September 29th 2016 Energy

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Good morning and I hope that you are well; the energy this morning is strong and creative, motivating and inspiring.  Whatever you have been going through this week so far, which is pulling you off centre or making you tired and disconnected, this is over and as we move towards the weekend the inspiration will continue to flow.  I also feel the energy of temerity, fabulous word, I haven’t heard in a while and it is needed if we are to get around the ego.


As new ideas plans and inspiration are building you may also experience some anxiety, fear or dread, this is just your ego trying to get you to stop with all the change and go back to the way things were. The ego struggle is one that is quite a fixture in our lives until we nail the processing, so just be aware of this and try not to fall back into fear.  You know what you need to do, you know what needs looking at and you know that only you can do it and it is only you that is holding you back, you have the temerity to do this, so roll up your sleeves, make that commitment and go head long in.


As always the energy of compassion and forgiveness is around, spend a day or two with forgiveness in your pocket and make a conscious effort to forgive all. The person who cuts you up in traffic, the rude man who doesn’t say thank you, start with those around you but not close, the people you meet in the street etc. Then move it to those closer to you but don’t do this as a mental exercise sit with it and feel it coming from your heart.


With compassion I also feel patience which everyone could do with a little more of, see if you can draw this energy in and use it. Many of your frustrations come from lack of patience and there are a variety of ways that the universe would like to teach you that lesson. Slow it down people, there is no rush and there is much to see if you just look in the moment, if you don’t slow it down then you just see what you expect to see.


Also understand that everyone has their own issues and struggles they are dealing with, everyone has the same fears and insecurities so have compassion for all, including you. This is not however pity, do not feel sorry for them, that is judgement and often leads to adopting a saviour role, so last paradigm.


So as the week unfolds continue to ask yourself, who am I, what is my purpose? What do I need to do to find my bliss, what is beyond the 9-5? This is your life, this is your reality and you create it, so it’s time to step into your power and begin consciously creating and that will be the theme of 2017.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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