November 28th 2016 Energy


img_0472-1Good Morning I hope you all had a great weekend, there is great change coming this week, as many begin to see and feel changes within themselves. People want more from life and this past week has brought revelation energy, the realisation that more does not mean money clothes or cars. More means a deeper connection, making life better for someone else, whether that is a smile or something bigger.


This week is about discoveries, and inner truths, by the end of the week so many of you are going to be seeing things clearly, viewing your life with new eyes and making some changes.

I also feel the energy of courage coming in by the bucket load by Wednesday Thursday and this is fabulous, courage is quiet grounded and determined. This will help you stand in your new truths without compromise.


No longer will you need to compromise to the extent that you have; it is neither noble nor worthy to continually put yourself to the bottom of the pile until there is nothing left. At the same time those who walk all over the feelings and wellbeing of others to get what they want will have the consequences of their action come crashing into their reality by the end of the week.


Today however is a relatively quiet day but a private day, a day to have some time to yourself and reflect on the past couple of weeks. Some of you may need to slow it down, catch your breath and let everything settle in.


Have you noticed how the world is changing, on the one hand things seem to be going backwards with an increase in sexism and racism but this is the brainwashed sleepers, who are controlled by fear which often expresses itself as anger. However believe it or not these are not the majority, the younger generations shake their head in disbelief that people would still hold those views, it is alien to them and the people that have those opinions are a joke to them or they are sad for their small mindedness.


The world is waking up and at a very fast rate which is why we are all being asked to expand our conscious awareness staying present in every moment. It is the only way to break away from the habits, cycles and conditioning that keeps us small and isolated.


We have to be accountable for ourselves and that is easier if you are conscious. Not meaning to or claiming ignorance will not get you out of taking responsibility. If you are an A hole then it matters not whether it is conscious or unconscious, the effects are the same and you are still an A hole.  Once you open yourself up to the possibility, based on the reactions of others, that you could be an A hole, then you can bring it into your conscious awareness for balancing.  This is a huge relief as it explains many of the hardships of your life, which up until this point you had blamed others for.


So take some time today and tomorrow to reflect on your life, to entertain the possibility that you are not pure love and light, you would know if you were and it would have taken many years of dedicated processing, so I don’t think it would have slipped your mind, nor did you wake up one morning balanced having processed it all in your sleep.


Look properly and with an open and loving heart, it’s time to really see and there is nothing absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It takes courage and determination but it is also the most beautiful gift you could give yourself and begins your first step on the most amazing journey of your life.


Have a wonderful day, Love and Laughter Michele xxxxx


November 26th 2016 Energy Forecast



Good morning I hope you slept well.


The energy this morning is more subdued than the last week and it maybe a weekend of rest and respite. Take it easy on yourself, much has happened this past week whether you realise it or not and it is all going to whip in again in a few weeks, so rest now.


Tomorrow we will have a day of reflection, are we acting honestly and with integrity, are we responding with love and compassion?


I teach about energetic integrity and this is important on so many levels. If we don’t live with energetic integrity then we are creating false connections and cycles and bonds that we really don’t want, we also do not bring any value with our interactions. An example of this would be someone not liking another person and rather than just accepting that and staying clear (there is nothing wrong with not resonating with someone) they act as if they are friends, especially on the facebook arena. This is false, lacking integrity and completely valueless.


When a situation has run its course, let it go rather than holding on our of fear they will find someone else, or fear of recriminations. Look at how you may keep someone in your life you don’t particular like because they do something for you and look at your own reasoning on this.


It is important that we maintain energetic integrity within a group and teaching environment. Often people come feeling vulnerable and unsure and if others in the group lack energetic integrity then it weakens the group and can negatively affect the people involved. As well meaning as some can be they are putting their hangups and issues into the person they are trying to help.


If  something has run it’s course in our life then it is our responsibility and our integrity that allows that cycle to end.


