Karmic Wave that is about to hit – The Great Awakener

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I have been talking about the Karmic waves that are coming in and how they are going to affect us, so today I thought I would look into it in more detail by doing a psychic reading, this is what I got.


A karmic wave will be hitting us this weekend but it is like a mini wave, a precursor to the big wave that is hitting us at the end of the year.


The truth is coming out and all illusion is being dissolved, people are going to be able to see behind the masks, the illusions, the smoke and mirrors. This is about how you see the world and others but more importantly it is about you. The lies you tell yourself are all encompassing but mostly unconscious, they are lies about your true intentions or motivation, your dreams and desires. Most of your dreams are actually fear based and are the dreams of the mind and ego and not the heart but they are dressed up to seem worthy of pursuit.

It’s all being revealed this weekend and into next week but this is the mini wave, what’s going to be revealed now is going to be revealed again but in a big slap in the face way. We are all being given another opportunity to see what is going on with us, to bring out our dark side into our awareness so that we can balance it.


This is not a case of people being good or bad, it is about whether or not you are willing to look at your dark side, to embrace it rather than shun it, to understand that it is as much a part of you as your caring side. Once you do this you can balance it, which is our ultimate goal, to achieve balance peace and unity and we do this every time we balance or reconcile the opposite states within us, but you have to be willing to look and to accept that these states exist in you too.


This Karmic wave is all about us taking responsibility for ourselves, understanding our connection to the universe and our connection to all things. Understanding that every action has a re-action , every action has a consequence. It’s all about bringing us into conscious living and making conscious choices, being aware of our connection to all things, how our thought and deeds affect our environment even those we are not aware of . It is also about trusting your intuition and psychic abilities. This wave will teach us a lot about ourselves and our inner strength but also our inner knowing, that innate connection to all things. You will feel part of something bigger. We appear as individuals but we are all part of the whole, yet whole exists within each of us


It feels like a big explosion, a truth bomb and many people will fall into fear, trying to make everything go back to the way it was, stuffing those truths back into the cupboard. There are going to be a lot of people are really quite intense and manic. This, however is a time for everyone to go within, as this is an uncovering of illusion everyone is going to have something come up, even if it’s just a little something. These are big karmic cycles that are ending, so those that have been doing their processing will have little things pop up so we all just need to be aware of this and stay consciously connected in the moment, so we know what is going on and don’t get swept away with some of the energetic madness flying around. (you might want to get some processing pads at the ready)


A clearing of fuzzy energy in the head is going to happen after this wave, so many people will experience real clarity of mind, people will understand what it is that they need to be doing and where they need to be going. Big Shift in mental clarity next week.


People are going to be having truths and revelations about themselves but again like everything in a duality it will be split into two camps, one group will be forcefully trying to keep everything exactly as it is, whilst the others see it for the opportunity it is, a chance to release those karmic cycles and be liberated.

Coming into next week this is when the temptations come in for all of us, when we are tempted by the devil to look this way, come away from your path, you don’t need to look within. A lot of people are going to have their dark sides and their responsibilities illuminated for them and then they get given a choice, ignore it or do something about it. A lot of the temptation will be trying to drag you back into old cycles of thinking and behaving. Other temptations will be fear based and an illusion of safety or comfort may entice you.


So a big wave this weekend then the fall- out, are you prepared to look at the revelations that have come and look at these cycles or are you sticking your head in the sand? The temptations that are coming in next week, they are not real they are a get out of your responsibilities illusion, the ego will say oh don’t worry about that you are ok or perception of the lesson is twisted so you can continue to blame and not see the issues within you.


By the end of the weekend there is going to be a lot of people needing legal advice and needing to deal with people in authority.

A lot will be crumbling, this is a time of renewal of stripping everything back and bringing out of you what you truly want, bringing us back to basics.

The devil and the priestess, inner knowing and inner truth and the devil tempting you from your path

I see the karmic wave comes in and knocks some people off their feet but that fear is going to make people want to cling together…marriage proposals may occur but this is fear based and a short term resolution.

I have posted a meditation that will help you sit in your heart for a while and see what it has to tell you. This is where your truth lies, not in the mind where you ego spins its web in order to maintain the status quo.


If you follow your heart and your intuition, take full responsibility and face your fears then you will be set free.


Please get in touch if you have any concerns, we are all in this together, the whole planet needs to awaken and we are about to get a turbot boost.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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