June 30th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, the energy is becoming more active as we head towards the weekend but with it may come anger and frustrations, this is not really the energy itself but more what it draws from you.


It is time to pay close attention to the reactions of those around you and see what it being reflected back at you. Right now the way you are being treated is the way your energy is coming back at you.


I don’t mean the occasional isolated incidence but the general theme. Are you finding people very rude and angry or maybe your friends are being really sweet and lovely, either way this is a sign that you on the right path or maybe you need to address some internal issues. Take this as a great opportunity rather than an insult or a criticism and if you are receiving love then just make sure you are open to it, there is no catch, no flip side, this is your good energy making its way back to you.


There is a great deal of clarity around at the moment and this can raise your spirits but also make you stomach turn and your heart sink with some sudden realisations. Don’t fall into fear, take a deep breath and process. Hindsight is an amazing thing however with the shifts in time we are all experiencing, hindsight can actually become now-sight, stay present, stay grounded and stay open and you nip things in the bud before they have a chance to grow. Also if you take time in nature each day you can develop your foresight, giving you a daily heads up.


Once again it is important to create and maintain balance and to help with this we need to bring thoughts and ideas into the 3d. Our concepts and theories need to be tried and grounded in the 3d, how does this help or apply to you. We have to make these things real and relevant to us otherwise they are pointless theories that help no one.


Check yourself throughout the day, this is great for helping you stay present, ask yourself how am I feeling right now. Not how am I feeling in light of recent events just how do I feel, energetically, physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually right now in this moment. Again be objective and have neither expectation nor the need to analyse, it is what it is.


We have some awesome creating to do next week but for now it is important that we are clear grounded and balanced, which would go some way to explain this floaty disconnected feeling some have had this week, for some more grounding is need, for others this is just a floating between worlds in the realms of ideas, this is fine. Check how you feel and you will know which is which, if you feel perfectly happy and content floating as you still feel a full connection to the earth and 3d and then keep flowing. If however it is causing you problems with your work for example or is making you feel a little out of control then do some grounding exercises.


It really is a mixed bag of energy and depends upon where you are right now.


So stay centred and grounded and step into nature and ask the questions….only you know the answers….maybe with a little help from your friends in nature.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


New Therapy

I have this exciting new therapy I would like to share with you.


It takes around 15 – 30 minutes every day….longer if you wish. You will need to commit to this every day for the best results, it is not something that you can do in your own home.


The results you can expect pretty instantly:


Peace of mind

Clarity of thought

Releasing and balancing of emotions

Physically invigorating and empowering

Helps release toxins and toxic issues

Clears the mind


Although the results are instant they also have a cumulative effect, so you will experience deeper and more sustaining results.


Can you make this time commitment? Think about it today and I will tell you more about it this evening! Without commitment nothing becomes grounded in reality and is just ideas in the wind.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxxxxx

June 29th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope you are well, take a deep breath today and ground yourself, I feel a huge wave of sadness sweeping the planet, I don’t know why or where it is coming from. We always have a huge amount of fear but today I feel this sadness and it doesn’t feel natural, so be aware of this and step out of it when you can.


This may trigger sadness in your so go into nature and work on releasing your own sadness and the root of what triggered it and leave it there. Be aware that it is easy to pull this energy in and around you like a cloak of sadness but this is not real.


So underneath this sad energy it is a very insightful day, the energy of clarity is still around and it is truly inspiring. So much of what you didn’t understand or was outside of your comprehension is available to you now. It is like you have finally finished your puzzle and are able to step back and see the picture.


So much of what you were worrying about seems silly now and you can see a clear path, believe this and trust it, it is tough sometimes to believe the solution when it appears so simple when we have struggled in the dark for so long. Also be easy on yourself, you may feel a little stupid and oh why didn’t I see this before it would have saved me a lot of trouble…well you wouldn’t have seen it before as everything wasn’t in place, you saw it exactly when you needed to see it so give yourself a break.


Ah we also have an extra boost of the energy of truth, I love this energy, it feels like home. Truth is so pure clean and bright, it isn’t minty but it feels kind of menthol, that coolness in your system.  Allow this in and see where it goes, the greatest lies are the ones we tell ourselves and the greatest sadness is when we believe those lies. The truth will be revealed so have an open heart, forgiveness and compassion and then wait for the slap in the face….allow this to express itself to you to its fullest and then release, this is not about beating yourself up, this about facing and truth and loving yourself for it. Once you forgive and release then you can become more whole.


This is not about discovering the truth in others and then telling them about it, if this is you then you need to look at balancing your ego. Yes we can know our truth about others and that is for our information, it is not for us to point it out in others….be wary of crusade energy there is a lot of that about at the moment.


Remember as we walk this path that there is drama all around trying to pull us in and away from our journey. It is not real or have any meaning it is but a distraction from finding your own true power.


