Break Down those Walls, it’s time to honour those we lost

Good Morning we have a fabulous full moon with it, that does all the usual things a full moon does but this one comes with an extra healing kick.

We all experience loss, betrayal and heartbreak, few come through this life unscathed and it can hurt a lot and this pain can stay with us a lifetime, sometimes we are aware of this and other times we wonder why we are unlucky in love or why things don’t work out, not realising that it is our own wounds and our own protection that stops us from finding true happiness.

Today the full moon is helping us to heal these wounds, to let go of the sadness and pain and move forward freely into the future.

Our love for those we lost will never die but it is time that we let go of the sadness, regret and betrayal, we honour them when we honour ourselves.

Let the energy of the full moon today to help you with this and come and join me for a free guided meditation at 12 noon BST Follow the link below to sign up and get access

See you soon

Love and laughter Michele xx

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March 31st 2018 Energy Forecast – Dance with the Full Moon

Good Morning I hope that you are well and enjoying this fabulous full moon energy, as seems to be the norm this year this is a moon of polarity, you may be feeling rather emotionally sensitive and react a little over the top to perceived criticism, so just be aware of this and don’t jump off the deep end. Often people are just giving you a different perspective, they are not judging you, we have to allow others to disagree with us without taking it personally, something which has gone terribly wrong over the last decade or so.

Yet at the same time,self cself-confidencewill be high and you will feel right in the middle of your world, happy and content, as this is a time of fulfilment and reward, harmony and balance. Personally ,I have had a fabulous week of balance, friends family work and adventure as well as some awesome pottering in the garden and watching new life spring up. The world is full of the most awesome opportunities, our job is to remove the limits we have put on ourself so that we can fully embrace this.

Today is a great time to reflect on how you and your life has changed, I have written an article with some great exercises on this which I posted the other day but give me a shout if you can’t find it. This year has been amazing but also super speedy so it really is important that you journal so that you can not only keep track of the changes but also integrate them within you, make them real.

The energy of truth is coming in strong, very much about what is right and fair, so as always integrity comes with it, mix that in with alignment and you have a powerful combo which can make big transformations, which can heal at a deep soul level, are you ready for this? Are you ready to face the pain and let it go? None of us come through life unscathed but it is what you do with this that determines your future, it’s time to let it go and move on, none of us want to be stuck, picking at a scab, so allow this full moon to help you heal!

AS always a full moon will show you exactly what you need to see, it will rip back the curtain and shine a light straight into the dark recesses of your mind and your unconscious, this can be harsh and empowering by equal measure but however it shows up for this is a fabulous learning opportunity, it’s up to you what you do with that.

Remember this is not about anyone else so as much as people may get on your last nerve or stomp once again all over your boundaries, this is about you not them, so true your enquiry inwards do not direct your anger or sarcasm outward, you will only regret it.

There is a lot of anxiety, self consciousness and fear around and this is triggered by the full moon, sit with this and ask what it is showing you, there is always a message and isn’t it time you stoped running from yourself? Those bits that you are ashamed of or afraid of, that you hide from yourself, they grow in the darkness to something quite unrecognisable, but it isn’t real it is all a figment of your imagination and no matter how awful or rubbish you think you are, you are not! You are not a bad person and your behaviour and experiences do not have to define you. In my last two decades of work I can say hand on heart you have the power and awesomeness within you, you really do, I have seen people with crippling anxiety turn it around in a matter of weeks, I have seen those with highly dubious morals, find a new way, led by their heart and turn their life around, I have seen those lost and confused find their inner power and shine the light for others.

So have a fabulous full moon, reflect on what you have created and transformed, have gratitude for everything that is and everything that is to come, ground this awesome inner power so that everyone can benefit and you can achieve stability and then get out there and party, the universe is having a celebration in your honour, so let’s do this.

I would love for you to join me in a guided meditation tomorrow at 12 pm BST.

Love and Laughter Michele xx


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March 30th 2018 Energy Forecast – Face your fears and do it, you will be glad you did!

Good Morning I hope that you are well, the practical energy is continuing and will hopefully be affecting many areas of your life so that you are able to make some real positive physical shifts.

When we make changes in the physical that began as a concept in our mind that is creation, transformation and it starts the ball rolling for further growth and expansion. It makes things real for us as we can see tangible results that cannot be denied and this is important, so get doing, it is also spring/autumn so a great time to sort out your garden or maybe start a project on the home or new business, whatever it is that you are drawn to , do it today !

