Dance to the rhythm of the Moon

I have just recorded an energy forecast for the month of January and it is super exciting with some great opportunities and second chances for us all to release unwanted baggage and cycles.

We start the year with a Supermoon on the 1st/2nd and end on a supermoon eclipse on the 31st and this brings some amazing opportunities for us all.

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2018 the year you create financial freedom – are you ready?





Are fed up of only just having enough, with little left at the end of the month to do what you really want to do?

Do you dream of Financial Freedom, where you are not constantly worrying about bills and can go away for the weekend at the drop of a hat and not worry about saving up?

In this workshop I talk about the relationship we have with money and how it affects how much or little we have.

I will teach you some simple exercises to rebalance your relationship with money, so that you can create a wealthier life.

Cost £20 for more details and to book your place

I look forward to seeing you there

Love & Laughter Michele xxx


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In 2018 I would love for you to join me in a live guided meditation during each full moon

It is completely free, all you have to do is sign up so that I can send you the details each month.

The benefits of this will be extraordinary so for more details just click the link below.


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I do hope you will all join me as it would be wonderful to connect with you but also the bigger the group the greater the energy and power generated

Love and Laughter Michele xxx


Relationships and Energy Contracts


Relationships and Energy Contracts

We often hear talk of Soul Mates and Twin Flames, meeting your other half and sailing off happily into the sunset, well that rarely happens, those that we may call soul mates for want of a better word are those beautiful souls who agree to be our biggest catalyst of change.

They are the ones that leave us broken and desperate so that we have no choice but to dig deep and bring out that eternal spirit within us that will always survive.

They are the ones who reflect back to us our own issues in an intense and up close way.

They are the ones that will push us to our limits so that we can see that we are actually limitless.

Any relationship is tough as you have two individual souls, walking their own paths, fighting their own demons, with their own needs and desires who decide to come together and merge their lives. This rarely happens instead it creates an unconscious battle of who’s life takes priority, of who’s needs are more important.

Often it is the most manipulative or aggressive whose needs take priority. Sadly this is a pattern that soon becomes ingrained and the relationship is doomed.

You can however create a more balanced harmonious and respectful relationship if you just bear some things in mind. Energy, Space & Responsibility

Over the years working with couples I came to see the huge benefits of Couples Signing Energy Contracts with each other. This helps bring into both partners conscious awareness their own responsibilities to the relationship but also the journey they are both on and learning to respect that in each other.

I am giving this to you for free because if you are willing to put in the work, this could transform your relationships

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2018 Dates for you Diary – Online Workshops & Full Moon Meditations

2018 Your path Awaits-2.png


2018 is a great year for Personal Growth & Change.
You are ready for this which is why you are here now!
So whatever you are looking to tackle head on this year I am sure you will find a
Workshop or Course to help
2nd January. Super Full Moon Group Meditation
14th January Online Workshop – Fast Track Your Life to Financial Freedom
18th January New Moon (no events but a good date for your diary)
20th January Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
31st January Super Full Moon Eclipse Group Meditation
10th February Online Workshop – Conscious Living, what it means and how to do it
15th February New Moon (No events )
17th February Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
2nd March Full Moon Group Meditation
17th March New Moon. Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
18th March Online Workshop – How to be happy
20th March Equinox (no events)
31st March Full Moon Group Meditation
14th April Online Workshop – Health, how to self heal & increase vitality
15th April Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
30th April Full Moon Group Meditation
13th May Online Workshop – Conscious Eating, never diet again
15th May. New Moon (No events )
19th May Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
29th May Full Moon Group Meditation
9th June Online Workshop – Love, why we mess up and how to find it
13th June. New Moon (No events )
16th June. Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
20th June My Birthday (no events just FYI lol)
21st June Solstice
28th June. Full Moon Group Meditation
8th July Online Workshop – Develop & Control your Empathic Sense
13th July New Moon (No events )
14th July Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
27th July Micro Full Moon Eclipse Group Meditation
11th August New Moon. Online Workshop – Unity & The Deconstruction of the Duality Self
18th August Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
26th August Full Moon Group Meditation
9th September New Moon. Online Workshop – How to Astral Project
15th September Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
23rd September Equinox (no events)
25th September. Full Moon Group Meditation
9th October New Moon (No events )
14th October Online Workshop – Unity Children, A guide for parents
20th October Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
24th October Full Moon Group Meditation
7th November New Moon (No events )
11th November Online Workshop – Learn how to forgive
17th November. Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
23rd November Full Moon Group Meditation
7th December New Moon (No events )
8th December Online Workshop – Setting intentions & Manifesting
15th December Personal & Spiritual Development Course Group Launch
21st December Solstice
22nd December Full Moon (no meditation)
Please send me a message if you would like to book your space on any of these workshops.
I will be adding more information shortly so keep your eyes open. Each workshop will cost between £20 & £35


December 30th 2017 Energy Forecast – It’s time to party

acceptance 1

Good Morning I hope you are well,, so has your life literally been flashing before your eyes? This December has been rather intense when it comes to the ending of cycles. This is always our squeeze period where we have the opportunity to look back and end what needs to be ended, to get our ducks in a row ready for the new beginnings but the year it was slightly different and much more intense.

So I hope that you allowed all the memories to just fade away without holding them too tightly. They were just coming up so that we could observe them, so we could see the patterns of our own behaviour and our own lives and so we could let go!

Letting go is so hard for many people, it feels the total opposite of what they should be doing, it’s scary and that feeling that once you let go you can never go back and what if I am wrong? This is normal but we are so weighed down with all the things that we can’t let go of, that we will never fly. Make 2018 the year that you let go of everything that is no longer of value to you, clear that space because trust me when you do, you can start to create miracles.


