November 26th 2016 Energy Forecast



Good morning I hope you slept well.


The energy this morning is more subdued than the last week and it maybe a weekend of rest and respite. Take it easy on yourself, much has happened this past week whether you realise it or not and it is all going to whip in again in a few weeks, so rest now.


Tomorrow we will have a day of reflection, are we acting honestly and with integrity, are we responding with love and compassion?


I teach about energetic integrity and this is important on so many levels. If we don’t live with energetic integrity then we are creating false connections and cycles and bonds that we really don’t want, we also do not bring any value with our interactions. An example of this would be someone not liking another person and rather than just accepting that and staying clear (there is nothing wrong with not resonating with someone) they act as if they are friends, especially on the facebook arena. This is false, lacking integrity and completely valueless.


When a situation has run its course, let it go rather than holding on our of fear they will find someone else, or fear of recriminations. Look at how you may keep someone in your life you don’t particular like because they do something for you and look at your own reasoning on this.


It is important that we maintain energetic integrity within a group and teaching environment. Often people come feeling vulnerable and unsure and if others in the group lack energetic integrity then it weakens the group and can negatively affect the people involved. As well meaning as some can be they are putting their hangups and issues into the person they are trying to help.


If  something has run it’s course in our life then it is our responsibility and our integrity that allows that cycle to end.


So take a look today and tomorrow at things in your life you may not be letting go of. Look at your own integrity too, do you stand by what you feel or do your actions and your thoughts battle each other.


So if there is someone in your life that you don’t really like, that you may criticise or judge to your friends, ask yourself why they are your friend on facebook and why you wish them happy birthday, when really you don’t mean it. The choice is there, if they are your friend be supportive not judgemental and  if they are just not your cup of tea then have them as an acquaintance not a friend, it is more honest and true and that is what this time is all about.


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