We still have the fear and anxiety around from the energy of the full moon and today it feels as though health issues are going to be a concern or issues related to safety and security but remember as I have said in previous posts, this is a good thing as it is time for us all to face our fears, especially the ones we create in our minds and then hold ourselves prisoner with. They are not real and we have the strength and courage to deal with them once and for all.

I have lots of tips in my Free First Steps Course and in the articles and posts on wordpress to help you with all of this, so check it out and do something today! You do not need to be a prisoner of your own mind or a puppet on a string to your emotional master. I know that you don’t think you have the power or ability to change anything as it has always been this way, but you do, you really do, I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t have it in them, despite what you have all been led to believe, even those that seemed the most meek, or damaged, we ALL have an inner fire, and we all have the ability to transform, anything we choose.

Pain is part of life but suffering isn’t, a distinction that is likely to come up for you today or over the weekend, this full moon brings a lot of upset and despair but don’t run from this and don’t own it and wear it like a badge, just feel it, experience it, listen to it. It’s that free will choice that we all have in every moment, seek the lessons or the justifications.

I am the person I am today, living the life I lead because of all the lessons, hardship, trials and tribulations along the way, this statement is the same whether you are having gratitude for the awesome life you lead and the love you have for yourself and everyone around you and for someone who does not live a fulfilling life that they love because of the burdens they have had to bear.

Reflect on this , which are you?

Everything I say in my articles and energy reports are not criticisms in anyway they are just little notes to prompt you to look, to reflect and to act, to become more aware of you and your world and how things may not be as they first appear.

There is so much to this world and to ourselves that ordinarily we are unaware of, but once you turn on that light, once you start to expand your conscious awareness, then a whole new world opens up to you. It is not always going to be easy but it is worth it, so as I used to say to my son Chop Chop it’s time to hurry up.

So just see what comes up for you and observe it, that pause is worth a thousand pieces of sage advice, it allows you to gain some perspective rather than fall into unconscious habitual ways of reacting, it is that pause that allows you to see what you are doing and in that moment choose a different way!.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget you are invited to my Full Moon meditation on Saturday 31st at 12pm BST.

Love and Laughter Michele xx

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March 29th 2018 Energy Forecast – It’s an emotional yet practical kind of day


Good Morning and I hope that you are well, we are in the full moon energy so be aware of this as it is going to be an emotional one and may trigger your fears. The energy is also very practical so you may find yourself having a good spring clean whilst in floods of tears, but this all good so let those tears flow, just don’t tie yourself up in emotional knots.

The energy today reminds me of the energy at the beginning of the month, the time of our first full moon, what showed up for you then? It was about integrating and processing the changes and the endings that have come this year and today we are back there, so take a little time to look at what you have processed and let go and what is still hanging around for you, have you taken some bold steps forward but feel like hiding now or falling back into old routine?

There are going to some issues coming up with regard to home stability and security, if you suffer from OCD this may be a particularly difficult time for you as control and order may come to the fore. But you really don’t need to worry just be aware that this is the energy around at the moment so don’t let it spiral.

The energy is very orderly, so would be a great time to get all those little jobs finished, do your tax return or finish your books, tie up those loose ends. We have a very practical energy around today so much can be achieved. Strike while the iron is hot as you may find yourself distracted by your own emotions as the weekend comes.

Although this energy may not be the easiest to deal with for some it is a great indicator of where you need to look, if you find yourself worrying face it practically and ask yourself do I really need to worry about this, is there anything I can do about it now, and if there is then do it, if not then leave it be, don’t get trapped in your own mind, achieving nothing but adding to current woes.

The full moon coming on Saturday is going to bring home to you, your emotional state, it will show you how in or out of alignment you are, how you want to feel and how you actually feel, or how you think you feel but how you react tells a different story. This is a good thing as once again it will highlight for us the work we need to do or it will show us how our emotions are more balanced than we realised. Some of the shifts and cycles ending that have happened this year can be subtle and we often don’t realise when these have occurred so being shown real-life examples where we don’t react in the same way we would normally to disappointment or criticism is very liberating.

Enjoy this mix of energy today, the practical and the emotional, action/solution versus worry. Use this time to tie up some loose ends but also to see how far you have come this year and how much of your habitual ways of thinking and being has changed.

It is important to see these changes and bring your awareness to this new way of being as it is the best way to stop yourself from unconsciously falling back into your old ways, they are not you and it’s time to let the real you naturally shine!

