September 30th 2016 Energy



Good morning and I hope you are well. The weekend is once again almost here and time slips through our fingers like sand, however time is easy to stretch , that may be a skill you want to learn. Like most things these days our reality is easy to manipulate, it is our reality after all and we create how this plays out.


It is important that we all remain present in the moment and understand that we are all co-creators. As we move into 2017 this is going to be very apparent and now is the time to get ready, find out your hearts true desire or you may manifest something you really don’t want.


There is much soothing energy around at the moment and this is to counteract the droves of negative energy that is present. The great changes unsettle people at a deep and unconscious level and this results in depression and anger. The more people feel they are losing control or are confused the tighter they will hold on and the more they will exert their power external. You are likely to come into contact with this at some point, know that it isn’t personal but the result of their own fear.


Creative energy is around by the bucket load so have some fun, think outside of the box and colour outside of the lines, if you want trees to be blue then so be it, no random or arbitrary rules apply, you no longer need to comply just because someone said so once upon a time.


I feel courage also and this is about facing your own fears, there really is nothing to be afraid of, despite our conditioning that implies bad stuff happens when you don’t do as you’re told. Think back, everything has always worked out ok, in fact when you take a leap of faith everything works out perfectly. We are more heavily controlled than ever and in fact many are at that point where they feel safer with high level of control than without, such is the strength of their conditioning. This  however is because we feel so isolated, so alone, that we are the only ones that are breaking from the rules, that we will be made an example of. Our fears however are not validated, we are not alone and we are growing in number, in fact there are more that feel this way than not, but in our perceived isolation we do not share. If we lifted up our heads we would see how not alone we really are.


So use these energies today, the strength and courage and step into your reality and create something amazing, use the soothing energy to calm those fears, so that you can see they aren’t real just another tool to keep us oblivious to our own power and our ability to co-create heaven on earth.

The world is changing and so are you, if you can’t see this then sit for a while and see how plugged in to the old paradigm you are. It’s time to make changes and there really is nothing to fear.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


September 29th 2016 Energy

IMG_1344 (2).JPG


Good morning and I hope that you are well; the energy this morning is strong and creative, motivating and inspiring.  Whatever you have been going through this week so far, which is pulling you off centre or making you tired and disconnected, this is over and as we move towards the weekend the inspiration will continue to flow.  I also feel the energy of temerity, fabulous word, I haven’t heard in a while and it is needed if we are to get around the ego.


As new ideas plans and inspiration are building you may also experience some anxiety, fear or dread, this is just your ego trying to get you to stop with all the change and go back to the way things were. The ego struggle is one that is quite a fixture in our lives until we nail the processing, so just be aware of this and try not to fall back into fear.  You know what you need to do, you know what needs looking at and you know that only you can do it and it is only you that is holding you back, you have the temerity to do this, so roll up your sleeves, make that commitment and go head long in.


As always the energy of compassion and forgiveness is around, spend a day or two with forgiveness in your pocket and make a conscious effort to forgive all. The person who cuts you up in traffic, the rude man who doesn’t say thank you, start with those around you but not close, the people you meet in the street etc. Then move it to those closer to you but don’t do this as a mental exercise sit with it and feel it coming from your heart.


With compassion I also feel patience which everyone could do with a little more of, see if you can draw this energy in and use it. Many of your frustrations come from lack of patience and there are a variety of ways that the universe would like to teach you that lesson. Slow it down people, there is no rush and there is much to see if you just look in the moment, if you don’t slow it down then you just see what you expect to see.


Also understand that everyone has their own issues and struggles they are dealing with, everyone has the same fears and insecurities so have compassion for all, including you. This is not however pity, do not feel sorry for them, that is judgement and often leads to adopting a saviour role, so last paradigm.


So as the week unfolds continue to ask yourself, who am I, what is my purpose? What do I need to do to find my bliss, what is beyond the 9-5? This is your life, this is your reality and you create it, so it’s time to step into your power and begin consciously creating and that will be the theme of 2017.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

From Unity to Individuality & back…… The search for our other half.



Originally we were all one, we had unity consciousness, and we were part of whole. We were then separated into distinct individuals with no awareness of our inherent connection, we lost our awareness. We would feel that something was missing we weren’t quite complete. Then half if not more of us was then hidden from our awareness into our unconscious.


