November 28th 2016 Energy


img_0472-1Good Morning I hope you all had a great weekend, there is great change coming this week, as many begin to see and feel changes within themselves. People want more from life and this past week has brought revelation energy, the realisation that more does not mean money clothes or cars. More means a deeper connection, making life better for someone else, whether that is a smile or something bigger.


This week is about discoveries, and inner truths, by the end of the week so many of you are going to be seeing things clearly, viewing your life with new eyes and making some changes.

I also feel the energy of courage coming in by the bucket load by Wednesday Thursday and this is fabulous, courage is quiet grounded and determined. This will help you stand in your new truths without compromise.


No longer will you need to compromise to the extent that you have; it is neither noble nor worthy to continually put yourself to the bottom of the pile until there is nothing left. At the same time those who walk all over the feelings and wellbeing of others to get what they want will have the consequences of their action come crashing into their reality by the end of the week.


Today however is a relatively quiet day but a private day, a day to have some time to yourself and reflect on the past couple of weeks. Some of you may need to slow it down, catch your breath and let everything settle in.


Have you noticed how the world is changing, on the one hand things seem to be going backwards with an increase in sexism and racism but this is the brainwashed sleepers, who are controlled by fear which often expresses itself as anger. However believe it or not these are not the majority, the younger generations shake their head in disbelief that people would still hold those views, it is alien to them and the people that have those opinions are a joke to them or they are sad for their small mindedness.


The world is waking up and at a very fast rate which is why we are all being asked to expand our conscious awareness staying present in every moment. It is the only way to break away from the habits, cycles and conditioning that keeps us small and isolated.


We have to be accountable for ourselves and that is easier if you are conscious. Not meaning to or claiming ignorance will not get you out of taking responsibility. If you are an A hole then it matters not whether it is conscious or unconscious, the effects are the same and you are still an A hole.  Once you open yourself up to the possibility, based on the reactions of others, that you could be an A hole, then you can bring it into your conscious awareness for balancing.  This is a huge relief as it explains many of the hardships of your life, which up until this point you had blamed others for.


So take some time today and tomorrow to reflect on your life, to entertain the possibility that you are not pure love and light, you would know if you were and it would have taken many years of dedicated processing, so I don’t think it would have slipped your mind, nor did you wake up one morning balanced having processed it all in your sleep.


Look properly and with an open and loving heart, it’s time to really see and there is nothing absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It takes courage and determination but it is also the most beautiful gift you could give yourself and begins your first step on the most amazing journey of your life.


Have a wonderful day, Love and Laughter Michele xxxxx


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