21st November Energy Report



Good Morning I hope you are well. This morning I feel the energy of fear but also courage, determination and fortitude.


You can do this, you can look at your life and see where you are responsible for what went down, you created it, consciously or unconsciously, actively or passively, it is your life and you created it.


If things seem to be falling about at the moment of you feel like you can’t catch a break, that your luck is down and nothing seems to be flowing, then you need to do some housekeeping. This isn’t going to change until you balance your karma and that means consciously doing the right thing. Restructuring your life to make it more meaningful and bringing your heart and mind into alignment.


If you are feeling like this you have some work to do and this karmic wave has given you the heads up, you still have time before the end of the year to take a different path.


The effects of the wave will continue this week, great shifts have taken place within you and it will take a little time for you to adjust to this. Take some time out today to feel these shifts, releasing any of the remnants of the old cycle ready move on in a fresh and exciting way.


I say again if you are struggling, if it doesn’t feel as though you have had an upgrade or a boost of confidence and excitement but in a very tranquil way, then you need to look closely at your life and where you need to make changes. It also requires a heavy dose of honesty which is around by the bucket load and will continue to be for the rest of the year.


Honesty Integrity Clarity and Courage are the strongest energy I feel this morning, followed by Acceptance, Compassion & Forgiveness. This is not about other people this is about you, where can you make changes? What do you need to release? What is your ego lying to you about?


We have big cycles ending, Karma coming in to be balanced, so take some time to see where you need to focus your attention, then you can welcome in the new cycles with a blank slate, creating dreams you wouldn’t even think possible from your current view point.


Have a great day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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