So take a look today and tomorrow at things in your life you may not be letting go of. Look at your own integrity too, do you stand by what you feel or do your actions and your thoughts battle each other.


So if there is someone in your life that you don’t really like, that you may criticise or judge to your friends, ask yourself why they are your friend on facebook and why you wish them happy birthday, when really you don’t mean it. The choice is there, if they are your friend be supportive not judgemental and  if they are just not your cup of tea then have them as an acquaintance not a friend, it is more honest and true and that is what this time is all about.

November 25th 2016 Energy Forecast



Good Morning, I hope you slept well, the energy this morning feels as though we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. I feel this is the end of the wave that came in last weekend. I felt as though I would wake to news of a big natural disaster or some such significant event. I can feel the energy of mourning and shock coming in. I will be going to the beach soon to see what else I can see.


This is a time of love and compassion, for us to send it out wherever it needs to go but no more than that as we need to keep our awareness in our own lives as we don’t want to be missing any lessons or signs between now and Christmas.


This year is going to end like no other and everyone needs to be ready! We will be made accountable for our actions and our decisions, energy unity and balance care not about excuses and justifications.


We have had the great awakener which came in last week and is still making itself known, take heed and listen to your inner voice not your ego. By the end of the year comes in the great leveller, if you have not learned your lessons, then you will have no choice but to face them. There will be nowhere to hide. I am going to put up some tips and exercises to help you get ready for this but I cannot make you do them. However what I can say with certainty that if you are not doing some form of written and formalised processing, that helps you get behind the ego and see what is really going on then you are not processing. Processing helps you bring the unconscious in to the conscious, to reconcile the polarities enabling the development of a balanced and ascended state. It widens your conscious awareness, helping you to see your responsibilities and step up to the plate, becoming the co-creator of your world.


It’s time to stop and look at your life with a discerning eye, what changes are you making in yourself and the world around you? I mean deep real concrete changes?


How open and honest and true are you? Do you practice what you preach or are you maintaining an illusion that makes you seem more worthy….remember we have the energy of truth around us at all times, you may think you are fooling everyone but the only one being fooled is you, everyone around you can see through the smoke and mirrors, so do yourself a favour and take a good hard look.


We have an amazing opportunity here grab it with both hands as next year is going to be something completely different but you will only experience the absolute beauty of it if you come with integrity honesty and faith.


I am here to help in any way I can and please let me know what I can do, or get in touch if you have an worries or questions. However I cannot make you and I cannot chase you. These choices are yours and they will be some of the most important choices of your life. This is your souls purpose so don’t turn your back on it just because you don’t want to admit that you are not as far on your path as you thought you were, or you are not as high level.


I know this post isn’t exactly up beat but time is running out to get you ready for the end of the year. It isn’t that hard to do you just have to be willing to see your truth. If you don’t want help from me, get help from someone, but make sure they are done their inner work and that will be reflected in the balance and abundance in their outer world. Make some good choices, and soothe your ego, next year will depend upon it.


Always here if you need me but you need to reach out.


Lots of love and laughter Michelexxxxx

November 24th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy this morning is creation and creativity. Time to have a play around with the life you may like to create. Think outside of the box, what would a life totally created by you look like and feel like?


Ignore the material and focus on the experience, how do you want to feel when you wake up every morning and when you go to bed at night. What experiences and relationships do you want? Which direction would you like to learn and grow?


Think about the deeper long term things and imagine if you had no audience, if no one was watching because that is not real, it is just another trick of the ego, another illusion to keep us frozen through fear of the judgements of others. The judgement and the fear are conditioned into us and is not our natural state.  From the very first Jerry Springer and Big Brother 20 years ago we have become brainwashed into acting as though we too live in the goldfish bowl and so many people only act the way they do because of a perceived audience, such a big drift from our path in such a short amount of time.


