February 25th 2017 Energy Forecast

February 25th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, so this is going to be a big weekend and week for all of us, the tide is turning, energetically.


As I have been saying all year we have been looking at our shadow sides, examining our fears and our dreams, making sure they are ours. We have been looking back evaluating and re-ordering our lives and our viewpoints.


Remember at the beginning of the year I said that we would go through this seemingly difficult time until the energy shifts in March? Well that is now, the new moon solar eclipse tomorrow is that energetic shift.


The eclipse will be seen from Africa and South America but it effects will be felt by us all, this is a huge energetic shift, it’s time to really manifest.


The energy is definitely one of new beginnings of a completely new cycle that all the hard work of the last year has been leading towards. This is a new beginning like never before if that’s what you allow to happen.


As I have said before when looking at what you want to manifest it is better to focus on how you want to feel and be rather than the material, even though it may well be the creation of something in the physical that will make you feel the way you desire. It is more powerful if it is focused on something within you.


To get the most out of these powerful times hook a ride on the energy of the moon and use it to spring board your dreams into reality. Just be aware of what are your fears and what are your desires, this is new moon energy and your dark side will be illuminated for inspection and balance, be aware of this and don’t run from it or you will be manifesting your fear. Go with the flow and follow the moons lead, this is a time of heightened intuition, you know what you need to do for what is right for you.


Remember all the work that you have done over the last year and particularly since September, think of how uncomfortable and emotional this year has been so far, the rollercoaster of emotions and remember that this was all to get you to this point, So that you could step forward into a truly new beginning. Remember what you are leaving behind so that you can ensure that you are leaving it behind. One day I had to go to a funeral so I thought I would leave my phone at home, however as I walked out of the door I automatically and unconsciously grabbed my phone and threw it in my bag, and yep at the minutes silence it began to ring…..don’t allow that to happen to you as you walk into this new cycle. There is so much that you don’t want to take with you, people and situations, mind-set and perceptions, reactions and drama so make that decision consciously.


Look at it as though you are walking through a gateway because life on the other side is going to be very different. However you won’t really notice a difference unless you are consciously living your life, making a commitment to yourself to widen your awareness and take responsibility for your life and your growth. If you stick your head in the sand and justify and excuse your behaviour and or your life, then nothing will change. That is free will, if you confuse going with the flow with doing nothing, then nothing will happen, going with the flow requires faith and a commitment to the universe to be guided, to be aware and seek the signs and the answers, to be ready to leap when needed.


Spend today looking at your dreams and desires, notice your mind set and what memories are issues are making their way to the surface for you to look at. This moon is doing so much, it is illuminating our dark side, that which we keep hidden, it is a manifesting moon and it is also a completely new energetic cycle.


Use this energy, it is powerful and it is your right, this is what we have been waiting for this year. Today we have some mental/intellectual energy around and that is to help you prep the final stages before tomorrow’s new moon eclipse. DO some mental enquiry but then it is all about coming from your heart but first you need to change or adjust that mind-set….then you are good to go.


Have a wonderful day, I am around later this afternoon if you have any questions


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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