September 28th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope everyone is well and sleeping better now the energies have once again shifted.  If you are not sleeping well then look at your dreams or your thoughts as you lay in bed, there is something unresolved there that may need attention.


The next few months we are going to have the energy of insight and illumination and these will be about your soul path, more than what you are here to do, it is more about where you are right now. This is important, until you know where you are it is difficult to get perspective. This is not where you think you are, the story that you tell yourself, this is not about the race for material worth or status and reputation, this is where you are in terms of your awareness. Do you know what you feel and think, do you know what you feel, are you aware of what is going on around you, and are you aware of your place in this environment, in this existence?


If we took away the designer clothes, lashes and nails, the cars and money, if we took away angels and spirits, witch craft and god, if we took away the hero and the villain, the saviour and the victim If we took way all roles, mother, father, daughter, son , husband, wife, where would you stand?  Who would you be?


It is time to get real to get conscious, to be fully aware of who you are and where you are, or at least start that journey. It is not always easy and your view will sometimes shock but it is a journey you cannot avoid not forever anyway. It is time to check yourself, Am I honest and am I true, am I living this life or going through the motion, checking the boxes? Ask yourself do I believe the story I tell myself and the world or deep down is there something missing, does something feel off, do I feel a phoney? It is time to bring yourself back into alignment, all of your bodies and your heart centre with the universal centre.


You can help yourself by being mindful in every moment, slowing things down and being in the moment and all that brings being aware of all your bodily states, how you feel physically and what you can feel and sense with your physical body, how you feel emotionally, what is your energy and what is others. Mentally, is your mind racing or is it empty as you feel the cool silky grass beneath your feet? Focus on your breathing and how that feels to all your bodies, just slow everything down.


I also feel the energy of compassion and enlightenment, they go together and one will always help the other. Watch your language and be kind, remember when you judge and condemn you are actually judging and condemning those aspects within you, this is an opportunity for you to Forgive. Ultimately your journey is self- forgiveness but until you get there the first step is to forgive all those you meet along the way. Every soul that is out of alignment is in pain and is lost, that may be expressed outwardly as anger or inwardly as depression, hatred and self -hatred , it’s the same thing. Anxiety fear controlling behaviour manipulation depression OCD, the list goes on and on, these are all signs of being out of alignment and being afraid and the majority of people live there.


I also feel the energy of honesty and truth, honesty and integrity go hand in hand and truth, well there are ultimate truths, we are all one and there are subjective truths, which are true for you. You know your truths, you feel your bodies react to your truth…….follow that.


So enjoy these revelations about who you are , don’t fight the energy it is here to support and guide you, sometimes these truths are hard to face but face them we must as that is the way home.


Lots of love and laughter Michelexxx


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