A fab way to start developing your psychic abilities. Psychometry is the art of sensing the energetic imprint of objects.


  • Ask a friend to bring round a piece of jewellery or something small, a metal object is preferable when you begin. I am not sure why but it seems to hold the energy better.


  • Make it small so that you can cup it in the palm of your hands. The more often an object is used/worn or touched by the owner the more energy it will have in it.


  • Before you start make sure that you either have a pen and paper or a recording device/phone/Dictaphone


  • Sit quietly in a chair with your legs uncrossed and feet firmly on the ground.


  • Breathe deeply for a few moments, calming and slowing down your system and begin your connection in with source energy. Once you feel the energy running through you pick up the object and cup it in your hands.


  • You may find your hands begin to tingle and get hot or you may not, don’t worry about this everyone is different, it doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong.


  • Sit quietly breathing deeply and bring your awareness first to the object in your hand, feel it, welcome it, allow it into your system and then ask it to speak to you, show you, talk to you.


  • Then bring your awareness to how you feel, physically, do you feel uncomfortable or at ease. Do you have any strange sensations or pains? Record this.


  • How do you feel emotionally, are you feeling calm or anxious, maybe you suddenly feel tired. Record this, don’t analyse it. At this stage your brain will kick out lots of info that it deems irrelevant, but this is not for the brain to know. Just ignore it and let the feelings knowings and sensings just flow.


  • Are you getting any smells, images, memories, tastes or songs suddenly come into your head? Don’t analyse or try and interpret this just record it all. I will often get memories of being with my grandfather, in time past I would throw that out as not relevant as I thought my grandad my memory but now I see that it is a sign that it is a grandfather energy etc not related directly to my grandfather.


  • Don’t push yourself with any of this, don’t have any expectations and don’t be critical of yourself, you are learning, so all is good.


  • You can have a list of questions ready, I found it better to prepare these in advance as when you are in the connected state or meditative state thinking of a question to ask can be almost impossible as all thought leaves the body.


So you could ask questions such as these.


  • Does this item belong to a man or woman?
  • Do they feel young or old?
  • Does this person feel happy or sad?
  • Does the owner fee Healthy or sick?
  • What did this person love to do?
  • Is this person dead or alive?


The list can go on, play around with this and find what works for you.


Practice this and you are practising sensing energetic imprints.


Have fun


Love & Laughter Michele Elizabeth xxxx


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