Personal & Spiritual Development Course

The Enlightenment Project

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Personal & Spiritual Development Course

Unlocking the Potential of You


Are you fed up living in fear? Does anxiety take over your life? Does everything feel like it is always going wrong? Are you fed up always putting your needs last? Do you feel lonely? Are you fed up with the pressure? Does your mind tie you in knots? Are you struggling financially, with your weight, with relationships or with life in general? Do you hate your job? Do you hate what you see when you look in the mirror? Do you over analyse everything? Is your life one drama or conflict after another? Do you feel guilty when you do something just for you? Is life just too confusing, boring or difficult? Do you feel unloved or that something is missing? Do you feel shameful or nostalgic for your past?

The Enlightenment Project – Keeping it simple to achieve balance and harmony in your life

Well you are not alone, everyone does, it is a condition of the world we live in however it does not have to be this way, and you can change your life with few simple techniques.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Ghandi

Our focus is keeping it simple and providing you with the tools & techniques for you to live the life of your dreams with Joy, Harmony, Peace and Love.

We help you to discover the Real You by giving you the tools to dissolve the conditioning we have all experienced that keeps us small & trapped on the pendulum swing of life, lurching from good times to bad. The Real You has infinite potential to create and be whatever you choose and a life of Bliss and Harmony is at your fingertips.

Sometimes the greatest strength is not in holding on but in letting go – Michele Elizabeth

I bring you this course as a result my own spiritual journey, which has been long but yours won’t be, which is why I am here today and you are reading this, we are all uniquely placed to harness the sped up energies of NOW, aiding us all in our processing and releasing of past issues, programming and conditioning, helping us come into true alignment with all and to fulfil our true potential.

Testimonials for the Enlightenment Project Personal & Spiritual Development Course

Everything changed for me, my work, my relationship, my attitude; I have finally found my bliss”

“After years of living with anxiety, it lifted after a few weeks of applying the techniques, I can’t even remember life before them – how did I survive”

“After 45 years I finally have a good relationship with my mother, thank you “

“Within days I felt my mind clear and I could finally see what I needed to do”

 “Who knew life could be so awesome – this should be taught in schools”

“You gave me the gift of freedom”

“You taught me it was ok to love myself, now everyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter, truly liberating”

“You told me making inner changes would change my outer world but it still feels like miracles”


Get in touch today as this course will change your life I guarantee it!


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