20th September 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, apologies for a late report but I have been rather distracted this morning, things are moving swiftly forward on the work front and it is all rather exciting.


So we have a little lull in the energies this morning, a break from the realisations and revelations, sleep should come much easier as the week progresses. This however is just a moment to catch your breath before you’re propelled once again into shaking up and sorting out your life.


I feel a calm and peaceful energy, a nurturing and healing energy around today, be soothed and supported. This is not however a day for doing nothing, there is much to be done in everyone’s lives and you can’t look the other way anymore and pretend that certain aspects aren’t being highlighted for to take a look at. Although as we know you can avoid it but your life won’t get any better.


I feel a child- like energy, one of innocence but also excitement, an awe and wonder with the world. Inspiration and joy from the simplest of pleasures, there really is beauty all around, so sit back and be amazed.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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