November 20th 2016 Energy Forecast



Good Morning, I have only just woken up after a 10/11 hour sleep, usually when we have big energetic shifts or big universal events, I get taken out and last night was no exception.


So the karmic wave is here! How are you feeling? The energy that has come with the wave is very much about our physical lives, the material aspects of our learning, health wealth poverty and possessions and this is reflecting what we are learning on the spiritual level. So the focus for now is the 3d and what we are experiencing and how this reflects our path as a whole.


It is happening this way as reflecting on the material, the concrete objective facts in your reality is the easiest way to see the bigger picture. Asking people to reflect on the esoteric will bypass the majority of population as it is just too intangible.


This energy is going to affect people in two ways, it is about rebirth, stripping yourself right back to move forward with fresh new beginnings, taking full responsibility for yourself and your life. If you have been doing the work the you will find that life is opening up to you, that you have an increased passion and love for life, you understand that you have the power to direct your life and you do this with love compassion and gratitude in your heart. Old cycles are ending; the lessons integrated and time to move forward.


For others there are still lessons to learn and you will be guided to look at those, seeing your responsibility and therefore adjusting your attitude and viewpoint, knuckle down there is work to do and face it you must. You may need a lawyer or doctor to help you face and deal with the problems you have been ignoring.


For others who blatantly refuse to look at their own responsibility, there are going to be some harsh lessons and your excuses will get stripped away until you have no choice but to accept responsibility and for those, doctors lawyers and judges will play a part.


I know many people who are fully in ego and will read this and immediately their ego will tell them that they are in the first category, they are awesome and special and have done the work, even though their life is falling around their ears or they feel stuck or the reactions of those around them are screaming at them to look at themselves, they are in ego denial. These people will become more manic and will appear to make less sense as the veil of illusion is dissolved. It is not our responsibility to get them to see; however the moment they see for themselves we are there with a warm embrace, compassion and forgiveness.


I am a catalyst and have many people in ego attack me, I don’t take these things personally which is why the moment they are ready I am there with my hand out. No recriminations, the most beautiful gift we can give anyone are a fresh start!


As you bring the ending cycles into your awareness with gratitude and forgiveness then that cycle dissolves, freeing you to move forward with passion and excitement but with a stable and mature knowing that this is all part of you path, that you have worked hard on.


I drew a card for the world today, not something I usually do and we got Harvest….it is time that we are reaping what we sowed. So look clearly and look more than once, what is your external environment telling you. Step back and try to see beyond the ego that will twist everything to make it look like you are on the right path.


Ask yourself this do you experience ABUNDANCE on all levels and does your life FLOW with miracles? If not look at the lessons being presented to you and learn them!


Mystics like me have spent years if not decades processing, cleansing, and learning and integrating, we spent many years in service and have learnt our craft to a high degree. We have dedicated ourselves to purifying the light vessel that is our body, so that we can be a conduit for the light to help others awaken. As a result we span the paradigms of duality and unity and we are here to guide you.


Now take the example of someone who is in spiritual ego, they are convinced that they have special gifts and will be rewarded; they are special and get awesome revelations and gifts that actually do not have any substance and value. They are constantly on transmit rather than receive and are often quite domineering, these people regard themselves to be as pure as the mystics that have dedicated their lives to this path……can you recognise how ego orientated this is?  How they have been blinded and tricked by the ego?


Now enlightenment/awakening/ascension is no longer the lifelong dedication that it once was, we went before to help you in these sped up times, so open your eyes and look to your teachers and guides with a discerning look.  Are they really of value to you? As I have said before those that work with mystics like me create dramatic changes in their world and they achieve ascension, I lead by example and you can test me as much as you like, my enlightenment is real.


So this wave is bringing in a big opportunity for you to side step your ego to see what is really going on and then make that commitment to take full responsibility.


Please contact me if you need any guidance, check out the Michele Elizabeth website and use the free tools to help you in this time.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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