This energy will also highlight issues within yourself that you don’t like, you will find yourself getting very hot under the collar about the behaviour of others. This is always a mirror for us, however it can often be subtle and it is easy to ignore, the energy around at the moment will make you see what you are doing, however it is still possible to ignore this if you so choose.


However consider this, it takes more energy to keep the lie going than it does to face your demons and unmasked them. It is such a restrictive and angry way to live.


I also feel pure joy and with this comes acceptance and balance. Allow these energies to work their magic today, see your truth, if you find yourself looking over your neighbours fence at their garden please wind it in and focus on your own garden, there are a million messages and insights there so you don’t want to miss it.


As you find what your truth is, then you are able to begin dreaming, and so you start the creation of your new cycle…..this is a truly magical time, be present!.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx

June 28th Energy



Good Morning, I hope everyone is well, it is going to be a bit of a mixed bag this week depending upon what you need to be doing, if you do find that you are low or anxious then you still have some processing and releasing of the previous cycle, attend to that today if you can before the new moon energy begins to come in towards the end of the week.


We have created the space, we have let go of the past taking only the wisdom and lessons learnt and we have said goodbye with gratitude to the previous cycle. We have allowed ourselves to just be and that will continue today however ideas are beginning to take form, inspiration is starting to hit, motivation is starting to stir. Just allow this to build, don’t go running off and doing just yet, take your time, allow these new feelings to settle in. Something is about to happen but you don’t know quite what it is yet, it is like having a thought on the tip of your tongue, you can feel it but you can’t quite reach it yet. That is fine you have to let these things percolate.


Check your patience levels too, if you feel the need to rush forward with things, you may need to pull your energy back a little and process why you need to do this, it may be a control issue, a need to know. Think of yourself like a little seedling about to push its way through the soil for the first time, this happens slowly and steadily, you cannot force it or help it along the way that would most likely result in damage, as the seedling although strong enough to push through the soil , is still delicate, especially if man handled.


Treat your dreams and plans with care and watch them magically unfold. Signs are everywhere and you will be shown that you are on the right path, or the time to leap, just remain conscious.


So the energy I am feeling most this morning is courage, integrity, wisdom & tenacity, wonderful energy. It can give you the energy to do the right thing, which is incredibly important. We are aiming to create balance and harmony , I am sure you have all heard the saying as above so below, this can apply to a variety of situations. Heaven and Earth being the most popular however it also means how you feel inside and how you express that, both should be in balance, in other words you cannot say one thing and do another.


It is also important to understand that although we are individuals we also impact on each other almost continually, we may not see this but it happens and we have a responsibility to ensure that our impact is as positive as possible or at least not negative in any way. This starts with the most simple of acts such as cleaning up after your dog. It is the right thing to do and it is respectful of all. That one act of leaving your dogs mess or not cleaning up your own rubbish can have far ranging negative consequence, ones that you may be completely oblivious to but is real nonetheless and creates an energetic cycle, that will eventually lead back to you.


We need to look at the attitude I am all right jack or out of sight out of mind. Once we throw our rubbish on the floor, it is no longer our problem as we can’t see it but often the thought doesn’t extend to whose problem is it going to become. The messes we make don’t just disappear on their own just somebody has to take responsibility for it.


It is also important to say what you mean rather than people please, the energy we have around will help you with this, stating your truth or your opinion is not you being rude or mean and it is important, so find you voice.


We should all talk less and do more, there are those that quietly get on with what needs to be done and there are those that talk endlessly about what they are going to do but never actually turn that into action, we don’t have time for this and if this is you, you may find that your friends are disappearing. Don’t take this personally but as a sign that you need to do some work, they may not even know that they are distancing themselves from you it is just that we are all seeking balance and harmony, whether that is conscious or not.


So today and as we move into next week this about dreaming your dreams ready to create the next cycle and being bold enough to step up to the plate and live with integrity and truth. As always we are fully supported and if we allow things to flow you will find yourself exactly where you need to be.


Have a wonderful day  love and laughter Michele xxxxx







June 27th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope that you are all well, significant shifts in the energy means that some of you may be feeling inspired, creative and powerful, whilst others may be feeling tired anxious and maybe a little confused.


If you are feeling inspired etc the follow where it leads, this is a time for you to dream your dreams and soon they will become a reality. You are ready to start allowing the building blocks of the next cycle to come into being.  You should also be ready to allow this to flow and resist any temptation to formalise or categorise it, this is not about knowing exactly how and when this is about dreams and expression, you go where it feels good and right.


If however you are feeling more anxious then this is a sign that you need some reflection time, for whatever reason you haven’t taken advantage of the energies of the last week and there is still the need to hang on to past cycles. The anxiety is the result of control issues and the feeling that you are losing that control or everything is running out of control. Stop take some deep breaths and work on releasing whatever is presented to you. If you find that your inner voice is telling you  that you are find and there really is nothing to release, then that is your ego and you most definitely to have something more to release. The more we try to justify things to ourselves, the more we have to hide.


