Meditation really is for everyone!

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If you think it’s only the airy fairy types and hippies that meditate think again.

Whether you are good bad or ugly I know you will enjoy it 🙂 So try something new and follow the links

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Anxiety & Personal Development 


Anxiety is crippling and something awful to have to cope with and I truly feel for anyone who is dealing with this daily.

Often medication is given to help with the symptoms but they don’t treat the cause, so the anxiety will continue.

1 in 6 adults in the UK suffer daily with anxiety disorders and this is alarmingly increasing for children too!

Yet it doesn’t have to be that way, you can deal with the cause and say goodbye to anxiety for good.

Many who have taken my Personal Development  Course have been able to move into a calm peaceful and purposeful life.

Just imagine how wonderful life could be without this daily struggle.

To find out more then please follow the link below for more information

It’s time to Unlock the Potential of You!

Love & Laughter Michele  xxx

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October 31st 2017 Energy Forecast

Ascension isn't something that just happens to you!

Good Morning I hope that you are well and enjoying this shift in energy. This is rather a special time energetically and much can be achieved if you follow your heart.

With the Full Moon we have in a few days, which is possibly a super moon so extra potent, and the amazingly grounded energy we also have you are going to be able to make great changes in your life and also push forward on your personal and spiritual development.

Personally I start this process tonight with a fire pit, I will then work closely with the moon and the elements over the next three months, which also included a solstice. January is going to be spectacular and by mid January we are going to see the culmination of the work we put in between now and then!

We are all being given an awesome opportunity are you going to grab and work with it? Or maybe it is time for you to start working with me?

I love the stability and maturity of the energy around at the moment and it trumps the negative energy being generated on a human level. It is powerful and strong yet kind and wise, like an old cart horse it will steadily take you home.

Whilst we also have the energy of fire, transformational yet can consume you if you are not careful, although with this wonderful grounded energy you do not need fear. Together they are creation energy. So what are you creating and remember if you are negative of thought action or heart then that is what you will create, also please remember that it is your true energy that will be triggered, what you really feel and transmit rather than what you think you do! This is all about keeping it real!

Your psychic gifts will be increased over the next week so really work with this, play and have fun, your empathic senses will also be heightened. Now remember EVERYONE has these senses and that includes you so keep this in your awareness. What you are feeling may not be your energy so before you own it look around are you picking up on someone else energy?

This are wonderful times but also times of great change, reflection and taking responsibility, which is not always easy so please get in touch if you need to.

Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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It’s all about the money! 


Money Money Money

It’s all about the money!

Life would be easier with more of it right?

Love it or hate we need it!

And we all deserve an abundance of money in our lives.

The problem of lack of money comes from our relationship with money, our mindset towards it. Our past shapes how we see and relate to money and often this is buried deep within our unconscious. Growing up in poverty can affect people differently, for one it could mean a determined and successful pursuit of wealth and security yet for another it may mean they don’t feel worthy of having wealth and therefore subconsciously block it.

As part of my Development Course I teach you about money and how to re-connect and re-establish a healthy and abundant relationship with money. Do the work and you too can watch the money flow.

To find out more then please follow the link below for more information

It’s time to Unlock the Potential of You!

Love & Laughter Michele  xxx

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October 30th 2017 Energy Forecast

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Good Morning I hope that you are well and had a relaxing and recharging weekend. So begins the journey of the heart, are you ready? I know you are!

This continues the theme from august when so many took their first step on this awesome journey, You may think you know this journey and you may think that you come from your heart but in a duality this is often the mind dressed up as the heart. The pure heart soul connection is just not there, this is not a fault, this is a condition of duality the mind has been valued for so long the connection with heart became lost, closed down.

Also the disappointments of the duality paradigm made us lock our hearts away often broken. The search for true love, our soul mate the other half of us is a fallacy within the duality paradigm and mindset. It isn’t real, we are searching for ourselves, the other half of ourselves that we have denied to ourselves, our unconscious, shadow side, our soul,  our love for ourself, that is what we are searching. We want to feel whole, no other can do that for us, we don’t feel whole because we have denied half of ourselves, it’s not that we need a partner to complete that. That is the fallacy of the duality paradigm that keeps us lost in disappointment rejection and heart ache.

Anyway I digress, so we are back to the journey of the heart, it is time to look at your heart, heal the wounds, nurture and connect. The heart is our centre of operations, it knows all, it connects us to everything , it is our source of universal light energy, it is everything.

This week is also a fab time for connecting with those in spirit, your intuition will be at an all time high, so if you are new to following that inner voice, keep a journal ,you will soon get your confidence faith and trust up. Listening to your intuition is fun and it can also save you a lot of time and money.

It will also be a good week to revise old arguments or feuds that are still on going and end them once and for all with love compassion and wisdom. You have it in you to end this now.

This is going to be a fabulous week on so many levels and much can be achieved , so it is time to step up and start living your life, your real life, not the artificial sanitised projection we have been conditioned to want or at least claim we have so that we don’t feel so unworthy.

I live the best life ever, I laugh all day long, I sing, dance and touch the hearts of so many, I don’t crave anything nor am I disappointed but I am delighted and amazed. I sing loudly off key and get all the words wrong and I can do this in public and not care. I don’t get involved in drama and walk away from fights and manipulation. Every day is just perfect and I am me, the heart mind and soul me working in perfect unity….the journey of the heart is that first step.