We lost access to half of us, this is what we feel is missing; this is what we search for, our other half. As we are living in a duality, we look outside of ourselves for that other half. This after all is the nature of the duality; everything is directed to the external. So our quest for our other half our soul mate continues and for some this becomes a life- long mission. Even when you think you have found it you are never quite satisfied as you are never going to feel wholeness this way as your other half is never going to be another, your other half is always YOU!.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

September 28th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope everyone is well and sleeping better now the energies have once again shifted.  If you are not sleeping well then look at your dreams or your thoughts as you lay in bed, there is something unresolved there that may need attention.


The next few months we are going to have the energy of insight and illumination and these will be about your soul path, more than what you are here to do, it is more about where you are right now. This is important, until you know where you are it is difficult to get perspective. This is not where you think you are, the story that you tell yourself, this is not about the race for material worth or status and reputation, this is where you are in terms of your awareness. Do you know what you feel and think, do you know what you feel, are you aware of what is going on around you, and are you aware of your place in this environment, in this existence?


If we took away the designer clothes, lashes and nails, the cars and money, if we took away angels and spirits, witch craft and god, if we took away the hero and the villain, the saviour and the victim If we took way all roles, mother, father, daughter, son , husband, wife, where would you stand?  Who would you be?


It is time to get real to get conscious, to be fully aware of who you are and where you are, or at least start that journey. It is not always easy and your view will sometimes shock but it is a journey you cannot avoid not forever anyway. It is time to check yourself, Am I honest and am I true, am I living this life or going through the motion, checking the boxes? Ask yourself do I believe the story I tell myself and the world or deep down is there something missing, does something feel off, do I feel a phoney? It is time to bring yourself back into alignment, all of your bodies and your heart centre with the universal centre.


You can help yourself by being mindful in every moment, slowing things down and being in the moment and all that brings being aware of all your bodily states, how you feel physically and what you can feel and sense with your physical body, how you feel emotionally, what is your energy and what is others. Mentally, is your mind racing or is it empty as you feel the cool silky grass beneath your feet? Focus on your breathing and how that feels to all your bodies, just slow everything down.


I also feel the energy of compassion and enlightenment, they go together and one will always help the other. Watch your language and be kind, remember when you judge and condemn you are actually judging and condemning those aspects within you, this is an opportunity for you to Forgive. Ultimately your journey is self- forgiveness but until you get there the first step is to forgive all those you meet along the way. Every soul that is out of alignment is in pain and is lost, that may be expressed outwardly as anger or inwardly as depression, hatred and self -hatred , it’s the same thing. Anxiety fear controlling behaviour manipulation depression OCD, the list goes on and on, these are all signs of being out of alignment and being afraid and the majority of people live there.


I also feel the energy of honesty and truth, honesty and integrity go hand in hand and truth, well there are ultimate truths, we are all one and there are subjective truths, which are true for you. You know your truths, you feel your bodies react to your truth…….follow that.


So enjoy these revelations about who you are , don’t fight the energy it is here to support and guide you, sometimes these truths are hard to face but face them we must as that is the way home.


Lots of love and laughter Michelexxx

September 27th 2016 Energy

path blue


Good Morning, I hope you are all well and had a restful weekend. So what have you been changing and shaking up in your life? Big changes are coming between now and the end of the year, everyone is being called to bring more meaning into their lives, to do something that is more closely aligned with their soul’s purpose and we all have one.


Life is not about existing and getting through each day, life is about experiencing, sharing , growing. Life is about delighting in the present moment, in reaching out your hand so your neighbour/friend/child can see the same precious moment with you.


Over the weekend I witnessed how much competition there is out there, in all aspects of life. People are constantly completing and jostling for their perceived top place, for their unique little box. This is just ego delusion that keeps you small and isolated and really is a waste of everybody’s time.


We are in this together, we may be walking and evolving at different rates, yet as I say to my students NO ONE gets left behind. That is the same with life, we don’t fail or pass, we aren’t good or bad. Even those we choose to walk away from, they are not bad and we are not better than them, it is all a matter of timing.


