September 30th 2016 Energy



Good morning and I hope you are well. The weekend is once again almost here and time slips through our fingers like sand, however time is easy to stretch , that may be a skill you want to learn. Like most things these days our reality is easy to manipulate, it is our reality after all and we create how this plays out.


It is important that we all remain present in the moment and understand that we are all co-creators. As we move into 2017 this is going to be very apparent and now is the time to get ready, find out your hearts true desire or you may manifest something you really don’t want.


There is much soothing energy around at the moment and this is to counteract the droves of negative energy that is present. The great changes unsettle people at a deep and unconscious level and this results in depression and anger. The more people feel they are losing control or are confused the tighter they will hold on and the more they will exert their power external. You are likely to come into contact with this at some point, know that it isn’t personal but the result of their own fear.


Creative energy is around by the bucket load so have some fun, think outside of the box and colour outside of the lines, if you want trees to be blue then so be it, no random or arbitrary rules apply, you no longer need to comply just because someone said so once upon a time.


I feel courage also and this is about facing your own fears, there really is nothing to be afraid of, despite our conditioning that implies bad stuff happens when you don’t do as you’re told. Think back, everything has always worked out ok, in fact when you take a leap of faith everything works out perfectly. We are more heavily controlled than ever and in fact many are at that point where they feel safer with high level of control than without, such is the strength of their conditioning. This  however is because we feel so isolated, so alone, that we are the only ones that are breaking from the rules, that we will be made an example of. Our fears however are not validated, we are not alone and we are growing in number, in fact there are more that feel this way than not, but in our perceived isolation we do not share. If we lifted up our heads we would see how not alone we really are.


So use these energies today, the strength and courage and step into your reality and create something amazing, use the soothing energy to calm those fears, so that you can see they aren’t real just another tool to keep us oblivious to our own power and our ability to co-create heaven on earth.

The world is changing and so are you, if you can’t see this then sit for a while and see how plugged in to the old paradigm you are. It’s time to make changes and there really is nothing to fear.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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