September 18th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are well although I know the energy yesterday may have stirred things up for a lot of you. The energy will continue today, so roll with it and try not to take anything too personally, easier said than done, I know but it really isn’t personal.


Take a look at what is getting shaken up, it’s a bit like going into your garden after a storm or hurricane, you assess the scene, what can be saved and what needs to be thrown, sometimes you decide that just because something can be saved it doesn’t mean you have to keep it and it is probably time to chuck it anyway.


We are hoarders in life, we keep things around way past their usefulness, out of habit, nostalgia, guilt, duty and feelings of indebtedness. If we just let these things flow naturally most would float right out of our lives. Have you ever put lots of effort into a relationship which just made you feel exhausted and a little rejected, only to find that the moment you stopped it just disappeared, leaving you lighter and brighter and wondering why you didn’t do that years ago.


People come in and out of our lives for all sorts of reasons, it is often only years later that we see why, so don’t cling on to them, just because something was right yesterday doesn’t make it so today, so just let these things flow. If someone drifts out of your life don’t take it personally, it’s just life.


The energy is going to shift a little this evening and it is going to make you want to sit and ponder stuff, issues within you have been stirring, a more meaningful life is the whisper of your heart. It is almost like you know something but can’t express it, that tip of your tongue feeling. It is frustrating I know but just sit with, give yourself the time and space to allow this knowing to come to the surface.


A little later we also have a strong healing energy coming in and it is also soothing, like aloe vera. Some of you are battle weary after the weekend energy and it is time to surrender and just be. You are being taken care of so just relax.


Next week becomes very active once again and plans can be put into place. Make sure that you are conscious in each moment as you are creating this week and you want to ensure that this is fresh and new and that you don’t slip back into habit and bring in more of the old stuff, you really don’t want to have to release it all again.


I also feel kindness and compassion, give everyone a break. Send some love to the driver in front of you, not everyone is the great driver you are, maybe they are a nervous driver and a little space and tolerance would be appreciated. Give people the benefit of the doubt, maybe they made a mistake, we all do it, not everyone is cutting you up because they think they are better than you or because they are rude and need to be put in their place.

Just chill out, you don’t always know why things happen but strange things happen…all of us have either experienced or know someone that has, the strange occurrence that we are being looked after. For example you may be driving along the road when someone pulls out in front of you, driving at snail speed, this irritates and angers you, however you later realise that had they not, you would most likely have been involved in the crash a mile or so up the road. Remember this the next time you are fighting the natural flow.


Enjoy the energies, feel empowered and inspired, take time and just chat with those around you, you may be surprised with the messages you receive.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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