So have a wonderful week, I am going to offer a discount or some such offer on the course this week and it would be really exciting if you joined up, the results are fabulous and the transformations extraordinary , so please get in touch, whatever your situation or circumstance we can work something out. To put this in perspective there are coaches that are offering courses that only deal with the money and mindset side of the course charging $3000 plus. My course will guide you on your journey to your heart and it is worth every step.

Please do get in touch and share whatever is going on with you, I am here to share my knowledge wisdom and experience and that my friends is collaboration and unity and that’s where we are headed.

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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October 29th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, although I would imagine that you are dealing with one thing or another.

The last month has been very much about releasing and restructuring, purging and realigning and this has not been easy.

You may have been physically ill but also angry and irritable, everyone getting on your last nerve, you may have felt upset lost and lonely or have a feeling of dread.

It is important that you pay attention to your emotions but don’t get overwhelmed by it, it is ok and all part of the process. You have to look and see what they telling you, how they guiding you.

So for example if you find that you are snapping at loved one, look at your own behaviour, why are you irritated, what is being triggered in you. This is about you not them.

If you are feeling increasingly angry look at that too, what is out of alignment in you, what are you denying or fighting.

These emotions will only get worse if you don’t attend to them but remember they are just signposts to show you what you need to attend to.

The universal energy shifted in the night and we are heading into full moon energy, and this energy is very mental but also courageous. You will be having lots of eureka moments and understanding the last puzzle piece. For many you had this piece all along but over the next week you may find that you need to flip that piece over to make it fit.

It’s time to swim against the tide, to stand up for what you believe to be right even if that means going against the crowd. The beauty of this energy, which is very balanced and grounded is that it mixes the intellect with the rebel, so this has the potential to be life changing.

It is time to do something differently, to follow your heart rather than convention duty or tradition. Following the rules is BS, whose rules are they and why? Just because something has always been a certain way does not mean it is good for you or it can’t change.

Time to really look at your life and your world, is this right, is this fulfilling, is this all there is?

It is very important to ground cleanse and protect yourself daily, get into this habit now, I have lots of free advice and meditations on my website so please do check it out but this is important. We have a lot of change coming up over the next decade and you are going to want to be strong steady and grounded, you are going to need these tools to keep your head level.

It is time that you did something for yourself and that is the smart thing to do, be prepared! Look around you today and for the rest of the week and for once I am not going to say look at the awesomeness of it all. Really look and listen, people are being angry, mean judgemental and controlling. Listen to how badly people are speaking to each other, the supermarket is a good place for this.

Notice how many people are trying to pick an argument with you or are telling you who you are or what is wrong with you.

Notice how many pity parties are being thrown at the moment. Open you eyes and really see that most people are adopting a role right now…..VICTIM, AGGRESSOR or SAVIOUR!

You need to see this, to really understand what is going on and then do something about it. Grounding is hugely important, it’s how you can walk through the madding crowd and keep your head.

This is going to be a powerful moon and much can be accomplished, corners will be turned, consciousness expanded, wisdom grounded. New projects with be transformative and successful yet the opposite can also be true dependent on so many things.

Your Karma, what have you been putting out there? The cycles of the moon are you flowing with her? This is an expansive time when the moon is waxing towards a full moon in 5 days . (Read my article on the cycles of the moon for more info go to my WordPress site which is more accessible for articles)

It is also dependent on what you have been putting out there in the last cycle it is a time of fruition for you, what seeds have you planted. Importantly it is also about what was revealed to you about your own inner nature during August and also the energy of the last new moon, what lessons did you learn, which cycles did you end, what changes did you make.

If however you continue to believe there is no work to be done or you put it off once again until tomorrow then you will be one of the angry ones. If for one second you feel justified in your anger, if you believe it is someone else fault I would like you to STOP right there and just turn it back on you….How did I create this? How is this my responsibility? What is this telling me, where are my lessons?

Please don’t be part of the angry who are getting angrier, you have the wisdom and knowledge to do it differently.

Remember I am here if you are struggling so drop me a line. The world is still an amazing place and these are extraordinary times but it is time to real as things are going to get intense and this is why I am here and have been for the last 10 years, giving you advice and the heads up, hoping that you see the connections and become empowered. I have been recording meditations and visualisations for you for years, to help ground and protect and to become more aware. I have been preparing you all for years, so you know so much more than you realise you do!

This culminated in my development course, which is the ultimate life tool bag, ask anyone who has taken it and I know they would agree!

So go out there and be awesome, be aware in each moment and adjust your sails accordingly, I am here for a reason, it’s been over a decade and I am still on point, so if you want we can conga our way into Unity because I actually know where I am going hahaha

Have a wonderfully wise yet rule breaking day!

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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Nothing is Personal

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Don’t take things personally

So much of our daily angst is down to taking what other people say and do personally.

Yet in reality that has nothing to do with us and once we truly believe this life is so much happier.

Join me on my Development Course and learn how to not take anything personally and to finally be  free and just live your life.

Click the link below to find out more or get in touch if you would like to know more. It’s time to Unlock the Potential of You!

Love & Laughter Michele, I hope you join us soon xxx

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