesn’t take long before new is familiar.


I also feel a steady increase in angry, fearful and vengeful energy that is created and spread like wildfire on a human level. Learn to tell the difference between your energy, universal and human fear based energy and then step out of it and don’t add to it. Don’t be part of the problem!


If you feel yourself reacting out of nowhere, be responsible for this, make it your responsibility to find out why and to change this in yourself. Every time you criticise or judge, are hostile aggressive or mean, every time your selfish actions negatively impact on someone else, you are adding to the problem.


Every time you are compassionate and understanding, every time you give someone the space and time they need so they don’t feel rushed, every time you hold out your hand or offer a shoulder, you are part of the solution.


Maybe it is time to look in great detail at your contribution, in real terms, real effects. The way you live your life are part of the problem or the solution?


Have a wonderful day!


I haven’t been around much this week and this will continue until next week as I have been so busy but I will answer all messages over the next few days.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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September 27th  Energy Forecast Get Lively !


acceptance 1

Good Morning I hope you are well and enjoying this fun and spontaneous energy. Do you feel like you can change the world or do or achieve anything? Well you can, you really do have that inner power to create the life you long for, it is all at your fingertips.


This energy we have coming in is going to shake things up a bit in our world, change our routine and wake us from our slumber. This can feel uncomfortable and a little scary but we also have some adventurous energy that will help spur us forward. Can you feel it?


We are going to continue with this lively and fun energy for another day or so and once again as we head to the end of the week I see this shifting and I see foundations being built upon structure and purpose.


Oh I see the energy at present is to open our imaginations, believe in the impossible and flit like a firefly from one possibility to another, exploring all the different aspects of us that come out when we play. When we are lighthearted and adventurous our energy raises and a new world opens us to us, we get out of our cave.


Once we dip our toe into the possibilities that are out there, then we begin to ground that, to make it real to bring it into our path.


So do you know what you are creating or are you just going with an inner knowing that this is the right path and everything will become clear. Whatever you are doing fabulous! We can’t create something new doing the same old same old.


This has been the most extraordinary year so far and 2018 is going to be most magical if you open your eyes to it!


So enjoy this fun inspirational and carefree day, see what comes up for you as this energy is all here for you to see where your passions lie and the kind of future you want to create.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

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September 25th Energy Forecast – Spontaneity!



Good Morning I hope that you are well, we had a shift in the energy this morning and it brings with it great change and spontaneity.  You may have been thinking of trying something new for a while or going in a different direction and over the next few days you may just find yourself doing them. SO go for it, let go and take the plunge.


I also feel the energy of letting go, abandoning your self in the music and dance. Do something that makes you feel a little wild, that you can throw your whole self into and just let your inner flame take over, allow your mind to switch of and just experience something fully in the moment.


When you allow yourself to do this you are connecting with your heart and soul, you are laying to one side the duality condition of always living in your mind and being in control and it is wonderful so just do it, lose yourself in the music the dance or whatever floats your boat.


I feel the energy beginning to get lively and more fun too, it feels a bit like mardi-gras. Fun strange and maybe a little unnerving at times, try not to fight it; it may be time that you remembered your fun carefree and adventurous side .


I also see a soft lilac energy that is like ribbon from a girls boater, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, it feels like spring or summer, new beginnings but not in a fanfare kind of way. It feels gentle and subtle but you get the feeling when looking at it gently swirling about on the breeze that when it falls to the fall great deep and long-lasting change is going to occur. This energy is rather fascinating to watch as it is not affected by any of the other energy around it, it’s just doing its thing in its own time. I am getting that nursery rhyme or pass the parcel whatever it is but the line “where it stops nobody knows”


I think we all need to get ready for some surprises this week. We have all been through an awful lot over the last two months and now feels the time that we will be seeing and feeling the rewards. Change is coming and will continue to come and this is a good thing, we all need to just roll with it.


We may have an inkling of how things are going to change for us but we don’t have the whole picture and that is fine there is still time for all the pieces to come together and when we know we know. Ahhh I see the energy of trust faith and patience, the big lessons for us all in this lifetime……are you ready to just let go and see if the universe catches you?


Just remember that although this week is going to feel exciting and empowering it is just the beginning, you don’t have all the puzzle pieces just yet so don’t go and make any big decisions until you are sure in your heart that you have everything you need.


After so much doubt confusion and ending of cycles that we have had over the last few months it can be tempting to grab hold of the first piece of solid ground that we come to and claim this is our beginning but just wait it is but a cornerstone and there is more to come before we can see how this is going to play out.


So the energy is exciting and lively, risk taking and adventurous but also calm steady and grounded, these may seem contradictory but that is unity for you. So enjoy.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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20th September 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, so this new moon occultation is have some pretty intense effects on us. Has your mind been drawn back to 2007/8? Are you beginning to question everything or have you fallen into victim martyr or saviour mode? Has your journey gone inward or are you focusing even more on out there?


There are some pretty high energy streams coming in and these can make you feel really tired and discombobulated, just go with it, sleep when you can , eat and drink well and just accept that you are not going to be at your sharpest mentally. I looked at my walls yesterday and made a mental note to buy some mayonnaise, being a vegan I don’t eat mayonnaise and I meant paint.


So hopefully you will be consciously letting go of so much this week, old habits, mind-set and behaviours that really have no relevance or positive contribution in your life.


How have your daydreams been coming along, can you believe see and feel a life of harmony joy and abundance? Are you ready to address the issues in your life starting with how you feel physically?


