November 23rd 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, just to clarify my post of yesterday when I said that the effects of the karmic wave are beginning to settle, I didn’t mean that they were disappearing but like  debris falling to the floor after a storm. This may seem uncomfortable for some but this is where you can see the effects and look for the cause within.


Take care of yourself and bring everything that happens into your conscious awareness. Nothing is a coincidence at the moment everything is a sign for you to show you where you are on your path and what you need to be attending to.


So many cycles are ending and that takes us being aware in the moment to ensure they end cleanly and we don’t bring them back in. We need to release the cycles with gratitude and move forward consciously. Great changes are happening within us and with out and we need to be aware of this if the changes are going to take root.


Our conscious will can be strong and we can create the seemingly impossible just by sheer willpower and determination so if we don’t stay consciously present in each moment we could easily bring those old cycles back in and nobody wants that.


Endings can be painful but they are ultimately liberating and enable new growth, don’t deny yourself that out of fear, habit or the refusal to take responsibility.


Remember this was the mini wave to the tsunami that is going to hit at the end of the year, learn your lessons now, this is your last chance this year!


Take this seriously, I don’t read energy reports from others however I was told yesterday that we are all saying the same thing. So if you don’t listen to me listen to someone because we are trying to help you get yourself into position.


Mystics all around the world are working towards the same thing, we don’t talk about this yet we see each other when we work, we are all on exactly the same page and we work tirelessly for you, for us. We have a common source and a common goal, it is simple we are all in this together, to ascend we all need to ascend, how can we transcend to unity unless we are unified.


We all go or none of us go! So come on you stragglers at the back, get with the programme and if anyone needs help just shout there are enough of us around to help.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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