Getting the most out of your meditations


Clothing and seating –

Be comfortable and warm, but you need a straight back and a good posture where you can stomach breathe. We all naturally stomach breathe when we lie down so if you are not sure whether you can stomach breathe I would suggest lying down. Sitting in a hard backed chair is good, make sure you are sitting tall and make sure your feet are flat on the floor.

If you prefer being cross legged on the floor that is great, I prefer this position as it straightens my back and expands my lungs and chest.


Breathing, is key –

First inhale deeply and exhale quickly twice, then concentrate solely on your breathing for at least 3 cycles, the more you do the deeper and quicker your meditation.

Train yourself to breathe as deeply and slowly and you can,

Breathe in to the count of 3 hold for the count of 3 out for the count of 3 and hold to the count of 3.

Makes this as smooth a cycle as possible and don’t hold your breath if it feels uncomfortable or if you have heart issues.

Just focus your attention on your breathing and the feel of your breath as it enters your body.



The Alpha Music of John Levine is an absolute must, I use his music all the time at work and home. This music will change your brain waves from Beta to Alpha, alpha waves calm the mind and will help you slip into a meditative state with ease.


Don’t worry-

There is no right or wrong there is just your experience. If you find yourself thinking about what to make for dinner, don’t tell yourself off, that’s all part of it, just bring your mind back to your breathing or focus on the music for a while until your mind becomes calm again.


Practice makes perfect so keep at it, incorporate it into your everyday life and you will soon see the benefits Mxx


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