On Friday we have the Equinox and this is a day of balance, cycles ending and beginning, it is about change and transformation. It is a time to honour and have gratitude for the miracle of nature and life. It is one of my favourite days!


So what are you going to do? Take some time to reflect on the last nine months. This was the year of transformation, the year of you! What have you done and achieved, how have you grown. Take some time before the equinox to look at your mind-set, emotions, your physicality and your world, how has this changed over the last 9 months. Look back at your dreams in January, how have they come true or the foundations are being laid.


We have 3 months till the end of the year and the solstice, so take some time to see what this year has meant for you.


We would love to hear!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

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19th September 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, although the energy we have around at the moment may have been giving you a few aches and pains! We are all being asked to be more consciously aware of our physical body, what it is saying to us and what it needs. We often overlook our physicality when our minds are drawn to the esoteric.


We have a time of great balance and unity coming up in Friday with the equinox. It will be a time of new beginnings and new ways of doing things, to allow your mind body and soul to expand out of the box duality.


As usual this year, this is not an isolated event, it occurs at the same time as the new moon which in itself is also very powerful for new beginnings but also what is going on in relation with the other planets. Everything is getting super-boosted and supercharged, sound familiar?


This year has been one of supercharging everything. Have you noticed that when you made a change how quickly everything else has slotted into place or how you have been shown that this is the right or maybe the wrong decision, almost instantly?


This has been a year of awakening like never before, not necessarily awakening in the traditional spiritual sense but an awakening to our self, to who we really are and what we truly want to make ourselves happy and fulfilled.


Have you felt the power rising in your all year? When you have acted on this stable heart power all has gone well right? People have responded in ways you only hoped for and drama was averted. When you are making heart centred decisions and choices, it has been quick efficient and direct.


Do you feel that you are beginning to question so much that you once took for granted, even your own feelings? That you feel compelled to do something differently, to put behind you what has always been and created something new?


The other thing that is changing and you will definitely feel this after Friday if not before is your idea of and attachment to romantic love. Have you been dreaming of ex-lovers or maybe looking at your current partner in a slightly different light. Maybe you want to step back from relationships for a while and concentrate on you or maybe you feel the opposite and it is time to be open once more. Conditional and unconditional love are coming under the spot light for us all at the moment and many realisations are being made that unconditional love is rare in deed and it is healthy at this time to strip back our projections and see our relationships in a truer light.  To see someone as a friend,companion and just another soul making their way through life, with their own lessons, concerns, desires and needs, rather than your saviour or your soul mate is liberating.


It is also respectful and compassionate, we all want to be seen right? How often do we feel that to some people we are not seen for who we are we are only seen in light of what we can do for them, well see how you may treat people this way too.


We are firmly in the energy of the new moon which comes in fully tomorrow, so spend today reflecting on the new beginnings that you would like to see. Keep in mind the equinox at the end of the week and think and feel how you would like to bring your life into more balance, go deep with this.


Also think about unity energy, paradigm and consciousness. It is there waiting for you to experience it so just sit and daydream about what a unity life may mean and feel like. Ask questions here as there are many who visit this page who are experiencing unity, ask me I am always happy to share.


I will be doing a live meditation on Friday for the equinox so I hope you will join me.


Don’t forget to look at the Development Course too, it gives you a map, the tools and all the support you will need to walk from duality into unity. However I think the best thing about the course is the Development Support Group, it is just the most beautiful heart centred space, which in itself feels like coming home.


Have a fabulous day

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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September 17th 2017 Energy – Healing, Balance, Endings and New Beginnings



Good Morning I hope you are well and enjoying this wonderful energy. We have a huge amount of healing energy coming in at the moment and this is going to continue for at least the next week. Be open and accepting of this. Remember we are in control of the energy that we allow in our system and if you are too attached to any illness wound or scar then you may not allow any healing to take place. You may not think you are blocking this as it is happening in your unconscious but it is worth being open to that thought and checking yourself.


This is once again a time of big cycles ending but also coming to fruition. Life isn’t all doom and gloom and not every ending is painful. I have found that projects I created or focused on a decade or so ago that came to nothing are coming into their own now. So many jigsaw pieces are flying in making sense of so much of our journey. Why we had to be where we were, the people we had to meet, the skills we had to learn.


As a business woman I have written a lot of business plans, many would come to nothing at that time but still I would spend the time, when asked why by reasoning was this. This idea may be ahead of its time and the market is not ready for it yet but when it is, when all the ducks are in a row I will be ready to jump. That is what this life feels like, especially at the moment. We do what we do in the moment because we love it, for the sake of doing it, for the process. We may not know at the time why and whether this is just a learning exercise or whether we are prepping for something down the road. What we do know is that time is never wasted.


This is one of the things about moving away from duality, having faith in the outcome even if you don’t know what when or why that is.


Some of the cycles you may be ending may leave you feeling a little lost or raw but the energy is supporting healing but also dreaming, what do you dream of, let yourself go with this. Sit and daydream, people just don’t do that anymore, let you imagination run wild, let your heart speak to you then believe that you are worth it and capable of achieving. Stop denying yourself because you feel silly or unworthy.


So look around you over the next day and see what is ending for you? Then turn and look forward and ask yourself what are you going to create? How is your life opening up and where is this beautiful unity energy taking you?


Allow healing to take place on all levels because as we move into next week and the equinox energy it is all about balance!


Have a wonderful day


Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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