In my world no one says mean and nasty things about me, now this isn’t to say that others don’t have those judgements about me but I do not have mean judgmental people in my life so I do not get to hear those things. Even if my friends heard things they would never dream of telling me as I wouldn’t them because what would be the value of that. Gossip and tittle-tattle creates hostility drama and upset and for what?


Today is a good day to separate yourself from those around you that are negative, unforgiving and controlling. A simple no is all that is required! You do not need to explain justify or negotiate! No is your right.


We have a big energetic tsunami coming at the end of the year and you don’t want to risk getting caught up in someone else’s drama.


I still feel the need for doctors or solicitors so go carefully.


Love and laughter Michele xxxx

November 23rd 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, just to clarify my post of yesterday when I said that the effects of the karmic wave are beginning to settle, I didn’t mean that they were disappearing but like  debris falling to the floor after a storm. This may seem uncomfortable for some but this is where you can see the effects and look for the cause within.


Take care of yourself and bring everything that happens into your conscious awareness. Nothing is a coincidence at the moment everything is a sign for you to show you where you are on your path and what you need to be attending to.


So many cycles are ending and that takes us being aware in the moment to ensure they end cleanly and we don’t bring them back in. We need to release the cycles with gratitude and move forward consciously. Great changes are happening within us and with out and we need to be aware of this if the changes are going to take root.


Our conscious will can be strong and we can create the seemingly impossible just by sheer willpower and determination so if we don’t stay consciously present in each moment we could easily bring those old cycles back in and nobody wants that.


Endings can be painful but they are ultimately liberating and enable new growth, don’t deny yourself that out of fear, habit or the refusal to take responsibility.


Remember this was the mini wave to the tsunami that is going to hit at the end of the year, learn your lessons now, this is your last chance this year!


Take this seriously, I don’t read energy reports from others however I was told yesterday that we are all saying the same thing. So if you don’t listen to me listen to someone because we are trying to help you get yourself into position.


Mystics all around the world are working towards the same thing, we don’t talk about this yet we see each other when we work, we are all on exactly the same page and we work tirelessly for you, for us. We have a common source and a common goal, it is simple we are all in this together, to ascend we all need to ascend, how can we transcend to unity unless we are unified.


We all go or none of us go! So come on you stragglers at the back, get with the programme and if anyone needs help just shout there are enough of us around to help.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

21st November Energy Report



Good Morning I hope you are well. This morning I feel the energy of fear but also courage, determination and fortitude.


You can do this, you can look at your life and see where you are responsible for what went down, you created it, consciously or unconsciously, actively or passively, it is your life and you created it.


If things seem to be falling about at the moment of you feel like you can’t catch a break, that your luck is down and nothing seems to be flowing, then you need to do some housekeeping. This isn’t going to change until you balance your karma and that means consciously doing the right thing. Restructuring your life to make it more meaningful and bringing your heart and mind into alignment.


If you are feeling like this you have some work to do and this karmic wave has given you the heads up, you still have time before the end of the year to take a different path.


The effects of the wave will continue this week, great shifts have taken place within you and it will take a little time for you to adjust to this. Take some time out today to feel these shifts, releasing any of the remnants of the old cycle ready move on in a fresh and exciting way.


I say again if you are struggling, if it doesn’t feel as though you have had an upgrade or a boost of confidence and excitement but in a very tranquil way, then you need to look closely at your life and where you need to make changes. It also requires a heavy dose of honesty which is around by the bucket load and will continue to be for the rest of the year.


Honesty Integrity Clarity and Courage are the strongest energy I feel this morning, followed by Acceptance, Compassion & Forgiveness. This is not about other people this is about you, where can you make changes? What do you need to release? What is your ego lying to you about?


We have big cycles ending, Karma coming in to be balanced, so take some time to see where you need to focus your attention, then you can welcome in the new cycles with a blank slate, creating dreams you wouldn’t even think possible from your current view point.