I know I say these things a lot but it is true and in 2018 maybe you will start believing this about yourself too. I live a fabulous life, I love everything about it and I will repeat again and again and again until you all get it. There is nothing special about me ! There is nothing I can do that you can’t do too. My revelation came when I was broken and crying on the floor, despairing at how shit my life was and that I tried my hardest and I was a good person but people were awful, I looked back on the years of heart break struggle and drama. At all the people who had abused me or wronged me and I asked why. The moment I realised in all this confusion that the common denominator was me, I was the common thread that pulled all these experiences together, was the day I was no longer powerless. It was the day I understood I had the power to do something about it.

You too have this power, have the energies of December provided you with any eureka moments about your life? Are you ready to do everything in your power to transform your life into one you know you deserve? What is your soul telling you right now? Don’t you think it is time?

So we are going to have a mixed bag of energy over the next day or so, on the one hand the energy is all about putting yourself out there, reaping what you have sown over the last few weeks. The energy supports being sociable but also being able to calmly and succinctly get your point across, which is fab. Find you voice, the energies support this wholeheartedly.

At the same time it is also about reflection, looking back how has the year played out for you this year. Look back to the intentions you set at New Year 2016 how did that play out for you. Personally every single thing in my list came true, and this happens every year, it’s why I use intention setting in everything I do, because it works. ( I think you get the picture now, if it stays in my life it has value)

So right now the energy is perfect for New Years Eve celebrations, it is out there, joyful and excitable but then we had our true new year on the solstice, so now is the time for looking forward. We also have a full super moon on the 2nd ( I do hope you will join me in a meditation, sign up for free and I will send you the details) and by the third you will know exactly what you need to do. It’s almost like we have been throwing lots of stuff out there to see what will stick and then it will all become clear.

Listen to this and then act. If you don’t act in 2018 you will get left behind. That is my biggest revelation of 2017, I always thought that we would all make the transition from duality into unity, from one world to another, that is was just a matter of time. Now I see that is not the case and have adjusted my actions accordingly.

I shall be back later with a little gift for you all to help you start 2018 on your best foot.

In addition to this I am in the middle of creating a free course for you all that will help you get started on creating your conscious life, when you are ready and are getting serious I have a series of workshops and development & processing courses and for those that are ready to take it to the next level I am opening up some Mystic mentoring spots. The first is already underway and we are loving it. Whatever action you are ready to take I am happy to walk with you a while.

Have a Wonderful day

Love and Laughter Michele xxxxx


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December 28th 2017 Energy Forecast – What do you dream of?

2018 your path awaits......png

Good Morning I hope that you are well, the effects of the cycles completing on the equinox are still be felt and this for some may feel like an interim period before the new cycle begins, for others this new cycle has already begun and you may feel eager to push forward.

However just wait for a moment, take some time for rest and relaxation, enjoy yourself with no timetable or without an eye on what you need to do when you get back to work or what needs doing in the new year.

You are all in holiday mode so really enjoy that, it is important. We all work way to hard and we fight time constantly , so step back and enjoy this time in equal measure.

There is a strong grounding energy around that feels very stable and solid, hook into this today especially if you are dreaming your dreams of a exciting year ahead. Pull those dreams down from thought form and ground them into your physical, it is time we made this a reality!

You can make your dreams come true, you can make your life flow with ease and abundance, you can do a job you love or start your own business fulfilling the calling of you soul. You can, you really can, I know you can. This is not just a positivity post boosting you up, I know what can be achieved and how to achieve it, I have done it myself and I have shown others. Whatever your issues, illness, weight, money, relationships, anxiety, career, purpose, whatever it is that would make your life one you only dream of, well you can overcome it, turn it around, create it.

What you have to ask yourself is do you want to live the life of your dreams? How much do you want it? Do you want it enough to get up and do something? What is your motivation? Is it in pursuit of joy, happiness, wealth and love or is it because your inner conflict and unease becomes too much bear?

Think about this, as life may feel a little uncomfortable now but you don’t want to leave things until they become unbearable before you are motivated to act. On my path it took a while for me to get the message so unfortunately and ten tonne truck had to smash through my life before I finally surrendered and found another way, that’s what you call doing it the hard way and boy if I knew then what I know now I would have done things very differently.

So today the energy supports you indulging yourself, let yourself dream, what would your ideal life look like? What would it feel like? Where would you live? What would you get to do and how would this life impact others, go on, anything is possible if you allow it!

That is the thing to remember your dreams don’t come true not because its not your destiny, not because you are not lucky enough, not because dreams aren’t real but because you DO NOT ALLOW IT! You are the only thing stopping yourself from living the life you deserve, You no one else.

So how about for 2018 you step out of your own way, take a leap of faith and believe that you can do this!

If you let me I can show you how, I think you probably know me enough by now to know that everything I teach or talk about has a practical element. For me there always has to have value, how would this work or change your life, what does it mean in practical terms, this is something that would be helpful to carry through into your new cycle.

We are bombarded with a load of bull to be fair, so always ask where is the value in this, how does it transform me or my life. This is what I bear in mind with everything I do, this is my reason for creating the courses that I do, for you. I don’t do it so that you can temporarily feel better I do it so you can fundamentally change the structure of your life so that you can fulfil your destiny and live a life of your dreams.

This is my destiny, what is yours?

So today dreams those dreams and be open to the possibility they really can come true and make promise to yourself, that in 2018 you are going to get out of your own way.

Have a fabulous day

Love and Laughter Michele xxxxx


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