Do you remember your awakening? Happens in an instant and then it is a snowball effect, life is never perceived in the same way again and your journey takes a different appearance after that. Allow others to have that moment without condemnation or comparison. We are all in this together, it is not a race, if you do go before it is to stand with a torch lighting the way.


Remember that when you feel frustrated or irritated, when you are rushing in to save someone or tell them where they are going wrong that we are all in this together and every single soul needs to make this transition and the only way we can do this is TOGETHER.


So back to the energy, it is inspiring and motivating but I also feel a strength that will ground you and help you stand strong. You have changes to make and those around you may not like this. Change upsets the ego and the reactions can be strong but stand your ground this is the right thing for everyone. Follow your heart it knows the way.


I also feel a naivety in the air and this is a wonderful energy, it is about innocence, trust and hope. It is about going with your intuition as you know it is right and that is all you need to know. The details are inconsequential and nothing but a distraction, it is the content where only the structure matters.


There are going to be many storms for you to travel through between now and Christmas but you can weather those, you have a path that you need to travel and you know what this is, even if you aren’t fully aware right now. If you take time each day to just be, conscious in the moment, not doing but being then you will know and that is all that is needed.


Have a wonderful day, you know where I am if you need to talk or clarification, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

September 22nd 2016 Energy



Good morning and I hope you are well, today the energy is once again calm and still yet deep and transformational. It is time to listen to your heart and your soul, you are being called! Can you hear the stirrings within, can you feel it? Nothing feels quite the same does it? Yet you are not sure what it is, changes have been happening within all year but today you will feel them the greatest.


There will be shifts today energetically which could lead you to a great Christmas, if you follow these things through. If you are easily distracted today may be the day you focus, there is much to do and much can be achieved but not in a headless chicken kind of way but a solid one foot in front of the other way.


Saying that however there is a building excitement in the air as people are becoming aware of the shifts within, these are good times indeed. Just because something didn’t work for you in the past does not necessarily mean it wasn’t right for you, just that it wasn’t right for you at that time, but at the same time some things you have been doing for years doesn’t work and it is time that you stopped and tried something new. Today is a good day to look at those things.


As you would expect with the Autumn Equinox this is a day of balance, feel that within, this is stable mature heart centred energy and if you sit with this for a while you will feel that. Ask to be shown balance in your life today and see how it makes life so much smoother.


Think about the things in your life that require more balance, I would suspect that is most things, and see if you can bring them into alignment.


This is a good day to look at the yin and yang aspects of yourself, this will naturally be coming into balance for you, however ponder today the idea of transcending yin and yang, of uniting the masculine and feminine within….what would that mean, for you and the world?


Just get out there today, in nature and just feel that balance….it will be like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

Personal & Spiritual Development Course

The Enlightenment Project

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Personal & Spiritual Development Course

Unlocking the Potential of You


Are you fed up living in fear? Does anxiety take over your life? Does everything feel like it is always going wrong? Are you fed up always putting your needs last? Do you feel lonely? Are you fed up with the pressure? Does your mind tie you in knots? Are you struggling financially, with your weight, with relationships or with life in general? Do you hate your job? Do you hate what you see when you look in the mirror? Do you over analyse everything? Is your life one drama or conflict after another? Do you feel guilty when you do something just for you? Is life just too confusing, boring or difficult? Do you feel unloved or that something is missing? Do you feel shameful or nostalgic for your past?

The Enlightenment Project – Keeping it simple to achieve balance and harmony in your life

Well you are not alone, everyone does, it is a condition of the world we live in however it does not have to be this way, and you can change your life with few simple techniques.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Ghandi

Our focus is keeping it simple and providing you with the tools & techniques for you to live the life of your dreams with Joy, Harmony, Peace and Love.

We help you to discover the Real You by giving you the tools to dissolve the conditioning we have all experienced that keeps us small & trapped on the pendulum swing of life, lurching from good times to bad. The Real You has infinite potential to create and be whatever you choose and a life of Bliss and Harmony is at your fingertips.

Sometimes the greatest strength is not in holding on but in letting go – Michele Elizabeth

I bring you this course as a result my own spiritual journey, which has been long but yours won’t be, which is why I am here today and you are reading this, we are all uniquely placed to harness the sped up energies of NOW, aiding us all in our processing and releasing of past issues, programming and conditioning, helping us come into true alignment with all and to fulfil our true potential.

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