From Unity to Individuality & back…… The search for our other half.



Originally we were all one, we had unity consciousness, and we were part of whole. We were then separated into distinct individuals with no awareness of our inherent connection, we lost our awareness. We would feel that something was missing we weren’t quite complete. Then half if not more of us was then hidden from our awareness into our unconscious.


We lost access to half of us, this is what we feel is missing; this is what we search for, our other half. As we are living in a duality, we look outside of ourselves for that other half. This after all is the nature of the duality; everything is directed to the external. So our quest for our other half our soul mate continues and for some this becomes a life- long mission. Even when you think you have found it you are never quite satisfied as you are never going to feel wholeness this way as your other half is never going to be another, your other half is always YOU!.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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