Have a fabulous day

Love and laughter Michele xx

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Now is a great time for a Psychic Reading!

We have all experienced so many shifts, endings and new beginnings this year, A reading can help you take a breath and take stock and see how far you have come and to assure you that there are great things to come.
Change can make us feel insecure and worried but a reading can re-assure you that you are on the right path or gently show you areas that may need a little attention.
You may find that other areas of your life such as relationships or career are faltering and you need more info about what to do.
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The Full Moon Made me do it !!-6

This Saturday we have the second full moon of the month, term in contemporary culture as a blue moon, which is thought to be rare and unexpected although in reality, it is neither of these things nor does it have a special spiritual significance beyond the fact that it highlights how we have moved out of alignment with the natural cycles of nature and life and this is something that we have all been given the opportunity to ponder this year especially in the first and third months.

One of the first things you can do to prepare for this week’s full moon is asking yourself how out of alignment have you come and how this year have you worked at bringing yourself back into alignment and how has this shown up in your life?

A full moon will illuminate for your potential areas of growth, it will shine a light on those issues that are still within the darkness of your unconscious yet at the same time it will show you how far you have come and allowed you to reap the rewards of your hard work so far.

This full moon is bringing with it many areas of growth but let’s start by looking at alignment. Take some time out to reflect on these points, make some lists so that you can see in the physical 3d how far you have come and where you need to look next, it is important to get these things out of your head and onto paper, it makes it real so that you can tackle it actively and therefore speed up your growth. When we keep things in our mind they stay as intangible concepts, they are without form or structure by making them real we can then take action and physically create something new.

When we are fully in alignment everything in our life is working at optimum efficiency, so If you use this as your yardstick, throughout every aspect of you and your life you will soon be able to see where you are out of alignment and also to what degree.

Areas that you may want to look at are

Physical Body – Are you working at optimum efficiency physically?

Do you feel tired or energised? Are you fit and healthy or have you been suffering from illness lately? Are you giving your body what it needs or is your body reacting to the food you are eating?
We can look to our own bodies cycles and processes to determine how in balance and alignment we are, these follow a regular pattern if, in alignment, our sleep and toilet patterns can tell us a lot.

2. Physical World – This is related to our public and private persona, how much of the true you do you present to the world, how much of your inner creativity and passion do you bring to your everyday life? How you is your life? Are your dreams becoming real? You could write a list of your dream life and then your Current life

3. Emotional Body – Do you control your emotions or do your emotions control you? Being in alignment with your emotional body means that you can truly feel your emotions without being controlled by them, you are neither controlled nor the controller, you neither suppress nor are overwhelmed or reactionary. This full moon is going to bring up a great deal of fear and worry, so now is the time to be ready for it, start looking at these things now, they are not real and the greatest fear we have is fear itself. If you are prepared you are less likely to be overwhelmed when the emotions begin rising up within you. Know they are coming, know that now is the time to face them and know that you will get through this and come out the other side, wiser, calmer and stronger.

4. Mental Body – The emotional hand ringer of worry and anxiety may kick start some negative thought patterns and belief systems, many of these are old companions so now is the time to face these head on too, look for the truth behind them and rewire a new thought pattern. I will be giving you some tips on how to do this at the end of the article

5. Spiritual Body – We have had some amazing shifts since the last new moon and big changes have been happening on so many levels to all of us and in this full moon we are going to become aware of the changes within us and also what that means for us in real terms. This is a great time for us to bring all our bodies into alignment with our universal self because our centre point is our heart and it is from here that we have full access to our infinite source of courage and it is courage that we need most right now, the courage to face ourselves and jump right in.

Fear and Faith is a big issue this full moon and a great opportunity for you to take a big leap…of faith. You are not mad, you are not a fantasist or delusional, it’s time to put both feet firmly on your path and make that commitment. Spirituality is not something that you do, it is not separate from any of your other bodies, it is who you are and this is expressed in everything you do. It is only fear of being wrong, of making a fool of yourself, of failing, all of which are tied up in other peoples opinions of you, that is stopping you because in your heart, in your soul and in every fibre of your being you know this is right for you. This knowing may not be backed up by any rational thought or tangible proof and you may not even be able to express it but your knowing goes beyond words and thought as it comes directly from your heart.


By being more aware of these areas that may be triggered by the full moon energy, you are able to work with it and take the opportunities for growth when they are presented, rather than reacting unconsciously and then wondering why everything kind of turned to shit.