The physical body rarely lies and this is a good sign if something is amiss, we are more likely to stop and listen if something goes wrong with a physicality much more than if something is wrong emotionally or mentally. Also when we have something to attend to and have ignored the subtle signs, the physical body will often break down so that we have no choice.


Listen to your body and your heart but stay out of the mind for now as this will only justify your current state.


We are bringing in the energy of the new moon so this about the new cycles coming in, possibilities are endless so just allow the creative energy to flow.


This is a good time to start a business but you must create this energetically and the first thing you need to do is ask why you are doing this, what is your intention and motivation, what is your end goal. These are important, especially ensuring that you intentions are heart centred rather than mind and ego led. Building the energetic foundations is as important as concrete foundations. Take some time with this you will glad that you did.

This is going to be a mixed week energetically this will depend upon how open and flowing you are. If you find that it is obstacle after obstacle then you need to look at where you are blocking yourself, where are your fears. If you get the occasional stumbling block then this may just be to nudge you back into the right direction, just go with it.


There are going to be uncomfortable periods this week, so breathe, ground and connect into nature as much as you can, you will find your answers, try to avoid turning it into drama, this will only make it worse….in short don’t write a facebook status about it, have a meditation and ask the question instead.


We and the world are in a state of flux at the moment and that is not a bad thing, so fall back and allow the universe to catch you, then just follow your bliss.


If anyone is struggling then please get in touch, we are here for each other, so if you need help just ask…..I walked this path for a reason, so I can shine a light for others.


My skill set has been developing at an amazing rate this year, reflect on how yours has too….the latest that has come in last night is making me giggle, I will hopefully write about it later.


Have a wonderful day, and remember I am here if you need any advice clarification or even if you want to share your story.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx

Life is simple when you love yourself.

Life is simple when you love yourself.

heart hands

Love makes the world go around, Love is the cornerstone of our existence it is the most powerful and abundant energy available to us and the easiest to access. We are all little powerhouses with the capacity to generate never ending love and the key to switching this on, is loving yourself, once you make that connection and move into your heart life becomes very simple indeed.


However as most people live in their minds, love is seen as a holy grail, something that may be seen as a myth or as a quest, searching for something elusive outside of us.  Some don’t even begin the search as they don’t think they are worthy anyway. Not loving yourself puts tremendous pressure on those around you to fulfil that role and leaves you disappointed, frustrated and sad.


Whatever your reasons, not loving yourself complicates life, it creates a void that needs to be filled, a disconnection with life, yourself and others which needs to be rectified and whilst you are looking outside of yourself for the solutions it brings all sorts of complications and drama.


When you love yourself……..


  • You don’t seek validation, approval or acceptance of others, you get all you need from yourself
  • You don’t feel a desperate need to be loved by others as you are in a constant bubble of love, generated from within
  • You don’t feel the need to be understood or have your point of view accepted because you understand and accept yourself and that is all that really matters.
  • You no longer feel the need to attain a specific goal in order to feel worthy or for others to recognise your worthiness. You realise you have all you need in this moment and that happiness is the goal.
  • You are neither elevated nor depressed by the views and opinions of others and can therefore maintain a grounded stability.
  • When you love yourself it is easy to love others and to allow others to love you back.
  • When you love yourself you are Free, Expansive, Bold and Happy and why wouldn’t you be after all you get to hang out with someone every day that you think is pretty awesome.

So start that journey, you’re worth it!

Love and laughter Michele xxxx

I have just done something energetically awesome and I don’t know why I didn’t do it a long time ago.

I have just done something energetically awesome and I don’t know why I didn’t do it a long time ago.


I do not watch tv or read mainstream media newspapers, however I still had a sky account and I still paid my TV licence. I recently closed my Sky Account, that took some doing and today I cancelled my tv licence and the energetic snap that took place was fabulous. It was a complete unplugging! It seems that I had turned my back on this media but I had not fully unplugged.


I do not watch mainstream media as it is full of propaganda and mind control, it is also run by very bad people who have a horrific agenda. I consciously stopped watching/listening to anything from the BBC because this is an institution that was heavily involved in child sex abuse and I refused to validate that by my inertia, however I didn’t follow that down to cancelling my licence, this is processing for me today!


So now I have completely unplugged, I have removed all from energy from these two huge companies and I can feel it, I feel cleaner and lighter, happy and I realise now that the energy of integrity helped me with this today, after I wrote the post I realised I still had a licence and cancelled it straight away…….thank you universe.


When we let this energy in and allow the flow it is amazing the insights and actions that can be set in motion.


Have a wonderful day , love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx