September 27th 2016 Energy

path blue


Good Morning, I hope you are all well and had a restful weekend. So what have you been changing and shaking up in your life? Big changes are coming between now and the end of the year, everyone is being called to bring more meaning into their lives, to do something that is more closely aligned with their soul’s purpose and we all have one.


Life is not about existing and getting through each day, life is about experiencing, sharing , growing. Life is about delighting in the present moment, in reaching out your hand so your neighbour/friend/child can see the same precious moment with you.


Over the weekend I witnessed how much competition there is out there, in all aspects of life. People are constantly completing and jostling for their perceived top place, for their unique little box. This is just ego delusion that keeps you small and isolated and really is a waste of everybody’s time.


We are in this together, we may be walking and evolving at different rates, yet as I say to my students NO ONE gets left behind. That is the same with life, we don’t fail or pass, we aren’t good or bad. Even those we choose to walk away from, they are not bad and we are not better than them, it is all a matter of timing.


Do you remember your awakening? Happens in an instant and then it is a snowball effect, life is never perceived in the same way again and your journey takes a different appearance after that. Allow others to have that moment without condemnation or comparison. We are all in this together, it is not a race, if you do go before it is to stand with a torch lighting the way.


Remember that when you feel frustrated or irritated, when you are rushing in to save someone or tell them where they are going wrong that we are all in this together and every single soul needs to make this transition and the only way we can do this is TOGETHER.


So back to the energy, it is inspiring and motivating but I also feel a strength that will ground you and help you stand strong. You have changes to make and those around you may not like this. Change upsets the ego and the reactions can be strong but stand your ground this is the right thing for everyone. Follow your heart it knows the way.


I also feel a naivety in the air and this is a wonderful energy, it is about innocence, trust and hope. It is about going with your intuition as you know it is right and that is all you need to know. The details are inconsequential and nothing but a distraction, it is the content where only the structure matters.


There are going to be many storms for you to travel through between now and Christmas but you can weather those, you have a path that you need to travel and you know what this is, even if you aren’t fully aware right now. If you take time each day to just be, conscious in the moment, not doing but being then you will know and that is all that is needed.


Have a wonderful day, you know where I am if you need to talk or clarification, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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