So what can you do?

You can do these exercises and bring your life and self into sharp focus, ready for the full moon energy that is going to give you a helping hand for work in progress and reward you for the awesome work you have done so far.

TRANSFORM THOSE NEGATIVE ENERGIES. My table of exercises wouldn’t paste here so if you are interested in reading them I can send them to your inbox, along with your invitation to my Full Moon Guided Meditation on Saturday

Just sign up here My Mailing List Don’t worry you won’t inundated with sales emails, It takes all my focus just to send you a newsletter each month lol

Spend a little time before saturday bringing yourself into alignment, you will be glad you did

M xxx




March 27th 2018 Energy Forecast – It’s time to strut your stuff !

Good morning I hope that you are well and experiencing some awesome shifts since all the events of the last couple of weeks and wow has it been a big shakeup and shift for us all. I have not had an expansion of consciousness this big for some time and it Is spectacular, so take it easy on yourself, feel into this gently and listen to your own body, what does it need?

You may not have a handle on what has happened or is happening but you will so just let everything settle, you have time!

This week we have a steady increase in courageous and bold energy, it’s time for us all to walk our walk and throw in a few shimmies and spins along the way, we are looking fabulous and feeling fabulous and it’s time to strut our stuff on the catwalk of life, are you with me….sashay!

The energy of today feels like it is our moment to shine, as though we have been stood in the wings waiting for our opportunity and then here it is, so it is time to stand under that spotlight and sing your heart out, it is after all what we have been waiting for! You are going to feel some fear but do it anyway, you can, you know it and just imagine how awesome you are going to feel afterwards. You are capable of so much more than you think you are, sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith.

As we head through the week the energy is going to build until we reach this month’s full moon on Saturday, so what is coming up in your life, what did you manifest in the last new moon? Are your wishes coming true, were you wise in what you wished for?

The energy of truth, as always ever present but it is coming in this weekend with an extra kick or maybe a little softer, I can’t quite get a handle on this energy but it is green and feels very nurturing but also penetrating, it will get directly to the heart of the matter whilst at the same time holding your hand, this is a good thing as it is often the lies that we tell ourselves that keep us trapped in a bubble of illusion. Facing the truth is never as scary as we believe and just imagine what It would be like to travel through life unburdened by fear of the unknown or discovery.

March has been a month of alignment, well the whole year has been really and will continue to be, alignment, balance, authenticity, integrity, these are all keywords for 2018 and areas that need to be addressed in your life but don’t worry you are not alone, the energies are helping you here. If you find that your life is falling apart or stuck then look around, you will see signs everywhere that will show you where to look and don’t be so hard on yourself, nobody was born perfect.

In fact just ease up all round, don’t be hard on you, your family colleagues anyone, take a step back and lower your expectations, we are all fallible and we all have different points of view, we all have different things that we are focusing on or that are important to us, we all do different things at different times so just because you may not be gelling with someone right now doesn’t mean that won’t shift a little later down the line, so just have a little faith and back off.

One thing that may come to a head as we progress in this week and in particular today is the feeling that you are not as far ahead as you think you are! Remember these feelings are your own, there is no arbitrary guide that marks your progress on your path, development into unity does not use the same markers of better than further than or more than, that define our duality, so if you are thinking in those terms this is a sign that your ego needs balancing! Don’t let your fear of being wrong or what others may think stop you from doing the work necessary. Reputation is BS, nobody really cares and it doesn’t really mean anything, one minute you can be the best thing since sliced bread and the next you are pure evil, none of it matters and none of it is real. Also as the veil of illusion dissolves, which it has been doing at an outstanding rate since 2008, we will all be able to see the truth more clearly, so as much as you may stick to your own illusion of growth you won’t be able to hide behind the curtain much longer so better to deal with it now, and besides it is no way as scary as you think it will be and also you will be surprised at how fast you will progress once you step out from behind the curtain. You can do this and who cares what other people think or say, as whatever her name said, Haters gonna hate, does it really affect you?

Have a fabulous day and week, hopefully, I will be back at some point, maybe not today with some tips for the full moon ahead.

Would love to hear about the shifts or experiences you had over the last week or so, As part of my Mystic Work I have had an intense week or so grounding these new energies and it has changed so much for me on so many levels and hopefully I will share this with you at some point too, so please share away, we are all interested.

Love and Laughter Michele xx

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