November 25th 2016 Energy Forecast



Good Morning, I hope you slept well, the energy this morning feels as though we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. I feel this is the end of the wave that came in last weekend. I felt as though I would wake to news of a big natural disaster or some such significant event. I can feel the energy of mourning and shock coming in. I will be going to the beach soon to see what else I can see.


This is a time of love and compassion, for us to send it out wherever it needs to go but no more than that as we need to keep our awareness in our own lives as we don’t want to be missing any lessons or signs between now and Christmas.


This year is going to end like no other and everyone needs to be ready! We will be made accountable for our actions and our decisions, energy unity and balance care not about excuses and justifications.


We have had the great awakener which came in last week and is still making itself known, take heed and listen to your inner voice not your ego. By the end of the year comes in the great leveller, if you have not learned your lessons, then you will have no choice but to face them. There will be nowhere to hide. I am going to put up some tips and exercises to help you get ready for this but I cannot make you do them. However what I can say with certainty that if you are not doing some form of written and formalised processing, that helps you get behind the ego and see what is really going on then you are not processing. Processing helps you bring the unconscious in to the conscious, to reconcile the polarities enabling the development of a balanced and ascended state. It widens your conscious awareness, helping you to see your responsibilities and step up to the plate, becoming the co-creator of your world.


It’s time to stop and look at your life with a discerning eye, what changes are you making in yourself and the world around you? I mean deep real concrete changes?


How open and honest and true are you? Do you practice what you preach or are you maintaining an illusion that makes you seem more worthy….remember we have the energy of truth around us at all times, you may think you are fooling everyone but the only one being fooled is you, everyone around you can see through the smoke and mirrors, so do yourself a favour and take a good hard look.


We have an amazing opportunity here grab it with both hands as next year is going to be something completely different but you will only experience the absolute beauty of it if you come with integrity honesty and faith.


I am here to help in any way I can and please let me know what I can do, or get in touch if you have an worries or questions. However I cannot make you and I cannot chase you. These choices are yours and they will be some of the most important choices of your life. This is your souls purpose so don’t turn your back on it just because you don’t want to admit that you are not as far on your path as you thought you were, or you are not as high level.


I know this post isn’t exactly up beat but time is running out to get you ready for the end of the year. It isn’t that hard to do you just have to be willing to see your truth. If you don’t want help from me, get help from someone, but make sure they are done their inner work and that will be reflected in the balance and abundance in their outer world. Make some good choices, and soothe your ego, next year will depend upon it.


Always here if you need me but you need to reach out.


Lots of love and laughter Michelexxxxx


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