February 26th 2017 Energy Forecast

February 26th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope that you are all well, so we find ourselves in the direct energy of the new moon in Pisces with a solar eclipse to boot. This is powerful and empowering, Emotional yet calming, it will help greatly with your mental clarity, your intuition and spiritual connection will be amplified.


Use  this energy as it will really catapult you along your path and help you manifest your dreams.  The energies are there to support us and help us on our path but most people don’t take advantage of it enough, there may be some casual or interested observations, or the moon may be treated as the crazy uncle who always disrupts or party or maybe some iconic woman to be worshiped and admired but really the moon is more like a coach, it illuminates what you already know, points in the direction of learning and growth, helps draw out your shadow side for recognition acceptance release and balance. The moon helps us recognise and flow with cycles, cycles that are repeated again and again throughout life, the universe, our inner and outer worlds.


When the moon and the sun are in the sky together it’s like having the most kind yet strong parents looking down on you guiding you. I can’t wait to get down the beach today, for a little party…all the greats are there…the sea the sun the moon the wind the earth, the boys and the birds and me….whoop whoop.


As you know I had a scare on Thursday now this was a good thing because it took a big event for me to bring up that fear, otherwise it would have stayed buried deep. Up to the surface it came and beat me soundly but then it allowed me to process it and the other residual pockets of fear ready for this fabulous new moon today. I am stronger clearer and more balanced than Monday, I am vibrating at a high rate and as a result my connection into the universe is super-speedy and clear. I am also matching the energy frequency of the dreams I wish to bring in so manifesting will be easy.


It is time that we all danced with the moon, really got into the universal flow, rising and falling with the energies around as it really is beautiful. It is not to just observe or to know, you have to feel it, to be it. When I am down the beach I am the sea, the birds, the wind. I can read the energy because I am part of it, I am experiencing it, I am flowing with it. You may see me as an individual but I am actually formless all our energies flowing and merging and so are you once those barriers come down, once the labels are removed that put you in a box and says that’s who you are!


You are never who you think you, that is a construct of you mind, you are always so much more and you are someone to be proud of once you see yourself from your heart rather than in comparison with someone else or some arbitrary and materialistic chart of success.


So this is a day of manifesting, get yourself out in nature, greet the moon and the sun, the earth and the trees, the wind and sea, thank them and make a commitment to work with them, to be united.


Bring your dreams forth, feel them not as a goal but as a reality now, be those dreams. Remember there is no linear time so you have already made your dreams real, it has already happened…hook into that energy and then just allow it all to unfold. You have made the space by recognising and releasing your fears now let it happen.


Have a wonderful day, feel free to ask any questions.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


#newmoonsolareclipse #manifestingmoon #newmooninpisces #manifestyourdreams


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