February 24th 2017 Energy

February 24th 2017 Energy


Good Morning I hope you are well, I won’t be doing an energy report this morning and I didn’t do one yesterday but I am hoping that I will do one tomorrow.


My son has been traveling in Thailand and Cambodia and was due to return home Wednesday afternoon but he wasn’t on his plane.


His phone wasn’t working and I had no way to communicate with him, for 24 hours I had no idea where he was, what had happened. Missing people are common in Thailand so no one wanted or could to help and data protection prevented me or the police it seemed from knowing anything either. Thankfully he turned up 24 hours later and all is well.


Such a fearful event has altered my energy system, it is strange and weird and once I get that back to normal I will be able to dip into the energy once more and tell you about it.


My messages to you each morning are not mine, I am the vessel and right now my vessel still has lots of fear fragments in it, this would distort the message and my integrity and commitment to you won’t allow that.


I am all good so very happy and off to the beach to start my cleansing.


I hope all is well in your world and see you soon xxx


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