September 22nd 2016 Energy



Good morning and I hope you are well, today the energy is once again calm and still yet deep and transformational. It is time to listen to your heart and your soul, you are being called! Can you hear the stirrings within, can you feel it? Nothing feels quite the same does it? Yet you are not sure what it is, changes have been happening within all year but today you will feel them the greatest.


There will be shifts today energetically which could lead you to a great Christmas, if you follow these things through. If you are easily distracted today may be the day you focus, there is much to do and much can be achieved but not in a headless chicken kind of way but a solid one foot in front of the other way.


Saying that however there is a building excitement in the air as people are becoming aware of the shifts within, these are good times indeed. Just because something didn’t work for you in the past does not necessarily mean it wasn’t right for you, just that it wasn’t right for you at that time, but at the same time some things you have been doing for years doesn’t work and it is time that you stopped and tried something new. Today is a good day to look at those things.


As you would expect with the Autumn Equinox this is a day of balance, feel that within, this is stable mature heart centred energy and if you sit with this for a while you will feel that. Ask to be shown balance in your life today and see how it makes life so much smoother.


Think about the things in your life that require more balance, I would suspect that is most things, and see if you can bring them into alignment.


This is a good day to look at the yin and yang aspects of yourself, this will naturally be coming into balance for you, however ponder today the idea of transcending yin and yang, of uniting the masculine and feminine within….what would that mean, for you and the world?


Just get out there today, in nature and just feel that balance….it will be like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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