Have a great day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

November 20th 2016 Energy Forecast



Good Morning, I have only just woken up after a 10/11 hour sleep, usually when we have big energetic shifts or big universal events, I get taken out and last night was no exception.


So the karmic wave is here! How are you feeling? The energy that has come with the wave is very much about our physical lives, the material aspects of our learning, health wealth poverty and possessions and this is reflecting what we are learning on the spiritual level. So the focus for now is the 3d and what we are experiencing and how this reflects our path as a whole.


It is happening this way as reflecting on the material, the concrete objective facts in your reality is the easiest way to see the bigger picture. Asking people to reflect on the esoteric will bypass the majority of population as it is just too intangible.


This energy is going to affect people in two ways, it is about rebirth, stripping yourself right back to move forward with fresh new beginnings, taking full responsibility for yourself and your life. If you have been doing the work the you will find that life is opening up to you, that you have an increased passion and love for life, you understand that you have the power to direct your life and you do this with love compassion and gratitude in your heart. Old cycles are ending; the lessons integrated and time to move forward.


For others there are still lessons to learn and you will be guided to look at those, seeing your responsibility and therefore adjusting your attitude and viewpoint, knuckle down there is work to do and face it you must. You may need a lawyer or doctor to help you face and deal with the problems you have been ignoring.


For others who blatantly refuse to look at their own responsibility, there are going to be some harsh lessons and your excuses will get stripped away until you have no choice but to accept responsibility and for those, doctors lawyers and judges will play a part.


I know many people who are fully in ego and will read this and immediately their ego will tell them that they are in the first category, they are awesome and special and have done the work, even though their life is falling around their ears or they feel stuck or the reactions of those around them are screaming at them to look at themselves, they are in ego denial. These people will become more manic and will appear to make less sense as the veil of illusion is dissolved. It is not our responsibility to get them to see; however the moment they see for themselves we are there with a warm embrace, compassion and forgiveness.


I am a catalyst and have many people in ego attack me, I don’t take these things personally which is why the moment they are ready I am there with my hand out. No recriminations, the most beautiful gift we can give anyone are a fresh start!


As you bring the ending cycles into your awareness with gratitude and forgiveness then that cycle dissolves, freeing you to move forward with passion and excitement but with a stable and mature knowing that this is all part of you path, that you have worked hard on.


I drew a card for the world today, not something I usually do and we got Harvest….it is time that we are reaping what we sowed. So look clearly and look more than once, what is your external environment telling you. Step back and try to see beyond the ego that will twist everything to make it look like you are on the right path.


Ask yourself this do you experience ABUNDANCE on all levels and does your life FLOW with miracles? If not look at the lessons being presented to you and learn them!


Mystics like me have spent years if not decades processing, cleansing, and learning and integrating, we spent many years in service and have learnt our craft to a high degree. We have dedicated ourselves to purifying the light vessel that is our body, so that we can be a conduit for the light to help others awaken. As a result we span the paradigms of duality and unity and we are here to guide you.


Now take the example of someone who is in spiritual ego, they are convinced that they have special gifts and will be rewarded; they are special and get awesome revelations and gifts that actually do not have any substance and value. They are constantly on transmit rather than receive and are often quite domineering, these people regard themselves to be as pure as the mystics that have dedicated their lives to this path……can you recognise how ego orientated this is?  How they have been blinded and tricked by the ego?


Now enlightenment/awakening/ascension is no longer the lifelong dedication that it once was, we went before to help you in these sped up times, so open your eyes and look to your teachers and guides with a discerning look.  Are they really of value to you? As I have said before those that work with mystics like me create dramatic changes in their world and they achieve ascension, I lead by example and you can test me as much as you like, my enlightenment is real.


So this wave is bringing in a big opportunity for you to side step your ego to see what is really going on and then make that commitment to take full responsibility.


Please contact me if you need any guidance, check out the Michele Elizabeth website and use the free tools to help you in this time.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx